Gorka Etxeberria: «We have already seen the DNA of the team in the friendlies»

The revolution that the Txuribeltz parish had been demanding in recent campaigns has finally arrived this summer. The person in charge of leading it has been Gorka Etxeberria, forming a squad that combines veteran and youth. A mix in which they trust the Stadium Gal to give their chest in such a decisive campaign.

– Thirteen registrations, almost as many drops, change of coach … Did you have more work than you expected when you arrived?

– We have done what we planned. The idea since I landed was to give the whole club model a spin from the sports field. The goal was for both the coach and the players to respond to a certain pattern.

– What deficiencies did you detect?

– The first thing was that the pieces were from different puzzles. I think there were footballers to make teams of different styles. The most important thing was to define what we want and from there we have looked for the profiles and the right technician.

– And what is that style?

– It has several characteristics. The main one I would say is tactical aggressiveness. We want a modern team that works well with the ball, but goes forward. That causes situations. Less speculative. I have the conviction that this is a style that can hook the fans much more.

– Two aspects draw attention to the incorporations: the first is that they have increased the radius of action.

– We always have to have a broad core of Gipuzkoan player. Then we have determined what we would call a second ring, which would encompass the Basque Country and its surroundings. Between the two of us, we have 82% of the workforce. That has been sought and is premeditated. When we do not find what we want in these two areas, we open ourselves to the outside.

“We want a modern team, that causes situations and does not speculate, that is capable of hooking the fans”

– The second is youth. Isn’t it a double-edged sword to sign inexperienced players?

– The templates of the previous courses were made up of youth and veterans. I think the news is that we have signed the Middle Ages. Many of the new ones are between 25 and 30 years old. It seemed essential to me to get players who are in their golden age.

– At the Stadium Gal they have even had their own burofax. Has Telis’ contract termination been the big disappointment since you arrived?

– I was very sorry. I think it is difficult, even wanting, to get worse advice. Everyone has warned him but he has insisted on keeping around him that circle that guides him worse than ever.

– What did they say at the last meeting?

– I held out my hand once more. To help him in his career, almost on a personal level, but he has wanted to keep his entourage of advisers who lead him to the precipice.

– Returning to the team. What did you think of the preseason?

– The first thing I’ve seen is that we have DNA. Even the times that it has not carbured well, it was present. I already have feedback that the coach and the pieces fit perfectly. Logically, there are times when it works better or worse, but the team is tactically aggressive, pressuring and looks for the baseline with the ball. The energy it transmits is totally different.

– The last one goes to the happy Coronavirus. He will be aware of cancellations in the Asobal League, the ACB … Will Second B hold?

– I see it as a challenge. We cross our fingers so that there is not a great stop. We all have to be ready to adapt to small contingencies that we suffer along the way and to avoid them as they arise.



Jon Irazustabarrena. Goalkeeper. 34 years old. Usurbil


Iván Pérez. Defending. 27 years. Gasteiz


Gorka Kijera. Defending. 34 years. Hernani


Ekhi Senar. Defending. 30 years. Barañain


Mikel Azkoiti. Defense. 33 years old. Azkoitia


Jagoba Beobide. Midfielder. 33 years old. Azpeitia


Mario Capelete. Midfield player. 25 years. Irun


Sergio Llamas. Midfield player. 27 years. Gasteiz


Kun Temenuzhkov. Forward. 20 years. Lleida


Jorge Galán. Forward. 31 years. Pamplona


Javi martinez. Forward. 23 years. Pamplona


Fran Rivera. Midfield player. 20 years. Barbate


Moha Ramos. Goalkeeper. 20 years. Tenerife


Guille Donoso. Midfield player. 25 years. Gijon


Anatz Elizondo. Midfield player. 20 years .Errenteria


Quique Rivero. Midfield player. 28 years. Cabezón de la Sal


Aritz Borda. Defending. 35 years. Lasarte


Theo Lucbert. Defending. 22 years. Baiona


Ekhi Bravo. Defending. 23 years. Donostia


Gexan Elosegi. Defending. 21 years. Hernani


Borja Viguera Forward. 33 years. Logroño


Jon Madrazo Midfielder. 27 years. Ortuella


«One of the best Tours I have seen in my life, incredible»

The American Greg Lemond, triple Tour winner and double world champion on the road, was surprised by the display of the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar in the final time of “one of the best Tours” he has seen.

“Now I understand why everyone was excited about this time trial on the last day of competition. It was incredible, for me it is one of the best Tour de France I have seen. And Pogacar, what a talent, a lot of talent, although I feel a little sad for Roglic ».

Lemond, who rose to the top of the podium in Paris in 1986, 1989 and 1990 and won the rainbow jersey in 1983 and 1989, was inadvertently a protagonist of the chrono, specifically when the difference between Roglic and Pogacar was minimal due to the yellow jersey .

On the 1989 Tour, Lemond beat French leader Laurent Fignon by just 8 seconds in the final time trial on the Champs Elysees. “You have to put a time trial like this at least every five years, it’s incredible. I did not think that Pogacar could exceed the 57 seconds that he had of disadvantage “.

According to Lemond, Roglic panicked. “We saw on the way up that at one point his legs no longer responded to him.”

Usual advantage

Although the tumble was of the championship, the difference with which Pogacar is going to win the Tour, 57 seconds, is part of the normality of the last editions. In fact, you don’t have to go far back to find a Tour resolved by a difference smaller than the one that will separate the two Slovenes today on the podium in Paris.

In 2017, Chris Froome won the Tour with a 54-second lead over Rigoberto Urán. The two editions prior to the current one have also been decided with short distances for what used to be usual. Geraint Thomas won in 2018 with 1:51 and Egan Bernal in 2019 with 1:11.

Last season, Roglic and Pogacar met in the Tour of Spain, and the Jumbo rider outscored his countryman, who was third, in 2:55. A wide difference. Among them was Alejandro Valverde, who yielded 2:33.

Hirschi, the most combative

Marc Hirschi (Sunweb) was chosen as the most combative cyclist in the Tour de France by a jury chaired by race director Thierry Gouvenou.

The 21-year-old Swiss, who achieved a stage victory, beats Alaphilippe, Carapaz, Rollland, Kämna and Powless.


East Germany: Tips for a holiday with a houseboat or yacht

SSaturday afternoon, in a tributary of the Havel, somewhere in the jungle of the wetlands between Werder and the city of Brandenburg. The journey has come to an end, dock one last time, and then the passengers are back on solid ground.

A slight swaying can still be felt. Is that now due to the waves, which confused the sense of balance last week in the steady, gentle rocking of the stately motor yacht “Galathea”, 14 meters long, with three double cabins, saloon, pantry and two bathrooms? Or does it just show the pleasant confusion after a vacation in a strange world that is in a familiar area but looks like a kind of parallel universe in your own country?

After all, the view of things was different: it was the waterside perspective of the banks of those lakes, rivers, canals, towns and villages in the Margraviate of Brandenburg, southwest of Berlin, which one is actually very familiar with when cycling, jogging or hiking with a dog are.

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Mecklenburg Lake District

How big does the Breitlingsee look when you sail on it, how colossal is the Glienicke Bridge, where Russians and Americans exchanged their agents during the Cold War, from below, how majestic and within reach is the Sacrow Church of the Savior on the banks of the Havel, a historical building Icon, inaccessible during the Walling Period, neither from the West nor the East.

But also the industrial areas, the ports for bulk and general cargo such as in Berlin-Spandau, with their huge rolling cranes, can be seen with different eyes from the houseboat. After work, when the crane operator finishes his work and climbs down and you tie up on the quay opposite, for a sundowner on the upper deck and then to sleep, this scenery only looks bizarre and fantastic, but by no means uncomfortable. And there is something special when the sun rises early in the morning while walking through the steel monster skeleton and the coffee smells on the flybridge.

In a boat across Germany’s lakes

Corona times make people look for alternatives when on vacation. The trend towards destinations in the area, in one’s own country, could last for years. Reason enough to get to know the neighborhood anew, to catch a different glimpse of it, to sail across the lakes, rivers and canals.

With the whole family or with friends; Many motor yachts have room for six, or eight adults if necessary, as well as a board dog. There is something for everyone, for holders of boating licenses as well as for newcomers, who after a short introduction are also allowed to drive spacious boats, with minor restrictions (see below).

Lakes in Germany

Source: WORLD infographic

The east offers the most rewarding inland waters in Germany for a week on a motor yacht or houseboat. The Mecklenburg Lake District is legendary, where nature is still wild and untouched here and there.

The heart of the lake district, the Müritz, is the largest inland lake in the Federal Republic of Germany with over 112 square kilometers – here those who enjoy driving can do a lot of distance. Likewise on the wide Brandenburg water course, the main areas of which are mainly to the west and south-east of Berlin. Mecklenburg, Brandenburg and Berlin together offer over 2000 kilometers of rivers and lakes, this is Germany’s largest networked water sports area.

Summer vacation 2020 – Lausitz instead of Mallorca

Summer vacation 2020 is just around the corner. For many European countries are still too unsafe despite the lifting of the travel warning and they are planning their vacation in Germany. Lusatia could be a possible destination.

Source: WELT / Fanny Fee Werther

If you are looking for pure deceleration instead of shoving around, you will be happy in Saxony-Anhalt: In the Central German Lakeland, which was and is still being built in the renatured areas of the former Goitzsche open-cast lignite mine, you will find a nice range of fixed “floating houses” on Geiseltalsee and Großem Goitzschesee . You can go on water excursions here by canoe or rubber dinghy.

Depending on the size of the houseboat, you can survive a week without mooring once: leave the fairway every evening and out with the anchor. Most charter companies have adapted their refrigerators over the decades to the growth of thirst and customer demands. The diesel supply is always generous, water and waste water tanks are also sufficient with economical consumption – swimming instead of showering.

First nature, then a shore excursion to the restaurant

Nature experiences are guaranteed. Once the engine is off, a giant catfish appears from below in a short arc. In the evening, geese move across the sky high up, water lilies bloom and – depending on the season – a frog croaks in the swamp at the back. At most, the show-offs cause excitement as they hit high waves in their speeding Poser yacht and sweep the wine glasses off the table in the bobbing houseboat.

Every now and then, with all the love for distance, you should moor at one of the countless marinas. The chat there with the neighbors is not only entertaining, useful tips are almost always given about the next stage or the best bakery that you can go to the next morning with the bike you brought with you as a precaution.

The thread of the conversation is already tied in the afternoon when mooring, when a helpful hand catches the thrown rope and routinely covers the cleat with a head blow, i.e. the line is secured against unintentional loosening with a kind of sailor’s knot. And if you have picked the right port from the area guide, the shore excursion will be sweetened with a good restaurant, provided you have reserved in time.

Because of Corona, the demand for yachts is high

In the summer of 2020, Corona ensured that the jetties at the charter companies were empty – and those in the marinas were correspondingly full. Anyone planning a boating holiday for the coming year should start looking for a suitable yacht in good time.

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Those who secure bridging days in good time can often treat themselves to a little break - like here on Lake Constance

Large boats offer a lot of space inside – but cause space problems in the ports. For a boat about 14 meters long, jetties are rare. Anyone who probes by phone after 4 or 5 p.m. must expect rejections rather than promises. Maybe the headbridge is still free at the front. Or the steamboat landing – see you tomorrow morning at seven thirty. Hardly any harbor master wants to reserve.

Public quays are more likely to be found in the larger towns, and they are also often full in the high season. It is easier for nine or penalty yachts. There would also be room for a family there. Here and there sailing yachts are also on the move, but if you want to get to know several lakes, connected by canals and rivers with bridges, you would drive more under motor than under sail, with a horizontal mast.

It is important to plan the stages well

Good planning is everything. More than 30 kilometers a day is uncomfortable. Those who anchor in between, who want to walk through Potsdam’s center, Werder, Babelsberg or Brandenburg and avoid worrying about the evening berth, plan shorter stages from the outset.

Especially important for those who like to travel: At the end of the week you have to be back at the charter port – and very punctually, otherwise it will be expensive. If you only plan the return trip on the Friday before the boat is returned (usually Saturday 9 or 10 a.m.), you should think twice about it, given the time-consuming locks and any hectic pace.

Houseboat rafts are popular even if some routes are closed to them and they move slowly

Houseboat rafts are popular, even if some routes are closed to them and move slowly

Source: Getty Images / Westend61

Boats up to 15 HP do not require a license. These are either smaller specimens or houseboat rafts with a rectangular hull, which have become increasingly popular recently, even if some routes are closed to them and they are only making slow progress. Which is why the radius for weekly planning has to be set significantly smaller with them.

Most are booked for day trips because they only offer spartan sleeping places. Sometimes they are also equipped as party boats with booming bass loudspeakers and so make those seeking peace and quiet annoyed.

Locks can be a problem in a houseboat

But there are also real swimming bungalows for newcomers in every comfort and price class, inside with cabin suites, professional kitchens and, if necessary, even with a sauna and wood stove. The advantage of these houseboats: They only have a shallow draft, so they can hardly run aground. While the cabin cruiser captain has to feel his way around at walking pace with a fixed view of the echo sounder where the marker barrels tend to be missing in the shallow fairway, a bungalow like this can – carefully – almost advance to the shore.

The worlds then separate when it comes to the mooring maneuvers or, more clearly, in the locks, where the clumsy newcomer in the houseboat just before the crash has to listen to instructions over loudspeakers, more or less friendly and audible for everyone. So if you like it stress-free, choose a route without locks.

Experienced license holders may prefer a traditional yacht. Many things have become easier for those who may have made the appearance decades ago; bow and stern thrusters, for example, have long been standard. Which is why nowadays nobody can be admired from the jetty while “parking backwards” perfectly. With draft beer later in the harbor bar, there is still enough to talk about. By far, of course.

With over 112 square kilometers, the Müritz is the largest inland lake in Germany - recreational captains can do a lot here

With over 112 square kilometers, the Müritz is the largest inland lake in Germany – recreational captains can do a lot here

Source: FlickrVision / Ursula Sander

Tips and information

Houseboat provider: Brandenburg and Berlin: the small landlord mariTeam in Deetz near Werder offers good service, houseboats from 750 euros / week (dialog-charter.de). Kuhnle Tours is based on the Müritz, but also has locations in Berlin and Brandenburg, bungalow boats from 59 euros / night, houseboats from 511 euros / week (kuhnle-tours.de).

Mecklenburg Lake District: Yachtcharter Schulz in Waren an der Müritz has a wide range of houseboats, from 490 euros / week (bootsurlaub.de), as does Müritz Yacht Management, from 649 euros / week (mueritz-yacht.de).

Leipziger Seenland: Seeblick houseboat rental offers fixed houseboats and “floating houses”, for example on the Großer Goitzschesee and Geiseltalsee, from 120 euros / night (hausbootvermietung-seeblick.de).

Requirements: A boating license is often not necessary for many models and areas; more than 900 kilometers can be traveled in East Germany without such a document. Houseboats up to 15 HP are mostly free of license, classified “tourist waterways” are often navigable with boats over 15 HP without a license, a briefing (charter certificate) from the rental company is sufficient. Rules vary regionally and should be requested from the landlord.

Further information: deutschlands-seenland.de; reiseland-brandenburg.de; mecklenburgische-seenplatte.de; blaues-band.de (Central Germany)

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WELT AM SONNTAG from August 30, 2020



Ball: Urrutikoetxea gives the go-ahead and reappears in Arrigorriaga

Mikel Urrutikoetxea carried out a test yesterday morning in the Bizkaia pediment of Bilbao, behind closed doors, under the supervision of Pablo Berasaluze, Baiko’s technician, to check if he was in a position to reappear on Sunday in Arrigorriaga. The Zaratamo striker, who has only contested the first day of the Caixabank Masters –he lost in Bizkaia with Irribarria (14-22) to Artola and Rezusta– ended up with a fibrillary micro-rupture in the left pectoralis major, the same injury that already forced him to be in the dry dock for several months years. Unai Laso has replaced him in the last two days, but without much success since they are still bottom after failing to reach the 22 carton in the three games played.

Urrutikoetxea ended with good feelings and, after medical consultation, gave his company the go-ahead to schedule him at the Municipal de Arrigorriaga, where on Sunday he will re-pair with Irribarria. His rivals will be Ezkurdia and Aranguren. In that same festival, Agirre and Eskiroz will settle the pending match of the Parejas Promoción against Elordi and Oier Etxebarria. It is an inconsequential duel since the Navarrese were already mathematically classified for the final, which will take place on August 1 at the Labrit in Pamplona.

Urrutikoetxea is also announced on Sunday the 26th at the Aritzbatalde in Zarautz before Jaka and Albisu, in the second of the five festivals that the companies are going to program on the premises of the Gipuzkoan coastal town throughout the summer.


Pierre Andurand, the trader who wins big when black gold collapses

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LONDON (awp / afp) – French trader Pierre Andurand, manager of an investment fund specializing in petroleum, saw the collapse of crude prices coming in February, even warning about the possibility of a negative price. Profitable premonitions.

“There is no limit to the drop in prices (…), negative prices are possible”, wrote the founder of Andurand Capital on Twitter on April 20, a few hours before the reference price American crude oil actually went below zero dollars, a first.

The barrel of WTI has just wiped out in a few weeks the 60 dollars it was worth at the start of the year on the New York market, and its European cousin Brent is not much better. At the same time, Andurand Capital recorded a three-digit performance for having anticipated it in February, before the collapse of air traffic and the closure of economies around the world.

The best shot of his career. And a 180 degree turn for those who were still betting at the start of the year on a surge in black gold prices.

The American financial agency Bloomberg places its management company, endowed with approximately $ 800 million under management, in the list of eleven “who are doing the best at the worst of the crisis” according to a survey. published Tuesday, in which three-quarters of the 1,500 funds surveyed lost money because of the economic shock of the pandemic.

“When I feel that there is a big change in demand and supply, I analyze it in detail and I try to quantify its impact on prices”, explains Pierre Andurand to AFP.

“Very early”, he became convinced that the Covid-19 would be “hard to stop”, that there was “a high probability of containment measures anywhere in the world”. The trader anticipates the chain reaction that has taken place since then on the oil market: fall in demand, surplus, storage in catastrophe pushing reserves to their limits, collapse of prices.

It is now counting on a slight rise in prices, deeming “sufficient” the voluntary and involuntary cuts in producing countries.

Competitive sport

It is not the first time that the 43-year-old financier has vampirized black gold prices: in the midst of the financial crisis of 2008, the fund he has just launched posted a performance of 209.5%, then 55% the next year. Rebelote in 2014, while oil prices fell by half in a few months.

However, he sometimes drinks a cup: in 2012, shortly before the closure of his first fund at the beginning of the following year, then in 2018 and 2019, his investments losing between 15% and 20%.

The son of civil servants, the large-sized Aixois spent part of his childhood on Reunion Island before returning to France where he swam in the junior France team. He then hired two Olympic swimming champions, the French Clément Lefert and the South African Cameron van der Burgh.

The graduate in applied mathematics at INSA then in finance at HEC is interested in the trade of trader “which touches a little with everything: finance, macroeconomics, psychology, mathematics, geopolitics”, he says.

He finds there an approach “quite similar to a competitive sport, the return on investment replacing the clock”, and approaches oil thanks to the recruiters of Goldman Sachs.

“Succeed on your own”

He joined their Singapore trading room in 2000 before joining Bank of America and then in 2003 the Dutch trading company Vitol, who asked him to come to London the following year. “It worked well enough young,” he says. To put it mildly, rumors suggest a bonus of $ 20 million the year he turns 27.

In 2007, the star trader felt “confident enough to succeed on his own” and founded his first management company, BlueGold before launching Andurand Capital in 2010 which he installed opposite the department store Harrods, in the luxurious district of Knightsbridge, and now heads from Malta, where he settled in 2017.

The sports fan, remarried after a first romance with a Russian model, has also launched a venture capital fund based in the United States which finances start-ups. He is also at the origin of a kickboxing franchise, Glory, discipline which he practiced and in which almost all the blows are allowed.

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Student breaks into the museum and steals something unexpected

A 25-year-old student from Germany broke into the Australian Museum in Sydney in early May. He quietly took the time to walk around and take a good look at everything. At the end of his “visit” he even took a souvenir with him.

Selfie in museum goes wrong: expensive artwork damaged

The perpetrator proceeded to take the Van Gogh painting from the museum, which was remarkably easy