“I’m in extreme poverty, I’d also be a waiter”

Shalpy he is in financial difficulties and asks for help. The 58-year-old singer-songwriter, in an interview with Rolling Stone, says he is going through a very difficult time, that he has invested all his savings in the recording of a new song (“Let it snow”) and that he needs assistance: “Right now I find myself in a situation of extreme poverty, like 90% of the people who do this job. I belong to a slice of people who are not calculated either by the state or by the collective imagination ”. Shalpy, born Giovanni Scialpi, thus launches an appeal: “I would also be willing to be a waiter or whatever else was proposed to me. I am many things, I can face many work areas. I would do anything that gives me a chance to be myself. I am not a bad person and I would like to help others like a priest in church or a teacher at school. “

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Shalpy talks about the difficulties of the last period: «We get the idea that the artist fields of air. The concreteness and entrepreneurship behind the system is not understood. I feel the need, at my age, to settle down, in the sense of relaxing ». And he assures that he is a “reliable” person, despite some headaches in the past: “When you are a bit out of the system and a bit of anger manifests itself it is easy to say that one is crazy, instead I lead a linear life. Indeed, I’m also on a diet because, in addition to having thyroid immunodeficiency syndrome, I’m also celiac, so I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs, I’m straight. I only externalize my emotions. Faccio mea culpa, I have a somewhat impetuous character, but I’m not a despot, I’m a normal person ».

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With its “HyperNuit”, Radio France wants to revive music and a disaster area

Benjamin Biolay, Juliette Armanet and Malik Djoudi … A hundred artists will follow one another from 9 pm on Saturday January 23 for six hours of live. A giant concert at studio 104 which responds to the call of the “etonremetleson” collective and will be broadcast simultaneously on France Inter, France Musique, France Bleu, Fip and Le Mouv ‘.

A giant concert like Radio France has never known. The project seems pharaonic. In a press release published Wednesday evening, the Round House announces a live scheduled for Saturday 23 January, from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., broadcast on Fip, France Inter, France Musique, France Bleu and Le Mouv ‘. In solos, duets and even trios, a few hundred artists will follow one another live from studio 104.

On the program of this “HyperNuit”, artists who have already made their way such as Benjamin Biolay, Sébastien Tellier or the dazzling Eddy de Pretto. But above all young talents, today little put forward on the music scene. The initiative is part of the transition announced by Radio France, whose building has just been renamed “House of radio and music”.

“We need to be together”

At the origin of the project, the singers Malik Djoudi and Juliette Armanet, at the head of the collective #etonremetleson. As well as the musical director of Radio France, Didier Varrod, who will host the event. Contacted by Le Figaro, the latter looks back on the genesis of the project: “Juliette and Malik called for help. They told me: ” we need to be together ”. From there started the idea of ​​a helping hand to young artists ”, by creating an event capable of bringing them together, “Historic, because simultaneously broadcast on all airwaves”, of the round house (except France Info and France Culture).

The ambition is to “Get people off their screens” for the benefit of an unprecedented radio experience, while promoting the emergence of collaborations between guest artists. “I hope for a great moment of sharing, music and collective momentum”, enthuses the host.

Support for the music industry

Divided into two sessions, this concert will honor the French scene until 2am, before handing over to several DJs, including Kiddy Smile. It will also be punctuated by sound pellets, intended to highlight the invisible professions of the “trade”, a sector seriously affected by the health crisis. “This evening is also a highlight of the economy of the profession”, ajoute Varrod.

If most of the artists present perform for free, the question of cachet arose: “Who says suffering economy, says retribution. To get rid of the economic component would have been denied the current problem. For health and logistical issues, we have set up a unique group of musicians, led by Bastien Dorémus, whose members will be paid for their performance. ”

Funded, in part, by the National Music Center, the initiative is a kind of kick-off for the young institution, still little known to the general public after a year of existence. A welcome advertisement, especially since the “HyperNuit” thinks big, very big even, since it hopes to bring together “More than two Stades de France”.


the complete list of the 200 best-selling albums in 2020

One month before the Victoires de la Musique, discover the artists who have sold the most records in stores and in streaming.

Discover in groups of ten the artists who have sold the most records in stores and streaming in 2020. This ranking is established by the National Union of Phonographic Publishing (Snep) with the agency Gfk.

Prize list from 1 to 10: Vitaa and Slimane, far ahead

Very very popular artists, No. 1 in hypermarkets as on streaming platforms for sixteen months with 417,000 albums sold, Vitaa & Slimane are the big winners of this 2020 list. Their album Versus swarms of tubes including It comes and goes, Before you, Not beautiful … The very last hit is called It will be fine. Their Zénith tour is due to start on May 25 at the Phare in Chambéry and end at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Lille on June 25, 2022, i.e. 70 dates. If the Covid allows it.

They are followed by two rappers: Ninho second with 296,000 sales thanks to M.I.L.S 3 followed by Maes with 276,000 copies of Latest bastards featuring three popular featurings with Ninho, Jul and Booba

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Vitaa and Slimane, Angèle, Nicola Sirkis … Why they trust the best sales of albums

ANALYSIS – Some artists even appear twice in the ranking of the 200 best selling albums in 2020.

One month before the Victoires de la Musique, on February 12 at La Seine Musicale in Paris, Le Figaro exclusively publishes the ranking of the 200 best-selling albums in 2020 . At the top of the list, Vitaa and Slimane. Charlotte Gonin, 37, and Slimane Nebchi, 31, won thanks toVersus , a duet album released in August 2019. From It comes and goes atIt will be fine

The complete list of the 200 best-selling albums in 2020 The under-18 idol rapper Ninho takes second place. “It is also one of the best sellers of concert tickets, welcomes its producer Pierre-Alexandre Vertadier. In full confinement, I sold a second Bercy in a snap. ”

Third place goes to another rapper, Maes, 25. In this flourishing sector, the union is This article is for subscribers only.

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Barry Gibb, the last of Bee Gees, confides on the disappearance of his brothers

Between an album of covers and a documentary, the survivor of the Gibb siblings returns with emotion on the death of Maurice and Robin three years apart.

The Bee Gees are still in the air. The supercharged disco anthems and syrupy ballads produced in the late 1970s by the Gibb siblings – Barry, Robin and Maurice – have long been spinning and returning on the decks and airwaves with the unsettling charm of old-fashioned classics. As evidenced by a new documentary released in December and a collaborative album dedicated to the dashing trio, the world is clearly not yet close to breaking out of the group’s heady choruses. However, it is not very easy for Barry Gibb to carry alone, at 74 years old, the heavy legacy of a group which has sold more than 120 million records.

Since the disappearance of his brothers Maurice and Robin, who died in 2003 and 2012 respectively, Barry Gibb has become the guardian of the Bee Gees temple. For the memory, he always gives on stage the most memorable hits of the British group. And to rekindle the flame, the last of the three “Gees»Has just released an album containing, in the country sauce, a selection of songs. Entitled Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers’ Songbook, Vol 1., the galette also turns out to be a collaborative album on which several distinguished guests, such as Olivia Newton-John, Dolly Parton and Brandi Carlile, perform in a series of intimate duets far from the galore falsettos that have made the glory of Barry Gibb.

The trio is also the subject of a high-end documentary, The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken, commissioned by HBO. Released in December, the film directed by Frank Marshall, traces the astonishing career of the formation which remained for nearly twenty years a discreet perky rock group before making the turn that we know in the mid-1970s, carried by the phenomenal success of Saturday night fever and its soundtrack.

The Bee Gees in London, November 1981. From left to right: Robin, Barry and Maurice Gibb. Mirrorpix/Leemage

Stay alive

Despite rave reviews and plenty of positive feedback from fans and curious people alike, there is however at least one person who shouldn’t be watching the documentary anytime soon: Barry Gibb himself. “I’ll probably never watch it, I think“, He slipped during an interview granted to the program Sunday Morning, on the American channel CBS. The silver hair, the straw hat screwed on the head, the singer explained that he was touched to see the success of the documentary but that he did not see himself going to the end of the film. “I watched extracts … Seeing the disappearance of my family, I can’t do it, he testifies. Who could? I think it’s quite normal not to want to see your brothers die again. I do not wanna talk about it. I have already overcome this ordeal.»

After the death of Maurice Gibb and several years of silence, the two brothers had performed for a handful of concerts from 2009 until Robin Gibb’s death in 2012. “It was incredibly difficult remembers the last survivor of the group. We have never stopped being together. The first year after the death of my last brother Robin was the most trying time for me.»

Barry Gibb does not allow himself to be abandoned to bitterness. The confinement and epidemics of loneliness brought about by the global pandemic seem more than ever to call for it to the fans who keep asking for more. What to go on tour again as soon as the situation allows? The latest Bee Gees caresses the idea. “If people still want me, then my gosh I willHe says. «Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother, you’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive», announced the song.


Pascal Obispo, positive for Covid-19, was “afraid of dying”

Asked, Saturday on the set of 50 minutes inside on TF1, the singer confided that he had been severely affected by the disease.

He came to share his sorrow about Christophe, his friend and colleague, who died on April 16. The exercise turned into a confessional. Asked by Nikos Aliagas, the 56-year-old singer revealed that he had contracted a severe form of the virus. Seriously ill “For nearly three very difficult weeks”, Pascal Obispo concedes having “Lucky to be here again.”

I was afraid to go there because I had a kind of vagal discomfort. I woke up two or three seconds later, sweaty

Pascal Obispo

“It’s hard to lose friends. The Covid is not something light ”, he wanted to clarify. Surprised by these revelations, Nikos is surprised: “And you didn’t say it?” “I wanted to say it differently”, explains the interpreter of Vintages, obviously tested by this memory: “I was afraid to go there because I had a kind of vagal discomfort. I woke up two or three seconds later, sweating. ”

Obispo All Access

A statement that comes as Pascal Obispo launched, Friday, January 8, his own music application. Available on the App Store and Google Play for € 5.99, Obispo All Access will bring together the artist’s past, present and future discography, as well as his clips and interviews. In an interview with our colleagues from BFMTV, he explains his initiative by his desire to “show that it is possible to produce music and keep the human aspect.»


Michael Apted, the world is not enough anymore

Michael Apted, who died Thursday at the age of 79, was the kind of solid filmmaker, starting in England and ending up in Hollywood. In a zigzagging career from docus on Sting to the Tiananmen protests, from Narnia WorldThe Odyssey of the Dawn Treader (2010), the third installment of the fantasy saga – to episodes of the HBO peplum Rome, her signature was a predilection for social facts and female characters. This angle takes shape with his television career, where he directs the documentary-river Up : it is a question of following every seven years the life of fourteen Britons from their childhood, from 1964. This ancestor of Boyhood by Richard Linklater wanted to show class determinism in the UK by selecting people from opposite social backgrounds, well-off and popular – no surprise, each one stays in their place over the years. Apted will continue the experience without fail until 2019, when its participants are 63 years old and the sociological pitch has turned into a meditation on time. Apted is able to be just as honest about prejudices in British society as his own: “I wanted to make a nasty movie about these kids who have everything, and the others who have nothing.»The participants of Up also criticize the screen for underestimating their possibilities and intelligence.

Reputation as a sensitive filmmaker

Apted redeems itself on the big screen by filming leading women: Agatha (1979) is a portrait of Agatha Christie during her mysterious disappearance for eleven days in 1926, never really elucidated; Nashville Lady (1980) is a nice biopic of country singer Loretta Lynn, played by Sissy Spacek (who won an Oscar for the role); Gorillas in the mist (1988) portrays the tragic fight of primatologist Dian Fossey (in the guise of Sigourney Weaver) for the protection of gorillas in Rwanda. Good intentions have mixed effects. In Nell (1994), the number of Jodie Foster, as a wild woman-child inventing her own language à la Poto and Cabengo, is quite painful. Against a background of Sioux culture, Thunder heart (1992) is a competent thriller, echoing Apted’s own documentary released that same year, Incident in Oglala, on the murder in 1975 of two FBI agents on the same Indian reservation where the feature film was filmed.

It is on the strength of this reputation as a sensitive filmmaker that Apted will be recruited to shoot a James Bond, The world is not enough (1999), where the bedroom scenes are more successful than the usual chases and explosions. Another underestimated woman in the person of Sophie Marceau who makes a bad bang there: her desires for world domination and torture have a delicious fragrance camp under the guise of Stockholm syndrome. It is also via Scandinavia that came the cinematographic vocation of Apted, impressed by wild strawberries Ingmar Bergman when he was a teenager. His final feature film, the spy film Conspiracy (2017) came full circle with the Swedish Noomi Rapace as a CIA agent who is taken for an apple.

Léo Soesanto


Blue fear, they defend their color

Emotionally, the music makes us see all the colors. This is all the more true when artists adopt a nickname in Technicolor. What to see life in pink or … in black, it depends.


It is Flavien Berger, Etienne Daho of the millennial generation, who set foot in the stirrup with the brothers Quentin and Jérémie, by co-directing their first EP, noticed in these pages two years ago. The transition to long format is done without fear. Quite the contrary. Freed from the tutelary figure of new French electronic pop, the duo invents a very seductive song to dance (or not…) which sometimes ripples towards shimmering Caribbean shores (Dreaming). With its title imbued with sweet poetry, The Strange Innocence of Objects causes not shivers of terror, but rather of happiness in the discovery of an original universe with bubbling arrangements of percussions. Better, with Immortals, the two producer-singers offer themselves the possibility of a hit. What to dream of blue.


The anecdote is beautiful. Even if it takes us away from our theme. It is not because of a passion for color that Jean Thevenin, drummer for Frànçois and The Atlas Mountains in particular, chose this nickname to guide his solo escapades. It goes back to his student years when, as a recreation center leader, he was apostrophized by an Algerian child who, unable to pronounce “Jean”, translated it in his mouth to “yellow”. Snowball effect, all the kids called it that. He remembered it when he launched his French lo-fi pop project four years ago. A lucky yellow, since it was particularly noticed during the last Transmusicales de Rennes. Finally, those before the Covid.


Ah, the course of Keren Meloul (her real name) was not all rosy. After a resounding success in 2006 with the hit the list and a sweetly folk debut album that sells over 650,000 copies, the singer adopts a rock’n’roll lifestyle based on vodka and cocaine, indicative of a deep self-destructive depression. Now out of the woods, she told, without false modesty, this chaotic journey in a book and an album entitled one and the other Kerosene. This native of Nice adopted her nickname because of a passion for the film The Rose with Bette Midler. The story of the tragic fate of a star who sinks into alcohol and drugs because of the pressure of celebrity. Any resemblance to an existing person may not be purely coincidental.

Large White

If this name evokes sharks, it is because this group has teeth. Originally from Metz but based in Paris since the 2010s, this quartet visibly haunted by new wave and a certain poetry of rebellious youth claims to be as much of Cure as of Bashung of Play blessures and Kraftwerk. Rock in French, tinged with icy electronics like the deep sea. Passed by the Inouïs of Printemps de Bourges and the Transmusicales de Rennes, Grand Blanc signed two albums, the very edgy Vivid memories in 2016 and the most caressing Wall picture in 2018. According to the group itself, the third should not be long, since they all confined themselves together to write songs last June.

Black Octave

Black is needed for the palette to be complete and there is plenty to choose from. We remember the Black Socks, the Black Pacifiers, but also Black Ball, the funky Quebecer and his unforgettable Love love, or more recently rapper S.Pri Noir and South African Petite Noire, but you have to know how to decide. So let’s salute the high-end electronic pop of Octave Noire. It is under this pseudonym and at age 43 that Patrick Moriceau, Parisian born in Ivory Coast where he spent part of his childhood, stood out in 2017 with Neon, a beautiful first orchestral electro-pop album under the influence of Jean-Claude Vannier. Before this record, he was an arranger, sought after by many musicians, and had already signed two others, totally electronic and more anecdotal, under the name of Aliplays. But it was by becoming a singer and by taking the name of Octave Noire that his career took off. Confirmed by Monolith, released in February 2020, and the recent single A ticket to the future.

Alexis Bernier


Patrice Bardot