The tax authorities will now be able to monitor Facebook or LeBonCoin to track down fraudsters

FISC 2.0 – The tax administration will soon experiment with the monitoring of digital platforms. The goal? Scan your online activity for possible fraud.

The French tax administration is acquiring a new arsenal to flush out fraudsters. The tax authorities will now be able to use digital platforms to check whether the lifestyle of taxpayers corresponds to the income and assets they declare to the administration.

A decree, published on February 13 in Official newspaper, has just clarified the terms of application of Article 154 of the Finance Law for 2020, which authorizes the collection of certain data from Internet users to fight against tax and customs fraud. A practice that was previously illegal.

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The experimentation of this device, which is to last three years, should begin in the coming weeks, according to Le Figaro. This primarily concerns social networks (from Twitter to Instagram, via Facebook or YouTube) but also sites for connecting individuals, such as Airbnb, LeBonCoin or even Blablacar.

“If you have your picture taken (…) many times in a luxury car when you can’t afford it, maybe it’s your cousin or your girlfriend who has it. lent, or maybe not “, explained, in November 2018, Gérald Darmanin, then Minister of Public Accounts, in the program “Capital” of M6.

Only public content will be targeted

To carry out this hunt for fraudsters, tax officials will be able to rely on an algorithm capable of detecting certain keywords or indications of dates and places making it possible to characterize the breaches or offenses sought, specifies the decree.

This 2.0 tool will be responsible for sifting through the “content, freely accessible on the websites of online platform operators [et] clearly made public by their users “, as stipulated in article 154 of the Finance Law for 2020. In other words, anything that you exchange in private cannot be subject to administrative control.

If she recognizes that “the fight against tax fraud constitutes an objective with constitutional value”, the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (Cnil) had warned the government, calling on the latter to “great caution” concerning this possibility which may, according to her, “undermine the rights and freedoms of the persons concerned”.

At the end of the experiment, within three years, the question of the effectiveness of this measure will arise, which, if such is the case, will probably make legislators want to perpetuate it.

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″ He was only Manuel Rabelais’s representative. If I knew that I would be here I would never fulfill any mission ″, guarantees defendant Hilário Santos

Fernando Calueto

February 9, 2021 at 18:13

The co-defendant denies having turned GRECIMA into a currency exchange and regretted the fact that today he is sitting on the dock because “if he knew he would be in this position he would never fulfill any mission”.

Hilário Gaspar Santos revealed this Tuesday, on the second and last day of his hearing, that it was his idea to acquire GRECIMA foreign exchange from Banco Nacional de Angola (BNA) and that he also instructed Manuel Rabelais on the subject, but that everything was done in the laws of the central bank and that he was also the one who looked for customers to buy foreign currency in GRECIMA.

The defendant told the Supreme Court judges that he was getting clients with the help of a Belgian friend of his and that the interest rate was the same as that of the BNA, but that they only added four percent and that these percentages were in GRECIMA’s accounts and that never did it for personal benefit.

During his interrogation, Hilário Gaspar Santos denied any guilt in his role as former administrative assistant to Manuel Rabelais and insisted on several occasions that the questions addressed to him be answered by “Manuel Rabelais himself”.

Asked if he had ever transferred money to Manuel Rabelais’ children abroad, he replied that he had not, but said he was aware that this transfer had indeed taken place.

Hilário Gaspar Santos reiterated that several times he paid foreign journalists, especially a reporter for Euronews, to speak well of Angola, but that everything was in the context of secret operations. And he had also stated that payments were made to Portuguese journalists to silence negative news for Angola.

Asked if they had a license from the BNA that authorized them to sell foreign currency, he justified that he did not, arguing that they had not committed an illegal act and guaranteed that he never transformed the defunct Office for the Revitalization and Execution of Institutional Communication and Marketing in Administration into a currency exchange, refers to the prosecution.

The defendant also said that he never received any instructions or was never with the former President of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos, to address GRECIMA situations.

Manuel Rabelais was severely cautioned for giving hints to defendant Hilário Gaspar Santos

The former director of the defunct Office for the Revitalization and Execution of Institutional Communication and Marketing of the Administration, Manuel António Rabelais, was very close to being taken to jail for three days today for disturbing the order in the court during the trial session.

The defendant Manuel António Rabelais followed the interrogation of his friend and collaborator Hilário Gaspar Santos in the room and started to make some guesses for his defense.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor, upon seeing this behavior of the former Minister of Social Communication and director of GRECIMA, immediately warned the presiding judge of the case, Daniel Modesto, who then reprimanded him.

“If you do this again, I will immediately send you to prison for three days without the need for a trial,” said the venerated judge, visibly irritated and warned: “Don’t do it again.”

At the end of the hearing, the defendant Manuel Rabelais, in a way of regret for his bad behavior at this Tuesday’s session, apologized to the court and to the representatives of the Public Ministry, which were accepted by Judge Daniel Modesto, but which was not tired of warning him: “Stay for the last time. Next time you will go to jail for three days”.

The court ended with the interrogations of the defendants, Manuel Rabelais and Hilário Gaspar Santos, and this Wednesday, the 10th, the first three deponents will be heard, whose list includes the former governor of the BNA.


Osmani García fixes his huge tattoo “I am Miami” and shows the result

1 | 08/02/2021 – 5:53am (GMT-4)

The Cuban singer of urban music Osmani García “The Voice” he wanted to change and give a different look to the huge tattoo he has on his chest that says “I am Miami.”

To do this, the popular reggaeton artist went to a center in La Ciudad del Sol specialized in this type of drawings on the skin and put himself in the hands of one of its professionals, who shaped a large fire tribal in red and yellow tones around the previous design. yellow.

The Chiquitico of Cuba, as the urban artist is also known, wanted to share with all his followers the final result of his new tattoo and shared on his Instagram profile some photographs from the place where you can see the modified drawing.

Osmani García’s first “I am Miami” tattoo was done in the month of June 2017 and he also witnessed the process to his fans through images that he uploaded to his social networks.

The Cuban singer of urban music Dayamí “La Musa” Lamb, who was his sentimental partner at that time, also tattooed the same phrase with the reggaeton, but in his case he did it on the upper part of his back.

“La Voz”, meanwhile, has a large number of tattoos distributed over various parts of his body and some of them have caused controversy because of the place where he has decided to get them done. An example of this were the designs that she captured on her face in October 2018.

The reggaeton singer surprised his fans in his day with two tattoos on his face: a 1 with the number symbol under the left eye and, on that same side but on the forehead, the silhouette of a red cross in the middle of the diagram. of the heart beats from the electrocardiograms.

Instagram / Osmani García

You can follow CiberCuba Entertainment en Facebook, Instagram o Youtube.


YSKL journalist denounces harassment and slander by the candidate of New Ideas | News from El Salvador

The Association of Journalists of El Salvador condemns the harassment and defamation of which the radio journalist has been a victim by members and the candidate of New Ideas for the mayor of Santa Tecla

Manuel Pacheco, a long-standing journalist for Radio YSKL, denounced being the victim of harassment and slander by the candidate for mayor of Santa Tecla for New Ideas, Henry Flores, and other militants of the ruling party.

Pacheco said that on Saturday, when he came to cover a proselytizing event, two women members of Nuevas Ideas came out to meet him to take pictures with cameras and cell phones and began to persecute him, with the intention of preventing him from doing his job.

“I arrived today to cover the New Ideas event, in the city of Santa Tecla… The two young women immediately saw me, went out to meet me and began to take photos and videos of me. They didn’t stop taking photos of me, I felt harassed, “said the journalist.

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After several minutes, he said, they did not stop photographing him and he approached one of them and asked her not to take pictures of him. The women stopped for a moment, but then continued to harass him.

A few hours later, the Nueva Ideas candidate for mayor of Santa Tecla, Henry Flores, who did not witness the harassment of the activists of his party to the journalist, gave another version of the events and made serious accusations against Pacheco.

The journalist points out that, in the first place, Flores did not witness all the “harassment” and “aggressiveness” with which the two women acted against him and how they hampered his journalistic work. As if that were not enough, Flores published several photos of Pacheco on social networks and alleged that he works for a party and that he “threatened” a woman from the official team.

The president of the Association of Journalists of El Salvador (APES), Angélica Cárcamo, declared that the union has investigated and has taken the journalist’s account, thus expressing her concern about these events.

“We are concerned that a candidate from a political party is dedicated to accusing a journalist, without having proof that the journalist has accused two of his supporters; if there is no evidence, that is defamation and constitutes a crime ”, he warned.

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Meanwhile, the candidate for deputy for the Nuestro Tiempo party, Bertha María Deleón, denounced that “Henry Flores, candidate for mayor for New Ideas, is, by definition, from the #LosMismosDeSiempre club. He worked in the Presidential House in the two governments of @FMLNoficial. He is an opportunist without principles, young yes, but harmful ”.

Deputy Karla Hernández, from ARENA, published: “I have known Pacheco from @radioyskl for years. It is his turn to cover the @AsambleSV and it is super respectful. Posting your photos this way and with false accusations is serious. Stop harassing the press. Please watch this @CIDH ”.

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Former WWE wrestler changed gender and surprised his followers | News from El Salvador

The famous man has left the entire wrestling universe with his mouth open, ensuring that he has made the right decision in his life.

By N. Hernández / Agencies | Feb 07, 2021- 11:12

Tyler Reks, a former WWE wrestler, decided to make a radical change in his life and change his sex. Now he identifies himself as Gabbi Tuft, as announced on his social networks.

The famous man has left the entire wrestling universe with his mouth open, ensuring that he has made the right decision in his life.

“This is me. Shamelessly, shamelessly me. This is the side of me that has hidden in the shadows, afraid of what the world would think; afraid of what my family, friends and followers would say or do. I’m not afraid anymore. Now I can confidently say that I love myself for who I am. The past eight months have been one of the darkest of my entire life. However, the day I stopped caring about what other people thought, was the day I really became limitless and allowed my authentic self to come to light, “he wrote on his Instagram account.

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Reks, 42, is remembered in WWE as one of the most imposing wrestlers, he was in the American company from 2008 to 2012, but unexpectedly retired.

Tyler Reks, former WWE star, has left the entire wrestling universe speechless. Photo @gabetuft

His biggest achievement in the industry was to win a Slammy Award, in addition, he was part of the most important WWE shows, such as Monday Night RAW, SmackDown and NXT. He was also present at WrestleMania 24, participating in the 26-athlete battle royale.

Tyler hopes to be an example for the LGTB population, for this reason he made his situation public and wishes to serve as an inspiration for those who are afraid of prejudice.

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“I don’t want everyone to agree or understand. It is not my place to change any of your core beliefs. You just have to know that the outer layer can change, but the soul remains the same. I promise to always be transparent and truthful in my journey, and to be a light for those in need, ”he said.

This is me. Shamelessly, shamelessly me. This is the side of me that has hidden in the shadows, afraid of what the world would think; afraid of what my family, friends and followers would say or do, ”says the publication Foto @gabetuft


Demonstration in Luanda: National Police fire on protesters

The National Police thwarted the demonstration called by the Civil Society Contestatária, this Thursday, 04, with several injured young people, two of whom were shot, the Novo Jornal found out. The protesters intended to arrive on the 1st of May to demand from the Executive better living conditions and alternation in power because “45 years of MPLA is too much”.


February 4, 2021 at 4:57 pm

The protest took place under the motto “MPLA 45 is too much”. The activists tried to march in an orderly and peaceful manner, but they saw this intention thwarted by the PN, which resorted to shots and tear gas grenades to prevent the designs of the young demonstrators.

During the shots two young men were hit in the leg and several others were injured during confrontations with the police.

Young activist Adilsom Banza, who filmed the victims, who were crying for help on the floor, was arrested and saw his equipment seized when he tried to share the video with journalists during the protest.

Novo Jornal found that several detained protesters were taken and abandoned on Via Expresso, in the Mutamba area, and others were taken to police stations.

Lourenço Ndombolo, one of the activists told the press that he does not understand the police’s stance, since they did not show resistance against the forces of order.

“We didn’t do anything to the PN, we didn’t practice rioting or had blunt objects. We just wanted to get to Largo da Independência and nothing else,” said the activist.

Meanwhile, a source at the Américo Boa Vida Hospital told Novo Jornal that the emergency room registered the arrival of several injured protesters.

“The bank is currently in turmoil and there are a lot of police here,” said the source, at about 3 pm.

The PN’s security team and staff did not, due to lack of authorization, allow the Novo Jornal to enter the emergency room of that hospital. On the subject, the PN promises clarifications in due course, said a police source.


Michelle Salas as Barbie in the snow boasts a slender figure

The singer’s daughter Luis Miguel has made it clear that she is a fashion expert. However, on her most recent vacation she has shown a mastery of clothing for all seasons of the year. Demonstrating that Not even the crudest of winters is a pretext for not looking fashionable. And in this way she models a complete snow suit like a Barbie.

It is no surprise to anyone that Michelle Salas stood out in the world of fashion, because she has a figure of envy, highlighting her best attributes in any garment. And that is why being in the middle of the snow, where wears suits where he leaves little to the imagination, is when Michelle Salas shows us that she is a doll that steals glances wherever she goes.

So in the middle of the snow while skiing, Michelle Salas It boasts a slender figure and a heart attack waistband, where it shows several blocks of colors, highlighting beige, pale pink and white as the main colors, matching with accessories in black. as is the case with her gloves, as well as her sunglasses that make her stand out like a diva.

Through her Instagram stories, Michelle Salas gives us a little more details regarding her recent vacation destination, showing that despite having spent a couple of weeks ago in one of the most paradisiacal beaches in the world as it is The Bahamas, now the famous daughter of singer Luis Miguel is at the other end in the middle of the snow.

During her stay in Vail Colorado, Michelle Salas alongside her company, shows us the most luxurious details of the place where they are stayingBeing a hotel that, in addition to being surrounded by snow, has a hot water pool, in addition to having several places to use a fire pit, where the influencer enjoyed eating roasted chocolates.

Even though Mexico was the country where he was born and raised, Michelle Salas confessed through a YouTube interview that it was actually the singer Luis Miguel who encouraged her to move abroad. Ensuring that it was one of the advice that his father gave him, because the situation in Mexico was worsening over the years in matters of criminal groups.

“I left Mexico when I was 18 years old, my father lived in Los Angeles, so the moment came when he told me: Look, things are very ugly in Mexico and such, and in truth, I had been there all my life, and he appreciated me as it was a good opportunity to move to the United States ”.

During the Interview, Michelle Salas confessed that she has been living abroad for more than a decade, ensuring that despite having a life in New York, her heart will always be in Mexico, because her entire family and especially the women who formed her, as was the case with her mother Stephanie Salas, her grandmother Sylvia Pasquel and his great-grandmother Silvia Pinal have been very important people in his life.

So one of the great disadvantages that he has felt in recent years is impotence when he finds out that some of his family members are in poor health and he is not there for them. Well, despite the fact that Michelle has been living far away for a long time, she considers herself a home woman who likes to spend time with her family, unlike Luis Miguel who prefers to live away from his children, the public and family.

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Video with “worst apartment in New York” gets millions of views on Tik Tok – World

A video that was supposed to feature the “worst apartment ever seen” in New York, a small room rented for $ 1,650, set fire to the social network ‘Tik Tok’, where it already has 21 million views.

With the bathroom on the landing, the potential tenant will only be able to have a small closet in the single room of this cramped apartment, with an income equivalent to 1,370 euros per month.

Contacted by the France Press Agency, the author of the video, a real estate agent, chose not to provide the address of the apartment, located in Greenwich Village, or the name of the owner.

Posted in the New York Realtor’s Account, titled “Worst Apartment of All Time in NYC [New York City]”, the video received 2.6 million ‘likes’ and an endless number of comments on ‘Tik Tok’ like that of Helen Blondel who wrote:” In simple language, you get a closet “or that of Adam Granger who observed that “Harry Potter lived better” (in an allusion to the compartment under the stairs at his uncles’ house).

The average rental price for an area of ​​65 square meters in Manhattan was around 3,790 dollars a month in October, according to the Rent Cafe website, and the apartment shown in the video appears to be less than 10 square meters.

Cameron Knowlton, the realtor who shot the video, believes the apartment, vacant since October, will quickly find a tenant, even though the ad is only circulating among brokers and has not been published on any major industry website.

“Greenwich Village is one of the most desirable areas in the world, so there will be someone wanting to rent it,” he said.


TSE suspends New Ideas spot | News from El Salvador

The sanction is issued for the alleged violation of article 70 of the Law of Political Parties, which establishes the prohibition for the use of national symbols in proselytizing propaganda.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal ordered the suspension of a spot for the New Ideas party, considering an alleged violation of article 70, literal d, of the Law of Political Parties, which establishes the prohibition to use national symbols in advertising or electoral propaganda.

Likewise, the TSE has ordered the initiation of an ex officio electoral sanctioning procedure and orders precautionary measures for the New Ideas party and its representatives.

The spot on which the resolution is issued was posted on Twitter by Mr. Xavier Zablah Bukele, president and legal representative of Nuevas Ideas. In it, the National flag is used.

“Preliminarily it is noted that the content of said video is intended to influence the intention to obtain electoral support for the New Ideas political party and in it patriotic symbols are used,” says the TSE in the order issued on February 2, 2021.

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The electoral institute points out that if the suspension of the transmission or broadcast of the video is not ordered, it could constitute a violation “of the guarantee of free elections and the principle of fairness in the contest.”

It adds that electoral propaganda “by containing an element prohibited by law may have an undue effect on the equity in the electoral contest and the regularity of the process,” for which an administrative sanctioning process is initiated ex officio and communicated to the Prosecutor General of the Republic, guarantor of the legality of the process, to also verify compliance with the precautionary measures ordered by the court.

Within the measures, Xavier Zablah Bukele is ordered to remove the spot from his Twitter account, as well as the New Ideas party to refrain from using national symbols in its electoral propaganda and to suspend transmission on any television channel, cable signal or digital medium that is guiding it.

The TSE also asks the Presidency of the Republic for a detailed report on the production of the spot, hiring and transmission period, among others. Likewise, it orders the media to send a report in the same period of time on the due compliance with this resolution.

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Viral TikTok: young man uses ingenious method to give his puppy medicine

An irreverent video viral TikTok has made a large number of users laugh on this and other social networks. It’s about the hilarious moment when a young woman tricks her dog with a bite of meat into getting him to take his medicine.