A terrible accident … a car crashes a woman while being dragged by Chinese thieves in Argentina … Video

A video clip circulated on international news sites recorded the moment when a 24-year-old woman was hit by a car while being dragged behind a motorcycle with two armed thieves on board.

It is noteworthy that the accident occurred last Tuesday morning in the “Moreno” area in the Argentine capital “Buenos Aires”, while the victim “Brenda Gutierrez” stopped at a bakery in the residential neighborhood in which she lives before heading to a job interview.

A surveillance camera at the scene of the accident detected what the victim was exposed to moment by moment, as while she was stopping outside the shop, the two thieves approached her and climbed on their motorbike to the sidewalk and managed to grab her mobile phone and bag.

In another footage, the two thieves were seen driving the motorcycle and dragging the victim behind them, and it was only moments before a passing car hit her on the road while its driver was trying to avoid the motorcycle, and he collided in a pole after the victim hit the car; The driver was then seen running to check her condition, while the thieves ran away, leaving her on the road.

It turned out that the driver was called “Thomas Villalba”, a bakery employee who happened to pass on this road while Gutierrez was being robbed and dragged; The eyewitnesses reported that the two thieves fired several shots at the car, “Villalba”, before they fled the scene. It took about 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, and during that time the driver and his wife took care of the injured woman until paramedics arrived and took her to a hospital.

It should be noted that “Brenda Gutierrez” suffered fractures in her arm and ribs, in addition to suffering from internal bleeding, bruises and bruises, but her condition is generally stable. It was not immediately clear if the police had arrested the two thieves.


Video that breaks the soul: bitch hugs her owner before he abandons her | Chronicle

A heartless act was captured by a security camera in the Malaysian town of Johor, where a man abandoned a female dog along with five newborn puppies on the edge of a road.

The subject about to remove the animals (Facebook).

The event quickly went viral on the social network Facebook and unleashed the outrage of thousands of users.

The statement of the Protective Association (Facebook).

The images, spread on the page Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association, They let us see the instant when the man gets out of his truck with a box that contains the animals, while the mother desperately clings to the thigh of who, until that moment, was its owner. Shortly after, the subject returns to his vehicle and leaves without further ado.

The dogs were adopted by a family (Facebook).

The scene was seen by a young man who approached the dog and its young to save them.