How is the ICE doing in an international comparison?

High-speed trains are now running in many countries. They differ significantly in terms of comfort, speed and punctuality. We give an overview from Germany to China. .

The fastest train in the world is running late

Long search for a solution: Shin Kaneko (center), chief of JR Central, worries about the schedule for a high-speed magnetic railway.
Picture: dpa

The fastest train in the world is to be built in Japan with a high-speed magnetic railway. But concern for groundwater could slow the € 75 billion prestige project.

DThe fastest train in the world, which is to connect the cities of Tokyo and Nagoya in Japan from 2027, is in danger of being delayed before the first journey. The reason is a 9 kilometer long section in the middle of the route. The planned route crosses Shizuoka Prefecture deep below the southern Alps of Japan. The Shizuoka governor, however, refuses to start construction work because he fears for the groundwater.

Patrick Welter

Patrick Welter

Correspondent for business and politics in Japan based in Tokyo.

Without an early start in the region, it will be difficult to put the route into operation as planned, said JR Central President Shin Kaneko, after speaking to the governor. The tunnel construction alone should take five years. However, the governor was not influenced by the railway president’s advertising words. “It cannot be approved,” said Heita Kawakatsu.