New Ideas deputies are silent after the publication of the Engel list

Both the president of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, as well as the deputies William Soriano and Dania González, have refused to answer questions from journalists about the list that the US State Department released on Thursday.

The deputies of New Ideas have been repeatedly approached by journalists seeking their views on the publication of the Engel List presented on Thursday by the State Department before the United States Congress, in which members of the government cabinet of Nayib Bukele and other people from his close circle for being linked in acts of corruption and human rights violations and blows to the rule of law.

However, the parliamentarians have refused to make statements and remain silent on this list headed by Carolina Recinos, Bukele’s chief of staff, and Conan Castro, legal secretary of the Presidency; The former magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Walter Araujo, the former Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Pablo Anliker, and the current Minister of Labor, Rolando Castro, also appear.

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President of the Assembly, Ernesto Castro, avoids commenting on government officials linked to acts of corruption in the Engel List

On June 1, after giving a conference to reinforce the Executive’s announcement on the 20% increase to the minimum wage; journalists asked Ernesto Castro, president of the Legislative Assembly, on their views on government officials linked to acts of corruption that have been mentioned in the Engel List by the United States government.

However, Castro, as well as part of the ruling party bench that accompanied him, turned around without mentioning a word or answering the concerns of the media summoned that noon to the press conference.

Salvadorans have criticized the ruling party for refusing to respond to journalists who seek their views on the document issued by the State Department in which it names members of the Government / illustrative and non-commercial images / https: // twitter. com / sivar_x / status / 1410721788502241282

The same behavior had the deputy William Soriano who, on Friday upon his arrival at the Financial Commission, was approached by several journalists to consult him on the same subject.

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In a video that later circulated, the legislator is seen who limits himself to inviting communicators to accompany him to the Commission.

The deputy of New Ideas, William Soriano was questioned by several journalists about the Engel list, however he refused to comment. Illustrative and non-commercial video /

“Anecdote: today I was walking towards Com. Financial when I saw a group of journalists talking among themselves, doing their things. Just as I passed by, they came on us very quickly. I was very amused by the situation. They are quite skilled with the camera and acting, ”he wrote on his Twitter profile, downplaying the work of the press and the issue in question.

Deputy Dania González who participated this morning in an event held by the mayor of Ilopango also avoided questions from the Salvadoran press about the Engel list.

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The list includes seven characters linked to the Bukele government and another seven that include Salvadoran opponents, former officials and businessmen who, according to the State Department, have been involved in acts of corruption or have obstructed investigations.

According to information from Washington, the officials who appear on the list will face sanctions such as cancellation of US visas or financial measures.

The United States Special Envoy for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zúñiga, said this Thursday in a conference call with various media that the Joe Biden government does not rule out applying other measures against those indicated.

The Charge d’Affaires of the United States Embassy in El Salvador, Jean Manes, explained on Friday that the names of those indicated in the Engel list will be analyzed so that the American justice system determines if this law that empowers the President of the United States to impose economic sanctions on citizens of any country in the world as long as they have committed crimes related to human rights abuses or corruption.

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Under the sanctions of this law, the White House can also, in addition to suspending visas, freeze the assets, whether property or financial funds, of any foreigner in North American territory.

Salvadorans on social networks have harshly criticized the Cyan bench for keeping silent in the face of the identification by the United States government of corrupt and undemocratic figures related to their political party. Meanwhile, they demand the President of the Republic to enforce his promise to take action with respect to officials who appear on the list.


Aldo Álvarez is appointed ambassador of El Salvador in China

Álvarez has served as the communications secretary for the Democratic Change party (CD). He is also a political analyst.

Aldo Álvarez, current secretary of communications for the Democratic Change party (CD), confirmed to El Diario de Hoy that he was appointed ambassador of El Salvador to the People’s Republic of China. “Yes, it is confirmed” was part of a message that Álvarez sent via WhatsApp when he was asked about the information that had been circulating on social networks for a few days; However, minutes after confirming his appointment, he deleted the message in question.

He was asked when will he begin his duties at the Chinese embassy, ​​but he did not answer again, but in an interview with YSKL radio this Saturday with Álvarez, he confirms that he will leave for China on July 22. “It is scheduled for July 22, more or less in two and a half weeks, first God, if everything goes well, we would be leaving, the challenges are very great, but the opportunities are endless in China,” said Álvarez.

As he said, it carries indications from the government so that it seeks to promote the commercial part, the economy, culture, politics and find new export niches for Salvadoran products, but also investments by Chinese businessmen in El Salvador, not even 0.01% of the potential has been exploited, ”he said.

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Álvarez will continue to be a member of the governing body of the CD party, what they will do is replace him in the position of secretary of communications. “They already know them, I already informed them, because nothing, they are aware and of course they have been happy,” he said.

According to the political analyst, the position is assumed with great responsibility and with “great humility.” His words are that by starting that diplomatic career he is also undertaking a public service with the difference that it is abroad. “The impact is for the people, in all the good that is achieved it will be for all Salvadorans,” he said, but he also acknowledged that in the context in which his appointment takes place it is a challenge.

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President Nayib Bukele has shown a closer relationship with the Chinese government in recent days and is moving away from his relations with El Salvador’s main partner, which is the United States. In fact, among the first actions that the Assembly took is the ratification of an agreement with that Asian government that grants it broad powers to intervene in infrastructure works that will be 100% executed by the Chinese government.


Powerful message from Cuban boxer Yordenis Ugás to stranger who challenged him to a street fight

The Cuban boxer Yordenis Ugás He sent a strong message to a person who publicly challenged him to a street fight “to see if you’re good.”

Ugás, a resident of the United States, met the stranger, who also proposed to share the shock on social networks.

“I am good, but I am not an assassin, thank God they pay me a lot of money to show that I am good to the maximum in world sport,” he said.

The fighter said that he carries a pistol to defend himself or his family against any attack, because there is always someone wrong or jealous of his successes.

“When I go out to the streets, the Americans: Ugás, Ugás! They go crazy with me, and the Cubans always show me love and respect. I am proud of that, not only for being a champion, for what I do, but so I do it downstairs, “he assured.

Ugás, current world champion in welterweight ll, stressed that he treats everyone well, with respect and courtesy.

“I would never hit anyone on the street because my hands are not for that. If you can write me from your real profile, to know that you are not a coward, and to know when I see you on the street, I have to pass sideways, “he concluded.

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