The new method to lose weight: a “lock” in the teeth – News

The University of Otago (New Zealand) announced this Monday that a team of its researchers, in collaboration with British scientists, has developed “for the first time in the world” a device that helps to lose weight and that would help combat the “epidemic obesity world, “says Russia Today.

It is an intraoral device called DentalSlim Diet Control, which is placed on the upper and lower first molars.

It consists of stainless steel metal bands, magnets, glass ionomer-based orthodontic cement, and pins.

It enables the user to open his mouth only about 2 millimeters, restricting him to a liquid diet, but allowing him to speak and breathe freely (can be removed in an emergency).

In the detailed tests in the British Dental JournalSeven volunteers with obesity residing in the New Zealand city of Dunedin participated, who lost an average of 6,360 kilos in 15 days.

Lead researcher Professor Paul Brunton of the University of Otago believes the device will be an “effective, safe and affordable” tool for those struggling with obesity.

“It helps them establish new habits, allowing them to stick to a low-calorie diet for a period,” he said.

Brunton stressed that the use of the device has not presented adverse consequences. “It is a non-invasive, reversible, inexpensive and attractive alternative to surgical procedures,” he said.

The developers suggest using it for 15-21 days, then pausing on a less restricted diet, and then using it again.

They advise the DentalSlim Diet Control for those who have to lose weight before surgery, as well as for patients with diabetes in whom weight loss can cause a remission.

During the trial, the participants indicated that they sometimes felt uncomfortable and found life in general to be less satisfactory, but that they were happy with the result and motivated to lose more weight with the device.


Diet to lose 3 kilos in a month

Do you need to get rid of those stubborn kilos that you can’t lose weight? You can get it. You only need a diet that helps you achieve it and in a healthy way. In fact, following a very strict diet you could even lose 1 kilo a week, that is, 4 kilos in a month. But if you only need to lose 2 or 3 kilos, you can follow the recommendations of the nutritionist María José Crispín, a nutritionist at Clínica Menorca ( Of course, he warns you, it would be ideal for a professional to study your case and help you design a diet and physical exercise plan according to your lifestyle, your needs and your goals.

How should the diet be to lose 3 kilos in a month

Whenever we want to lose weight, a hypocaloric diet should be carried out. With fewer calories than usual but that provides you with the nutrients you need to avoid a deficit that endangers your health or makes you feel more tired than normal.

Exercise is a must. Both the ‘cardio’, known as aerobic exercise, which is what will help you burn calories and fat, and which should be done daily, as well as strength exercise. In fact, as the expert explains, “stubborn areas need localized strength exercise to achieve a lipolytic action in the area we want to reduce. Without a good physical activity plan, the resistant kilos will not disappear.”

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Some ‘fad’ diets work, but if done right

It is the case of fasting or intermittent fasting, which seeks to restrict the number of calories by fasting for 16 consecutive hours and concentrating food consumption on the next 8 hours, divided into 2 or 3 meals. “There are studies that show that they can have very good benefits for physical and mental health, but it is not for everyone, I think it is for a type of people who can go a lot of hours without eating anything and who reach the next meal without too much hunger and control their appetite “, says María José Crispín.

In the case of intermittent fasting, vegetables and protein must be included in each intake, they cannot be absent and what should be avoided are sugars, refined flours, fats, sweet and alcoholic beverages, in fact these foods should be avoided in anyone diet. You have to realize that after spending a lot of hours on an empty stomach you cannot start eating anything, which are usually foods with many calories, the important thing is that you do not skip the healthy and balanced diet. “That is to say, it is not that because it has been a few hours without eating, now I can afford whatever I want, it is about controlling appetite, eating little and healthy,” recalls the nutritionist.

If we also want to lose weight, those three resistant kilos, we will have to reduce calories even more, just as if we were doing a normal Mediterranean diet. The important thing is not the number of times it is eaten but the calories ingested, and the type of food. If I eat only for 8 hours but I eat sugars and saturated fats, precooked and junk food in those hours, not only will I gain weight, but I will lose health.

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What you must do to avoid gaining weight again

Once you have lost weight, the battle is not to regain it. And that is easily achieved, as long as you take into account the advice of the expert. “We must adopt a healthy lifestyle from the moment we start the diet. If we are eating healthy for a month, exercising, sleeping the necessary hours and controlling stress (all factors that contribute to weight control), and once we reach normal weight We return to bad habits (processed food, alcohol, sugar, sedentary lifestyle) we will regain the lost weight, and even more “, warns Crispín.

A restrictive diet must serve to change habits. We can include a few more products, and even a whim from time to time, but the basis of maintaining a healthy weight is maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your life.

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The diet that will allow you to lose weight with health

Now that you know how to lose weight in a healthy way, the expert suggests you make this week menu. It is a diet without empty calories but maintaining essential foods for health.


  • Fresh fruit, not juice
  • Whole wheat bread (30-40 g) with 25 g of serrano ham (without bacon), york or turkey
  • Pure (unsweetened) coffee, tea, or cocoa with a little oat milk


  • Fresh fruit, no more juice, skim yogurt or oatmeal drink

Mid afternoon

  • Fresh fruit + 15 g of nuts, not fried + long infusion of water without sugar


Food: Spinach salad with grilled chicken.
Dinner: Tomato and white cheese salad


Food: Steamed or boiled hake and broccoli with carrots
Dinner: Lamb lettuce and arugula salad with natural tuna


Food: Swiss chard plus salmon en papillote
Dinner: Green leaf salad, roasted peppers and cooked prawns


Lunch: Lentil salad with desalted cod, tomato and spring onion.
Dinner: Roasted peppers and mackerel (can be canned in olive oil, drained).


Food: Grilled vegetables plus grilled turkey breast
Dinner: Green leaf salad, cherry tomato and prawns


Food: Broccoli plus grilled cuttlefish
Dinner: Octopus, red pepper, tomato and onion salad


Food: Rabbit with homemade tomato sauce.
Dinner: Gazpacho plus cheese from Burgos

Other tips to help you lose weight

  • Cook with extra virgin olive oil in a small quantity (2-4 tablespoons per day)
  • The use of spices to taste is highly recommended.
  • For dessert have an infusion or coffee (if possible with plenty of water and without sugar)
  • Drink a glass of water at every meal
  • If we are left hungry, you can have a vegetable broth, an ounce of dark chocolate or an extra small fruit.


How much exercise to do to lose weight for the summer

Before you start exercising, you should ask yourself what your goal is. If it is losing weight, strengthening or if you want to maintain your physical shape. If you are looking to lose weight, Sara Álvarez, founder and creator of the Reto48 methodology for Urban Sports Club, recommends combining exercises. But the ‘cardio’ or what is the same, aerobic exercises should be the ones that you practice the most. Although you should not forget about strength or resistance. With them, “you will obtain a higher percentage of muscle mass which will make you burn more calories since muscle is the best calorie burner we have,” says the expert. Now, how long do I have to train to get to vacation with a couple or three kilos less?

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Respecting break times is key

You may think that you have to exercise every day to lose weight faster and faster for the summer. However, the ideal is to train between 5 and 6 days a week. Sara Álvarez highlights that she clarifies that doing sports every day of the week “is a mistake, since our body needs between 1 or 2 days of recovery”. Of course, continues the expert, “to get results you have to exercise at least 3 days.” And what exercises do I have to do?

Sara Álvarez points out that these will be the exercises that we will practice the most. Each one of them should last 1 minute and after each one we will have a short break of 10 seconds. Repetitions are basic. Therefore, he recommends repeating the routine 5 times respecting the order indicated.

  • Jumping Jack (jumping jacks)
  • Burpee
  • Squat jump (jump squat)
  • High knee (knees to chest)
  • Comba
  • Skipping (race on site)

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The diet to lose weight is also important

Exercising is not enough. You also have to watch what you eat. Therefore, nutritionist dietitian Sara Martínez gives you these tips:

  • Prioritize vegetables and greens in the main dishes (lunch and dinner).
  • Opt for the whole grain versions of cereals (bread, pasta, rice …).
  • Eat tubers and legumes for their high fiber content (high satiating effect).
  • Look for vitamins and minerals and quality proteins also present in legumes, eggs, lean meats (chicken, turkey, rabbit …).
  • The consumption of white fish, blue fish and shellfish is highly recommended.
  • Make fruit an ally for snacks (mid-morning or afternoon snack) or as a dessert for your lunch and dinner.

The expert also reminds us that these recommendations are very general and that there are cases that will need individualized and professional advice.

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What do I combine cardio with to tone and increase muscle mass?

With strength exercises. For example, you can do easy routines for beginners that consist of exercising with your own weight. For example, start with 15 reps of squats, 15 reps of lunges, 15 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, and 10 burpees. This will be done in 3 sets with a 1 minute rest between each round.

How long do you have to train? In this case the recommendation of Carlos Carrillo Dueñas, head coach at Gea Crossfit for Urban Sports Club, is to leave a day off between training. That is, 3 days of activity and 4 of rest.


Tips for exercising outdoors this summer safely

Make outdoor exercise Not only is it good for losing weight and toning, it also improves your mental state, since it allows you a greater contact with nature if you do it in a park, field, mountain or the beach. Running in the city, although it is less advisable due to pollution, can also be good for you if you like to discover new spaces. But exercising outside, especially in the summer, has a risk: solar exposition. Although you have to protect your body from the sun all year round, in summer the radiation is higher and the probability of sunburn or skin damage also increases.

According to Dr. Agustina Segurado, a dermatologist at Sclinic in Madrid and an expert advisor to NIVEA, “physical exercise is one of the great allies against skin aging. Its contribution to cell regeneration and its antioxidant effect are essential to achieve a firm and healthy skin. However, we must be aware that, in summer, we must take even more care of the ways in which we exercise. Watch for overexposure to the sun, dehydration and skin irritation, as they can undermine all the benefits that exercise alone has. ”

These are the safety measures that you should adopt if you want to squeeze the benefits of outdoor sports without putting your health at risk.

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