Biology and Geology exam: “accessible” and “nothing very unexpected” test | National Exams 2021

The 11th year exam in Biology and Geology took place this Thursday and was the exam with the highest number of participants in the 24 tests that will take place this year. At the Escola Secundária de Camões, in Lisbon, the students considered the test “accessible” and without major surprises.


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@kartiktokaaryan ko Dekh kar Ye bacche Pagal hogye They🤩🤩#style #foryou #dance #tiktok #kartikaryan #bollywood #news #celebrity #school #caught

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EM 2021: TV – From a German point of view, the best was Almuth Schult

Dhe “Bild” came to a fairly clear judgment in its résumé of the German TV experts at this European Championship – and an extremely accurate one. “More Almuth Schult, less Schweini” was the headline of the paper. “Already now”, it said in the article, “we know who we absolutely want to see again from Qatar at the World Cup from November 21, 2022 – and who we would prefer to go to another desert …” The German national goalkeeper Almuth Schult, an invigorating element in the men’s group of ARD, so the tenor of the comment, is indispensable with her refreshing expertise.

The 30-year-old is “sharp-tongued like Oliver Kahn, funny like Delling and Netzer together, dissecting like Jan Henkel (triumphed as an analyst on the pay channel MagentaTV). With Schult (to Immobile-Schwalbe: “He dropped into the depths to make room.”) The ARD even made a mistake Prince – only has a first name – Boateng and the sometimes too gockel-like moderation of the otherwise quick-witted Alex Bommes concealed. One would love to cross Us Almuth with the ZDF top top expert Christoph Kramer and the best EM presenter Jochen Breyer (always ankle-free) as a TV trio – German Dynamite … “

One of the most beautiful television moments of the European Championship is Schult’s laughing fit. She kept snorting after her colleague Kevin-Prince Boateng said: “He’s been in the game for so long …” The laughing Schult even had to pass the next question: “I’m out.”

Schult convinced with authenticity and specialist knowledge

Schult delighted the TV audience with her naturalness and humor. From a German point of view, it was without a doubt the best at this European Championship. Also with their analyzes, which were much more precise and ruthless than with Bastian Schweinsteiger, who is also under contract with the first and caused the broadcaster to worry for other reasons during the course of the tournament.

“We are European champions after all these months with Corona”

The Italians give in to their ecstasy of joy at winning the European Championship. The English fans, on the other hand, are shocked. Two countries – incredible emotions. While the winners are celebrating, the losers “don’t want to eat any more pasta”.

What does an expert have to bring along for a successful television appearance? “I think authenticity, that you take the person seriously, whatever they are, that you feel good when you listen to them, that they are eloquent and that they have knowledge, take the viewers with them and inform them.” said before the tournament – and according to the audience and professional TV critics, the 30-year-old fully met these requirements in the following weeks.

Schult received consistently good ratings. “There was absolutely no negative feedback,” said ARD EM team boss Steffen Simon. “We were pleasantly surprised.” Those responsible for the public broadcaster feared that there could also have been hostility and insults on the Internet, as with the ZDF commentator Claudia Neumann.

“That has a lot to do with their naturalness,” said the ARD team boss and praised the appearance of the 30-year-olds: “Their tactical explanations are sensational. She is totally courageous and clear. ”The goalkeeper, who has made 91 appearances for the national team and is under contract with Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg, made good use of her experience.

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Schult has also gained notoriety through her appearances, as she reported to the “Sportbuzzer” portal: “Once a taxi driver rolled down the window and shouted:“ You’re from TV, cool, you’re doing a good job! ”“ On the other hand: “Nothing has changed in the village where I live. That’s the most important thing anyway, ”said Schult, who lives with her husband and children in Wendland in Lower Saxony.

Schweinsteiger becomes a problem

While the national goalkeeper, who is also part of the “Football can do more” initiative, gave ARD a lot of pleasure during the European Championship, Schweinsteiger became a problem. That had nothing to do with the criticism of his joint appearances with Jessy Wellmer, but with the surreptitious advertising affair.

The case has still not been finally resolved and is to be “processed internally” in the coming weeks, as the ARD says. An appearance by Schweinsteiger had caused anger at the station because he had advertised a watch at the same time.

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The expert, who is under contract until the end of 2020, “published a post on social media at half-time without our knowledge as part of a paid advertising partnership,” criticized the broadcaster. He also “made it very clear that the ARD, according to its guidelines, does not tolerate any form of surreptitious advertising and unrecognized product placement of its protagonists”. The first is still waiting for a statement from Schweinsteiger and his management.

Top rate for ZDF in Italy’s triumph

In the meantime, the final figures have become public. The audience interest has risen again significantly in the final phase of the EM. At the end of the tournament, the final gave ZDF another top audience rating and more viewers than ARD at the EM 2016. An average of 20.90 million people saw Italy win against England on penalties on Sunday evening. According to the broadcaster, the market share was 64.4 percent. Only three games of the German national team had more TV viewers at the EM than the final.

Victory on penalties – Italy’s dramatic triumph in the video

Italy beat England in a captivating final and crown themselves European champions. Despite England’s lightning lead, the game goes into overtime. In the penalty shootout, Southgate’s extra substitute shooters fail their nerves. The highlights in the video.

The final of the EM, postponed by a year, was more successful than the final in 2016. Five years ago, according to the AGF Video Research, an average of 18.834 million people sat in front of the television. The market share of the ARD broadcast in Portugal’s victory against France was 59.5 percent at the time.

Viewed over the entire tournament, there were fewer TV viewers on ARD and ZDF. An average of 11.741 million watched in 2016, just under 10.4 million this time. However, the streaming figures – which have not yet been finally calculated – are not included in this value. In addition, Telekom does not publish how many people have used its paid Magenta TV service, which broadcasts all the games.

“It was incredibly quiet after the final whistle”

Party in Rome – mourning in London. England loses the European Championship final on penalties. Nevertheless, the pride prevails at having come this far. WELT reporter Stefanie Bolzen reports on the mood in London.

“Overall, we are satisfied with the response, on television, but also in the ZDF media library and on social media,” commented ZDF sports director Thomas Fuhrmann. Outside of classic TV, there were “record values. The charisma of football has proven itself again, ”said Fuhrmann. “The EM took a moment to find its audience.”

ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky said: “We are very pleased that the audience was very interested in the entire tournament and it also shows the relevance of our broadcasts to the public.” Both channels were “very successful”, especially with younger viewers, as Fuhrmann emphasized.

The most successful game of the EM was the ARD broadcast of the defeat of the German national team against England with 27.49 million (market share 76.3 percent). The importance of live streams on the Internet is shown by the 4.6 million views of this game.

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Medicine, specialization grants amounting to 17,400. Double in two years –

At least on the front of medical specialization grants – traditional bottleneck in the training path of white coats after graduation – the Covid emergency did not pass in vain. In the space of two years, the number of places has more than doubled from 8,000 to 17,400. Thus establishes the decree signed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, adopted in concert with the Minister of the University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa, and with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco. The increase of 4,200 contracts compared to the 13,200 initially envisaged was possible thanks to the provisions of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The admission test

For 2021, the Government is making 17,400 medical specialization grants available for the same number of young graduates. They are double those that existed two years ago and almost triple those allocated in previous years. an extraordinary result that increases the opportunities for many young graduates and lays the foundations for the National Health Service of the future, declared the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. We have been able to respond to the requests of a decidedly increased training requirement thanks to a strong, adequate university network, ready to respond to the constantly evolving solicitations and requests without giving up on the quality of the offer, a network on which we will continue to work and invest, said the Minister of the University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa. The admission test to the specialization tests will take place on July 20, while it will be a decree of the Minister of University and Research to define the distribution of places at the various Schools of medical specializations.

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Johnson announced the abolition of masks and major covid bans in England :: Society :: RBC

According to the plan, the region will move to the fourth stage of easing on July 19. Expected steps include eliminating mandatory masking and distancing. However, plans to relax the authorities may still be revised.

Фото: Leon Neal / Getty Images

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced another round of easing COVID restrictions in England, the BBC reports. According to him, it is planned that from July 19, the region will cancel the main measures introduced due to the pandemic. However, the final decision will be made by the authorities on July 12.

If the situation does not change, the following concessions are expected:

  • The wearing of masks will become optional.
  • Maintaining a social distance of 1 m will become optional.
  • The restriction on the number of participants in meetings and meetings, both indoors and outdoors, will be lifted.
  • All establishments will be able to open, including nightclubs.
  • The rules for serving tables in restaurants and cafes will be canceled.
  • The restrictions on the number of visitors to nursing homes will be lifted.
  • The restrictions on the capacity of theaters, concert venues and sports events will be canceled.

The prime minister explained that the only reason the authorities can afford to consider easing restrictions is the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign. “As we approach the fourth stage [отмены ограничений] we must balance the risks, ”the Prime Minister said.

UK prime minister proposes plan to lift restrictions due to COVID-19

Фото:Alex Davidson / Getty Images

“If we can’t reopen all the properties over the next few weeks, during which summer and school holidays help us, we should ask ourselves, ‘When else can we reopen?’ – explained Johnson.

Earlier, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan appealed to Johnson with a request to leave the mandatory wearing of masks on public transport. Khan called this version of restrictions the simplest and safest.

British government adviser Patrick Vallance said that the country is in the middle of another rise in the incidence of COVID-19, mainly the disease is detected in young people. Also in the country, in some regions, the number of hospitalizations is growing.

He also drew attention to the increase in the number of deaths, albeit small, and suggested that this trend will continue. At the same time, Vallance also assessed the level of vaccination coverage of the population as high.

On June 30 in Britain, the maximum number of cases of coronavirus infection since the end of January was revealed in Britain per day – 26,068.

Britain records the maximum number of cases of COVID-19 since January

Фото: Leon Neal / Getty Images

Last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced her concern to Johnson about the too hasty, in her opinion, lifting of restrictions, in particular on the matches of the European Football Championship. She commented on the authorities’ decision to fill Wembley Stadium in London by three-quarters of the maximum capacity.

“We in Germany, as you know, have decided that fewer people will attend the games at the Munich stadium. The UK government will obviously make its own decision. But I am very worried if it is too much, ”the chancellor said.

Merkel voices concern to Johnson over full stands at Wembley

Фото:Getty Images


How and when to register for AÖF Summer School? What day is the 2021 AÖF Summer School exam date, online or face to face?


• The student will start the course selection process by selecting “Registration Procedures” from the “Student Transactions” menu at “”.
• The student will choose the course/courses he/she wants to take in the computer environment (by entering the unit where that course is opened). The student registered in the second major and minor program will choose a course from the quota of the second major/minor program allocated for that course.
• After selecting the courses, the student will give the course selection approval after checking the accuracy of the courses (course code, name, credit, etc.) he has chosen, taking into account the warning on the computer, before giving course selection approval. “ATTENTION ESPECIALLY!” No further changes will be allowed in the system for the courses for which registration approval has been given.
• The student will be able to see the tuition fee to be paid for the Summer School calculated according to the time of the course/courses he/she has chosen, and can pay to any branch of Ziraat Bank by specifying his TR ID number, name and surname or via Internet banking, Virtual POS and cash machines of the same bank. Payments must be made from Institution payments or ATMs. EFT/Money Transfer should not be made. The student has to pay the full amount he sees on the computer. Otherwise, registration confirmation will not be given.
• In necessary cases, the unit employee can remove the student’s “Summer School Course Selection Approval”. For this, the student must have completed the course selection, the fee to be paid has been notified to the bank, but must not have paid this fee. For this process, the program “Remove Summer School Course Selection Approval from the Registration-Registration menu from Formal Student Automation” will be used.
• The summer school registration approval of the student who made the payment (in case the amount calculated for the selected courses is equal by comparing the bank payments) will be given automatically from the system.
• The “Summer School Tuition Fee” will not be collected from the children of those who lost their lives, the disabled, the children of those who were awarded the Independence Medal No. 1005, and the students with State Scholarships within the scope of the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713.


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Canada: 182 more native graves discovered near former school – North America

Another 182 unnamed graves, many of Native children between the ages of 7 and 15 snatched from their families, were discovered near a third indigenous residential school in Canada, where hundreds of anonymous burials have been unveiled in recent weeks. This was announced by a local tribe. Experts used ground-penetrating radar to locate what are believed to be the remains of pupils at the former St Eugene Mission School near Cranbrook, British Columbia.