WhatsApp: Rush to Signal and Co. as recommended by Elon Musk

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Instead of WhatsApp: rush to signal as recommended by Musk

Because WhatsApp changes its terms and conditions, many users are switching to alternative services. A messenger now even has over 500 million users.

WhatsApp changes: more data goes to Facebook

In the future, the WhatsApp messaging service will share user data with the parent company Facebook. This includes the phone number and user interactions.

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Palo Alto/Sankt Petersburg.

  • With a change in its terms and conditions, WhatsApp has annoyed many users
  • The innovation provides that the messenger service may pass on user data to its parent company Facebook
  • Now the rush to Signal, Threema, Telegram and Co. is growing – not least because of a recommendation from Tesla founder Elon Musk

The new terms of use for WhatsApp come into force, now they will not be introduced until May 15th because of the great criticism. Due to the changed terms and conditions, the messenger app and its parent company are moving closer together – so WhatsApp and Facebook should be allowed to exchange data in the future. This does not apply to Europe because the GDPR prohibits such an exchange.

In order to know that their data is in safe hands, WhatsApp users are now looking for possible alternatives to Messenger. Recommendations come from the richest man in the world, among others: Tesla founder Elon Musk announced its 41.9 million followers on Thursday on Twitter in a nutshell: “Use Signal” (“Nutzt Signal”).

Signal has no access to user data

Signal is a free messenger app that works like WhatsApp on most smartphones. Unlike the market leader, Signal is much more secure than WhatsApp because of its automatic end-to-end encryption. The app is financed through donations and is developed by the non-profit Signal Foundation.

The developers operate the messenger according to the principle of so-called “data economy” – the operator therefore has no access to it User data.

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Signal increases the number of users fivefold within a few days

For Signal, the recommendation came from Elon Musk, but also from the prominent data protection activist and whistleblower Edward snowden apparently surprising: the messenger’s servers briefly collapsed under the onslaught of users.

Signal has increased its number of users fivefold in just a few days. A few days ago the messenger had almost ten million downloads, today it is almost 50 million. The company announced on Thursday Twitter With.

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Telegram and Threema are also happy to have more users

And other WhatsApp competitors are also seeing a significant increase in users. The Russian Messenger Telegram, which was launched by VKontakte founder Pawel Durow, has over 500 million users after the changes to the WhatsApp terms of use – the number of daily downloads has multiplied, Telegram announced on Twitter.

Also the best-known WhatsApp alternative from Switzerland, the Messenger Threema, see a “rocket” increase in daily downloads. The company announced this on Twitter. And reminded its users: “If you don’t pay for a service, you are the product, not the customer.” (tbe / raer)

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RANDAL IN US CAPITOL: woman shot in riot has died – WELT news channel

  1. RANDAL IN THE US CAPITOL: Woman shot in riot has diedWORLD news channel
  2. MASSIVE POLICE OPERATION: US Capitol secured – Congressional session to continueWORLD news channel
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WELT NEWSSTREAM: Preparation for corona vaccination is in full swing – WELT news channel

  1. WORLD NEWSSTREAM: Preparation for corona vaccination is in full swingWORLD news channel
  2. Austria neighbor starts vaccination one day earlierHeute.at
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About 230 Americans are shot every day

Dhe number of deaths in so-called mass shootings always attracts attention in the United States. When a nineteen-year-old boy tried on former classmates three years ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, 17 people were killed. The rampage in Aurora, Centennial State Colorado, in which a student stalked the nightly premiere of a “Batman” movie, killed twelve people eight years ago. When the gambler Stephen Paddock shot off the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel three years ago, he killed 60 people attending a music festival. As in Parkland and Aurora, a few days later a cross was erected for each dead person on the Strip in Gambling City. The fact that hundreds of people also suffered gunshot wounds in the attacks was quickly forgotten.

As the organization Everytown for Gun Safety has now calculated, around 230 Americans are shot every day. Although the number is far higher than that of those killed by gunfire, there has been no record of “nonfatal gun injuries” so far. Everytown for Gun Safety, founded six years ago by Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York and Democratic presidential candidate, against gun violence, now requires systematic registration of gunshot wounds. The requirement for a database is also based on the likelihood of further shootings after a gunshot wound. “The risk that a young person who was treated for a gunshot wound in the hospital is involved in another attack with weapons is particularly high,” summarized the association based in New York. “The cycle of sacrifice, vengeance and counterattack must be broken.”

When evaluating data from American clinics, Everytown for Gun Safety counted almost 85,000 injuries from firearms in 2017 – mostly among young men. Accordingly, more than twice as many Americans were shot as shot. Most were non-white teenagers or young adults. African Americans were almost 10 times more likely to be hospitalized with gunshot wounds than whites. Hispanic Americans were twice as likely to suffer gunshot wounds as fair-skinned Americans. Not all of the gunshot wounds were due to an attack. In fact, according to American health databases (Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project), intentional shots accounted for only about four in ten injuries. In addition to suicide attempts and gunshot wounds from police weapons, there were also repeated accidental shots.

Most of the victims were seriously injured. According to the Washington Education Fund against Gun Violence (EFSGV), several thousand Americans suffer severe brain injuries or spinal cord trauma from bullets every year. After car accidents and falls, gunshots are the third leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Almost every second victim develops post-traumatic stress disorder, which often results in drug abuse and unemployment. In order to curb the number of gunshot wounds, organizations such as the education fund EFSGV and Everytown for Gun Safety are now proposing intervention programs that begin during medical treatment in the hospital.


WELT INTERVIEW: Terror in Vienna – assassin an Albanian-born 20-year-old Viennese – WELT news channel

  1. WELT INTERVIEW: Terror in Vienna – assassin an Albanian-born 20-year-old VienneseWORLD news channel
  2. Vienna reacts to the attack as only Vienna can: “Schleich di, du Oarschloch”WEB.DE News
  3. Terrorist organization IS claims the attack in Vienna for itselfHandelsblatt
  4. Vienna: Nine minutes of terror – even the day after there is a state of emergencySTERN.de
  5. Vienna after the terror attack: a new sense of solidarity grows out of the horrorDaily mirror
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AUSTRIA IN SHOCK: IS terrorist attack in Vienna has so far claimed three lives

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AUSTRIA IN SHOCK: IS terrorist attack in Vienna has claimed three lives so far – YouTube


Thomas Jefferson Byrd: US actor shot dead in Atlanta

armed force

US actor Thomas Jefferson Byrd shot dead in Atlanta

US actor Thomas Jefferson Byrd was shot dead in Atlanta, according to media reports. The background to the fact is unclear.

US actor Thomas Jefferson Byrd shot dead

When the police found the 70-year-old, he was already unresponsive. The background to the fact is unclear.

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Atlanta. The US actor Thomas Jefferson Byrd has been shot dead in Atlanta, according to media reports. As the “New York Times” and the broadcaster CNN reported, citing the police, the 70-year-old was fatally injured by several gunshots in the back on Saturday night in the metropolis in Georgia.

When the officers found Byrd, he was “unresponsive,” said a spokesman. The exact background initially remained unclear. Byrd has appeared in several of the films Regisseurs Spike Lee to see including in „Clockers“ and “In the narrowest space”.

“I am so sad to announce the tragic murder of our beloved brother Thomas Jefferson Byrd last night in Atlanta, Georgia,” wrote 63-year-old filmmaker Lee (“Malcom X”) under a photo of the actor on Instagram. “Rest in Peace Brother Byrd.”


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Corona: Gran Canaria, Lanzarote – Canary Islands are becoming hotspots


Corona: Party in the Canaries became a virus thrower

In the Canary Islands, the corona numbers rise after a night of partying. The corona cases continue to rise – this can have consequences.

Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands become corona risk areas

The entire Spanish mainland as well as the Balearic Islands with the holiday islands of Mallorca and Ibiza are classified as a corona risk area by the federal government. The Canary Islands are excluded.

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  • After it remained quiet for a long time, the number of corona cases has recently increased – the German government has now declared the islands a risk area
  • Politicians attribute the reason for the increase to the behavior of a few party-goers
  • Accordingly, a party night with super spreaders ensured that the Canaries could now be declared a risk area

A long Party night caused a new corona wave on the Canary Islands, which have now been classified as a corona risk area by the RKI. The disaster began on a mild summer evening in August when a group of young people roamed the discos on the Spanish holiday island of Gran Canaria. Read about it:
Government declares the Canary Islands a corona risk area.

With alcohol consumption increasing, all precautions were taken in the island’s capital’s amusement zone The palms forget: masks fell, bottles went around, people danced body to body.

Canary Islands: increasing numbers in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Co.

The Zechtour in the first half of August had fatal consequences: The nightly fiesta turned into a virus sling on the island, which until then had gotten through this Corona summer very well. The party attendees turned into “super spreaders” – people who infected many other people with the virus. Since then, the corona diseases have exploded on Gran Canaria, one of the most popular Spanish holiday islands for German-speaking vacationers.

Canaries: A party night caused the corona outbreak

Live on the island in the Atlantic 850,000 peoplewho until then felt relatively safe from the Sars-CoV-2 virus. Last year 3.6 million foreign holidaymakers came to Gran Canaria – one in four came from Germany. The “Alemanes” traditionally represent the largest tourist contingent. They love this island because there are spring-like temperatures there even in winter.

But suddenly it is Gran Canaria has become a corona focal point. According to the local health authorities, the weekly fall frequency per 100,000 inhabitants recently climbed to almost 150. That is three times the threshold of 50 above which Berlin and other European governments usually issue travel warnings.

Corona risk value in the Canary Islands is increasing

This rose for the entire Canary Islands Risk value now to 96. For comparison: In Germany this number was a little over nine at the beginning of the week – that is, ten times lower.

At the beginning of August Gran Canaria did not even register 30 active cases, now there are already 3000 infected people. The after Tenerife The second largest Canary Island currently brings together more than two thirds of all new infections in the archipelago, which also includes the popular holiday islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

Crisis meeting between head of government and tour operator Tui

On one Crisis meeting Between the island’s head of government Ángel Víctor Torres and the largest European tour operator Tui, the mood was correspondingly subdued on Monday. Torres agreed the vacation industry on a travel warning from the German government that was “foreseeable”.

Even in the TUI delegation, which was headed by board member Sebastian Ebel, it had been assumed for a few days that the Canary Islands would also end up on Berlin’s black list of risk areas.

In the past few weeks, Torres had tried to address the virus threat with an appeal younger generation stop, whose boisterous party spirit is held responsible for a large part of the new infections. “Even the boys are not invincible and can end up in the hospital and die,” he said.

She could be too careless touristic future endanger the islands. He also ordered the closure of all discos and night bars. The mask requirement has also been tightened. But it was too late: the corona wave could no longer be stopped.

The situation doesn’t look bad on all islands

The following are particularly affected:

  • Gran Canaria
  • Lanzarote
  • The Iron stark

The situation is better on:

  • Tenerife
  • Fuerteventura
  • The Palm
  • La Gomera

The risk value of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants has not yet been exceeded on these four islands.

La Gomera Incidentally, one of Angela Merkel’s favorite islands. The German Chancellor has already been on six hiking holidays on this island. The last time she was there was Easter 2018.

The main tourist season is to be saved

TUI board During his visit to the Canary Islands, Ebel emphasized that the virus outbreaks are mainly registered in the larger island cities, “but not in the tourist zones”. In Gran Canaria, for example, the vast majority of cases were recorded in the island’s capital Las Palmas. The situation is similar in Lanzarote, where Arrecife, the largest island city, is particularly affected.

Travel manager Ebel as well as island president Torres agreed that the Canary Islands must do everything in their power to significantly reduce the number of cases. This is the only way to save the main season starting in November on the “Islands of Eternal Spring”. While Mallorca is mainly visited in summer, the Canary Islands are Europe’s most popular winter destination.

Billions in losses in the tourism industry

But it is already clear that the Canarian tourism industry Billions in losses will retract. Last year, 13.1 million international tourists came to the volcanic islands. 2.6 million of them came from Germany and 4.9 million from Great Britain. In the current year hardly more than a third of the usual turnover is expected.

In mid-August, Berlin and other European governments had already issued a travel warning for Mallorca and the entire Spanish mainland. After that, quite a few tourists had rebooked from Mallorca to Gran Canaria in the hope of at least being able to spend a carefree holiday there.

The situation is worsening on the Spanish mainland

Now the Canary Islands are the last Spanish holiday region to lose their innocence and become a risk zone. Also in rest of Spain the situation has worsened. Almost 7,000 new diseases are currently registered nationwide every day. The seven-day case incidence for the whole of Spain is now 101 per 100,000 inhabitants.

At the end of July, Great Britain rushed ahead with a travel warning for all of Spain, including a quarantine obligation. As a result, British tourism to the Canaries came to an abrupt standstill. Now there is also a threat of mass cancellations from Germany.

Canarian Hotel Association complains of an unprecedented crisis

Of the Canarian Hotel Association complains that the industry is facing an unprecedented crisis. A hotelier warns: “If tourism dies, the islands die.” The vacation sector generates a third of the island’s wealth and employs 40 percent of the working population. Read here: Spain Corona risk area: Mallorca hoteliers threatened

In many well-known holiday strongholds, such as the Playa de las Americas area in the south of Tenerife, entire streets are already deserted. Hotels, restaurants and shops have barricaded their doors for lack of customers. The local newspaper “El Día” described the situation as “tourist desolation”.

Corona – More about the pandemic

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom: daughter is here – that’s the name of the baby


Baby is here: That’s the name of Katy Perrys and Orlando Bloom’s daughter

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are happy to have their first daughter together. The name comes along like a play on words.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom became parents

On Thursday, the new parents announced the birth of their healthy daughter Daisy Dove Bloom. And they have a special message for the world.

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Berlin. actor Orlando Bloom and singer Katy Perry are happy about the birth of their first daughter together. “Welcome to this world,” says an Instagram post from Unicef ​​that Bloom shared on his Instagram profile on Thursday.

“We are still floating full of love and astonishment at the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,” it says of the happy parents. Bloom and Perry also reveal the daughter’s name: Daisy Dove.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom choose baby names that matter

Daisy Bloom – Daisies, Bloom! So you could freely translate the first name in connection with the surname. However, it is not known whether the parents chose the name for this reason. The Bloom daughter’s middle name also has a meaning: pigeon.

The black and white photo that Orlando Bloom posted on Instagram shows a tiny baby hand and the hands of both parents. Fits on the mother’s painted nail: a small one daisy.

Unicef: Bloom and Perry support United Nations Children’s Fund

Bloom and his fiancée Perry used the good news of the birth of their daughter to spread an important message through the channels of Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The Instagram post says that the couple are aware that not everyone is lucky enough to have one peaceful birth experience have. A shortage of medical personnel is the norm in many areas of the world. Every eleven seconds a newborn dies for mostly avoidable reasons. The Coronavirus-Pandemic aggravate the situation.

“As the parents of a newborn, it breaks our hearts because more than ever we can put ourselves in the shoes of the parents who are struggling with such difficulties,” it continues. The couple therefore call for support for Unicef.

So Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced the pregnancy

Because the organization is doing everything it can to improve the situation of labor and give them access to medical staff and high-quality medical care. Orlando Bloom has long been an active supporter of Unicef ​​himself.

The actor and singer Katy Perry have been a couple since the beginning of 2016 – with a break in relationship in the meantime. They got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2019. The two made it known in an unusual way that they were expecting a child: Katy Perry revealed her baby bump in the video for her single „Never Worn White“. She released the single and the video clip at the beginning of March this year.

Celebrity Babies – More on the topic:

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom aren’t the only celebs to become parents this summer. Just last month there was the news from the first GNTM winner: The baby is here: Lena Gercke has become a mother for the first time. Elon Musk is also a father again – and gave his baby an unusual name. Another celebrity couple, however, did not reveal the name: Angelina and Sebastian Pannek are parents of the first “Bachelor” baby. (jkali)

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Epstein case: Virginia Roberts Giuffre describes the abuse in court files


Epstein case: witness Virginia Roberts Giuffre unwraps

In court documents now published, Virginia Roberts Giuffre describes how she was abused by Epstein and Maxwell.

Abuse Allegations: This has Prince Andrew to do with the Epstein case

Prince Andrew is said to have abused a 17-year-old. The contact was arranged by his friend, millionaire and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The Royal denies the allegations.

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Washington. Will be on her first wedding anniversary with her third husband Heidi Klum in California think back for a long time with mixed feelings. The German model, known in the USA as a jury member of a talent show on television, wanted to devote herself entirely to husband Tom Kaulitz (30) at the beginning of the week.

Shortly before came Court records from the orbit of the millionaire who died of suicide a year ago in a New York prison cell Jeffrey Epstein to daylight. The 47-year-old is mentioned in it.

Background: The key witness Virginia Roberts Giuffre (36), who accused Epstein of systematic sexual abuse of minors and accused his imprisoned partner Ghislaine Maxwell of leading the recruitment of young women, dropped a number of prominent names to lawyers in 2011.

Epstein case: Heidi Klum distances herself from the allegations

Giuffre stated that he was in Epstein’s private plane next to the former US president Bill Clinton also the world famous models Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum to have seen. Other names are blackened out in the court records. Clinton was also on Epstein’s private island Little St. James.

According to the public prosecutor, young women are said to have been sexually abused by 2018. When Giuffre Epstein asked about the background to Clinton’s presence, the former finance manager replied, “He owes me a favor.” Clinton denies having ever been to the Caribbean island, but admits four flights in Epstein’s private jet.

Heidi Klum reacted to violent reproaches in social media to the “People” magazine: “I did not know Mr. Epstein and was therefore never in his planes, in his houses or on his island.” She did not want “wrongly” with Epstein and the “Horrific history that surrounds him”. Your lawyer reiterated the statements. Klum emphasized that she was “on the side of the victims who bravely went public”.

Key witness Giuffre describes sexual abuse

Giuffre was 17 years old at the time in question and worked in the Resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida of today’s US President Donald Trump as a massage therapist when she fell into the hands of the Epstein / Maxwell duo. On hundreds of pages from various interrogations that Judge Loretta Preska released a few days ago, Giuffre describes how she was continuously sexually abused in scenes in New York, London and the Caribbean from Epstein / Maxwell.

With clear directives (“It was my job to entertain him.”) It was also passed on to Epstein’s acquaintances, such as Britain’s Prince Andrew, and was rewarded with fees of up to US $ 1,000.

The Queen’s son, writes Giuffre, according to the New York Post, in a book manuscript entitled “The Billionaire Playboy’s Club”, “loved my feet and even licked between my toes”. Andrew denies the allegations. According to US prosecutors, the nobleman, who has fallen out of favor in Buckingham Palace, refuses to be questioned.

He wanted to defend himself in a BBC interview – but the 60-year-old talked about head and neck. As a consequence, the Queen’s second oldest son gave up his royal duties and withdrew.

Daughter of the media mogul faces up to 35 years in prison

Ghislaine Maxwell also denies the prosecutors allegations. You should be tried in the summer of 2021 – for seducing minors to illegal sex acts and perjury. The daughter of the late British media mogul Robert Maxwell and a French Holocaust researcher face up to 35 years in prison. After meeting Epstein at a party, she dated him for a few years.

She had stated that she had not had any contact with Jeffrey Epstein for ten years. Judicial emails show that Epstein wrote to his former life partner in 2015: “You haven’t done anything wrong, and I want you to act like that.”

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