Bridgerton filming stopped ‘indefinitely’ | Entertainment

Filming on ‘Bridgerton’ season two has been paused indefinitely.

The Netflix series halted production for 24 hours on Thursday (15.07.21) after an unnamed crew member tested positive for coronavirus, and although things were able to get started again on Friday (16.07.21), a second positive COVID-19 test result means the set has had to be closed again.

Netflix declined to comment on whether it was a cast or crew member who has received the second positive result.

According to Deadline, there is now no date set to resume production while producers come up with a timetable when they believe it will be safe to do so amid concern about the highly-contagious Delta variant, which has swept through the UK, where filming has been taking place.

After the first positive result a few days ago, insiders admitted the large cast and crew involved with making the show meant keeping the set safe was a “logistical nightmare”.

A source said: “[It’s]

a logistical nightmare in terms of trying to keep staff safe, prevent an outbreak or contain one when it’s been identified. It’s also a headache for producers because removing cast or crew and putting them into isolation means they have to be replaced at short notice, and that’s not always possible.

“Netflix have gone to great lengths to ensure all the relevant measures are in place on Bridgerton. This just goes to show how difficult it is for such a large set to be completely Covid-secure.”

Meanwhile, Phoebe Dynevor recently admitted Rege-Jean Page’s exit from the show has been “a spanner” but she doesn’t think it will affect the long-term future of the Netflix period drama.

She said: “I had a bit of a heads up so I knew but yeah, I guess it is a spanner.

“But again, the show centres around the Bridgertons and there are eight books. I think maybe the fans of the books were more aware of that happening than the fans of the show.”


Again and again on Sundays: Stefan Mross seriously – “bad pictures”

“Always on Sundays” (ARD): Stefan Mross with serious words – “very, very bad pictures”

Every Sunday: 3 facts that you don’t yet know about Stefan Mross

Every Sunday: 3 facts that you don’t yet know about Stefan Mross

Stefan Mross has been moderating “Always again on Sundays” since 2005. Here are three facts you didn’t know about the trumpeter and singer.

show description

It is the start of the Schlager Sunday: The ARD-Show „Everytime on Sundays” With Stefan Mross spreads a good mood for many fans even at the breakfast table.

But this Sunday everything was different – “Everytime on Sundays“-Moderator Stefan Mross did not come, as usual, singing and happy on the stage in the Europapark Rust. Instead, you saw the pop star unusually serious.

“Always on Sundays”: ARD broadcast with an unexpected beginning

Parts of Germany are still fighting the effects of the floods of the last few days, many people have died or are still missing. That also lets “Everytime on Sundays“-Star Stefan Mross not cold.


This is ‘Always on Sundays’:

  • “Always again on Sundays” has been broadcast on ARD since 1995
  • First the show was moderated by Max Schautzer – followed by Sebastan Deyle and, since 2005, Stefan Mross
  • The name “Always Sunday again” alludes to the song of the same name by Cindy and Bert
  • Stars from the pop and folk music scene are guests on the show
  • Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen have also performed with Stefan Mross


The 45-year-old does not start the sixth edition in 2021 as usual – singing with the classic “Immer wieder Sundays” by Cindy and Bert – but with a serious expression.

“Usually we start our show very differently. But we are like you – we saw very, very bad pictures and many of you have experienced bad things, ”explains the moderator directly. “Dear citizens in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, meanwhile also in parts of Bavaria, Saxony, Austria – you are not alone,” said Stefan Mross sympathetically.

+++ “Always on Sundays” star Stefan Mross: wife Anna-Carina speaks plain language – “It’s difficult” +++

“Always again on Sundays” (ARD): Action from hit guests causes criticism

Then he makes it clear: “We want to show you that we are with you.” That applies to him, host Stefan Mross and “to all of my guests” who have already gathered around the moderator.

Then Stefanie Hertel’s ex-husband starts a song of encouragement (“Hand in Hand”), supported by his wife Anna-Carina Woitschak and the guests around Bernhard Brink, Olaf Berger, Tamara Kapeller and many others. The data of a donation account are shown again and again.


More on “Always again on Sundays” (ARD):


However, the special gesture does not go down well with all “Always Sunday again” viewers. On Twitter there is a hail of criticism under the corresponding hashtag: “Oh wonderful. The Schlager do-gooders are back at the start. Perfect world. Save the song and just donate without raising it, ”commented a user on the campaign. Another writes: “With the song for the flood victims, the topic is ticked off and you can go back to the ideal world of hit music.”

The counterpart to “Always again on Sundays”, the ZDF “TV Garden”, takes place regularly on this Sunday – but without YOU. You can read here which popular singer canceled her performance at short notice.


In memory of Peter Mamonov. White Studio @ Russia 1 –

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Forza Horizon 5: New Game Info. Gran Turismo 7: Potential Beta Test. | GW-News 07/13/2021 – Gameswelt

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THE GLADIATORS TO THE FINAL Boca vs River (2-2) (3-2 penalties) | Semifinals – 2021 Apertura Tournament – TNT Sports Argentina

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UNCAus Medicine career: enroll for the Inclusion Program for University Life and Health Sciences

Until July 31, 2021, the National University of Chaco Austral (UNCAus) will have registrations for the “Program for Inclusion in University Life and Health Sciences (PIVUCS)”, intended for those who wish to study the degree of Medicine in the Institution.

The applicant must complete the registration form that is enabled on the website of the Medicine career: section “PIVUCS”, to start taking them in October 2021 .

The PIVUCS is a mandatory, leveling and non-eliminatory Program with several academic instances that must be completed in an established order, correlatively.

During the month of September 2021, those students who completed the PIVUCS registration form in the month of July, must choose their work commission through the Virtual Billboard system that is available on the career website, at the section “PIVUCS”.

In October 2021, the “Introduction to Health Sciences” Module will begin. This module includes the areas of Promotion and Education for Health, Chemistry and Biology, implemented jointly and comprehensively that will be developed in 8 consecutive weeks during the months of October to November.

In February 2022, the “Community Linking” Module will be held, which will last for 3 weeks where the territorial activity will take place. In addition, the “Medical Education” Module will begin in the same month, which will take place for 4 weeks.

More information and registration:

Those who wish to acquire more information and pre-register must go to the career website: “PIVUCS” section.

The email of the race is as follows: [email protected]


ZDF shows EM quarter-finals: Suddenly YOU can be seen in the stands

ZDF shows EM quarter-finals: Suddenly YOU can be seen in the stands

These are the eleven EM stadiums

These are the eleven EM stadiums

The 2021 European Championship will be held in eleven different countries and eleven different cities. We will introduce you to all of the venues.

show description

The EM quarter-finals between Italy and Belgium were probably one of the most beautiful games of the EM 2021 for the audience. And not just because of the ball skills of the players on the pitch, like that ZDF showed in a short sequence.

Because already when the hymns were played it was swinging ZDF-Camera on the loudly singing along with the Italian fans. And wait: we know one of the people in the audience.

ZDF broadcasts EM quarter-finals and films YOU

It was a great quarter-finals of EM 2021: That ZDF was there live when Italy played the 32nd game in a row without defeat in front of 13,000 spectators.

You could see the pride of the Italians right from the start when they sang their national anthem. When it came from the speakers of the Allianz Arena, he emerged ZDF all of a sudden a person comes up that you already know from German television.

As Vox presenter of the docu-soap “Biete Rostlaube, sucht Traumauto”, 41-year-old Panagiota Petridou is actually nothing new to be in the TV spotlight.


This is Panagiota Pertridou:

  • Panagiota Pertridou was born on July 13, 1979 in Solingen
  • She became known through the VOX documentary “Biete Rostlaube sucht Traumauto”
  • Panagiota Pertridou was a successful handball player. She played for the women of Borussia Dortmund and Fortuna Düsseldorf, among others


However, when she was caught by ZDF on Friday singing the Italian national anthem loudly in the audience stands, it still seems to have been a special moment for the Vox presenter.

ZDF mocks the Greek Vox presenter in the Italy grandstand

Even if Panagiota Petridou is a native of Greece, she seems to have sided with the Italians at the 2021 European Championship.

Even before the quarter-finals, the Vox presenter posted a picture on Instagram in which she proudly held up the Italy flag. The big surprise followed after the game. “Am I coming on TV now?” Wrote Panagiota Petridou under an Instagram post. In addition, she posted the said ZDF scene.


More TV news:


A Greek woman who is now on the side of the Italians? This could probably be because Panagiota Petridou married a man of Italian descent. So her heart seems to be beating for three countries at the same time: Germany, Greece and Italy.

This weekend there was also a lot going on at the ZDF “TV Garden”. The spectators even had to be evacuated. What happened?

While ARD broadcast the semi-finals between Italy and Spain on Tuesday evening, ZDF countered with THIS successful format.

Sky: Next setback in rights – it hits the pay TV giant at a sensitive point

More and more streaming services have to fight for their position on the Internet. The competition doesn’t make life easier for Sky either. The next blow now follows. All information here >>>


Arshavin’s ex-wife made a sensational statement about Baranovskaya’s pregnancy

Alisa Kazmina in the “Live” program.

Photo: YouTube

The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin, suffering from an autoimmune disease, continues to walk on scandalous shows and talk about her hard lot. This time, Alisa Kazmina, disfigured by the disease, made a sensational statement about Yulia Baranovskaya.

The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin for the first time responded to accusations that she destroyed the marriage of a football player with TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya. Like she took the athlete away from the family at the moment when Baranovskaya was pregnant with her third child… According to Alisa Kazmina, the athlete himself left the chosen one and even asked her to get rid of the unborn third child.

According to Alisa, Andrei fell in love with her when he was still in a relationship with Baranovskaya. At that time, Kazmina was married to businessman Alexei Kazmin, who was ready to forgive her for an affair with a football player.

“When I left my first husband, I didn’t feel guilty. I was not ashamed in front of Baranovskaya… When I asked Andrei about her, he replied that it was not about me, and he would have left anyway, “said 39-year-old woman Boris Korchevnikov on the air of the show” The Fate of a Man “on the channel” Russia 1 “.

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya.

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya.


Then she made a sensational statement. “When Yulia became pregnant for the third time, Andrei told her that the child would be her responsibility. He didn’t want this kid. Andrey asked Yulia to prevent pregnancy while it was possible“, – Alice admitted.

As you know, the marriage of Kazmina and Arshavin eventually collapsed. Even a common child did not save the union. Now Alice can only sigh and lament “Andrei told his mother about me that I am the only woman with whom he wants to live his whole life,” the woman summed up.


Katie Thurston opens up about sexual assault in new episode of ‘The Bachelorette’ l GMA – Good Morning America

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The incredible image that shows how fast the International Space Station is moving

Thomas Pesquet, French astronaut from the European Space Agency (ESA), shared on Twitter a photograph with which it was proposed to show how fast the International Space Station (ISS) is moving while orbiting the Earth.

Pesquet, who is also a great photographer, held his camera shutter open for 30 seconds. This exposure resulted in a night image of the Earth that shows the rapid speed of movement, and where luminous lines represent the trajectory of the lights of a city. During the period of that capture, the ISS traveled 235 kilometers, he details.

As Pesquet himself explains, it is difficult to get used to the idea that the ISS It moves at 28,000 kilometers per hour (about 7.6 kilometers per second) and even more reflect such a figure in a snapshot.

“We are so high that it seems that we are not moving so fast,” he wrote in a tweet that went around the world.

The photographer held the shutter of his camera open for 30 seconds. (Photo: Thomas Pesquet)

The ISS is at about 400 km from the Earth’s surface and completes an orbit around it every 90 minutes. That means it goes around it about 16 times in 24 hours.

However, despite its astonishing speed, the astronauts who inhabit it do not perceive anything extraordinary or unusual in this regard while living and working there.

Space walk

This statement by Pesquet was just a few hours before leaving the ISS to make some repairs outside the ship. The astronaut launched himself into the vacuum of space for the third time in his life, together with the American Shane Kimbrough.

Thomas Pesquet, (left), with the other crew :, Megan McArthur, Shane Kimbrough and Akihiko Hoshide.  AP Photo

Thomas Pesquet, (left), with the other crew :, Megan McArthur, Shane Kimbrough and Akihiko Hoshide. AP Photo

The two crew members know each other well, having already done two side-by-side spacewalks in 2017. But this one, the first since they arrived at the ISS in late April, was technically unknown.

The two “mechanics” had to deploy a solar panel new generation, called iROSA, the first in a series of six modules designed to increase the power production capacity of the station.

While Pesquet wore a red striped suit and the French tricolor, Kimbrough’s suit was adorned with the flag of the United States.

Thomas Pesquet repairing the solar panels of the ISS.  Photo: AFP

Thomas Pesquet repairing the solar panels of the ISS. Photo: AFP

NASA astronauts Megan McArthur and Mark Vande remained inside the ISS and They operated the long robotic arm that transported the two astronauts to their workplaces.

His mission was to install a new solar panel. It was a complex Astronautical Extravehicular Activity (EVA) that requires good physical condition. The fix lasted almost seven hours and was only partially completed by an unexpected failure.

The suspension was due to NASA technicians observing a disruption in Kimbrough’s data transmission. To check the condition of the suit, as well as a sudden increase in pressure in his cooling system, he had to return to the ISS airlock. and perform a reboot before returning.

Shane Kimbrough had to return to base due to a technical problem with his suit.  AFP photo

Shane Kimbrough had to return to base due to a technical problem with his suit. AFP photo

Meanwhile, Thomas Pesquet was waiting for him, dangling in the void of space clinging to a robotic arm. The mission finally resumed, with the control data stabilized. Shane Kimbrough was never “in danger,” said NASA.