Porsche and Audi in Formula 1: Still a few hurdles / Formula 1

Representatives from Porsche and Audi took part in all concept meetings relating to Formula 1 engines from 2026 onwards. Formula 1 rolled out the red carpet for the VW group, but there are still a few hurdles. A medium-term goal of Formula 1 managing director Stefano Domenicali: The premier class is to be enriched by […]

Lewis Hamilton: Advice for tennis ace Emma Raducanu / Formula 1

Tennis player Emma Raducanu sensationally won the US Open at the age of 18. The Brit with Chinese and Romanian roots met Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who gave her some advice. The tennis world was upside down: British Emma Raducanu, who was born in Toronto, sensationally won the US Open, one of the four […]

Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin / 9th): New at McLaren / Formula 1

The biggest mistake made by world champion Sebastian Vettel in the second Mexico training session was cause for amusement: He stopped at McLaren’s neighbors! The Heppenheimer is ninth fastest. The mechanics of the McLaren racing team were amazed: In the second free practice session, it was not Daniel Ricciardo or Lando Norris that drove up […]

Damon Hill on Lewis Hamilton: “Why does he say that?” / Formula 1

Formula 1 champion Damon Hill admires his English compatriot Lewis Hamilton. But sometimes the 22-time GP winner Hill doesn’t quite understand the seven-time world champion. Damon Hill (61) makes no secret of his admiration for Lewis Hamilton. But with all due respect to the former Williams star for the skills and tremendous successes of Hamilton, […]

Motor worries Mercedes: Will staff change take revenge? / Formula 1

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff had to admit: “We have problems with the stability of our engines.” Will a personnel change that was confirmed in June 2020 take revenge? The Austrian Toto Wolff, who led the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 racing team to seven world titles, is worried. The 49-year-old Viennese honestly admitted: “Unfortunately, we have […]

Lewis Hamilton like Bottas? Alarm at Mercedes / Formula 1

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas received a new engine in Monza and Sochi, and then in Texas too, so there was another penalty. It is still unclear whether Hamilton will have to change again. The opponents of Mercedes-Benz are still puzzling: What is going on with the engines of the endurance world champions? The ten-time GP […]

Fernando Alonso charges: judgment unfair, FIA reacts / Formula 1

Superstar Fernando Alonso said: The same offense of different drivers leads to different judgments. That is unfair. Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi reacts to this criticism. Is it measured with different cubits in Formula 1? The two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso assumes that different judgments would be made for identical offenses in the […]

Fred Vasseur (Alfa) rages: “Should you block me!” / Formula 1

McLaren driver Lando Norris ran over the white line at the pit entrance in the turmoil of the Russian GP, ​​but got away with a warning. Alfa Romeo team boss Fred Vasseur thinks that is scandalous. For years there has been an uproar among Formula 1 drivers and team bosses: The same penalties are not […]

Nikita Mazepin: Another foul, does FIA have to intervene? / Formula 1

Again the fuss about the Russian Haas driver Nikita Mazepin. At his home GP in Russia, the Muscovite had to be shown the warning flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. When does the FIA ​​intervene? For most Formula 1 fans, the black and white flag means the checkerboard-like checkered cloth that is shown at the end of […]

Hamilton off a no-go: will Mercedes change the engine? / Formula 1

After changing the engine, Max Verstappen was able to successfully limit the damage. Does Lewis Hamilton have to go back on the starting grid? For Max Verstappen, second place at the Russian GP was like a victory. The engine of the Dutchman’s Red Bull racer had been changed, which is why he had to start […]