There are no risks due to COVID infections for back to school in August: AMLO – El Financiero

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He maintained this Thursday that there are no risks of COVID-19 infections in the country before the return to face-to-face classes in August.

“Classes restart at the end of August throughout the country (…). We will not have by then contagion problems that could put children, young people, teachers and educational personnel at risk. because it is proven that the pandemic affects the elderly ”, he said in the ‘morning’.

The president reiterated that the return to the classrooms will be in August at the national level, as indicated by the school calendar of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), this because there are conditions for it and the current government is working on a plan to improve schools.

In that sense, he indicated that it is rare for minors to die after falling ill with COVID-19.

In addition, López Obrador called on parents to meet to organize the face-to-face return to the classrooms.

“I take this opportunity to summon all the people of Mexico, especially the fathers and mothers of families who are already beginning to organize. Help us with this, of course we begin preparations for the return to school. That we do not meet a week before, but with time, “he added.

The start date of the 2021-2022 school year for basic level will be August 30, 2021 and will end on July 28, 2022. Also, registration and re-registration will take place from August 16 to September 10.

This calendar will be valid for public and private schools incorporated into the National Educational System.

Third wave COVID takes ‘strength’ in Mexico

On Wednesday, deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico amounted to 235 thousand 507, while confirmed cases reached 2 million 616 thousand 827.

In 24 hours, the Ministry of Health registered 12,116 new coronavirus infections, the highest number in five months.

Meanwhile, the estimated positive cases, that is, those who presented symptoms in the last 14 days rose to 70,132.


Detect infections at an early stage


New corona mass test up to 100 times more sensitive than rapid antigen tests

by Felix Heyder

(01.07.2021) A new corona test developed at the University Hospital Bonn can analyze a large number of smears simultaneously with the help of sequencing technology and has a similarly high sensitivity as the common qPCR test. The innovative method offers great potential, particularly for systematic testing in day-care centers, schools or companies. The study results for the new corona test have now been published in the renowned specialist journal “Nature Biotechnology”.

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Prof. Dr. Jonathan Schmid-Burgk, recorded while pipetting in a laboratory on the campus of the University Hospital Bonn
Photo: Felix Heyder / Bonn University Hospital


Swab material from corona tests stained blue is prepared for analysis in a sequencing device with the help of a laboratory robot.
Photo: Felix Heyder / Bonn University Hospital


In order to be able to effectively monitor and contain the infection process in the corona pandemic, in addition to vaccination, systematic testing of the population remains of central importance. This is the only way to effectively monitor the spread of the virus and to contain it through targeted measures. The innovative “LAMP-Seq” corona test, which was developed at the University Hospital Bonn (UKB), offers the possibility of regularly testing many people for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In this way, infections can be detected at an early stage and corresponding chains of infection can be quickly interrupted.

“Our corona test” LAMP-Seq “is about 100 times more sensitive than the currently widespread rapid antigen tests and almost as sensitive and specific as the common qPCR test”, describes Prof. Dr. Jonathan Schmid-Burgk from the Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology at the UKB discussed the properties of the test procedure, which was developed in an interdisciplinary manner with other researchers at the UKB.

“In addition, there is the high scalability of the test. Using sequencing machines, thousands of samples can be analyzed at the same time, ”says Schmid-Burgk, who was appointed to the University of Bonn in 2020 and previously worked at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The LAMP-Seq process not only detects corona infections with the original virus, but also those with new mutants of the variants alpha to delta.

Members of the ImmunoSensation2 Cluster of Excellence, the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health, Life & Brain GmbH and the German Armed Forces Central Hospital in Koblenz were among others involved in the project.

For the “LAMP-Seq” test, the Bonn scientists have adapted the already established LAMP method (“Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification” – multiplication of the virus genome at a constant temperature) and made it compatible with sequencing machines from biomedical research. As a result, many samples can be analyzed simultaneously using the high-throughput method.

This laboratory diagnostic procedure is made possible by an innovation from Schmid-Burgk: Before thousands of samples are analyzed together in a sequencing run, each individual sample is linked to a molecular barcode. This barcode ensures that every sample can be clearly assigned even after thousands of samples have been pooled. “Subsequent testing of the entire pool in the event of a positive test result is therefore no longer necessary,” said Dr. Kerstin Ludwig, Emmy Noether group leader at the Institute for Human Genetics. This technology significantly reduces the costs per test in direct comparison to the qPCR test and makes the “LAMP-Seq” method a scalable corona mass test.

“With its high throughput and high sensitivity, the“ LAMP-Seq ”test can make a significant contribution to the screening of undetected infections. Especially in schools or companies where many people meet regularly, our corona test is ideal for systematically and preventively monitoring the incidence of infection, ”says the co-developer of the test procedure, describing the possible application scenarios for the“ LAMP-Seq ”test .

Prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve, Medical Director and Chairman of the Board at UKB, explains the benefits of the new test for corona surveillance as follows: “To effectively contain a pandemic, you have to find infected people before they infect other people. In order to achieve this goal, we need mass screenings with the highest sensitivity, with which we can get a detailed picture of existing chains of infection. This is exactly what the ‘LAMP-Seq’ corona test developed at the UKB is ideal for. “

Even smaller models of the sequencing machines used are able to analyze around 10,000 samples in a single run (duration: around ten to twelve hours). This means that the laboratory capacities are almost excluded as a limiting factor in the testing.

In several large studies (including school and employee tests) with a total of around 20,000 tests, the Bonn scientists have extensively tested, optimized and successfully validated the entire upstream and downstream logistics, from taking samples via throat swab to fully digital feedback of the test results. The documentation of the study results recently went through an independent peer review process and was published today in the renowned journal “Nature Biotechnology”.

While the Bonn researchers have currently focused their innovative method entirely on SARS-CoV-2 testing, “LAMP-Seq” can in future also be used for differential diagnostics in testing for other viruses such as influenza A and can also be quickly adapted to other pandemics . The scientists are currently working on the CE marking as part of a conformity assessment procedure in order to make the “LAMP-Seq” test available internationally in a timely manner. Until this approval has been obtained, the technically and scientifically fully validated “LAMP-Seq” method will continue to be used for pilot tests.

The scientific team received financial support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the National Research Network for University Medicine (NUM B-FAST).

To the University Hospital Bonn:

The UKB cares for over 400,000 patients per year, employs over 8,000 people and has a balance sheet total of over one billion euros. In addition to the more than 3,300 medical and dentistry students, over 500 young people are trained in other health professions every year. The UKB is in 1st place among the university hospitals (UK) in North Rhine-Westphalia in the science ranking, has the fourth-highest case mix index (case severity) in Germany and had the economically most successful annual result of all 35 German UKs in 2020 and the only positive annual result of all UKs in NRW.



Better Teachers Would Make Up to Two-Thirds of Negative Grades Disappear | education

If teachers with a lesser impact on their students’ grades were able to have a similar effect to that of their better-performing peers, student ratings could improve significantly. This is what a study by a group of researchers from the New School of Business and Economics (SBE) and University College London did for the think tank Edulog and which is presented this Wednesday. This positive result is higher in Mathematics, where, in secondary education, the percentage of “negative” could drop from 70% to 23%.


Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg: Mask requirement at schools will be relaxed from Monday – Baden-Württemberg

From red / dpa / lsw

The mask requirement at schools in the southwest is being relaxed.

Foto: imago images/Michael Weber

From next Monday, the mask requirement will be relaxed at schools in Baden-Württemberg. The Ministry of Culture announced on Thursday.

From red / dpa / lsw

06/17/2021 – 2:52 pm

Stuttgart – Schoolchildren in Baden-Württemberg can partially do without a mask from Monday. Because of the low number of corona infections and the obligation to test, the mask requirement in schools could be carefully relaxed, the Ministry of Education announced on Thursday. Health Minister Manne Lucha (Greens) announced that the mask requirement would be relaxed on Tuesday.

Read here: End of mandatory test for outdoor catering in sight

If the value falls below 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days, there is no mask requirement in the open air and thus also in schoolyards. If the so-called seven-day incidence in a region is below 35 and there was no corona case at school for two weeks, the mask requirement is also lifted in classrooms. Outside the classrooms, for example in corridors, students and teachers still have to wear masks. The schools should still be informed about the exact regulations, emphasized a spokesman for the ministry.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, all 44 regions in the southwest are currently (as of Wednesday afternoon) below the 50 mark. Only the district of Tuttlingen and the city of Heilbronn have values ​​over 35.


Mother detained for pretending to be her daughter at school for an entire day – Unusual

An American woman was arrested after impersonating her daughter at school for an entire day. Casey Garcia spent a day at the school, dressed in a loose shirt, mask and backpack. She attended several classes and only at the end of the day did the teachers realize that it was a 30-year-old woman, not a teenager.

According to the Mirror, Casey wanted to draw attention to the lack of security at that school in San Elizario, Texas. The woman filmed herself for most of the day and posted the images on social media. In the videos, teachers can be seen complaining to the ‘young woman’ to turn off the device.

“I’ve been here all day, face-to-face with the teachers and they didn’t notice”, laments the woman, assuring that only after more than seven hours of classes did a teacher find it strange that this was not a student of hers.

“I’m telling you, we need better security in our schools,” says Casey who, despite breaking the law, never thought the situation would “go that far”. “I just wanted to prove something about the safety of our children. The only thing I want to do is prevent the next mass shooting,” said the American.

Casey is charged with trespassing on private property and obstructing justice.

After the images released by Casey went viral, several parents complained to the school that, in fact, the episode reveals some security weaknesses.


AFTER MASS GRAVE DISCOVERY: UN human rights experts demand clarification from the Vatican and Canada – WELT news channel

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The Cité scolaire Amiens-Sud expands its sports training with an amateur football center of excellence


The Cité Scolaire Amiens-Sud, made up of the Lycée Edouard-Branly, Louis-Thullier and Edouard-Grand, inaugurates this Monday, May 31, its pole of excellence of Amateur Football (PEFA), in the presence of the officials of the French Football Federation and from the front


Corona in Berlin: dispute about schools is coming to a head – Scheeres insists on a change model

Dhe dispute over the continuing school closings in Berlin despite persistently low incidences is coming to a head. While schools in all federal states are returning to face-to-face teaching, Senator for Education Sandra Scheeres (SPD) in Berlin wants to stick to the changeover model that she announced on May 14th – and which is sometimes causing massive criticism from parents, politicians and doctors.

Scheeres wants to avoid “an additional burden” on the schools and therefore stick to the restrictions in the period before the summer holidays, which start in the capital on June 24th. Five weeks make up more than a quarter of the total teaching time in the 2021 semester, which is 18 weeks.

Lawyers consider this decision to be illegal. Because the restriction of fundamental rights requires special justification. In this case, the basic right to education is restricted. The Berlin School Act also specifies certain days of instruction per class level. If Berlin refuses to open schools despite falling incidences, a justification is needed. On May 27, the incidence according to the Corona management report in Berlin was 34.1.

No reason to restrict fundamental rights

Constitutional lawyer Thomas Mayen said in an interview with WELT: “The state has a duty to protect the fundamental rights of its citizens. It is his constitutional duty to incur administrative burdens. He also has staff and collects taxes. “

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There is also clear resistance to the Senate’s decision among parents. Laure Kaelble from Berlin has started an online petition to return to normal school operations before the summer holidays. The goal was 2,500 signatures, and by Thursday evening she had 4,500. Kaelble, mother of three school-age children, called the state government’s justification a “provocation”. You cannot understand that beer gardens open, but schools do not – even if you do not want to offset this against each other. “Lessons are not a burden for schools, but their normal task,” says Kaelble. She has not yet received a response from the Senate to her request to hand over the signatures.

The “Families in Crisis” initiative also calls for an immediate return to face-to-face teaching. “All over Germany there are lessons in full strength, sometimes even without masks as in Bremen. This must also be possible in Berlin with incidences below 50, ”said Milan Renner, Berlin spokesman for the initiative. Many parents were planning to go to the administrative court as those personally affected and to sue the Senate’s decision.

No end in sight?

Renner described a response from the Senate in response to outraged emails from parents as a “strong piece”. In the mail that WELT has received, it says: “We were very concerned about the idea of ​​teaching in fully occupied classes over the past few weeks when there were currently moderate but occasional infections. From our point of view, it represents an unnecessary and avoidable risk and would possibly also reduce further easing for the general population if the incidence figures rise again. “For Renner, this argument means that the restrictions could continue into the new school year:” We don’t have any Guarantee that regular lessons will really start again. “

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Children are also resilient and can learn to develop resilience, says the expert

At the request of WELT, the governing mayor referred Michael Müller (SPD) to the Senate Department for Education. The responsible spokesman said it was the plan to return to regular school operations after the holidays, for which preparations were underway. There are already 6300 air filter devices installed in the schools, another 1200 will be delivered. There are just under 650 primary and general education schools in Berlin – so each school receives an average of around twelve devices. The spokesman also assured that a vaccination status of the students would be “not a basic requirement” for school attendance.

He denied illegal action by the Senate: “We legally take the view that in view of the continued high number of infections, … particularly high incidence numbers in the age groups of the schoolchildren and not yet fully vaccinated colleges, there is much to be said for keeping the situation stable.”

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But Scheeres is now facing headwinds even from the green coalition partner. Justice Senator Dirk Behrendt will, according to the “Tagesspiegel”, refuse to sign the new Corona Protection Ordinance for schools at the request of his parliamentary group. The current version expires on May 31, so the time for an agreement is pressing. The Education Senate said that from Tuesday “there will be no more classes” if the parliamentary group does not sign.

The dispute over school policy is also reflected in the election campaign that began in Berlin – a new House of Representatives will be elected in the fall. The Berlin CDU chairman and top candidate for the office of governing mayor, Kai Wegner, spoke out in favor of reopening the schools “as soon as possible”. There is a deep longing for normality in school. “As a father, I know what is required of families in the pandemic. Many parents are at the limit. “

SPD top candidate Franziska Giffey also pleaded for rethinking the previous practice. She told the “Berliner Morgenpost” that if the incidence among children was also permanently below 50, “even a few days of regular classes before the summer vacation are worth discussing again”.

In the first version we had given the number of primary and general education schools in Berlin as 1200. There are 650, plus general education schools in private ownership. We have corrected this.


touched the UN agency for refugees-

FROM OUR SENT TO TEL AVIV The Shati refugee camp, beach in Arabic, is so called because the gray concrete cubes stand sheer to the coast, from the rocks the open sewer drips into the sea. What should be the main road is instead an alley always muddy that leads to the building where he lives Ismail Haniyeh, among Hamas leaders, the bars prevent you from getting there, in times of calm the guards check whoever passes by.

Now they are hiding in the bunkers, the boss is not there, he has been in Qatar for five months. Away from destruction and missiles. One hit the Abu Tahab house in full the other night, the three floors came down over eight children and two women, were celebrating a few days late the evening of Eid Al Fitr which ends the month of fasting with a dinner for Ramadan. Only little Omar, 5 months old, was saved: Palestinian rescuers say they found him with his mother to cover him, to shield him with a hug. Army spokesmen claim they wanted to target “prominent elements of the organization” and they accuse Hamas of using civilians as human shields.

Fundamentalists avenge the attack on Shati with a rocket launch on Tel Aviv. They’re studying how to break through the Iron Dome defense system. Yesterday after lunch they succeeded: two quick shots in a row and shortly after a bombing of a few minutes. One of the bullets fell on Ramat Gan a 55-year-old man was killed, did not have time to find refuge. The Israeli victims since the beginning of the war are 10, among them a 5-year-old child. The Al Qassam Brigades, the irregular army of Hamas, announce the stop to the rockets for 2 hours, from 22. It is not a truce, it is to demonstrate that they can control the times of the war: 9 minutes after midnight, 200 rockets rain down on Tel Aviv and the center of the country, sirens sound amid the explosions of interceptions. Israel reacted in the night with a new, unannounced “heavy bombardment” on Gaza City, according to reports from al Jazeera, according to which a street in the center and two residential buildings were hit. The attack would have made at least three victims plus an unspecified number of people left under the rubble.even touching the building that houses the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (Unrwa).

The militiamen concentrated the rockets for the rest of the day over cities in the south of the country and towards Beer Sheva in the Negev desert, more than 2,300 have been launched since Monday. Israeli air forces and tanks continued to target the Strip, the dead are now 145, a thousand injured. The mediation to reach the truce seems not to work for now.

Today Hady Amr, the American diplomat responsible for the Israeli-Palestinian question, meets the Israeli ministers and in Ramallah the Palestinian ones. President Joe Biden spoke to Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Mazen for the first time since taking office in the White House. From the headquarters of the armed forces in Tel Aviv Netanyahu makes it known that “the operation goes on, we will continue until we have achieved our objectives”.

At the start of the offensive, Aviv Kochavi, the Israeli chief of staff, warned Hamas leaders that there would be no immunity. For them and their properties. The house of number two Khalil Al Hayya has been razed to the ground and they are also under fire the residential villas of the Rimal district. The goal is to push the new class of rich people created by the domination of the fundamentalists – between concrete trafficking and concessions on where to build buildings – to press on the top of the group.

From the top floor of the Al Jalaa Tower, journalists from all over the world have shown live during each of the wars that the Israeli bombings of Gaza and the white trails of the rockets launched against Israel are shown live. The television Al Jazeera or the American news agency Associated Press they also made equipment available to allow their colleagues to broadcast live via satellite, from up there the cameras kept their electronic eyes on day and night on what was happening in the city of Gaza. There is nothing left.

Aviation missiles hit the foundations of the 12-story building, 60 apartments in all, after military intelligence called the owner and warned him to evacuate the building. The reporters – at the moment all local, because the army does not allow foreign journalists to enter from the Erez crossing – had less than an hour to try to save the archives and take out the documents accumulated over years of conflict. “We are shocked and horrified,” said Gary Pruit, the president of theAp. Explain that they were in the offices a dozen journalists at the time of the warning: “Now the world will be able to know much less about what is happening in Gaza.” Mostafa Souag, director of Al Jazeera, he defines the bombing as “barbaric” and accuses Israel of wanting to “hide the carnage and suffering”. The Americans have sent the message to the Israeli government that “the safety of reporters is essential”.

Jonathan Conricus, the spokesman for the armed forces, replies that the skyscraper was a “legitimate target” because “in the building Hamas military intelligence men were hiding. They hoped that by putting ourselves among the reporters we would hesitate to strike ».

May 15, 2021 (change May 16, 2021 | 11:08 am)