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With these models you can save on smartphone purchases

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A good smartphone doesn’t have to be expensive these days

Are you looking for a cell phone up to 300 euros that performs well? We have found the best smartphones for you for little money.

Dhe rush for the latest smartphones is great – even though the prices seem to keep rising with each new model. New cell phones always deliver better quality in terms of camera, performance and memory, but not everyone can and would like to regularly afford devices well over 500 euros. In addition, smartphone beginners and parents who are buying their first cell phone for their children prefer to use affordable models.

Some particularly powerful and inexpensive mobile phones show that buying expensive devices is not even necessary. A cell phone for up to 300 euros can also meet the everyday requirements for a smartphone – it almost doesn’t matter whether it is a branded model or a no-name product.

Best cell phone under 300 euros: Xiaomi delivers the best cheap smartphone

Surprisingly, a very cheap cell phone performed particularly well at Stiftung Warentest. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite * landed in first place among the inexpensive, good models in the large smartphone test in December 2020. For comparison: All-round test winners such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 * and the iPhone 12 Pro * achieved an overall grade of 1.8, while the Mi 10 Lite, on the other hand, was hot on the heels of the expensive top models with a grade of 2.1. In terms of battery performance, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite could even beat the latest brand models. Its price is currently just over 300 euros.

Samsung cell phones up to 300 euros: these models are available

When it comes to Samsung phones in particular, many buyers want to get a bargain. Models under 300 euros are not uncommon either: The Samsung Galaxy M31 * with 6.4-inch display was only launched in 2020 and is well positioned in terms of technology. With a quad camera including an ultra-wide-angle lens, 64 GB of memory and a lightning-fast octa-core processor, the user leaves little to be desired. The price: currently 270 euros.

Similarly convincing: The Samsung Galaxy A51 * with long-life battery, four cameras including ultra-wide-angle lens and macro as well as large internal memory already convinced Stiftung Warentest in June 2020. The conclusion: grade 2.3. For 270 euros you can get a powerful mobile phone that can keep up with other high-end devices thanks to Samsung technology.

iPhone under 300 euros: is that even possible?

The iPhone is still considered a status symbol among smartphones – this is not least due to its high price. Buying a good iPhone for less than 300 euros sounds quite ambitious at first. However, you can find good deals if you are willing to make small compromises.

For example, the iPhone 8 is offered on Amazon as a refurbished model *. Used devices are resold by resellers verified by Amazon. The battery capacity of these devices is at least 80 percent – buyers also have a one-year guarantee on the used models. This saves a lot – the 64 GB version with Touch ID in gold, for example, is available for 257 euros.

Tip: If you value a fast A13 Bionic Chip, like the one built into the iPhone 11 Pro *, you should choose the new iPhone SE. It is a small, inexpensive alternative for Apple fans. Refurbished * it currently costs around 350 euros, new * it is available from around 450 euros.

Huawei cell phone: Cheap models under 300 euros

If that is too expensive for you: You can find a cell phone at a cheaper price from the manufacturer Huawei. The 6.7-inch Huawei P Smart 2021 * has 128 GB of internal memory, a 48-megapixel main camera and a fingerprint sensor on the power button. A high megapixel value is no guarantee for high-resolution images. In addition to the light intensity value, it is the element that at least suggests that it is a cell phone with a good camera. This model with a price of less than 200 euros is definitely recommended for smartphone beginners.

Smartphone up to 300 euros: also check from Ulefone and Cubot

So you see: it is quite possible to find top smartphones for less than 300 euros. But there are also some good offers among the no-name cell phones that you should pay attention to when choosing a new device – especially when it comes to finding a very affordable model. In this regard, the so-called “China cell phones” should of course be referred to above, which are far cheaper than comparable products from well-known manufacturers.

Smartphone beginners in particular can make a good choice with the robust Ulefone Armor X7 *: A 5-inch cell phone is available for just under 100 euros, with an underwater camera and long-life battery that can meet all common smartphone requirements. But even with the Cubot X20 Pro * for just under 140 euros, beginners and bargain hunters are right if they are looking for a cell phone with good battery performance, an acceptable camera and expandable memory.

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Telegram: 5 settings to customize when subscribing in the app | WhatsApp | Applications | Cell phones | United States | USA | USA | Mexico | Spain | Colombia | Peru | nnda nnni | SPORTS-PLAY

Take note. Today we are going to tell you what are those five settings that you should customize when subscribing to Telegram to have a better experience in the app. All of them are options that you can access from the menu Settings of the application, and we advise you to take a look at it. The announcement of the new WhatsApp security conditions has made millions of dissatisfied users decide to migrate to the Telegram messaging application.

Perform all the steps that we show you to be an expert in Telegram:

MORE INFORMATION: This is how you can create a Telegram account: step by step

1. Prevent Telegram from taking up too much space

A messaging app is only as heavy as the amount of files, images, and videos they send you. However, in Telegram we have more freedom to control the space. If we go to Settings > Data and storage we will have options to control the space.

In Storage usage We can clear the cache, or schedule the downloaded multimedia to be stored for 3 days, 1 week, 1 month or forever. If you have limited space on your mobile, the option to keep the multimedia for only 3 days is very useful.

2. Adjust the privacy of Telegram

In Telegram In addition to logging in with your phone number, you can also have a username so that other users can contact you. This is useful, but it has a risk, and that is that if you enter groups and do not have your privacy configured, they can access your number or personal information.

Since Settings> Privacy and security we will have the option of:

  • Block contacts so that they cannot speak to us.
  • Choose who can see our phone number.
  • Choose who can see our last connection time.
  • Choose who can see our contact image.
  • If they can forward our messages to other conversations and the format in which they are forwarded.
  • Choose who can call us by Telegram voice calls.
  • Who can add me to groups and channels.
One of the most characteristic functions of Telegram are the stickers.  (Photo: Pexels | Mag)
One of the most characteristic functions of Telegram are the stickers. (Photo: Pexels | Mag)

3. Control your account

Another privacy option is the account control, and that is that we can activate the verification in two steps, in addition to the lock code. As Telegram is a multi-device app, we will also have the ability to log out of other computers. Always since Settings> Privacy and security.

4. Control of notifications

Another aspect to customize is in Adjustments> Notifications and sounds. Although we can apply general rules to contacts, groups or channels, Telegram allows us to customize notifications for each chat, group or channel. We can silence for a time or forever, or apply a specific configuration, such as that a user’s notification does not make noise but it does vibrate.

5. Personalization of chats

In Fits> Cats we can change the entire Telegram chat background, being able to choose Topics color, as well as setting the dark mode. You can also change the Message text size and other aspects that we invite you to browse.

At the moment the app of British-Emirati origin does not have the option to obtain the beta of its application on smartphones and Android like WhatsApp. So it is possible that, given its rise in popularity, it arrives and any user can subscribe.


Four ways to do more with your cell phone camera

You may not have the latest and greatest smartphone, yet the tools for your photos can go more of the portrait mode and low light. With a reasonably up-to-date operating system, you can have voice-activated photoshoots, create widescreen images, record video at different playback speeds, and visually search the Internet. The exact set of functions depends on camera software you’re using, as well as the phone’s hardware.

Here’s a short tour of the things you can do with the default apps like Google Camera for Android and the application of Apple camera for iOS system on their iPhones.

Get hands-free help

Your phone’s virtual assistant can handle some of the camera work to get the shot done quickly. For example, with the Google Assistant, you just have to say, “OK Google, take a picture” or “OK ​​Google, take a selfie,” and the Google Camera pops up, shows a countdown, and takes the photo. You can also tell the assistant to share the images, start recording a video, and do more. The Google Assistant is available for iOS and Android.

Apple’s Siri Assistant it also responds to many requests. The software opens the iPhone camera app if you say: “Hey Siri take a pictureBut lets you press the shutter button. Phones with iOS 12 or later can use the free app from Apple Shortcuts to create routines that Siri can run when prompted, such as opening the camera and automatically emailing the photo after taking it. Bixby, the assistive software for many of the telephones Samsung Galaxy, also takes pictures and videos when ordered.

A Google function uses your cell phone’s camera to identify objects on the Internet. (Photo: JD Biersdorfer / The New York Times)

Zoom in with Panorama mode

Want to take a photo that is too wide to fit on the camera screen? You don’t need an additional app or a phone with a wide angle lens. You just have to use the panoramic mode of the camera, in which you take a series of photographs and the software combines them into one large image. Opens Google camera and swipe left across the horizontal menu at the bottom of the screen. Tap the button Modes, Choose Panorama and press the shutter button while slowly moving the phone to capture the photo.

In the app Apple camera, swipe left, select Pano, and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also ask the Google Assistant or Siri to open the camera directly in panoramic mode. The Google Camera Modes menu also includes an option to go full circle and capture a scene in 360 degrees. On the screen Photographic sphere, tap the trigger and let the software guide you. (Although the panoramic mode of the iOS Pano does not reach 360 degrees, the Google Street View application brings Photo Sphere to the iPhone.)

Alter video timing

Google and Apple camera software includes modes for add cinematic effects to your video. Fast Motion speeds up the playback of slow events like approaching sunsets or storms. The slow-motion setting records normally and then slows down the action in the clip, adding drama to videos of sports scenes and funny animal moments.

Both the Google Camera for Android, left, and the Apple Camera app for iOS have a mode for creating panoramic photos. (Photo: JD Biersdorfer / The New York Times)

To access the configuration of Google Camera, swipe left on the horizontal menu until Video and select the recording mode — Slow motion, Normal, or Fast motion — along with the speed you want; the smallest speeds, like 5x, are usually better for shorter recordings. In the Apple Camera app, swipe right through the menu until you get to Fast Motion or Slow Motion; Tap the quick access button in the top corner to adjust the resolution and frame rate. If you keep the landline, you will be able to see the video better in the fast camera, so consider the possibility of using a tripod if you don’t have a solid place to hold the device. And slow motion tends to work best outside, away from certain types of indoor lighting that can cause video flicker.

Take advantage of the Internet

Google Lens (Google’s lens) is an image recognition software powered by artificial intelligence. And it may already be on your phone, as it is included in the Google Camera modes menu, in Google Photos, and in the Google Lens app for Android. Those with iOS devices can find it on Google Photos or the Google app. (Samsung has a similar app from Bixby Vision for their phones).

When you point the camera at something (or open a photo you’ve already taken) and touch Google Lens square icon, the software analyzes the image and searches for related information through your Internet connection. Google Lens can identify animals and plants, search for products, recognize landmarks, and do more. Google Lens can also translate the text of an image and use augmented reality to display the words in your preferred language. Not exactly a science fiction “universal translator”, but that’s where it’s headed.

Por J. D. Biersdorfer, ©2021 The New York Times Company.


Samsung S 21: Samsung tries the smartphone balancing act

Galaxy S21 Plus

The Ultra and the Plus still have an aluminum back, while that of its cheaper siblings is made of plastic.

(Photo: AP)

San Francisco 2020 was a modest year for the smartphone industry. When the corona pandemic paralyzed the global economy in the first half of the year, global sales collapsed by 20 percent, according to market researcher Gartner. Even the Christmas business will probably no longer be able to save the result.

But what follows from this? On the one hand, many people have less income to put in expensive smartphones. For others, however, the money piles up in the account because cinema and restaurant visits are not possible during curfew.

What they all have in common is that the world lives in socially distant times and the smartphone plays an even greater role than it already does. Games, movies – all of the entertainment is online.

Samsung is now trying to address the various consumer groups all at once. With its new 5G-capable Galaxy smartphones, the group wants to master this balancing act:

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  • The flagship of the series, the Samsung S21, is available this year from 849 euros – 50 euros cheaper than the S20 a year ago. The slightly larger S21 Plus is available from 1049 euros.
  • All are equipped with the latest Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, which promises significantly faster performance.
  • The Galaxy S21 Ultra is also 200 euros cheaper than its predecessor at the beginning of 2020. Nevertheless, the premium phone is only slightly cheaper than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the most expensive Apple device, at 1249 euros.
  • The Ultra is Samsung’s first phone to support the stylus pen known from tablets.
Samsung Galaxy S21

The Ultra is Samsung’s first phone to support the stylus pen known from tablets.

(Photo: dpa)

Lower prices require compromises

The Ultra and Plus still have an aluminum back, while that of its cheaper siblings is made of plastic – the lower price tag requires some painful compromises. The screen resolution is also lower, and there is no longer the option of expanding the internal memory with an SD card.

As with Apple’s iPhone, headphones and a charging cable are no longer included and must be purchased as accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The various smartphones in the Galaxy S21 (right), S21 + (middle) and S21 Ultra (left) models vary in price and features.

(Photo: dpa)

When it comes to the overall strategy, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer is also following Apple: The Silicon Valley group kept the price of its premium phones well above 1000 euros, but with the iPhone Mini offered a smaller, slimmed-down model for less than 800 euros.

The cheap model did not go down well with Apple customers: According to the analysis firm CIRP, only six percent of iPhone purchases in the past few months were attributable to the new budget device, hardly more than to the more than a year old flagship 11. Its successor, the iPhone 12, made up 20 percent of iPhone sales.

Apple’s customers are obviously not feeling the crisis in their wallets. But Samsung, twice the size of Apple with a global market share of 22 percent, must also target more economical customer segments in order to keep aspiring Chinese providers like Xiaomi at a distance. While Google has given up the price on the luxury segment with its Pixel phones, Samsung is fighting on both fronts.

Samsung is the secret winner of the trade dispute

After all, Samsung is likely to continue to be the secret winner of the US-Chinese trade dispute. Since Google is no longer allowed to license its Android operating system to Huawei, the Chinese have been struggling to develop their own operating system and ecosystem of apps.

Huawei expects to equip 200 million devices with its Harmony OS this year, but for many customers in the West the system is not an option without Youtube, Maps and other Google apps.

With the new Galaxy generation, Samsung is positioning itself broadly for a year that finally promises improvement after the lousy 2020: The market researcher Trendforce expects smartphone production to increase by nine percent to 1.36 billion devices this year.

More: Samsung presents new high-end smartphones of the Galaxy S21 series.


Sustainable ‘smartphones’ to save the environment

With the arrival of a new year, many take the opportunity to change habits or start new healthier ones, although it may also be a good time to add to the list of purposes those that can contribute to to save the planet, starting by our ‘smartphone’.

There are many daily actions that can be done to help protect the environment, such as recycling, avoiding wasting water or using the car less. However, we can also do it with technology.

According to a United Nations report, around the world approximately 50 million tons of electronic waste are generated per year, a figure that could triple by 2050.

In addition, despite its fall due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the second quarter of this year the worldwide sale of smartphones to end users registered a figure of 295 million units.

For this reason, there are several companies that have launched sustainable mobile phones, which offers a longer useful life with the aim of reducing the waste that is generated when replacing the ‘smartphones’ frequently, and which even offers the opportunity to replace some elements to update or repair them.


One of these companies is Teracube, which offers users warranties of up to four years -which cover any damage, at no additional cost to the user-, replaceable batteries and the use of recycled materials, all framed in the philosophy of “repair, do not replace”.

Teracube 2e was released in early October, includes the operating system Android 10 and it has a 1.8 Ghz octa-core processor, as well as 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

This device, which has been created from recycled materials and has a biodegradable shell, with a fingerprint sensor, face unlock technology and headphone jack. It also has a 4,000 mAh battery, it is easy to repair and can be found through Indiegogo for a price of 84 euros.


Another company that offers sustainable mobile phones is Fairphone, who designs “products with longer service lives and easy to repair“” We take care of reducing waste and making the most of what we already have, “the company says on its website.

The sustainable ‘smartphone’ Fairphone 3 arrived in Spain at the end of 2019 and incorporates a modular design consisting of a screen, battery and camera that can be repaired individually, helping to extend the life of the device and minimize its environmental impact.

Also, Fairphone phones, which use recycled materials, they have a 3,040 mAh battery that can last a full day, as well as 64GB of memory that can be expanded up to 400GB with an SD card.

This phone is available in two versions: the Fairphone 3, which has 12 and 8 megapixel cameras, and the Fairphone 3+, with a 5.65-inch Full HD + screen and 48 and 16MP cameras.

The Fairphone 3 can be obtained through the company’s website for a price of 419 euros, while the Fariphone 3+ is available at a price of 469 euros.

The company also has a recycling service for old mobiles, since, as they themselves point out, “the more we reuse and recycle, the less we will have to extract from the mines and manufacture”. In addition, in the event that a mobile of the brand is delivered, you can get a refund when you buy one of its latest models.


SHIFT6m is a German proposal that can be easily repaired. To do this, it has a modular design and easy access to the battery and the screen, since it only has one type of screw head that holds the device together and, in addition, the mobile case includes a screwdriver to be able to make repairs.

“Sustainability, repairability and fairness are not the main issues in the smartphone industry, but they are very important to us,” the company underlines on its website.

However, eThis device is not as easy to repair as the Fairphone 3as it has some overlapping components and short connecting cables.

The SHIFT6m has a 5.7-inch Full HD AMOLED screen and Gorilla Glass protection, a 4,242 mAh battery, a 21MP rear camera, a 13MP front camera and is available through the official SHIFT website for 555 euros. Its casing is also made of recyclable polycarbonate.


LG shows new smartphone with roll-up screen | NOW

LG announced a new smartphone with a retractable screen on Monday during a presentation at tech fair CES.

The LG Rollable device changes size when the user extends the screen. That way, the phone can also be used as a tablet. You can then roll up the screen again, so that the smartphone fits in your pocket.

Further details about the smartphone have not yet been announced. During the presentation, the phone was only visible for a few seconds.

A spokesman for the manufacturer confirms in conversation with Tuesday Nikkei Asia that the smartphone will be on the market this year. It is not yet known whether the LG Rollable will also be for sale in the Netherlands. The price is also still unknown.

“As there was a lot of rumors surrounding the rollable phone, our management was keen to show that the device is a real product. The phone will be launched this year as it looked on the video at CES 2021,” said the spokesman.


The expert told why the necessary secret codes of the smartphone

The expert told why the necessary secret codes of the smartphone

The expert told why the necessary secret codes of the smartphone

As a rule, they are used by employees of service centers – with the help of these combinations of numbers they get access to the information necessary for repair, he said … RIA Novosti, 01/10/2021




Stanislav Kosarev








MOSCOW, January 10 – RIA Novosti. As a rule, they are used by employees of service centers – with the help of these combinations of numbers they get access to the information necessary for repair, the director of the Institute of Information Technologies of the Synergy University Stanislav Kosarev told the Prime agency. As a rule, this data such as the IMEI display ( serial number), firmware version and device model, test menu (checking speaker, vibration, microphone, camera, Bluetooth, filling the screen with one color, checking sensor, backlight) Using service codes, you can find out the characteristics of your smartphone, as well as test its individual elements , the expert says. An ordinary user does not need to know such information. “It is important to understand that some codes can lead to a complete reset of all settings or other undesirable events, so once again it is better not to tempt fate,” Kosarev advises.


RIA Novosti

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RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA “Russia Today”





RIA Novosti

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”


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Huawei targets 100 million machines running HarmonyOS by 2021

The year 2020 is coming to an end and will not have been easy, mainly because of the pandemic. But Huawei, in addition to facing COVID-19, had to face terrible American sanctions, putting in difficulty its telephony branch. The Trump administration, accusing the Chinese manufacturer of spying, has decided to ban it from using certain American technologies. But Huawei still has the right to use Android, a mobile operating system owned by Google.

The Chinese manufacturer still feels that the wind can turn at any time, and has developed its own alternative to the US OS, called HarmonyOS.

A mobile operating system that Huawei hopes to see installed on 100 million machines in 2021, reports Huawei Central.

Will Android and iOS face a formidable new competitor?

Donald Trump, whose @POTUS Twitter account will be reset when Joe Biden is inaugurated, did he make a mistake with his head-on war against Huawei? Because the third-largest smartphone seller in the world has a lot of models in circulation, some of which can already benefit from the HarmonyOS mobile operating system, in beta. A Chinese OS that “would fly”Then a nice market share for Android, proposed by Google and therefore American, in the event of wide adoption.

Because Huawei wants to be ambitious and is targeting 100 million compatible machines (smartphones, watches, tablets, etc.) in 2021, announces Yang Haisong, one of the company’s leaders.

We want to work with many more developers and partners for a winning return from both sides.

As Yang Haisong explains, HarmonyOS will also arrive at partners, and therefore competing devices. After all, Google offers Android on a wide range of machines, as well Samsung as Huawei or OnePlus, yet in competition with its Pixel smartphones.

Huawei is talking about 40 brands here, 120 companies specializing in household appliances and 20 others focusing their efforts on connected devices.

According to the first feedback about HarmonyOS, it is a perfectly suitable mobile operating system, designed to be closer to an Android. In the spirit, the OS is similar to EMUI, a manufacturer overlay developed by Huawei for its smartphones taking advantage of the one designed by Google.

The first country targeted by HarmonyOS is obviously China, but other regions should follow …


Swisscom will shut down the outdated 2G network by 2021

Swisscom will shut down the outdated 2G network by 2021


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