brief journey through the long history of self-pleasure

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A few years ago, in 2015 specifically, some Polish archaeologists were excavating in a latrine of a swordsmanship school in Gdańsk and unexpectedly found a “in excellent condition” sex toy dating back 250 years. The location and shape of this 18th century “Satisfyer” suggested that it was used for personal pleasure. Measuring 20 centimeters, built with bristle-filled leather and finished in a wooden point, this discovery was an “extraordinary find for people who investigate the history of erotica.” But it is almost a modern object, because the history of these objects has accompanied mankind almost forever.

In fact, physical representations of the phallus have existed for thousands of years. The oldest recovered artifact of this form was found in the Paleolithic. Because for thousands of years, phallic objects were used as a symbol to increase fertility and ward off evil spirits, but, also, their use as sexual aids has a very long history …

In Germany, in 2005, a 28,000-year-old stone phallus was found at the Hohle Fels site, which is recognized as the oldest known “sex toy” ever found. The significance of the find lay both in the scarcity of representations of male genitalia and in its extraordinary antiquity. “Female representations with very pronounced sexual attributes are numerous in many excavations, however those of male genitalia are extremely rare,” explained the project’s chief researcher, Professor Nicholas Conard.

Regarding the debate on whether this artifact was used for personal pleasure or for a religious purpose, Conard and researchers relied upon underlining its status as an erotic toy on the fact that its measurements (20 centimeters) were close to those of an erect penis, plus it was polished to a high degree. The phallus had to be rebuilt in 14 parts because it was found in very poor condition.

Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese …

As “Ancients-Origin” recalls, historical references to sex toys go back millennia. Both Roman and Greek men and women are known to use phallic objects for pleasure. In “Lysistrata” (411 BC), Aristophanes talks about a woman’s mission to end the Peloponnesian war and writes that women argue about the use of sex toys to deny their husbands sex in an effort to stop the war.

And the Middle East, the historical records refer to Egyptians using resin coated camel feces, as firm as it is soft, as a sexual aid. In “The Arabian Nights” dildos are said to be made of intricately carved gold, silver, or ivory, “Ancients-Origins” also tells. And it is believed that the Greeks were the first to use leather or animal intestines to cover a sculpted penis, to make it appear more natural.

Also, for example, the one estimated as one of the first references to oral sex in history is included in an Egyptian myth and has to do with a clay penis. After the god Osiris was killed and dismembered by his brother Seth (the evil one), his wife and daughter traveled around the world collecting all the pieces of Osiris’s body. Not finding his manly member, his wife sculpted a penis in claya, attached him to her body and brought him back to life through fellatio. And one of the strangest objects found by ancient Egyptian archaeologists is a primitive dildo made from the remains of a sperm whale penis. It is also said that Cleopatra was the inventor of the first vibrator in history, but there is really no historical evidence to support it.

And let’s fly over the past of China. In 2017, they were discovered during the excavation of some tombs belonging to the Han dynasty (which spans from 206 BC to 220 AD), various dildos made of bronze and also in jade. As can be seen, these erotic toys were found in the graves of people belonging to royalty and nobility.

He also recalls “Ancients-Origins” that phallic objects were not only used for sexual pleasure. In ancient Greece, “hysteria” (caused insomnia, mental instability, etc.) was believed to be a medical condition caused by the lack of a “hysterical paroxysm” (orgasm). Hippocrates then prescribed women to use sex toys made of stone or wood to prevent this disease. This belief that women could suffer from “hysteria” even survived into the early 20th century.

And when excavations began in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in the 18th century, the site turned out to be full of penises. There was phalluses drawn, sculpted and carved on the lintels, in the bread ovens, carved in the road, and members with bells that sounded when the door was opened or the wind stirred. Even penises with wings. This last icon, the penis bird, is, for the historian Mary Beard, a mixture of joke and shameless celebration.

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Sandra Golpe reveals that she suffered a sexual assault 20 years ago

The presenter of ‘Antena 3 Noticias 1’, Sandra Golpe, revealed last Saturday, within the framework of the II Onda Cero Mallorca Talent Forum – which this year had the presence of “extraordinary women” – that she was the victim of an attack sexual about twenty years ago.

Golpe, who is currently signing the sixth consecutive month of leadership with his daily newscast, recalled how, when he was working the closing shift of another media outlet, a man entered the front door of his house before the door was closed and attacked her.

“He tied me up, put a knife to my neck and sexually assaulted me,” said the journalist, who, as she explained, two days after the assault had to present some Easter news.

«I was a year going and coming home by taxi. I asked my then boss if I could change my shift and she told me that I had already done the shift for the next three months and that it happened, to talk to a colleague from the newsroom to see if he would change my shift », Sandra Golpe recalled that she finally found help in a boy, both to achieve the change of shift and to accompany her to the police rounds of recognition of the alleged assailant.

“He is still in Soto del Real,” said Golpe about the aggressor, who said that he was caught years later because he had also done it “to more girls.”


Island of Temptations 2 Chapter 5: Tom resolves his “sexual tension” with Sandra

This edition of ‘The island of temptations’ goes faster than many and many expected. The great protagonist of the first chapters is Tom, a young man who came in love with Melyssa and, at the first change and after a furtive visit from his girl singing the forty, decided to let himself go and hook up with Sandra, one of the single women. “I’m lost, maybe I wouldn’t have to go so fast with Sandra,” he apologized to the cameras. “I didn’t have in mind to do anything with anyone, but after what happened I don’t want a life like that,” he reflected, referring to his fiancée’s escape, who lost his papers, ran away from his home and managed to get to the boys’ house to put her fiancé in stock.

The Moroccan businessman did not lose debris from the images that he was shown of his girl and was somewhat concerned when he saw that nothing out of the ordinary was happening. “I would have preferred that he got involved with someone else to balance the scale,” he said with some sarcasm. His relationship with Sandra has stopped being a game to become something more. The pair made out several times before making the final leap. “There is an evident sexual tension between us,” the boy thought. “And I think it will be resolved, although I do not know when or where,” added Sandra. And it was solved that same night, in his room. “We couldn’t stop,” the girl justified herself. The best thing is that Melyssa is still in the dark because, as punishment for breaking the rules of the program, Sandra Barneda hid the images from her.

The seductions continue in the tropical paradise that confuses some and turns others on. This is the case of Mayka and Pablo. She has fallen into the clutches of Óscar, a professional who is already seasoned in the format. «In my life I would have thought to see her like this, clinging so much to a boy. I don’t know her », said the disoriented boyfriend after seeing the sequences. “In four days he has forgotten about me, I am angry that he has been so false to me,” he added. She has no regrets and moves on with her story. “I haven’t felt those butterflies in my stomach for a long time,” she revealed before getting into bed with Oscar. But the date night did not work. He got angry and she threw him out of bed. It didn’t matter too much because the next day they were already kissing passionately again. The one who runs the most danger with this whole story is Rosito, Mayka’s stuffed animal who may literally end up at the stake.

Marta and Lester are not going through their best moments either. He is not clear about their relationship and she is less so. The former contestant of ‘Big Brother’ hesitated between Kevin and Dani, and in the end chose the most rogue. They hooked up in the pool and ended up in bed. “I’ve gone mad with love,” she affirmed resplendently. And he argued: “The best thing about the kiss with Dani is that there is no return to my relationship.” Meanwhile, Melodie considers the possibility of leaving the island alone and Cristian does not quite understand her reflection. “It has completely dislodged me,” he stated. And then there are the newcomers, Alessandro and Patry. They just landed and are already rolling it up, especially her. As soon as he saw his boy surrounded by women, he got upset and asked for a Confrontation Bonfire. “You will have to wait, what you cannot do is give up to the minimum,” explained Sandra Barneda. But the girl did not listen to reasons and left the meeting angry. And end of the fifth chapter.


Pussy Riot hung rainbow flags on the FSB and the presidential administration :: Society :: RBC

Pussy Riot members hung rainbow flags on the FSB building in Lubyanka, the presidential administration, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Internal Affairs for the Basmanny district. A message with photos of the action appeared on the Facebook group.

The activists explained the choice of buildings by the fact that these are “the main symbols of Russian statehood”.

In their announcement about the action, the Pussy Riot members put forward a number of demands. These include investigations into the persecution of gays, lesbians, transgender and queer people in Chechnya, the adoption of a law prohibiting discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, the legalization of same-sex partnerships, the repeal of the law banning the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations as discriminatory and violating the right to freedom of expression. …

The report says that during the rally near the FSB they detained Artyom Radygin, a journalist for Radio Liberty, and Denis Styazhkin, a reporter for Sota, was detained near the presidential administration.


Pablo Alboran in El Hormiguero: “Revealing my sexual condition did not change anything”

Pablo Alboran revealed his sexual condition a few months ago generating a stir on social networks, although for him nothing changed. “I locked myself in the studio and continued composing and writing, I would lie to you if I said otherwise,” he explained to Pablo Motos in ‘El Hormiguero’. What he did expose is that He told it “where, when and how he wanted.” A demand for freedom, “which must be encouraged,” he argued. “I have not felt that anyone has judged me for it, and whoever did it has a problem,” he said. The artist smiled when he discovered that, as a result of his words, “I have received very beautiful stories from parents to whom their son showed the video and it was no longer necessary to talk,” he said. “Life gives you back those little gifts,” he added.

The singer confessed that his creative process is “somewhat selfish because I make music for myself. To unburden myself, to release everything that I carry inside. And if I do, then I do want someone to feel the same as me. If only one person experiences it, it is worth it, “he argued. And that carelessness with which he faces his work leads him to, sometimes, “I even forget how I wrote a song”, he acknowledged. Her new single is titled ‘If you had wanted’ and she has composed it together with Cuban singer Diana Fuentes and producer Julio Reyes. “I was against composing with people, I thought they would not understand me, and suddenly Julio introduced me to Diana and the magic came,” she said.

His desire for perfection leads him to test your new themes in the car, and from there anecdotes arise. «I’m quite badass and I put the volume on top. And recently I was going to do the shopping, with a mask and sunglasses, and suddenly I see that the girl who is standing next to me at the traffic light begins to signal me. I thought he recognized me and wanted an autograph, but no. ‘Look, I’m trying to find the song in Shazam and it doesn’t show up,’ he told me. I closed the window and left, “he said, apologizing to the music lover from the set. “It’s just that I was overwhelmed thinking it was a song that hadn’t come out yet and maybe I had recorded it or something,” he pleasantly excused himself.

The talk served for Alboran to surprise the staff with more funny anecdotes. The interpreter revealed to Motos that they did not allow him access to the VIP lounge of a foreign airport, “and it turns out that I had made a mistake and instead of showing the correct pass he was showing the platinum card of ‘El Hormiguero’», He commented provoking laughter. He also highlighted the moment in which he narrated how, during confinement, he dyed his mother’s gray hair. “I saw a short by Paco León in which he did it to a neighbor and I came upstairs,” he joked. He made the wrong spray and left his mother with yellow hair, but she didn’t care. “She was so happy to have me home that it seemed like the best time of her life,” described the composer.


The paths of sexual selection

In his observations of the natural world, Charles Darwin developed the idea that organisms better adapted to their environment could survive better than less adapted ones, a ‘natural selection’ that generates a cumulative trend of changes in the species over time we call evolution.

But Darwin also observed that many organisms exhibited characteristics that did not appear to have an adaptive value to the environment, but rather in terms of the ability to mate and reproduce. He called this process ‘sexual selection’, suggesting that it provoked a selection pressure as relevant as natural selection and so powerful that it could even increase the reproductive success of an individual although it reduced their chances of survival.

If natural selection expressed the struggle for existence, sexual selection resulted from the struggle for reproduction, and both were relevant forces driving evolution.

The example that caught Darwin’s attention was the tail of the male peacock. It has no survival function and if its feathers are too long they prevent flight. Darwin imagined that the majestic tail existed to attract the grayish and unspectacular female peacocks, but that they are the ones that decide with which male to mate. According to Darwin, we must assume that they “admire the tail as much as we do.” Small and not very colorful feathers are the mark of the bachelor.

There are two elements that influence sexual selection: competition between males for access to possible mates and the choice of females. In many cases, these two aspects are linked, as in the fights between rams that, in addition to determining the superiority of one individual over another, serve as an exhibition of traits that can be attractive to females, who have the last word.

By the way, Darwin applied all his scientific honesty to the analysis of his data because in his society and at the time the prevailing idea was that of the inferiority of women, and Darwin was ascribed to her as a result of his circumstance, and in fact the sexual selection was one of the most controversial aspects of his book ‘The Origin of Species’. A year later he would write: «I have many doubts about the part that males and females play in natural selection.; I suspect that the male will mate with any female and that the females select the most victorious or most beautiful turkey, or the one that combines beauty and courage. A revolutionary idea that was slow to be accepted.

But observation of nature confirmed over and over again that Darwin’s conclusion was sound. It may be that the idea of ​​’beauty’ of many species does not coincide with oursBut their influence, as well as the decisive role of females, are no longer in doubt. Some cases are even striking or can be detrimental to the species, such as the peacock.

Curiosities of the election

The bird with the song – if it can be called that – with the largest volume is the white bell ringer (Procnias albus), which lives in the north of South America, mainly in the Amazon. The male’s strategy for ‘flirting’ is to approach a potential mate and launch a shrill screech directly at their face at a volume of about 125 decibels … more or less the volume you hear if you stand next to the speakers at a rock concert, or operate a pneumatic riveter. This volume can cause permanent hearing damage to a human being, but it seems that the hearing of female White Ringer has evolved in such a way that it does not find noise disturbing. On the contrary, of the males that approach her with their squawk, she will find the most attractive the one with the greatest volume.

The birds of paradise, related species that live mainly in Papua New Guinea and eastern Australia, are another peculiar extreme of sexual selection. During the mating season, males are distributed on the ground and display a variety of highly complex behaviors, some species building elaborate twig structures and various attractive objects, others performing elaborate courtship dances displaying colorful plumages that are capable of displaying in different ways. Some make a kind of tutu by fluffing the chest feathers, fanning the wings, or waving different parts of the body vigorously. The females go from male to male deciding which one they are going to choose to be the father of their next brood.. The complexity of these behaviors and plumage, evolved over millions of years, has largely depended on the scarcity of predators in the habitat of birds of paradise, so that sexual selection is favored by the absence of pressure from selection that would involve effective predators.

A similar but less obvious display is the night flight of fireflies in breeding season. In late afternoon, male fireflies cast light flash patterns as they fly in complex designs. The females quietly watch the show in the dark, until they decide that one of the males is attractive enough to them, and then they respond with their own light signal. The male lands next to the female and approaches her exchanging flashes of light until they are together and mate.

These examples, and many others (the huge antlers of the huge Irish elk, Megaloceros giganteus, which probably contributed to its extinction 11,000 years ago, the dance of the peacock spider, the bellowing of male red deer along with their fighting, the fights between sea elephants and narwhals, etc.) are not enough to fully understand how such a subjective concept how ‘beauty’ can so decisively influence the evolution of living beings. As a mystery that still has many spaces to be explored, it nevertheless tells us that our aesthetic preferences are not as irrelevant as some tend to believe: they shape us as living beings.

Is it useful or just beautiful?

In some cases, such as displays of strength or skill, it can be assumed that the male who wins the competition and mates is bringing a direct benefit to the breeding pair, such as defense against predators or good paternal care. But in others the benefits are not so clear and, although there are authors who speak of indirect benefits that sometimes have to be interpreted in a too complicated way, there is always the possibility that some traits product of sexual selection are simply the result of perception subjective beauty.


Kevin Spacey, sued for sexual assault on two minors

Actor Anthony Rapp and another man have sued Kevin Spacey, alleging that the interpreter sexually assaulted them in the 1980s when they were both minors, when they were only 14 years old.

Rapp was the first to bring charges against Spacey in October 2017. According to ‘Variety’, the plaintiff alleges that Spacey invited him to a party at his apartment in 1986 when he was 14 years old performing a play on Broadway. During the party, the ‘American Beauty’ star, who was then 27 years old, grabbed him by the buttocks, carried him to a bed and leaned on him. The alleged victim claims that she was able to flee to a bathroom and then left the house.

The second plaintiff identifies himself only as CD. The complaint alleges that Spacey met this man in 1981, when he was a student in the artist’s acting class. The young man was 12 at the time.

Supposedly Spacey met CD again when he was 14 years old and invited the teenager to his apartment. CD alleges that she had sex with the actor. As the lawsuit notes, they had several sexual encounters afterward. In their final encounter, the defendant tried to penetrate the young man, who refused and was able to flee the apartment.

The lawsuit claims that both Rapp and CD have suffered psychological damage due to abuse by the interpreter.

After multiple investigations, Spacey has faced two accusations related to sexual crimes in court: in Nantucket (Massachusetts) and Los Angeles, although he has not been convicted so far. The Nantucket case came to a standstill after the plaintiff invoked his right not to testify in pre-trial proceedings.

The Los Angeles case, in which he was accused of sexually assaulting a masseur, was dismissed after the alleged victim died of natural causes. The protagonist of ‘House of Cards’ has also been the subject of multiple investigations in London.


Details suggestive of child sexual assault scandal in the lodge

Turkey speaks for days in the sexual abuse scandal that erupted in Sakarya Akyazı dervish. While Eyyup Fatih Şağban (58), the sheikh of the Usşaki order, who introduced himself to the public as Fatih Nurullah, was detained in Sakarya Ferizli Prison, the prosecutor’s office did not make a detailed statement about the terrible incident.

However, grisly claims about the incident are reflected on social media. It is stated that the sheikh tried to silence the child by paying 100 liras to the child in the first sexual abuse, did not act immediately because the perverted sheikh of the mother who doubted what was happening knew that he was a “God-friendly person”, and the child’s father was offered 70 thousand liras after the abuse was heard in the family.


There is also an allegation that Shaghban abused another 10-year-old child. In addition, it is not disclosed on the grounds of the “confidentiality of the investigation” whether there were other children who were the victims of the perverted sheikh and whether the prosecutor’s office or the gendarmerie were working on this issue.

While the Diyanet says “It is our indispensable duty to fight against the dishonest, treacherous and cruel hands that extend to innocent offspring”, it is noteworthy that the Ministry of Justice and other relevant institutions do not make a detailed explanation for the public.

Photo: SÖZCÜ / Eyyup Fatih Şağban using the pseudonym Fatih Nurullah


Eyyup Fatih Şağban, who used the pseudonym Fatih Nurullah, was the subject of the news when the ceremony was held in Hagia Sophia with the words “Especially Islamic state, we will wrap the most beautiful turban, we will wear the most beautiful robes”.

The sexual abuse incident in the dervish lodge in Sakarya brought to mind a similar incident that took place in Bursa 12 years ago. In 2008, when that incident took place, Akit newspaper writer Hüseyin Üzmez, who was 78 years old, was sentenced to 13 years, 1 month and 15 days in prison for sexual abuse of a 14-year-old child.

In this incident, the mother of the child victim was also arrested for “forcing her daughter into prostitution”. Hüseyin Üzmez, who attempted to assassinate journalist Ahmet Emin Yalman in his youth, was released from prison on the days when the file was at the Supreme Court stage.


SÖZCÜ writer Saygı Öztürk had found Hüseyin Üzmez, whose arrest warrant was issued upon the finalization of his sentence, and made him talk.

Hüseyin Üzmez spoke of the “Islamic State” and “Sharia laws” in his statement to Saygı Öztürk:
“If I was to be punished, it should have been given according to Sharia law. I do not know this punishment. Therefore, the Islamic State must be established as soon as possible and the Shariah provisions must be fully implemented from A to Z. Turkey, I do not know what more waiting to apply sharia. “


The writer of the contract, Üzmez, was caught and put back in prison after a while, but was released in 2014 due to health problems and died 12 days after he was released from prison.


Fatih Nurullah, who lives in the Kuzuluk neighborhood of Sakarya’s Akyazı district and introduces himself as the leader of the Usşaki sect, was arrested last Thursday on the grounds that he sexually abused a 12-year-old girl. The phrases used by the perverted sect leader trying to persuade the father of the victim child to cover up the incident were disgusting. Speaking to SÖZCÜ, FA, the father of the 12-year-old boy, said that Fatih Nurullah started to abuse the little girl as of July 2019 and offered them 70,000 lira to cover up the incident.

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prostitution: A bridge to serve pandemic ‘sex workers’ | Future Planet

Ana Almeida and Marco Bolaños, both linked to the Transgender project, carry bags with pasta, rice, grains, tuna, oil and sausages in the trunk of their vehicle; face shields; the hand soaps and dog food that they will then deliver to two groups of transsexuals who live as if they were two large families, although they do not have any degree of affiliation. “Trans people live together as in cells, they live together, cook together, they are alternative families,” explains Ana when she arrives at the first home, in La Tola, downtown Quito.

Even before the pandemic, these street sisters lived off their sexual activity or what they earned in a hairdresser. Their daily income fluctuated between 25 and 40 euros, but they did not exercise every day. Ana, 48, and Marco, 40, have known them for 18 years, when they were part of a a small “patrol” of human rights defenders that made night tours to combat police abuse against transgender women and promoted associations.

Johana’s call The diva, leader of a prostitution zone in La Mariscal, north of Quito, activated the patrol during the pandemic. “We need help, we can’t go out to work and we are starving,” he told Ana over the phone. The first assistance came from the pocket of this activist. “With my money I went to the supermarket and I went to leave them some food. Then, on Facebook, it all came ”. The initiative was registered on the social network as Puente Solidario and so far they have distributed a ton and a half of food, 200 cleaning kits and almost 15,000 euros in cash that were delivered by an NGO.

This Friday’s visit to the La Tola neighborhood has been previously agreed by phone, so a message to the cell phone of one of the transsexuals is enough for all of them to go out and form a line, with the two meters of distance that the new times require . They all wear masks and the tight dresses they used to wear for street work. A couple of the girls’ neighbors also get in line and also receive a bag of food. “We cannot deny them help,” says Ana.

Ana and Marco dedicate two or three afternoons a week to deliver the aid, but in total there are six people behind this solidarity crusade; some collect money, others buy food and do the kits, and others deliver them at home. A key person is Pamela Torrealba, a Venezuelan trans, who offered to do the shopping, using her experience as a migrant. “I visit three supermarket chains, I mostly look for promotions. This is how migrants are, the money has to pay us to buy as much food as possible ”.

We need help, we can’t go out to work and we’re starving

Johana The diva, sex worker in Quito

With about 80 euros they put together 20 food packages that include carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Sometimes they make some for the Venezuelan and Colombian population that include flour to make arepas. “We do it out of pure activism, there is no one to pay us, with the same donation we make for gasoline. We like to be able to be supportive in these times ”, says Ana.

Most of the donations were from people who were linked to the Transgender project. 1,800 euros were received and the largest contribution was about 180 euros and it was made by a girl from the United States. Then there were shipments from eight euros that arrived from Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca, the three most populated cities in Ecuador.

Thanks to the association of an NGO, volunteers can bring items to avoid contagion by covid-19, such as face shields and soaps.

At first, the assistance was only for transsexuals, but it was extended to other groups that also engage in sexual activity in Quito, which is not allowed, but is tolerated. There are more than 700 people in this union in the Ecuadorian capital, according to the Union of Sex Workers of Quito, which was born in 2019 and seeks legalization. Most of them work in the streets and parks of the city, and with the strict confinement measures they could not continue.

Mónica Colobón, 39, is a representative of a downtown organization that has existed for five years. Use the term “difficult” to define your situation during the pandemic. “We are all heads of households. I, for example, support my four children and two grandchildren. There are also elderly women, in my organization I have five over 70 years old, one is blind and so she had to go out to see who gave her food ”.

More than half of its 60 members were included in the list of beneficiaries of the 100-euro vouchers that CARE gave, through the Transgender project. None of them had qualified for the state aid that occurred during the pandemic. “Sex workers do not apply for the State bond, they always deny us, or tell us that they are going to call us and nothing,” says Mónica.

There are more than 700 sex workers in Quito. Most of them carry out their activity in streets and parks, and with the confinement measures they could not continue

The Quito City Council gave them doses of food on two occasions, but they had to go to collect them, stand in line for several hours and, in some cases, wait until the press registered the donation. The first package included a can of sardine, a half pound of noodle, a chickpea cover, a powdered milk and a jelly; the second had a roll of toilet paper, a bottle of milk, a jelly and a pound of rice.

Men who engage in sexual activity have also had a difficult situation during their quarantine. Members of Goover, an association that has existed for 14 years, began exchanging messages of concern after two weeks of confinement. “We were wondering ‘what is happening to you? Do you have a contract? ‘ None had the tickets from before. We work using hotels, but these no longer worked, and that was a problem. The rent became a headache for everyone, months accumulated, ”says the association’s spokesperson, a 36-year-old Venezuelan, who asks to hide his name.

A total of 20 of the 50 active Goover members were included in the CARE bond list and also received food baskets from the Prefecture of Pichincha, with fruits and vegetables, which lasted two weeks. Apart from this aid, a businessman donated bananas and food, and a regular client of the Venezuelan spokesman helped them with mobilization to take the donations to the boys.

The income of these men before the pandemic fluctuated between 200 and 400 euros. It may sound like a lot, but you have to take into account the family responsibilities they have. When they are not children or grandchildren, there are parents, siblings and partners. In addition, with that money they must pay their health bills, which is often resented.

Ana y Marco’s second stop is in the south of Quito, in the La Santiago neighborhood, located on one of the city’s slopes. Trans women still go out with their masks to receive the bags of food and other items. As there is no other delivery to do, there is time for a little talk. Laisa, 31, tells Ana that an acquaintance died of covid-19. She does not know where she was infected, but she assures that she was already weak from before, since she suffered from pneumonia. “It is that we are very exposed, we always work at night.”

Before leaving, they take a picture with the trans to post on Facebook and continue appealing for solidarity. “With 100 dollars [80 euros] We can feed 20 people, ”Ana insists. Later on they will begin to make videos with recipes for people who are HIV-positive, which is another point that they cannot ignore. “30% of sex workers have HIV and need a special diet,” says the activist. “Finally, this tries to help generic sex diversities that are outside of official aid.”

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Bestial femicide in western zone: sex worker was abused and killed with a concrete block

A brutal femicide occurred in the southwest area of ​​Rosario, where a woman who would be a sex worker was murdered after apparently having been abused.

According to the first information a woman was beaten and killed by a man, in Rueda at 5500. It was close to 3 in the morning. The first signs indicate that she was abused.

According to the first data provided by the police, a witness saw that a man threw a concrete block at the victim and fled with his slippers.

The assailant was described as a short man who was dressed in a gray hooded sweatshirt. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the body of the victim naked from the waist down. He had a skull injury. Next to it was the bloody concrete block.