Lockdown or Life in Crisis? (neue-deutschland.de)

While hardly any spectators or no spectators were allowed in some Bundesliga stadiums last weekend, 1. FC Union 4500 received in the Alte Försterei.

Photo: imago images / Bernd König

Between exemplary and irresponsible – this is how the pictures from the old forester’s house were commented on last weekend. While no spectators were allowed in the stadiums in Bremen, Leverkusen, Munich and Stuttgart on matchday five of the Bundesliga, the footballers of 1. FC Union were supported by 4,500 fans in the game against Freiburg. Whether it is irresponsible, in view of the rapidly increasing number of infections with the coronavirus, to let thousands of people, including common arrival and departure routes, in a football stadium, or whether it is exemplary to enable a life in a crisis with functioning concepts – this question was initially raised by the Policy answered. The discussions about this are likely to intensify after the decisions in the Rotes Rathaus and the plans of federal politics, analogous to the first lockdown in March.

On Tuesday evening, the Berlin Senate decided to tighten the Infection Protection Ordinance. According to the publication, there is an upper limit of 500 people for outdoor events. This also includes football games for now. Marcus Jung, press officer of the second Berlin Bundesliga club Hertha BSC, explained »nd« before the upcoming home game against Wolfsburg next Sunday: »We are in regular contact with the authorities and discuss the effects of adapting the infection control regulations for the upcoming home game. And we have always emphasized that we accept the Senate’s infection control regulations, as we have great confidence in the decisions of politics and authorities. «However, the club from Charlottenburg had already thought before the start of the season about not making use of the last upper limit of 5000 people to take because it is not financially worthwhile.

1. FC Union questions many political decisions and never wanted to exclude its fans. On the contrary: the club is still working on a concept with preventive tests to enable full utilization of its own stadium. The date intended for this and previously postponed several times was the game against SC Freiburg. However, the association had withdrawn the application required for this, and on Wednesday a week ago President Dirk Zingler justified it as follows: “The fact that the rapid tests have now found their way into the federal test strategy encourages us in our plan. We are continuing our project to hold events with the help of such tests, because from our point of view it is still important to open up a perspective for the event industry and to be able to determine with quick tests whether visitors are infectious for the duration of an event or not. However, we will only use test capacities that are not needed for priority groups of the population. “

On Wednesday 1. FC Union did not want to react to the new developments, but rather “wait and see what will actually be implemented,” said the club “nd”. The conference call between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Minister on Wednesday was of even greater importance – and will again lead to a fundamental discussion about professional football. But the Senate resolution also contributes to this. With regard to the maximum number of persons for events, the following applies: “After a hygiene concept has been examined by the Senate Administration responsible for health, this restriction can be changed or lifted.”

German professional football was able to return to the game relatively early in May with a much praised and globally exemplary concept. It is not to be expected that this will change. The dpa news agency wanted to learn from the deliberations of the ministerial conference on Wednesday afternoon that, in view of the increasing number of corona infections, the federal and state governments only want to allow professional sport in November without spectators. Ghost games were to be expected with a view to the draft resolution. Under point 6 it said briefly: “Events that serve entertainment are prohibited.”

After all: professional football can pursue its primary purpose, which it emphasized again and again in the spring crisis: earn money. It is also clear that there will be little acceptance of this in the case of a planned nationwide restriction of contact to the “absolutely necessary minimum”, if social life is shut down due to the closure of restaurants, cinemas or public sports facilities. Especially since the promise of improvement has not yet been partially fulfilled anywhere, instead the commercial spiral was simply turned on in the summer transfer market. When a Bundesliga manager like Hans-Joachim Watzke from Borussia Dortmund complains about “football bashing” on the part of politicians and uses the club’s “huge cost structure” as an argument against a league lockdown, it becomes absurd.

The political decisions affect the entire sport. The first discontinuation of the league operations from this Thursday, for example by the Southwest German Football Association, indicate that it will probably come to a standstill in the leisure and amateur sector. For professional leagues in other sports such as handball, basketball or ice hockey, the exclusion of fans is life-threatening because, in contrast to professional football, the income from the spectators is vital. This is another reason why political guidelines are being questioned. »We know that the hygiene concepts of organized sport work. Sport is not a hotspot, ”said Thomas Härtel, President of the State Sports Association of Berlin, on Wednesday, showing no understanding for the decision of the Prime Minister’s Conference.

The view of the simultaneous demonstration in the capital by thousands of people to preserve the event industry in turn leads to football: When 1. FC Union is working on its concept for a football with spectators, i.e. for a life in crisis instead of lockdown, they are not sitting rarely responsible people from the Berlin event industry at the table.


Kimmich at Bayern: everything will be fine players – sport

Joshua Kimmich felt like fighting in stoppage time. He stood face to face with striker Zé Luis, and when Kimmich looks the way he was looking at that moment, it’s easy to forget that he is listed in all reference books with a height of 1.76 m. Kimmich is then a threat. He spoke quite resolutely to Zé Luis, in which language you don’t know, Portuguese, Creole, Kimmich supposedly knows everything. Shortly afterwards the game was over, Bayern had won 2-1 at Lokomotiv Moscow, and Kimmich looked quite peaceful again. And that he supposedly only measures 1.76 m: Yes, you could now imagine that again.

A few minutes later, Kimmich gave a television interview, he was polite and in a good mood, despite the exhausting game he had just finished. That’s the good thing about FC Bayern at the moment, you are almost always in a good mood after games, including Kimmich, because he knows: even if things crunch and creak during the game, he can always rely on you in case of doubt. On yourself.

Has it ever been found that Kimmich, 25, is on the way to becoming a classic Bavarian leader? Yes, that has probably been noticed before. But when you see Champions League games like that of FC Bayern at Lokomotiv Moscow, then you can gradually no longer hold the thesis. Kimmich is no longer on the way to becoming a leading player. He arrived.

Goals outside the box aren’t Kimmich’s forte? Then he just trains that!

There are goal scorers and assists in football, but Kimmich, although he can score and assists, is something completely different: He is a key scene hunter and collector. At some point in the course of a game he decides that it would be time for a key scene, and then he chooses a scene for his project that does not yet know anything about its happiness. Incidentally, this also applies to his innocent teammates, whom he imposes key scene assistant roles without telling them. Did Javi Martínez intend to set up the winning goal in the 79th minute of the game? Rather not.

Martínez passed a pass to Corentin Tolisso deep in midfield, who passed back to Martínez, and then Martínez saw that Kimmich was up there. He then played it directly, it was a good, smart pass, but it wasn’t the surprising brilliant idea that changed a game from one second to the next. It wasn’t a fatal pass. Joshua Kimmich made him fatal.

Kimmich stopped the ball with his back to the goal, the ball hit the grass and rose slightly, Kimmich turned and shot volley from outside the penalty area. Kimmich supposedly doesn’t have such a great shot, but between us: Can you take things like that into consideration when it comes to deciding a game? Of course you can’t.

Scoring goals from outside the box, “that wasn’t my forte in my youth because I didn’t have the power to shoot,” said Kimmich after the game, “but it has been working quite well lately. I’ve got things like that now or other times “.

The football god can do it that way if he wants: just give him less shot power on the way. But that doesn’t mean that he, Joshua Kimmich, will accept it.


Türkgücü Munich is not allowed to participate in the DFB Cup – sport

And now, finally, you can say it with Franz Beckenbauer: “Go out and play football.” So began a text by Rainer Koch entitled “breaking news”, which he posted on Tuesday evening on Facebook: The legal “drama” is finally over, according to the President of the Bavarian Football Association (BFV), a trained lawyer. The months of theater around the Bavarian DFB Cup starting place have finally come to an end. And it stays that way: The regional division FC Schweinfurt will play against Schalke 04, not Türkgücü Munich, the third division team that thinks they have a right to promotion and cup participation. The kick-off for the last outstanding first round match, which should actually have taken place on September 13, is now on Tuesday at 4.30 p.m.

At Schalke, as Schweinfurt originally planned, because a game in their own stadium without spectators does not pay off. By the way, Türkgücü had planned to play the game on Wednesday in the local Grünwald stadium.

The decision was made, “final”, as Koch wrote, by an arbitration court in Nuremberg, which the BFV had called upon. However, Türkgücü did not want to recognize this venue for the court finals and called the Bavarian Supreme Court last week with the reason: “There is no effective arbitration agreement between the BFV and Türkgücü Munich, especially not for a dispute about reporting to the DFB Cup. “

But there the application was rejected at the end of last week. The reasoning stated: “Arbitral tribunals are able to promptly bring disputes to a final decision, including on the main issue, in order to provide legal certainty and clarity for fast-moving football. These advantages of sports jurisdiction apply not only to the defendant, but also to the applicants. “

The oral hearing before the arbitral tribunal took place on Monday. Managing director Max Kothny traveled to Nuremberg for Türkgücü. And a few minutes after the “breaking news” on Tuesday evening he had an extremely clear opinion on the result: It was a “Mickey Mouse court”, the verdict was “gushed” – and it should be written that way. Because the detailed reasoning is only to be made public on Wednesday, Kothny could not go into detail, but said only this much: “I am not surprised why the arbitral tribunal did not allow the public on Monday.”


Own goal for Tories (Junge Welt newspaper)

Mark Waugh / FareShare via AP / dpa

Marcus Rashford (left) and his mother Melanie (center) at the aid organization Fare Share Greater Manchester (October 22)

Should English schoolchildren receive free school meals during the autumn and winter holidays or not? This question divides the Conservatives in power in Great Britain. The trigger is a campaign by Marcus Rashford, who plays for the Manchester United football club and who started an online petition a few weeks ago. To jW– The editorial deadline was over 950,000 people.

Last week, the Labor Party MPs sitting on the opposition benches pushed through a vote on the issue. 15-pound vouchers were requested for children in need in order to be able to guarantee them hot meals during the holidays. Due to the policy of cuts that has been in place in Great Britain since 2010, child poverty has risen significantly in households with working parents alone. This emerges from surveys by the British trade union federation Trades Union Congress. The number of children affected grew from 800,000 to currently 2.9 million. According to the latest government statistics from 2018, a total of 4.2 million children in the UK were affected by poverty at the time.

The Tories initially refused to accept the emotional weight of this topic. Their lower house parliamentary group voted almost unanimously against Labor’s motion, which thus failed. Subsequently, various conservative parliamentarians cavorted on the Rashford Twitter account. They all expressed their disapproval of his initiative. For example, the conservative backbencher Brendan Clarke-Smith went so far as to say: “I don’t believe in the nationalization of children.” Rather, one must increase people’s “sense of responsibility”.

Such sentences are not well received by large sections of the population. After all, it was the Tories who have repeatedly cut state aid for children in recent years. In total, funds totaling £ 34 billion have been cut since 2010. Since then, there have been hardly any increases in the aid rates paid to families. And if so, then below the inflation rate. The situation has worsened again due to the Covid 19 pandemic. On October 21, Rashford calculated his conservative opponents on Twitter that 44 percent of the 2.2 million children entitled to participate in the free school meal had “re-registered”. In this context, Rashford announced a long-term campaign against child poverty.

Unlike most Tories, Rashford knows what he’s talking about. He grew up as the youngest of five siblings in the working class district of Wythenshawe, part of the Greater Manchester area. As a child he was dependent on free school meals and also on support from wealthier classmates who gave him something from time to time.

And so the confrontation between Rashford and the Tories became a symbol of British class conflict. Rich snobs against the working class child. Within a few days, the phones were running hot, especially among Conservative MPs in northern England’s constituencies, and their e-mail accounts were filled with protest mails. “That was a shitty show,” says a North English MP from the Huffington Post quoted.

The Tories sought to turn things around by pointing out £ 63 million in corona aid to English municipalities. These could also be used for school meals, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson in various interviews last weekend. However, these funds have almost been used up. Hardly any city administration has used it for school meals, but for plugging numerous other holes. In the meantime, 54 Conservative MPs from northern England have called on the British government to rethink. That is a first impact of this government ownership gate.


Marcus Rashford: football millionaire with a memory (neue-deutschland.de)

Foto: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/dpa

For his work against child poverty, Marcus Rashford recently received a medal from the Queen. The 22-year-old soccer striker, who plays for Manchester United and the English national team, does not want to rest on the glory of his acceptance into the British Knightly Order. He is committed to ensuring that needy schoolchildren get government-subsidized food during the holidays, and makes Prime Minister Boris Johnson look like a miser.

The one who got rich with his sport did not forget the poverty in his childhood. As the child of a single mother in the Manchester borough of Wythenshawe, Marcus and his siblings relied on free lunches at school. However, they do not exist during the holidays. During the Covid pandemic and under a Tory government, more and more children are growing up in poverty, many starving.

Rashford is fighting against this and is in agreement with the British majority. With the »FairShare« group, he achieved a rethink among enough conservatives that the government subsidized lunches for the children during the summer holidays. Johnson himself found himself grudgingly forced to campaign for the award of the order to Rashford.

But now the prime minister claims to have done more than enough for children from households with little money and is opposed to any further help – neither in the current nor in the Christmas holidays. Inspired by Rashford, others step in: Many restaurant and café owners who are facing bankruptcy due to Covid restrictions are now giving out free meals for needy school children. Even conservative media are urging Johnson to rethink. It would be another success for Rashford.


FC Bayern: ex-advisor to Robert Lewandowski arrested

Dhe Polish police have arrested former advisor to star striker Robert Lewandowski. Cezary Kucharski, who represented the FC Bayern professional for around ten years until 2018, is suspected of having put Lewandowski under pressure with “criminal threats” in order to receive 20 million euros from him. A spokesman for the prosecutor in Warsaw said on Tuesday.

In the morning, Kucharski’s house was searched. The topic is likely to cause unrest at FC Bayern, who are preparing with Lewandowski for the second group game in the Champions League at Lokomotiv Moscow on Tuesday evening (6:55 p.m.).

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In the past few weeks, the dispute between Lewandowski and his former adviser had come to a head. Lewandowski filed a criminal complaint against his former confidante in Poland.

Kucharski is said to have put Lewandowski under pressure

As the “Spiegel” reported, Lewandowski accused the 48-year-old Kucharski of having blackmailed him. After the long collaboration between the two, Kucharski is said to have put pressure on the striker and demanded several dozen million Polish zlotys. Otherwise, he wanted to make confidential information public.

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The former Lewandowski consultant had previously also filed a lawsuit against the striker. Kucharski stated that Lewandowski and his wife Anna had diverted a sum of millions from the accounts of the joint company RL Management for private purposes.


Worse than death is withdrawal (neue-deutschland.de)

Conservative anarchists like me asked themselves again at the weekend: Do I go throwing bombs, do I poison pigeons in the park or do I watch football? I postpone throwing bombs on free-market idiots year after year and concentrated my eyesight on looking at my favorite team. In the fourth division she is currently winning game after game after a bad intro.

Originally I wanted to go to the tranquil town of Rathenow on Sunday, steal porcini mushrooms from the rural population and enjoy lousy beer and cheap sausages in the Vogelgesang stadium.

But no, but no!

The strict aunt Corona doesn’t like football and banned away fans from the city and stadium in Rathenow. So now I was sitting with my kind and fellow sufferers in a Berlin pub and played the role of a particularly elegant piece of furniture. Drank beer with a fizzy drink, which had a cozy effect, and listened to the dry chatter of a person whose job is television football coverage.

There is a legend that television soccer presenters are modern knackers who want to take away any magic from our favorite leisure activities by rough treatment. With this in mind, I had appointed a poet so that we could try to prevent the boning of our sport by means of immortal verses:

»The soccer ball falls down / it sinks and it sinks / Who sings it a song? / Who pulls the saber when the official sells the soccer ball? / We! We! We!”

Unfortunately, unfortunately the versesmith failed at the door handle when leaving his ivory tower for the pub. The thought of whether he should press it firmly or tap it with a gallant nudge overwhelmed him so much that only the jump backwards into bed remained.

Left alone, I dared to go outside during the half-time break. Tired, I let my gaze wander down Schönhauser Allee. Somewhere down at Alexanderplatz, concerned citizens and confused people from all camps met for the Corona-Ringelpietz. They glowed fearlessly with the funny pursuit of democracy, united in their noble belief in the great corona lie.

But we soccer people also have fun. The day before, several thousand original Union fans were watching their team in the stadium. Likewise in Rostock. Cemetery calm, however, in stadiums in Munich, Stuttgart, Mainz, Bremen … On Sunday, after a 15-minute break, all I was left with was the gentleman on TV with his constant antics and round knitted clauses.

Two weeks ago, several thousand Czech football fans at a central location in Prague demonstrated remarkable misconceptions when they rioted against Corona in the maddened football fanatic. Separated in colors, united in virus denial, they bravely threw the shop windows of some downtown bars. Where tourists like to drink, they have not been able to afford beer for a long time.

Perhaps it gave them joy, through this act of violence, to untie the knots (no football, lost the last game, the canary has kittens) deep inside? In Bratislava something similar happened the following day. Football withdrawal is worse than death …

After enjoying the game, I walked a little through Berlin. Chestnuts showed off, squirrels ran for their lives. Even a little sun showed up and chased my dark thoughts away from Prenzlauer Berg in the direction of Charlottenburg for the time being.


Only footballers are allowed to play (neue-deutschland.de)

Erling Haaland (v.) Was allowed to play in the derby against Schalke, although his Dortmund colleague Emre Can tested positive for Corona.

Photo: dpa / Martin Meissner

North Rhine-Westphalia is almost completely red. No longer on the political map, but certainly on that of the Robert Koch Institute. Only three of the total of 53 districts and urban districts report infection numbers that remain below the mark of 50 new corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants in a week. Bonn and Cologne are also well above the limit, although the former German capital (94) has far fewer cases than the metropolis of Cologne (177). The latter is important to understand Stefan Holz’s frustration. He is the managing director of the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), which wanted to hold the preliminary round of the German Cup in the past few weeks. However, six of the planned 24 games were canceled. Holz had to cancel the final tournament planned for the coming weekend in Munich because, for example, defending champion Alba Berlin was unable to play any of his three preliminary round games due to several corona cases in the team.

Such game cancellations are not the rule in German sport, Holz realized. Because of a positive test with a Bonn player and one each in the team and the surroundings of the Bayreuth basketball players, the health authorities each ordered a complete team quarantine. Holz thinks that is wrong. “That an entire team is locked away is difficult to understand,” said the league boss to the sports information service. The hygiene concept, the league had been praised by the authorities. Now you have to apply that too. According to experts in the league, the remaining players in the teams were not infectious. If the action of the health authorities does not change, wood is worried about the Bundesliga season, which should start on November 6th. “There will still be cases. If the authorities lock up the whole team, it won’t work. “

The fact that in football only those affected were isolated in the end, but entire teams in basketball, could not be “explained”. And this is exactly where Cologne comes in. Among the footballers of the Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln there were already six positive testers for Corona. Here, however, as in Munich, Würzburg or Hoffenheim, only the affected players were isolated, not the entire teams.

Is professional football once again enjoying a special role? Only the health department in Dresden had quarantined the entire Dynamo team shortly before the end of last season. The outcry was great, the club threatened a lawsuit for distortion of competition and then got down from the second division. Since then, only five of the 160 games of the new season have been canceled in the top three leagues, although new cases are reported almost daily in the 1st Bundesliga, in which every game has so far been played.

On the other hand, the wave of rejection is rolling through the national leagues in wrestling, table tennis, hockey, volleyball and handball – and only last weekend. Football is also affected, but almost exclusively in the lower amateur leagues and among women, i.e. where it is not so expensive to cancel a game, because there hardly any income from TV broadcasts can be lost.

The Würzburger Kickers celebrated on Monday for their decision not to protest against the 3-1 defeat in the 2nd Bundesliga at Hamburger SV. They were not allowed to use a defense attorney; later it was found that his positive test was false. Once again, football does not think outside the box and thus does not recognize the privileged position it is still in.

Whether basketball boss Stefan Holz is right if he rejects the quarantine of entire teams is questionable despite the justified frustration about the injustice. If everything is really to be subordinated to keeping the population healthy – and this is what all club and league bosses claim across all sports – then quarantining all contact persons is the safer way. In addition, the season has only just started and you can catch up a lot when the infection rate weakens. Holz also had to admit that: “Everything is still feasible, we’re very early in the season and it’s long. But it is difficult.”