Lorena Peña calls “vulgar” and “low” attacks by deputies who tried to discredit her in NGO commission

The seriousness expected of the commission investigating NGOs fell apart when some of its members launched comments deemed “misogynistic” and “vulgar” against the former legislator.

For more than eight hours, the former MP Lorena Peña faced six pro-government deputies alone in an intense interrogation in which they tried, unsuccessfully, to break her even with comments that suggested that she had committed irregularities and others that affected her dignity as a third-party woman. age, as she herself confronted them, calling them “vulgar” and “low”.

The former legislator, who came to preside over the Legislative Assembly, was summoned to present on the process of delivery of Budget funds to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), one of which, the Mélidas, to which she belonged, was favored, by which the deputies alleged that Peña incurred in a “conflict of interest.”

Faced with recurring questions and cross-examinations and mentions of aspects of her private life, Peña did not hesitate to tell them that “they had set up a theater” to make her incriminate herself, something to which she was not going to lend. The president of the Commission, Alexia Rivas, from New Ideas, replied that “it was not a circus”, but that they were trying to investigate the facts.

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At a certain point, she herself had to demand respect from deputies Caleb Rivas and Carlos Hermann Bruch, the former for telling her that “where had a document been passed?” and to the other for telling him that she was “close” to the former leader Facundo Guardado, comments that she described as “vulgar” and “cheap” and before which the person who chaired the commission, the deputy Alexia Rivas, could do little.

“And where did this law formation procedure go through?” Navarro asked, to which Peña replied: “He asked me where did that thing go, because I didn’t go through the triumphal arch…”, and at that moment the president of the Commission closed the microphone. “He should also measure his words,” reasoned Peña, adding “just because I’m a woman, don’t make such vulgar metaphors.”

“Mr. Bruch, control yourself!”, The former deputy demanded at one point, claiming that he interrupted her a lot and that she even told her that “she was left alone” and that not even her party wanted her.

The deputy was interrogated, but when she tried to explain her they interrupted her, and if she mentioned reported cases of corruption in the current government or mentioned the NGO linked to deputy Guillermo Gallegos, they would turn off the microphone.

Due to all these facts, she even told them that “the president sent them” and used the expression of “coup plotters”, alluding to the coup against the Constitutional Chamber and the Prosecutor’s Office that the ruling party in the Assembly perpetrated on May 1 .

The pro-government deputies did not find an old woman easy to break, but rather an ex-guerrilla, as she herself recalled, used to walking whole nights in the war of the 80s and knowing about the interrogations of the dreaded National Guard, which was dissolved after the 1992 peace accords, but also a former congresswoman who made politics her life in the last three decades.

On several occasions the president of the Commission turned off the microphone to the former deputy, even going so far as to threaten her with declaring her “in contempt” because she tried to reason her answers and not just answer with a “yes” or “no” as They wanted.

“You have never worked with women. That’s why they don’t understand, ”Peña reproached them when they asked her again and again about the same point: the internal efforts that she carried out in the Assembly with other parties for the approval of funds. “He has a narrow vision,” he told Congressman Rivas, who insisted on asking him again and again about the process.

“They want me to teach him how to work,” he told them. “You will have to learn … that is parliamentarism,” he emphasized.

“As I explained to you, before the debate on the laws lasted up to three months, not like that of Bitcoin, which was approved in five hours. It is a perverse mechanism, ”he pointed out.

The former legislator claimed that she had to wait to be received by the commission, to which was added the time of the interrogation and two recesses of up to 45 minutes. “Here we can wake up, but you are not going to make me think like you. Don’t waste your time, ”was the reply when it was past midnight.

“I am older than you and I do not ask for such long breaks,” he claimed. The appearance ended at 2:15 in the morning of this Saturday.

Yes indeed. Earlier, the former deputy Peña told them to “remember that the jurisdiction is going to end” and they will have to answer for what they do now.


Bahçeli Declares Constitutional Court as ‘Terrorist Supporter’

  • According to Article 14 of the Constitution; None of the rights and freedoms contained in the Constitution can be used in the form of activities aimed at disrupting the indivisible integrity of the state with its territory and nation and abolishing the democratic and secular Republic based on human rights.

  • The abuse of the right is unfair, to justify and clear this injustice is to mean the principles of justice, to slander the universal rules of law. In addition, open the 17th article of the European Convention on Human Rights and this is exactly what you will see and see.

  • Right is the dignity of man and humanity. The violation of this honor, the shadowing of this honor is also the most serious evil that can be done to human beings. If right and injustice are replaced, that is, if the right is treated as unjust and the unjust is treated as just, the foundations of the world will be shaken.

  • In particular, I must underline that there is no right to make propaganda for a terrorist organization, its rightful side cannot be mentioned. Attempting to defend terrorist organizations that are hostile to people’s property, life and existence, even in a thoughtful plan, is a willful participation in the crimes committed.

  • The duty of all judicial institutions is to protect the right and law against every authority and position, and to keep them under security on behalf of the nation without any imposition or suggestion. The separatist has no right, the terrorist has no right, the betrayal has no right. My word is to the Constitutional Court.

  • Right is a very broad value. To see only one side of this value is to see nothing. The decision of the Constitutional Court to violate the rights of HDP’s Gergerlioğlu is not respect and respect for the rights of the people, but covert support to terrorism.

  • Gergerlioğlu, who lost his deputyship after the verdict of conviction was read in the Gazi Parliament on March 17, 2021, followed by Sincan No. 2 on April 2, 2021. He was put in the F Type High Security Penitentiary Institution.

  • The Constitutional Court, which stepped in soon after, ruled that this separatist’s “right to be elected, to engage in political activity, and to freedom of expression was violated, and that this questionable person was paid 30 thousand liras for non-pecuniary damages.” So it was a complete injustice.

  • Our view on the Constitutional Court has not changed. It is the only desire and expectation of the nation’s conscience to restructure this court with a new and civil constitution. This caravan cannot go like this, this cycle cannot go on like this.

  • Does the Constitutional Court see great Kurdistan as a right? If PKK terrorists gather and apply, will they also be under the umbrella of violation of rights? Then why is it necessary to discuss and decide on the immunity files pending in the Joint Commission?

  • HDP’s Gergerlioğlu returned to his position as a member of parliament after the decision about him was read in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey today and took his seat in the General Assembly. But it was the rights and the law that were ignored. Indeed, a deeply painful process has bled the communal conscience. Those who do should be ashamed.

  • Those who enthusiastically applauded Gergerlioğlu, who asked “where were we?” as soon as he got out of prison, were scoundrels from the PKK and FETO. The place where he stayed was the place of malice, the lair of disgrace, the abode of darkness. From now on, the way to continue from there was opened by the Constitutional Court.

  • Something that is opened is closed when the time comes. This account will certainly be asked to its interlocutors one day. The right is not lost or wasted, even if it is delayed, the delivery of the right will eventually find its way and place. My advice to the President of the Constitutional Court is to keep my words in mind.

  • .

    Prosecutor’s Office hands over the building confiscated from the ARENA party to Conab

    From today, the property will be administered by the National Council for the Administration of Assets CONAB.

    The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) delivered today to the State the headquarters building of the National Executive Council of ARENA, COENA, located in San Salvador, the property was seized during the investigations of the case called Taiwan.

    From today, the property will be administered by the National Council for the Administration of Assets (CONAB).

    “This is the culmination of the diligence that began a few weeks ago against ARENA. It is the extinction of assets to try to recover the money diverted to the accounts of the ARENA party for the Antonio Saca campaign, ”explained the prosecutor imposed by the ruling party Rodolfo Delgado.

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    The Prosecutor’s Office today handed over to the State the building that houses the National Executive Council of ARENA, COENA, located in San Salvador, which was seized during the investigations of the case called Taiwan. Photo EDH / Francisco Rubio

    On June 2, the Public Ministry seized two properties from that party, including the COENA headquarters; also, he made the preventive scoring of 17 vehicles.

    In addition to the seizures of real estate, the Prosecutor’s Office froze 2.9 million dollars of the political debt of the aforementioned political institute for the last elections.

    With this action, the Prosecutor’s Office intends to recover the funds donated to El Salvador by the Government of China-Taiwan.

    On the same day of the embargo, the party leadership, through a statement, stressed that “El Salvador is facing an imminent danger towards a dictatorship” by pointing out that both President Bukele and the Prosecutor imposed and the “police bowed to him” They try to divert attention from the acts of corruption linked to the current government, all this in order to “not face the Salvadoran population and the international community.”

    In addition, the text emphasized that the party’s headquarters “was kidnapped and threatened with the purpose of keeping us silent,” for which it urged the president to “show his face” and dismiss the officials of his cabinet indicated in the Engel List. .

    In addition, the director of Legal Affairs of ARENA denounced on that occasion that they did not have in view any document that would protect the procedure and that no judge executing the embargoes was present at the headquarters of ARENA.


    Every day more beautiful: this is how beautiful Demi Moore looks at 58 years

    Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful actresses of Hollywood is nothing less than Demi Moore that throughout the years has captivated us with its different interpretations that have deposited it as one of the best in the big screen industry. Also with 58 years old, Demi, has shown that the years do not pass for her already has a great figure.

    Doing a bit of history, we have to say that Demetria Gene Guynes Over time she has been an actress, model and producer of series and films. While the beautiful brunette was recognized worldwide when in the ’90s she had a leading role in Ghost, the highest-grossing film of 1990, which subsequently earned him a nomination for Golden Globes.



    From the beach Karol G shakes the net and falls in love with his fans

    With more than a decade of career, one of the most consolidated singers of current music is the Colombian Karol G. This is mainly due to the release of their third studio album called KG0516. It is composed of 16 songs that are one better than the other and from which themes such as “Tusa”, “Bichota” Y “Location” which has become one of the most listened to this year.

    Changing the subject, this time, the beautiful Colombian with blue hair is a trend in various entertainment news sites by launching the official video of the song “200 cups”. This song belongs to the album mentioned above. That is why in your statements of your official account of Instagram You can see her on the beach with images that shook the network and undoubtedly made her followers fall in love.



    Daring stunt by Jackass star ends with a shark bite – GMX.ch

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    At the edge of the pool, Lali Esposito conquered her fans with her curves

    Lali Espósito joined the thousands of artists and celebrities who demonstrated their support for the Cuban people in this social and political crisis that they are going through today. The 29-year-old actress shared the hashtag “SOS CUBA” and a flag emoji of the Caribbean country on her Instagram stories.

    Like Lali Another artist who spoke out about the Cuban situation was Ricky Martín who wrote the following: “This is very important. Our brothers and sisters in Cuba need us to inform the world what they are experiencing today. Let’s fill the networks before they remove the internet in the country. Humanitarian aid for Cuba NOW ”.



    Sedat Peker: ‘Süleyman Soylu Leaked Information to Me’

    Organized crime leader Sedat Peker, who is abroad and has an arrest warrant, made allegations about Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu with a series of posts on his social media account. Peker claimed that Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu leaked information to him and made him flee abroad.

    Stating that Soylu will be tried in the Supreme Court, Peker said, “The file will be completed when your interview at Habertürk, my phone conversation with Reşat Fazlıoğlu and the HTS recordings of that time are released.”

    Saying, “Remember, when you lose the election, you’ll be gone,” Peker said, “If you take the opposite move, you will see who the homeland madmen, homeland fighters, and homeland fighters are.”


    Social networks cause problems for the Government of Cuba, says Gloria Estefan – CNN en Español

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    Government denies work permit to another journalist from El Faro

    The reason why the American Roman Olivier Gressier was denied authorization is contradictory to the expulsion of Mexican Daniel Lizárraga a week ago.

    A few days after it was known that the government of Nayib Bukele expelled the award-winning Mexican journalist Daniel Lizárraga from the country, hired by El Faro as one of its editors, this Monday it has transpired that Migration has denied work permission to another journalist of this medium digital.

    “On Friday, July 9, the Immigration Directorate of El Salvador denied the work permit to the American journalist, Roman Olivier Gressier, a member of El Faro, and whose processing had been ongoing since June 22.

    According to information circulated by the media, “the Aliens’ argument was that Gressier was not in the country, and in the meantime ‘he does not have the intention of staying and residing in the country'”.

    You may be interested: Bukele’s government expels El Faro editor Daniel Lizárraga from El Salvador

    Curiously, this argument is inconsistent and diametrically opposed to the one used to get Lizárraga out of El Salvador. In a single week, the government has expelled one journalist for being inside El Salvador and another for being outside.

    “In just one week, two foreign journalists have received similar refusals based on questionable arguments,” El Faro reported on their social networks. This digital newspaper has been the target of numerous government attacks for some of its coverage that, like that of other independent media, contrasts with the triumphalist narrative of the Bukele government.

    “Both Gressier and Lizárraga will continue working for El Faro, and this medium looks for the alternatives that best suit its journalists so that they can fulfill their informative mission despite governmental obstacles”, was the position of the digital medium in its social networks .

    For his part, Daniel Lizárraga, expelled a week earlier, questioned the government’s logic in expelling two journalists with diametrically opposite justifications.

    In addition, he considered the fact a “second consecutive and treacherous blow against El Faro by denying Román Olivier a work permit, arguing that he had no intention of being in the country because he was abroad. They also denied it to me, but because I was in El Salvador. Then?”

    Previously, El Faro was the target of attacks by the ruling party, including an excessive audit by the Ministry of Finance that went beyond the tax issue. At a press conference, President Bukele stated that they were being investigated for money laundering, despite the fact that the media was never notified of it.