The facts that inspired Lupine, the new Netflix hit

Lupin, the French adventure, comedy and fantasy series created by George Kay and François Uzan premiered on Netflix on January 8, it became the new jewel of the streaming platform. In just one week, it already leads the ranking of the most viewed productions in United States, France and Argentina.

The adventures of a thief “sophisticated and friendly” played by actor Omar Sy, is based on the hit saga literaria by Maurice Leblanc (1864-1941) which began with a story called ‘The arrest of Arsène Lupine’, a bandit who is dedicated to robbing the rich and who enchants for his sympathy and intelligence.

Arsène Lupine, Maurice Leblanc’s Knight Thief

The appeal of the series exceeded the limits online and now led to increased sales of the first book in the series, “Knight Thief”, from the Hachette publishing house, and that this Wednesday re-launched a new edition due to the increase in demand.

“After the premiere of the series, we had to relaunch a reissue, of which We have already sold 10,000 copies“, declared Cécile Teouanne, director of Hachette Romans and Livre de Poche Jeunesse, to the newspaper Le Parisien, who also assured that on the online platforms “Book sales tripled.”

While Netflix production It is not a 100% adaptation of Leblanc’s works, but rather a current interpretation of the thief, the vital referent does focus on Arsène Lupin, so the protagonist is motivated to perpetrate the crimes that can be seen throughout the five chapters that the series has.

In the first chapter, the character played by Omar Sy tries to help some gangsters from the suburbs of the capital to rob in the Louvre Museum a necklace that belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette, which is auctioned for $ 24 million to pay off her debt to them.

“I’ve been working this weekend and a lot of people came to ask for the Thief Knight book. We weren’t expecting it and we had to double the orders “, explained Anne-Laure Vial, co-founder of Ici librairie, on Boulevard Haussmann, another witness to success.

Lupine: The Narrative of the Literary Version

Published in 1907, “Arsène Lupine, knight thief” is a collection of nine short stories including The Queen’s Necklace, at the heart of the series’ plot.

The white-collar thief is one of the most famous characters in French literature and well-known on the Old Continent, with 17 novels and 39 short stories featuring his exploits.

The character of Lupine first appeared in a series of stories published in the revista I Know Everything in 1905, and since then there have been interpretations and adaptations in comics, plays, television series and even video games.

Lupine en la revista I Know Everything


Muhammad Ramadan recalls an interview 11 years ago and what was said about his artistic beginnings

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – On Monday, the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, re-posted a previous video clip 11 years ago of an interview he gave and his telephone intervention from the late Egyptian artist Saeed Saleh.

Muhammad Ramadan commented on the video clip at the time, saying: “The praise of the late star, the giant of the theater, Saeed Saleh 2009..I will not forget, please, after our Lord, may God have mercy on you, my dear teacher..also I will not forget those who fought me and wronged me .. I will only respond to them (with my success and my continuity).” To comment again on the video, saying: “This meeting has been for the last 11 years, may God have mercy on him and dwell in his spaciousness ..”

In the intervention, the late Egyptian artist said: “Muhammad Ramadan is a beautiful and wonderful actor, and I don’t need anything .. I want to see him how good I can help him, so I saw Ahmed Zaki … and people who worked with us in the theater were all working in small roles with us in Cairo, but they had the capabilities .. “

In response to the question, “What did you see when Muhammad Ramadan stormed all the walls and entered you? What did you see at that time?” Said Salih answered: “Let his eyes need a very good thing in which there is a need, so I told him about what? He told me that I was like, I said it is good, so he did a scene .. Looking forward medicine says this is with me and help you, and as I did, I found a good boy and a good actor, Rana and he started it and started He works without boundaries without knowledge, without strings, without intermediary … “


Muhammad Ramadan recalls an interview 11 years ago and what was said about his artistic beginnings

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, on Monday, re-posted a previous video clip 11 years ago of an interview he gave and his telephone intervention from the late Egyptian artist Saeed Saleh.

Muhammad Ramadan commented on the video clip at the time, saying: “The praise of the late star, the giant of the theater, Saeed Saleh 2009..I will not forget, please, after our Lord, may God have mercy on you, my dear teacher..also I will not forget those who fought me and wronged me .. I will only respond to them (with my success and my continuity).” To comment again on the video, saying: “This meeting has been for the last 11 years.

In the intervention, the late Egyptian artist said: “Muhammad Ramadan is a beautiful and wonderful actor, and I don’t need anything .. I want to see him how good I can help him, so I saw Ahmed Zaki … and people who worked with us in the theater were all working in small roles with us in Cairo, but they had the capabilities .. “

In response to the question, “What did you see when Muhammad Ramadan stormed all the walls and entered you? What did you see at that time?” Said Salih answered: “Let his eyes need a very good thing in which there is a need, so I told him about what? He told me that I was like, I said it was good, so he did a scene .. Looking forward medicine says this is with me and your help. He works without a limit without a defined, without a link, without intermediary .. “


Scorsese surrenders to Lebowitz

Since they met, a moment that, by the way, neither of them remembers, Martin Scorsese and the satirical writer Fran Lebowitz they have maintained a great friendship occasionally unfolding into creative camaraderie. A decade ago they worked together in ‘Public speaking’, documentary about the figure of Fran, biographical medium, conversational medium. Now they collaborate on a series announced by surprise at the end of last year, ‘Suppose New York is a city’, which is no longer so biographical, although Lebowitz can talk about his life. The series is basically an excuse to hear Lebowitz ramble about New York and, by extension, urban life: its noise, its excess of people, its exhausting as well as addictive nature, its personal and economic cost, or what it costs not spending all the money on books. Scorsese asks things, but mostly he laughs, he laughs non-stop.

Each episode revolves around a different theme. Well more or less. ANDLebowitz’s swift speech may end a long way from where it started very precisely: for example, from bus drivers you can get to coriander. The first episode is the most general, a kind of introduction to the joys and shadows of New York. Hell, remembers this genius, are the others, from those who stand in the middle of a sidewalk of dense traffic to the bicivoladores who do not know where they are going or all the people they could run over. Lebowitz also vituperates Times Square, “the worst neighborhood in the world,” he says; when he goes to see a play, he looks for the route with which to tread less. In addition, she volunteers as a night mayor (“a lot happens at night in New York”) and promises to dedicate her first efforts to fixing the subway.

It may interest you

There is also an episode centered, in principle, on culture, an opportunity for Lebowitz to reflect on the mysteries of talent, the therapeutic qualities of the sonido Motown (“music is a drug that doesn’t kill”) and that time your friend Charles Mingus he chased her down the street. In the episode dedicated to urban transport, Scorsese allows himself a self-homage: Lebowitz’s reference to the fastest taxi drivers serves the director to quote images of the flamenco-loving driver from ‘Jo, what a night!’. Other chapters revolve around money (for Lebowitz, a less than fascinating topic of conversation), sports, or bookstores and libraries. “I am totally incapable of throwing out a book,” says the author. “I cannot throw a book. For me it is like throwing a human being.” Before touching the bookish cornyness, he adds: “Well, although there are many more human beings that I would throw.”

As you might expect from something directed by Scorsese, the series is not only listened to with glee, but watched with delight. There is not a single neglected plane and photography of Ellen Kuras (‘Forget about me!’, For example) captures the pre-pandemic metropolis with elegiac beauty. Apparently, they got to shoot during confinement, but they preferred to dismiss the footage and do something less attached to today. That is, there is no final episode as sublime as in ‘How to with John Wilson’, another series in which we had the opportunity to observe New York through a particular perspective. But, in its elegant, timeless way, ‘Suppose New York is a city’ is another full-blown classic.


the studio comes out of silence to calm the fans again

When there is more, there is still more. Cyberpunk 2077 continues to be talked about and it’s still not good.

Cyberpunk 2077 became the ugly duckling of the video game within a few weeks. After more than eight years of development, fantastic teasing, jaw-dropping gameplay trailers and videos, Keanu Reeves’ appearances to promote the game, Night City was expected as the Messiah. Especially since the end of 2020 was not very rich on the video game side either.

All the lights were therefore green, and the stars aligned, to make Cyberpunk 2077 a real cardboard box. Before disaster begins to unfold, CD Projekt’s $ 300 million blockbuster had even started very well. Cyberpunk 2077 had recorded more than eight million pre-orders, a record against the heavyweight of the studio, The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt. Night City even boasted of having passed more than 13 million tracks in just 10 days.

photoCD Projekt which must now be accountable to the whole world

So how did CD Projekt go from the light of excitement to the darkness of anger? The first mixed reviews as well as the first negative feedback from players had already started to eat away at the popularity of the game. The opus then did not survive technical reality, with bugs galore and PS4 and Xbox One versions considered absolute and shameful failures. The withdrawal of the game from Sony’s PlayStation store as well as the Japanese studio to file a complaint, then confirmed the ugly turn of events.

Gradually, Cyberpunk 2077 got bogged down, crushed by anger and criticism, turning the big outing of the year into a disaster. Faced with this, the studio tried to stay the course, with a public apology in good faith, hoping to calm the gamers. But the story continues with a new bad buzz, so much so that CD Projekt has decided to come out of his den to silence the rumors.

photoYou who ask non-stop where is your PS5

A few weeks ago an “alleged” CD Projekt employee posted on the online forum of Reddit disturbing information about the supposed development of Cyberpunk 2077. According to cet « insider », the Polish studio would have intentionally cut several hours of play in order to offer it as a free DLC thereafter. He also gave a date for the first DLC: March 2021.

Cutting entire sections of a set to ensure the exit and save the furniture is unfortunately not exceptional (thought to Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness for example), but this idea would make the case worse Cyberpunk. Especially since the lifespan of the game, the richness of its missions and its universe, have been criticized by some.

Also according to this mysterious stranger, Keanu Reeves was not the studio’s first choice to play Johnny Silverhand. Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) was their first idea, and the character was then more crazy and offbeat.

This “insider” also speaks of the morale of the teams at half mast, the delay of important patches, or the abandoned idea of ​​having drugged children in the streets of Night City.

Photo Cillian MurphyWell

CD Projekt did not remain silent and was quick to deny these rumors. In a Twitter post, the studio claims that everything is false, and that it was far too problematic to shut up:

“Normally we don’t comment on rumors but this time we wanted to make an exception, since this story is just not true.”

Why react this time, and take the risk of making the matter credible, by adding fuel to the fire? On Twitter, the question is divided, and the broken trust between gamers and the studio does not help. After all, it’s no secret that the development of Cyberpunk 2077 was done in pain, especially during the last months of production (the famous crunch, which caused debate on The Last of Us – Part II this year).

The Polish studio, which recently changed its internal policy (particularly on bonuses and therefore competition in teams), is currently the subject of legal proceedings for having misled investors about the quality of Cyberpunk 2077. So a lot of players will prefer to be on their toes about this matter, and frankly, we’re not really going to blame them.

It remains to be seen whether the release on PS5 will save the day, and if 2021 will help CD Projekt to regain control of their monster.


Comedy series with Nicolas Cage: “The Art of Swearing” – Media

It is well known that what is forbidden only becomes more attractive. Cursing in the English language, and in the American region in particular, is therefore a different matter from the disdainful German scolding, a cultural practice of importance that should not be underestimated. At least that starts with the highly entertaining first season of the series The history of swear words to understand.

Actor Nicolas Cage welcomes the Netflix series as a crazy gentleman in the fireplace room, ready to lead his viewers through the history, meaning and future of great English swear words. First he strikes out a mighty primal scream: Fuuuuuuuuck! The first of the six episodes is about the most powerful and beautiful of all bad words in English: Fuck. No other is so creatively applicable and so diverse in its meaning. “Fuck is Tom Hanks of swear words,” explains the fabulous comedian Nikki Glaser, “it can be and do anything and it never gets on our nerves.”

This is proven very convincingly by the language experts who have their say in the series: linguists, including a dictionary author, who campaigned for the word “bitch” in the Duden equivalent of Merriam-Webster to be replaced by its original meaning (“female dog “) a few years ago its insulting use as a denigration of women was finally added. In addition, comedians like Sarah Silverman, Nick Offerman, the same Nikki Glaser and London Hughes. The latter is British and confirms: Nowhere else can you shock with swear words like in the USA. The series is garnished with funny animations and together with Nicolas Cage as the funny explainer uncle is the best infotainment about the power of swearing.

The comedian Sarah Silverman also proves to be very curious when it comes to contributing something to “The Story of Swear Words”.

(Foto: Netflix)

In the USA, music with explicit texts is censored on radio and television, while at the same time cultural products come from there with an unexpected vulgarity. Be it the bottomlessly dirty song “WAP” by Cardi B from last year, the protest song “Fuck Tha Police” by the hip-hop group NWA from 1988 or the 1939 film epic Blown by the wind, in which Clark Gable frivolously says “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” – the word “damn” was taboo on the screen until then. It adds to the fun that, then and now, dirty texts, as if at the push of a button, call out people who are concerned about morals. The Motion Picture Association, which issues age recommendations for films in the USA, follows relatively rigid linguistic standards. In a film with a PG-13 rating, which is to be trusted even under 13-year-olds with parental supervision, “shit” can be said at will, but the word “fuck” can only be heard once – and only if it is possible does not relate to sex.

Actor Isiah Whitlock Jr. performs his legendary “Shiiiiiiit” from the series “The Wire”

It goes in The history of swear words so much about the social and emotional catharsis that a well-used swear word can trigger. Studies, we learn, even show that swearing can increase pain tolerance. In addition, the actor Isiah Whitlock Jr. gives his legendary long drawn out “Shiiiiiiit” for the best, which he among other things in the series The Wire popularized. But neither Whitlock nor Samuel L. Jackson, who is considered a connoisseur of fuck (“motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane”), is the actor with the most movie curses: Jonah Hill claims this first place, solely in his role as crazy banker in Wolf of Wall Street he managed 107 curses.

If all of this is too American for you, you can look forward to the appearance of a German swear word in the last episode, the oddity of which only becomes apparent when you translate it: ass violin.

The history of swear words, Netflix.


2021, the year of resurrection of the series

Netflix, HBO or Prime Video have modified the way Spanish viewers consume fiction. A viewing without advertising breaks and with the entire catalog at the click of a button has made waiting a week to see a new chapter of the favorite series become history. Now, the viewer decides when, how and how many episodes to watch. But the platforms have wanted to revive those series of the past that sat families for more than an hour in front of the television. Nostalgia or play it safe

? 2020 and this year make it clear that any time in the past is better. Atresmedia has revived ‘Physics or chemistry’ with ‘El Reencuentro’. Two special chapters where those who had been teenagers with revolted hormones and in trouble are seen again – now adults and with their lives on track – at the wedding of one of its protagonists, Yoli.

At the beginning, a great success, at least in the social world, since the first special was the first national trending topic and the seventh in the world ranking during the day of its premiere, getting 14 different trending topics and generating 42,000 tweets.

It is not the only bet of Atresmedia for nostalgia. ‘Paco’s men’ put their uniforms back on after a decade with the pistols stored in the armory of the San Antonio police station, the Madrid neighborhood where Spanish fiction takes place.

Paco Tous will once again play Inspector Francisco ‘Paco’ Miranda Ramos, and other names such as Pepón Nieto or Carlos Santos, who play Mariano Moreno and José Luis Povedilla, sound like. Thus, Atresmedia resurrects its most notorious police comedy.

The new season “maintains the spirit that made ‘Los Hombres de Paco’ great: its humor, its way of understanding friendship, love, and the desire for justice; but adapted to the new times ”, points out Globomedia. The new chapters will introduce us to an older, wiser and even more stubborn Paco Miranda. A man who has grown as a person and who, at the same time, sees how everything around him is changing.

From the factory in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), where the Atresmedia studios are located, ‘El internado’ was also born and returns in 2021 after being released in 2007. A past success that is reborn -in this case with Amazon Prime Video-, in February with the participation of Albert Salazar, Paula del Río, Natalia Dicenta or Mina El Hammani. “At Las Cumbres the use of electronic devices by students is strictly prohibited and those who violate the rules must be reprimanded.” Thus comes the new of ‘El internado’, although now with the name of ‘Las Cumbres’.

The first season will have only eight episodes of 50 minutes each, and in them the protagonists will be isolated from the rest of society. To place them, Amazon has chosen a Navarrese enclave, Las Cumbres, and it was shot in the Iratxe Monastery, built in the 11th century and which served as a pilgrims’ hospital and university.

International fever

But international fiction has also taken ‘old’ stories out of the drawer to give them a new life. ‘Saved by the Bell’ returns after being a success in the nineties. Just 30 years after its broadcast, the American streaming platform Peacock prepares the return with part of the main cast that has already hooked the audience.

This 2021 also comes the legendary Chuck Norris series, but without his famous character. ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ is renewed and does so with a name shortened to ‘Walker’ and a new protagonist: Jared Padalecki.


What can we expect for the Netflix series and the Karate Kid sequel?

The phenomenon Cobra Kai will have a season 4 on Netflix, which will be far from the last according to its creators. CAUTION SPOILERS!

Life is full of surprises, and Cobra Kai is a convincing example. Started on YouTube Red, this series derived from films Karaté Kid has been as successful as it has been amazing. To the writing ofLarge screen, we understood from season 1 that a small miracle was happening, just like Netflix, which has recovered the rights.

Far from the expected nostalgic blanket, the series has the bet to focus on Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), years after his defeat against hero Daniel Larusso, the pupil of sage Miyagi. Consumed by shame and depression since his failure, he finally decided to take back his old dojo.

With such a story of redemption tinged with cult figures andeaster eggs messy, Cobra Kai has become a real goose that lays golden eggs for Netflix. The streaming platform launched Season 3 on January 1, 2021, and was quick to confirm the start of a season 4, which should be available at the end of the year.

photoDespair when you’ve already finished season 3

But what to expect from this sequel? A conclusion ? Not according to producers and showrunners Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who announced at the microphone of TVLine have a specific plan:

“We have one conclusion in mind. We’ve had it for a while, and it’s not Season 4. It’s way beyond. In our minds, we have entire seasons of stories to tell before we come to this conclusion. But that will be an upcoming discussion with our new partners at Netflix. Can we write going to this conclusion? Will we be able to know soon enough if this will happen? This is not always the case on television and we respect that. For now, we are continuing to write at the same speed, taking the path we have been on from the start. ”

Either way, Season 3 ended on a tantalizing cliffhanger, showing Kreese’s character (Martin Kove) calling someone on the phone. Very quickly, speculation suggested that this mysterious man would be none other than Terry Silver, Kreese’s Army companion and antagonist Karaté Kid 3. Would we have the big bad of season 4? Possible, especially since the creators of the series have always favored the return of the original actors in their story, and the comedian Thomas Ian Griffith could very well resume his role.

photo, Martin Kove“The lion does not associate with the cockroach”

This possibility would be all the more logical now that season 3 allowed a reconciliation between Johnny and his former opponent Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio). Indeed, if one of the strokes of genius of Cobra Kai was to transform the hero of Karaté Kid in turbo-asshole imbued with himself, the series has finally reunited them … to better ally against a common enemy?

Either way, the massive success of Cobra Kai got fans hoping for even the most extravagant ideas, like a Jaden Smith cameo to echo the remake of Karaté Kid with Jackie Chan, or an appearance of Hilary Swank in the role of Julie, the heroine of yet all rotten Miss Karaté Kid.

photo, William Zabka“This story goes too far …”

After all, one of the mysteries of the show has always been the identity of Tory’s mother, one of the students in the dojo. Since the saga Karaté Kid had few central female characters, many felt that this mysterious role could go to Hilary Swank or Robyn Lively, who played Jessica Kennedy in Karaté Kid 3.

If anything is possible for the one who believes, it would seem that Cobra Kai has a boulevard in front of it to allow everything in view of its unexpected box. While waiting to know what will reserve for us this season 4, we recommend our video on another great saga based on brawl: Ip Man.


“Bridgerton”: the protagonists explained how they did to shoot the sex scenes

There is a series that became a popular phenomenon in just two weeks. Bridgerton, slowly, it is gaining more and more space in the preference of fictional consumers. A little because of the attractiveness of a period production and another little because of a theme with a content that deals with the sexual with a modern look, its chapters already have many fans. The leading couple, Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page, He told how they did to shoot the sex sequences.

“It was great, because it felt safe and fun: the choreographies (he refers to the sex scenes) are like a dance. It’s crazy that it didn’t exist in the past. I did sex scenes before and I can’t believe I did. It was only five or six years ago, but now it would not be allowed, “said Dynevor, in an interview with the magazine. Grazia.

The actress assured that she was proud to have worked on those scenes and, above all, that they were done in a careful way since an intimacy coordinator worked on the set, a figure that appeared among all the latest changes that occurred in the industry. “We work so hard to make them feel real. We spent a lot of time in each other’s arms even before we got to the set, “he said.

Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page, during one of the sex scenes they had in the series “Bridgerton”. (Photo: Netflix)

Since the Harvey Weinstein case broke, Hollywood productions began with a process of structural modifications, above all, in movies and series where eroticism and sex are involved in their plots. One of those changes was to force technical teams to hire professionals who design sexual choreography in scenes in which there is intimacy between the protagonists. As in action movies, every movement of the actors on screen it is previously agreed upon.

Therefore, the protagonist assured that everything that was seen was practiced with her co-protagonist. “We had a lot of dance rehearsals, which was amazing and really essential To find the chemistry between us With the intimate scenes, we were able to rehearse all those scenes over and over before going on set, so we were together most of the time before we started filming, “he remarked.

Dynevor also touched on another important issue: female masturbation treatment, a topic that is addressed in the series. “I love his story (that of the main character) and his sexual awakening. I love seeing her feminine gaze and seeing her discover it for herself, ”she said.

Besides Dynevor, the one who spoke about the changes in the filming of the sexual sequences was Regé-Jean Page. The actor said in an interview with Variety that the team behind it, led by Lizzy Talbot, “It was wonderful” and that “it was liberating for the work of the actors that someone directs, guides, protects and cares.”

What is “Bridgerton” about

Bridgerton is a series produced by the Shondaland company of Shonda Rhimes, creator of the popular Grey’s Anatomy. The story is located in the England of the early 1800s, but it has a modern look in the face of sentimental and power situations that occur. Inspired by Julia Quinn’s romance novels, the plot runs through the life of Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of that powerful family. Her future begins to collapse at the moment in which a diary full of calumnies towards the girl and written by the mysterious woman comes to light. Lady Whistledown.

With a choral cast, and subplots that enrich the main story, Bridgerton seems to mix the spirit of Gossip Girl with the glamor of the first seasons of The Crown. El elenco incluye a Phoebe Dynevor, Regé-Jean Page, Golda Rosheuvel, Jonathan Bailey, Luke Newton, Luke Thompson, Claudia Jessie, Nicola Coughlan, Ruby Barker, Sabrina Bartlett, Ruth Gemmell, Adjoa Andoh, Polly Walker, Bessie Carter y Harriet Cains y Julie Andrews’ stellar performance as the narrator.