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Out in the coming weeks, the exceptional collaboration starring one of the cornerstones of Italian comics and the greatest local rocker ever. Dylan Dog pays homage to Vasco Rossi by dedicating to him the covers and stories of three issues, inspired by “Sally”, “Albachiara” and “Jenny”. Thanks to the unprecedented collaboration between one of the most beloved Italian artists of all time and Sergio Bonelli Editore, for the first time in its history the Investigator of the Nightmare will be the protagonist of a cycle of three episodes inspired by three famous songs by the rocker from Zocca. Vasco Rossi explained: “I have always loved the synthesis and comics in this are perfect: the story unfolds in images and a few words but those that are enough to make you understand a whole world of things. I would say my path goes from Nembo Kid to Tex Willer to get to Dylan Dog, the most cultured, refined and committed, his visionary world fascinated me. He is still a myth for me today and I am overjoyed to meet him. By the way, from Dylan Dog I went directly to the books of philosophy”. The appointment will mark the summer of 2021: an event that will allow the singer’s fans to fool the wait for the new dates of Vasco’s tour (rescheduled for 2022) and which will be part of the celebrations for Sergio Bonelli Editore 80 years of the publishing house, which also celebrates the famous character created by Tiziano Sclavi. For the occasion, the script of the books was entrusted to three of the leading authors of the stable in via Buonarroti: Paola Barbato, Gabriella Contu and Barbara Baraldi, who gave a personal interpretation to the emotions aroused in them by words and music to fully transfer them to the world of Dylan Dog. Corrado Roi, Sergio Gerasi and Davide Furnò have visualized everything with their art. Gigi Cavenago and Fabrizio De Tommaso illustrated the covers. (SALLY written by Barbato and drawn by Roi – from 30 June) Albachiara written by Gabriella Contu and drawn by Sergio Gerasi – from 30 July) JENNY (written by Baraldi and drawn by Furnò from 31 August).

Tiziano Sclavi: “Once I had a dream. Usually my dreams are scary and desperate nightmares, but that, more unique than rare case, was happy. I don’t remember how it went, I just know that at a certain point I was singing” I want a reckless life “. It was undoubtedly a sign. A sign that something about Vasco had entered my depth”. Adds Michele Masiero, editorial director of Sergio Bonelli Editore: “It is curious how the adjectives that can be used for Vasco and Dylan are easily interchangeable between the two: rebellious, intolerant of schemes, determined yet fragile, disillusioned yet vital. In short, human , very human. Inevitable, therefore, that they were destined to meet “. At the center of the three episodes that will hold the bench on the regular series of Dylan Dog for the releases of June, July and August there will be the ineffable inner world of the Investigator of the Nightmare, that sensitivity, those feelings, those bewilders that have contributed to making him much loved by readers. Each issue will be inspired by a song by Vasco Rossi and one of his muses and will have a double cover: a regular one on one side and, on the other side, a special collector’s cover that will see the long-awaited meeting between Vasco Rossi and Dylan Dog . For the occasion, each issue will have a special foliation and will be enriched by 16 extra pages that will contain a special interview by Luca Crovi with Vasco, the lyrics of the songs which inspired the episode, the editorial by Michele Masiero and, in the first register, also a writing by Tiziano Sclavi and one by Davide Bonelli. The publishing project will be inaugurated by SALLY, out on June 30: a story of love and obsession, poised between emotions, memory, death and madness, as in the best tradition of the Nightmare Investigator. All three books will, as always, be available at newsstands, in the comic shop and on the Sergio Bonelli Editore website.


THE BALL – Macedonian shirt and initials lead to diplomatic conflict (Macedonia)

The Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, sent a letter this Sunday to his counterpart from North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, asking that this team change the equipment and the acronym used, fulfilling the agreement of Prespa, in which the name was changed Republic of the former Yugoslavia.

Dendias recalls that Northern Macedonia cannot use the acronym MKD, but NM (North Macedonia) or RNM (Republic of North Macedonia), according to what was stipulated by Lake Prespa, with the mediation of the United Nations, and was ratified by the governments of both countries in February 2019.

In addition to being a country in the former Yugoslavia, Macedonia is also the name of the adjacent Greek region that includes the city of Salonica and an ancient kingdom, even before the birth of Christ. About two million Greeks call themselves Macedonians. The now Republic of Macedonia has also been accused of appropriating ancient symbols of Greek culture, such as the Sun of Vergina and Alexander the Great, and of promoting the concept of a united Macedonia, which involves disputes over territories in Greece, Bulgaria , Albania and Serbia.

Meanwhile, Greek Sports Minister Lefteris Avgenakis sent another letter on Saturday to UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, asking him to intervene for the same reason.


Google: so you can search for a song by humming it from a smartphone | Applications | Apps | Smartphone | Cell phones | Viral | Trick | Tutorial | United States | Spain | Mexico | nnda | nnni | DATA

Google is a web browser that is dedicated to providing internet search services. This application has infinities of mysteries and functions that to date its millions of netizens continue to discover. One of them is to be able to find a song by humming it when we cannot remember the name of the artist or band that sings it.

Don’t you remember what a song from your childhood was called? Did you listen to it by chance and did you have the melody? We have all gone through a similar situation, and the truth is that it is quite frustrating when we cannot find the name of a song, usually this happens because we listen to it in English or in any other language that we do not understand. In these cases Google saw an urgent need and decided to add a tool to solve that problem.

MORE INFORMATION | Google: the steps to delete search history of the last 15 minutes

This function is found in Google Discover through the Google Assistant, a virtual assistant that has been developed with artificial intelligence and which is complemented with a machine learning algorithm. This manages to convert the hum or hiss into a numerical sequence to find the song to look for. How do i do it?


  1. Login to Google DiscoverBe careful not to be confused with Google Chrome.
  2. The application will open with the news section and the search engine will appear at the top with the icon of a microphone and a camera, we select the first one.
  3. Now a new tab will open with the word “Listening” with a straight line.
  4. Remember that we have to press the option below “Search for a song”.
  5. The message “Play, sing or hum a song” will appear, you can even whistle.
  6. When you’ve hummed for at least 15 seconds, Google will return the search results.
  7. If it’s not the track you want, you can redo the steps above.

This is how simple you can search for a music currently. It is important to clarify that this function is only available for mobile phones with Android operating system; likewise, you will not have the need to download additional applications that take up storage space or request access to your microphone.

If you have any problem with Google News (Discover) try the following solutions by clicking here. You can also get help through Google News Help Forum, where readers share tips and knowledge about this product.


the fourth chair of internal medicine at the UBA seeks to humanize the treatment of patients – GENTE Online

Roberto Iermoli He is a full professor of the fourth chair of internal medicine at the UBA at the Hospital de Clínicas. But it is not just another chair. It mixes music, culture, cuisine and other activities in an attempt to humanize the doctor-patient relationship. “A humanistic culture is shown to have a more humanistic attention.”

The doctor is proud to be part of what happens in the Hospital de Clínicas for 22 years. In his office on the 11th floor of the hospital where he remembers that “123 years ago Luis Agote developed the first blood transfusion for the whole world in 1914” Iermoli thought one day that the way of doing traditional medicine was not enough for face-to-face with patients.

As director of teaching and research, he conducted examinations for residents. One day they decided to add a survey of general culture in addition to technical science. The result the doctor describes as “alarming”. What diploma am I giving, I am responsible for this, he thought.

That “Weight” that began to feel was the first step to the fourth chair, which was imposed almost 22 years ago. “Medicine, from humanism, to science and art.” Undoubtedly, this innovative vision on the way of practicing the profession makes it one of the most sought-after chairs by residents.

Iermoli speaks of two “vision” when it comes to practicing medicine. The first is the biomedicineto. When you go to the doctor, for example, for a headache, they ask you the necessary questions and tests “Almost without looking at his face” and then retires.

Artists of the stature of Vicentico participated in activities of the Fourth Chair.

The Another vision, the one that promoted this initiative, is the psychosocial one: which somehow means a comprehensive look at the patient.

The psychosocial vision of the patient – explains Iermoli- It is everything that happens to us and that in the face of a simple headache of a patient covers issues ranging from work stress, how his family is made up, where he lives, what his income is, what activities he does”.

It is common to hear that a patient is treated by a professional who did not even look at his face and dispatched him in five minutes. But, When we observe that an empathic relationship was established during the consultation, the patient comes out with the feeling of saying ‘I feel better now’”, Reflects Iermoli.

For Iermoli, in short, it is only a matter of “going back to Bases.” “What we are looking for is to focus on the human. Attend how we would like to be treated ”.

The rhythm of the chair accompanies the dizzying life of the residents. But it is somehow a balm among so much technical-scientific knowledge that students acquire during the long medical career. Describes it as “A continuous but enriching work”.

The organization chart of the chair includes “special” units among which art and culture, polyphenols, clinical therapy, emotional restraint, sport, among others stand out.

Since 1918 with the university reform there is academic freedom. We offer the program with all the contents but we change the strategies. Why do I always have to do the same and why don’t I go further? Why not give those who are trained the possibility of a comprehensive training and that they become vectors of these changes? “. In this way Iermoli says, as a joke, over time “small branches” of this formation are being set up.

What’s more, anthropologists, visual artists, philosophers, journalists, artists and a long list of professions participate in cultural athenaeums that come to give that added value to medicine, creating a different environment for students.

“It is not a fashion”, Iermoli repeats throughout the talk. And it is that from complementary therapies, such as reflexology, music therapy, yoga, therapeutic painting and painting, they were observing how they improve the response to treatments, the quality of life of patients and their families and the doctors who treat them.

Care of pandemic patients and therapeutic activities

“It is important not to miss a minute of training.” During the pandemic, the fourth chair remained active and looked for a way to reinvent itself in a virtual way. With zoom classes and virtual athenaeums. In addition, it was made a lot of focus on emotional support, “A leg that we lacked for the sick, who live with great anguish the situation in which they are; many alone because they come from another province, older adults who do not receive visitors “

The meetings include recycling workshops, music therapy, mindfulness, reflexology, therapeutic painting, reading and they even teach how to learn to taste wines. “If one speaks of humane treatment, the patient has to receive it on a daily basis.”

In addition, with different professionals, they organize activities for patients ranging from music to cooking “everything personalized”.

It’s not just about playing background music. But it includes the presence of artists in the rooms. Singers recognized as Vicentico were part of this initiative. Like musicians from public conservatories, they have come forward to play the flute for patients and their families.

Although cultural activities were interrupted on March 20, 2020 with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic and the provision of mandatory quarantine, they have managed to establish virtual meetings. Like breathing workshops for stress and anxiety management, so common in these times.

In our chair, the most important chefs of Buenos Aires, such as Narda Lepes, have come to cook for the patients, and they have served it on tablecloths designed by Jéssica Trosman for example ”. In general, patients who one day arrived in Iermoli and who returned for their warmth to transmit to others what the doctor did with them. Sort of a “favor chain”.

To close the note, Iermoli confesses that three things marked him in his life that led him to embark on his path: First, the Socratic thought that invites “before a question try to find the best answer”; second, the law of parsimony and how “things are simpler than they sometimes appear“; and finally, Confucius:“They told me about it and I understood it, I did it and I learned it ”.

“The core should not just be medical. But the look that the ancient Greeks had, who took into account the environment, health, the importance of music. Definitely, just go back to basics.

More information at gente.com.ar




Medicine for the soul

The pianist James Rhodes is a celebrity: his albums are at the top of the classical music charts on iTunes and he has performed in prestigious forums in London, Spain, Vienna, Hamburg and other countries. In addition to writing for newspapers in the United Kingdom and Spain, he has participated in and presented documentaries and radio and television programs. But his life has not been honey on flakes.

His first book, Instrumental (Blackie Books, 2020), subtitulado Memories of music, medicine and madness, is a stark chronicle – contrasted by moments of black humor – of his life since he was raped at the age of six, its aftermath and his rise to fame. “I left my last mental hospital in 2007, up to the drug bars, without a professional career, without a manager, without records, without concerts, without money and without dignity,” writes the pianist who has succeeded in offering concert music in a carefree environment.

There are many painful passages in the book, such as when he explains that “the abuses do not end when the rapist is no longer present (…), then the thing has only just begun”, or when referring to the fact that “shame is the legacy that they stop all the abuses ”.

Music has been his salvation, as he explains in several passages of the work. “After arriving on stage shaking, I sit on the bench and something takes hold of me. I disappear in a good way. Without flying out of the body, without a searing pain in the ass, without blood, or tears, or being immobilized against the ground ”.

Rhodes warns that he only has two things guaranteed in his life: “the love that my son inspires in me and the love that music inspires in me. And (now let in the violins of tear history typical of Factor X) what appeared in my existence when I was seven years old was music ”.

Music, he says, “is the great unifier, the drug of choice for teenagers around the world. Provides comfort, wisdom, hope, and warmth; It has been doing this for thousands of years. It is medicine for the soul ”.

The road to reach her was long, stormy and uncertain, but she finally achieved what she never would have imagined. Music has allowed him to fulfill his artistic ambitions, but also contribute to making visible the rapes of children, mental illnesses or suicide, topics of talks, articles and television programs in which he participates.


Continue the good streak

After Instrumental, Rhodes has published Play the piano: play Bach in six weeks (2016), Fire on all Sides (2018) and James Rhodes’ Playlist: The Rebels and Revolutionaries of Sound (2019), an introduction to classical music for all ages.

Xavier Quirarte


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Diego El Cigala was denounced for gender violence …

The flamenco singer Diego El Cigala was arrested on Wednesday night in Madrid for alleged mistreatment of his partner. Spent the night in a police station from the center of the Spanish capital and was at the disposal of the Justice.

“He was arrested yesterday at 10 o’clock at night in a hotel,” reported the National Police and specified that the arrest of Diego Ramón Jiménez Salazar, the full name of the 52-year-old artist, occurred following a complaint from your partner, the Jerez-born cantaora Kina Méndez.

The woman, with whom he lived in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, claimed that she received Physical and psychological “abuse” that occurred “on a regular basis”, over two years.

The complaint was filed as gender violence and, after his arrest, El Cigala “will go to court in the Court of Violence against Women in Madrid”.

Méndez has been a partner of the flamenco singer for at least two years, who was married to Amparo Fernández for 26 years, who died in 2015 and with whom he had two children.

It is not the first time that the artist has been arrested by the Spanish Police for sexist violence. In fact, in 2014 he was convicted by a Madrid court for threatening a flight attendant on a flight in 2003, from which he had to be evicted.

The performer of hits like Black tears has a career of more than 25 years in music, with approximately a dozen productions that received awards such as the Grammy and platinum records.

It has announced an extensive schedule of concerts starting next Saturday and until November in Spain, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and the United States, within its world tour Everything I have. After the event that happened at night, it is not known what will happen to those shows.

El Cigala presented its tour in Santo Domingo last May, since he resides in the Dominican Republic, a country that granted him nationality in 2014, and later returned to Spain, where he has signed a series of concerts with his album called “Cigala sings a Mexico” .


IMSS resumes preventive medicine services for women

Reminds the population that strict safety and hygiene protocols are being followed.

Information about Leticia Ruano

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), resumed its preventive medicine services for the female population, which were deferred due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as breast examination, pap smear test and, where appropriate, mammography .

The head of Nursing of the Family Medicine Unit # 80, Alejandra Romero Anguiano, reminded the women to go with their health card to the unit that corresponds to them and request any of the reviews.

He announced that, on May 12, a special day will be held for these detections, any rightholder can come, it does not matter that unit 80 is not assigned, the women will be attended to detect any health problem.

Alejandra Romero pointed out that, to expedite this care and minimize waiting time, an exclusive office was set up that will be open from 8:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon.

The IMSS reminds the population that strict safety and hygiene protocols are being followed to safeguard the health of patients and medical personnel.

Among the relevant actions of the strategy are the holding of vasectomy and salpingoclasia workshops in the medical units in the family planning modules located in the Family Medicine Unit # 75 on Av. Camelinas de Morelia and in Unit # 20 in the municipality of Pátzcuaro.

Finally, he placed special emphasis on exhorting the beneficiaries to return to their Family Medicine Units, since with the services that are provided again, they work to advance the issue of prevention.


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