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the two sisters were struck by lightning

Bénédicte Myrset, 18, and Victoria Myrset, 12, lost their lives while walking in the mountainous region of Hareid, Norway on Sunday. They were with their third brother or sister, whose identity has not been revealed, when lightning struck them. The family was on Mount Melshorn when the tragedy occurred.

The surviving sibling was rushed to a nearby hospital before being transferred to a larger medical facility in Bergen, Norway’s second largest city. The mayor of Hareid, Bernt Brandal, issued a statement in which he called the death of the sisters a “deeply tragic event” and added that the weather “changed very quickly”, as reported by Norwegian television channel NRK.

Also according to the channel, more than 800 lightning strikes were recorded in the region on Sunday afternoon and early evening. The Mayor of Oslo, where the two sisters are from, said: “My warmest thoughts go first and foremost to the parents of these girls, to the child who is in the hospital, as well as to close family and friends. “


Her twin sister rescued her from the crocodile attack and now she is fighting for her life

Melissa and Georgie Laurie, 28, are inseparable twin sisters. In fact, they were now on vacation in Mexico, in the tourist area of ​​Puerto Escondido, in the state of Oaxaca.

The sisters of British nationality visited a lagoon near the town to bathe at night. Melissa jumped into the water first in a place that was readily safe.

Melissa was swimming when she felt a hit from an alligator attack. Although the reptile submerged her, the twin managed to cry out for help.

Georgie heard the cry and without hesitation jumped into the water. It was night and he couldn’t find his sister, until he spotted her face down.

Without understanding what had happened, he took it and began to drag it to the shore, when it was attacked by the crocodile. The animal began to bite them, but Georgie lunged to fight him and release her sister from the reptile’s jaws.

Georgie managed to get Melissa to shore and call for help, but both were seriously injured.

The emergency teams took them to a medical center where they began the treatments to remove them.

Both sisters remain serious, but Melissa is the most complicated, as she is still in a coma and life-threatening.

The pain of parents

The twins ‘mother, Sue Laurie, from Sandhurst in Berkshire, UK, discussed her daughters’ plight with the Daily Mail.

“We have two twin daughters who are traveling through Mexico and were attacked by a crocodile last night (yesterday),” the mother said.

Sue explained that “Melissa is alive, but we do not know if her injuries endanger her life or not.”

The twins’ mother said Melissa “has water in her lungs and has been coughing up blood. So we don’t know if she has a punctured lung or not. They have put her in a medically induced coma,” he said.


“I saw the flames and the smoke coming out of the pick-up”

The Rojas-Carrasco family has been in mourning for several days. This Saturday, May 29, the three sisters Melissa, Jasmin and Priscilla lost their lives in a serious traffic accident. They were going to join the rest of their family for vacations.

They were going to join their family in Idaho. – GoFundMe

While driving to the state of Idaho, USA, their car, a Honda Civic, collided with another much larger vehicle, a GMC Sierra pickup. State police quickly communicated the condition of the passengers, confirming the deaths of Mélissa (26 years old), Jasmin (22 years old) and Juan Pablo Farias, also in the car. The death of the third sister, Priscilla (16), was not confirmed until later. We still do not know the origin of this accident, the investigation is underway.

There were also three passengers in the pickup. They were saved thanks to Tanya, a passerby who witnessed the scene. She helped them out of the vehicle and took them to the hospital. Yet someone tried to talk him out of it. “I saw the flames and the smoke coming out of the pickup and a man told me that nothing could be done for them,” she told a local television station. “For some reason, I went anyway, I just wanted to see what I could do.” Fortunately, since she ultimately saved the lives of three people.

On the Internet, there are many signs of support for the Rojas-Carrasco family. Fundraisers have been launched in particular to financially help relatives to repatriate the bodies of the victims as well as to organize funerals and burials. More than 1,000 Internet users have already participated to reach an amount of $ 60,000.