Former rival Biden discussed with the head of the SEC the collapse of the crypto market

Elizabeth Warren urges US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler to clearly regulate digital assets to protect retail investors The collapse of the cryptocurrency market on September 7 demonstrates the need for clear regulation of the industry by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who competed with Joe Biden […]

US Secretary of State withstood a two-day interrogation in Congress

Republican Senator Marco Rubio expressed bewilderment that members of the administration did not understand from intelligence reports that President Ashraf Ghani’s regime would fall immediately after the withdrawal of American troops. His party colleague Mitt Romney drew attention to the fact that the Biden administration had moved the date of the withdrawal from the end […]

Bloomberg learned about Apple plans to introduce messages and calls outside the network – RBC

Bloomberg learns about Apple plans to introduce messages and calls outside the networkRBK Bloomberg: iPhone 13 will still receive support for satellite communications, but only for calling emergency services3DNews Apple To Add Satellite Features To iPhone In Case of Emergency By Russia Here are all the details on satellite communications in the future iPhone. […]

Kyrgyzstan has restricted entry for Afghan citizens :: Politics :: RBC

The Kyrgyz authorities fear a massive influx of refugees and the penetration of “unwanted persons”. Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier warned of militants who would try to get into Russia disguised as refugees from Afghanistan Photo: Akylbek Batyrbekov / RIA Novosti Kyrgyzstan has limited the issuance of visas to citizens of Afghanistan due to the […]

Belarusian corridor has ceased to be attractive for migrants in the EU :: Politics :: RBC

Obviously, the situation was affected by the cancellation of flights from Iraq to Belarus. Iraqi Airways announced their suspension on 4 August. And after that, she began the evacuation of Iraqis from Belarus. (At the same time, the first about the impending suspension of flights announced European diplomats.) The first export flight was organized on […]

240 Iraqis departed from Minsk to Baghdad on an export flight :: Politics :: RBC

On Tuesday, 240 Iraqis flew from Minsk to Baghdad on a special flight. The Iraqi government began the export of its citizens against the background of the crisis with illegal migrants on the border of Belarus and Lithuania Фото: Scott Nelson / Getty Images August 10 at 15:45 from Minsk to Baghdad with an hour […]

Greece faces a difficult situation

The queues in front of the museums and the crowded boats leaving for the islands testify to the resumption of tourism in Greece, after the dismal summer season of 2020. But the spread of the Delta strain worries authorities and professionals. The number of visitors in July in Crete, which serves as a tourist barometer, […]