Striker Terodde at HSV: “Simon is extraordinary” – sport

Among all the special features that this football evening had to offer, this news was not necessarily surprising: Simon Terodde is now better than Sven Demandt. Sven who? In the late eighties and early nineties, Demandt was something like the personified second division striker, he played for Hertha BSC, Mainz 05 and Fortuna Düsseldorf, where he scored 35 goals in one season. In the meantime, Demandt is a trainer at a club called Frechen 20 from the Middle Rhine League and may have watched in front of the television how Terodde cheekily shot him from first place on the list of the best.

Terodde, 32, scored his goals number three and four this season on Monday, in the second division it was his goals number 121 and 122. The fact that the new striker of Hamburger SV is the new record holder of the single-track second division since 1981 was for but no more than a “nice side note”, as he said afterwards. Much more important is: “Now we are at the top of the table after a really difficult opening program against two Bundesliga relegated teams.”

On the first day of the match, HSV won 2-1 against Fortuna Düsseldorf thanks to two Terodde goals, which sounds tighter than the balance of power on the pitch. The 4: 3 success on Monday evening at SC Paderborn, on the other hand, was also deserved in the end, but well: Would Hamburg have won such a game in its past two second division years?

Attacker Manuel Wintzheimer gave HSV the lead in the 14th minute with a nice long-range shot, a little later it was 2-0 because a Paderborn defender involuntarily shot the ball in the penalty area against Terodde’s head, from where the ball landed in the net ( 24.). It all looked like a sovereign away win, the Hamburgers played a pleasing ball in their 4-3-1-2 system, Paderborn looked both aimless and penniless against the stable defense of the visiting team. Until captain Tim Leibold completely unnecessarily fouled SC attacker Chris Führich in the penalty area, Dennis Srbeny converted the penalty (34.).

From 2: 0 to 2: 3 within four minutes

What then followed was reminiscent of those games last season in which the Hamburg team always fell apart after setbacks. Midfielder Klaus Gjasula, who came from Paderborn just a few weeks ago, made two serious negligence in building up the game against his ex-club, Paderborn’s Chris Führich punished each of them immediately (36th / 38th). Within four minutes, Hamburg had lost their comfortable lead, at halftime it was 3-2 for the home team. “The coach only said that if we wanted to be a team, it would be for me today,” said Gjasula afterwards from the address in the dressing room, “which impresses me very much.”

HSV coach Daniel Thioune let the unfortunate Gjasula continue playing, of course knowing that he could rely on an attacker in Terodde who “has the pulse and also the calmness to be present in the box”, as Thioune would later express . In any case, Terodde refined in the 57th minute a nice combination over playmaker Jeremy Dudziak and Wintzsheimer – by hoe – to equalize 3: 3. “Simon is extraordinary,” said Thioune, “it can go on like this.” But this should also apply to the strong Wintzsheimer, who was again significantly involved in the ultimately decisive scene: The 21-year-old could only be stopped by a foul after dribbling in the penalty area. Substitute midfielder Aaron Hunt (84th) converted the penalty.

That was also a small punchline: Hunt, 34, had been dismissed as HSV captain before the season, as a former player of arch-rival Werder Bremen, the supporters always met him with skepticism, he was never quite able to meet the sporting expectations. And the new second division record scorer Terodde, who could actually claim a legitimate sovereignty on penalties, was unabashedly happy for his teammate.

Terodde said he didn’t think of his new record for “not a second” in the game. This whole record story is worth something in a few years at most, “in the party room with a few buddies and a few beers”. As the best second division shooter, you can be forgotten, that may be true. But not more than the man who may have shot the big Hamburger SV back into first class at the end of the season.


Bundesliga – The weakest Offensive in the Torrausch – sports

SC Paderborn 07 – Werder Bremen 1:5 (0:3), Goals: 0:1 Klaassen (20.), 0:2 Osako (34.), 0:3 Klaassen (40.), 0:4 M. Eggestein (60.), 1:4 Sabiri (67.), 1:5 Füllkrug (90. +1)

The last table against the table next to last – that was the most dramatic duel on the fourth last round, but also a single-sided. The descent duel began with a stupidity, as in the penalty area to the SC defender Jamilu Collins of the Ball at the unnecessarily wide of the outstretched Arm jumped. The penalty Milot Rashica, started in 14 Games without a hit, and slammed the Ball to the goalkeeper Leopold Zingerle directly in the arms. However, only a few seconds later, Theodor Gebre Selassie scored a long edge directly to the head of Davy Klaassen, who met in March last, and in contrast to Rashica better aimed.

The weakest Offensive in the League came this afternoon in great shape. After a counter-crossing, the boy, Joshua Sargent feeling full-on, Yuya Osako, and the striker, since 17 Games without a hit, couldn’t shoot the mark, so close he stood at the gate. After a default situation Klaasen met only 20 minutes after his last hit again. After the break, Maximilian Eggestein increased even to 4:0 – it was his first goal of the season. The rain pattered harder and harder to Paderborn. The last table did not give up, but more as a consolation goal through substitute Abdel Hamid Sabiri was not in it, marriage Niklas Füllkrug the fifth Werder scored a goal. The first since his ACL tear in September.

Although the descent is not sealed after the high defeat for Paderborn as Düsseldorf lost against Dortmund, but the chances of relegation for the SC are now even smaller. Werder is to be hoped, however, after the strong performance again, to play in the coming season in the first League.

Fortuna Düsseldorf – Borussia Dortmund 0:1 (0:0), Goals: 0:1 Haaland (90.+5)

When BVB lost at the end of may with 0:1 against FC Bayern, did the club the rivals a big Favour – and the championship was not decided yet, but vorentschieden. This Saturday the Team of Lucien Favre on a mucked even a little: Would be Dortmund against Düsseldorf lost, had the FC Bayern on the evening of the 8. Titles in the series can bag. This time, Dortmund to Munich, the Fallen.

BVB came against Düsseldorf long is pretty lame. In the 17. Minute, BVB delivery-midfielder Achraf Hakimi alone on the Fortuna goal, but he shot too timid, Florian Kasten Meier blocked the Ball with the foot. Then nothing happened for a long time. It was only after 60 minutes Erling Haaland came on as a substitute, ensured a BVB for anxiety. Raphael Guerreiro scored on a counterattack, but the goal was disallowed, the Portuguese had adopted the Ball with the Arm. The Fortuna defended well and resisted. Steven Skrzybski pushed in the 82. Minute kept the Ball through the legs of Mats Hummels, the post the BVB, however, before the residue. Eight minutes later, Skrzybski met again for the post. And then the fifth Minute of delivery of the injury time – Haaland met yet. After a cross of Manuel Akanji of the unguarded Norwegian came up with the head to the Ball. BVB coach Favre cheered, as if he had won the championship.

Hertha BSC – Eintracht Frankfurt 1:4 (1:0), Goals: 1:0 Piatek (24.), 1:1 Dost (51.), 1:2 Silva (62.), 1:3-N-Dicka (68.), 1:4 Silva (86.)

Under Bruno Labbadia was full of Hertha BSC in Berlin’s Olympic stadium last before self-confidence. Also against Eintracht Frankfurt it was to remember – Krzysztof Piatek scored the lead, by he pushed with the force between two Frankfurt defenders. As this home strong Labbadia-beat Elf? With a magical Kombinhationsfußball! Eintracht Frankfurt broke with beautiful gates: Only Bas met Dost in from a tight angle, then dribbled Kamada famos through the penalty area and passed to Andre Silva, who turned with the hoe. Danny da Costa proved his Dribble-arts: He prevailed against five of Berlin, brought the Ball to Evan N’Dicka, who shot powerfully into the corner. Silva met even once. Remarkable: He had been eingwechselt after the mid-term.

The key scene came in front of all of the Frankfurt gates: just before half-time Berlin Central defender Dedryck Boyata was the last man Bas Dost to the case. Shortly before the penalty area, he touched the feet of the striker lightly, but in full print. That was enough to get Dost out of step. Boyata saw Red (first referee, Robert Hartmann, a Yellow and a penalty was going to give, but in the view of the video images, he decided). Frankfurt took advantage of the Majority then impressive. The self-consciousness of the Hertha is likely to be after this abrasion a bit low.

VfL Wolfsburg – SC Freiburg 2:2 (2:1), Goals: 1:0, 2:0 Weghorst (14., 27./Penalty), 2:1 Höler (43.), 2:2 Sallai (46.)

In order to give the pursuit of the Europa League vehemence, set VfL-coach Oliver Glasner his two most impressive strikers at the same time: Daniel Ginczek measures 1.91 m, Wout Weghorst at all and 1.97 meters. Their force developed after ten minutes. The first goal was something of a well-rehearsed choreography: Ginczek crossed by the Freiburg penalty area, Weghorst sat down behind it and shot the template by Renato Steffen flat into the goal. The two broad-shouldered striker of the VfL played the main roles: Weghorst threw in a flank, got the Shoe from Nicolas Höfler in the face. From a laceration above his right eye, blood flowed. Weghorsts head to the ball had not gone into the goal, but in the Wake of Ginczek into the shot. However, referee Sebastian Dankert was hit after a video of study because of an offside position, but the penalty for Wolfsburg. Weghorst joined with the Association of the turban and met.

The game seemed decided, even if a head ball goal from Ginczek scored due to a hand game. Freiburg, however, showed the two great VfL-strikers that they have mastered the art of the head ball: In the low level flight Lucas Höler met with a flying header shortly before the break. The Freiburg researchers were able to preserve the energy in the break and the kick-off met 18 seconds after the restart again, this time curiously enough, Roland Sallai headed in a high arc into the goal. The force of the wolf Burger, so it was not much after that.

1. FC Köln – 1. FC Union Berlin 1:2 (0:1), Goals: 0:1 Frederick (39.), 0:2 Gentner (67.), 1:2 Cordoba (90.+2)

The 1. FC Union Berlin can almost plan for next season in the Bundesliga. In the ascending duel with 1. FC Köln won the Köpenicker for the first time since the end of February, three games before the break, the gap grew to the relegation zone on seven points. For the same Cologne the descent has continued since the Corona-Pause, however. Since the time of the interruption, the team of Markus Gisdol has not won on Saturday, the Berlin Marvin Friedrich (39 ensured.) and Christian Gentner (67.) ensure that it stays that way. Jhon Cordoba (90.+2), scoring for the final score.

Yellow card of the day: When SC Paderborn there were two scenarios, the state of this round is very likely rails: the descent is a reality, and that Jürgen Gjasula renewed the Yellow card record. At least one erfülte themselves. With a poorly-timed sliding tackle against Bremen’s Josh Sargent Gjasula earned his 17. a yellow card in his first season in the Bundesliga. Since just 32 minutes into the game. Now Tomasz Hajto (MSV Duisburg, 16 yellow cards) is his record after 21 years. And Gjasula has three more game days to collect more.

Quote of the day: Paderborn coach Steffen Baumgart on the question of a TV reporter if he had looked before the match against Werder on the table: “I don’t Need, I’m felt for half a year the Last.” After this round, he needs to take a look.

Employees of the day: Claudio Pizarro has scored in his more than 22 years of long-lasting professional career, many goals: mostly late, beautiful or curious. However, his club Werder Bremen for the 41 could be of help-Year-old last in the square little: a single goal he scored in this season, the last games he missed because of a thigh injury. This Saturday, the Peruvians proved that he is not only a striker but also a good speaker. Before kick-off he told the Werder cabin to play the team-mate of his experiences with Print. This had an effect: as many hits as against Paderborn not score Werder for a long time. And without the Joker Pizarro, with Motivator Pizarro.


Bundesliga – Sancho also shows solidarity – sport

BVB beats Paderborn clearly and deserves thanks to a much improved second half. Jadon Sancho scores a hat trick and sets an example against racism.

Borussia Dortmund coped with the preliminary title decision in the league summit against FC Bayern Munich and the discussions about the future of coach Lucien Favre and offered a goal festival. Five days after the defeat against the old and probably also the new German champions, BVB defeated SC Paderborn on Sunday after starting difficulties with 6: 1 (0: 0). Dortmund thus reduced the gap to the leaders from Munich to seven points again – the eighth title in a row should only be a matter of form for Bayern in top form.

Thorgan Hazard in the 54th minute, Jadon Sancho (57th / 74th / 90th), Achraf Hakimi (85th) and substitute Marcel Schmelzer (89th) scored the goals for the Revierclub, the Paderborners, in a lively game further promoted towards the descent into the 2nd Bundesliga. The deficit of the bottom of the table trained by Steffen Baumgart on the relegation place is probably eight points to be made up with five games remaining. Uwe Hünemeier scored the only goal for Paderborn (72.) with a converted penalty.

Baumgart had announced that he and his team wanted to play “bravely” against the big favorite and so the SCP also started. Dortmund often had the ball, but by switching quickly, the hosts were initially the more dangerous team. However, Christopher Antwi-Adjei missed the goal twice in the early stages from a promising position.

At the end of a turbulent week, Hazard, who represented the injured youngster Erling Haaland in the storm center, had the first opportunity for Borussia. Free-standing, however, he failed from an acute angle to SCP keeper Leopold Zingerle (17th). A dangerous shot by Raphael Guerreiro was deflected to the corner nine minutes later.

While Baumgart cheered and sorted his lines of defense against BVB, which was getting stronger, Favre watched his team’s performance relatively calmly from the coaching zone. Only at certain points did the 62-year-old, whose perspective in Dortmund had not been the subject of heated debates in the past few days, intervened in the game of his team. The Revierclub generated enough chances against passionately defending and countering Paderborn until the break to take the lead. Emre Can (37th / 44th) and Julian Brandt (45th) did not use their options.

Dortmund scored six goals in the second half

After the change of sides, the superiority of BVB became oppressive. Hakimi (49.) and Hazard (52.) did not use their excellent chances yet, but nine minutes after the restart, Hazard pushed the ball from five meters past the beaten Zingerle over the line. And Borussia continued: After preparatory work by Brandt, Jadon Sancho increased to 2: 0. At the goal celebration, the Englishman showed a shirt with the words “Justice for George Floyd” and thus, like other Bundesliga professionals, demonstrated his solidarity with the African American killed in a police operation in Minneapolis this weekend.

Paderborn did not give up even after the Dortmund double strike and was rewarded with the connecting goal. Hunemeier scored after Can’s arm blocked a shot in the penalty area. Sancho, Hakimi and Schmelzer, however, had the right answers and ensured the final result with their goals.


SC Paderborn – Spartacus continues to fight – sport

Small squad, big heart: The bottom of the table SC Paderborn is eight points behind a relegation place. But the team doesn’t give up.

What will be remembered from this league season by promoted SC Paderborn definitely includes the man with the helmet, nickname Gladiator or Spartacus – and one of the more lovable bad boys in league history. In any case, Klaus Gjasula immediately apologized to Florian Niederlechner from FC Augsburg after treading on his toes. He also apologized with a gesture to referee Deniz Aytekin, who of course still showed the yellow card to Paderborn’s midfielder, whose number 15 this season. One is still missing to set Tomasz Hajto’s 1999 record.

“I went in a bit impetuously,” said Gjasula later. Perhaps he had not optimally seen Niederlechner on his right; A couple of months ago, zygomatic arches were attached to the helmet that he wears because of a head injury, he said in an SZ interview: “To the right, my perspective is a bit limited.” He tries to get as few yellow cards as possible, he said on Wednesday: “But I don’t always do it well.”

They try a lot, but they don’t always do it well enough – you can say that about the entire team in the bottom Paderborn. The 0-0 in Augsburg was one of many examples over the course of the season that no one can accuse the team of not trying everything. Nevertheless, the gap to the relegation place with six open games is eight points.

“We had the worst starting position right from the start,” said Paderborn coach Steffen Baumgart during the week: “We have – and it shouldn’t sound bad – the lowest quality squad in terms of the individual football class of the players. But we have the biggest heart in this league for me, and that’s what matters to us. That’s what I want. ” And because there is a lot of confidence in a big heart, Baumgart did not want to speak of a “miracle” after the 0: 0 in Augsburg, which was necessary to stay in the league. He preferred to put it this way: “We rate the situation as difficult.”


Bundesliga: The basement children don’t give up – sport

Nobody is giving up in the fight against relegation this season. Düsseldorf and Bremen in particular are not ready for the second division and are fighting against the dark powers – with silver balls, garlic and brave football.

You don’t need a cranky parapsychologist with a tape and night vision device to recognize the supernatural phenomena in the basement of the Bundesliga table. The spook in the relegation zone is not exactly subtle. In hypothermic ghost games, clubs from Mainz, Frankfurt, Berlin-Köpenick and Augsburg, which are already classified as creep-resistant, may still face the sheer horror. Dusseldorf, Bremen and Paderborner, who are dedicated to relegation, are fighting against the dark forces with silver balls, garlic and courageous football – and provoking a showdown as ghost hunters by challenging the four better-placed competitors twice each to direct duels in the season finish will.

The Düsseldorfers have recently “brought their trauma from nine gambled tours – most recently at 2-2 to 2-0 in Cologne – to bed”, as their Anglic-style coach Uwe Rösler never tires of emphasizing. Nevertheless, sleep is out of the question. Born in Thuringia, Rösler transferred his experiences from the Premier League to the Bundesliga in terms of both rhetoric and football. The Fortuna plays a British cool one under him One touch football including brisk pressing. She has recently generated ten points from six games. In addition, Rösler raves in interviews about the Düsseldorf Altbier in such a way that one could believe that his salary was paid in part by city marketing.

With such effectiveness, you have lost nothing in the second division

Now Altbier to combat demons is hardly known as a stylistic device from horror films. But even with holy water you could not harm the descent ghost. As a result, the Bremen team is also very pragmatic when it comes to football that is characterized by great willingness to run. “101 percent passion” is the combative slogan of trainer Florian Kohfeldt. In the most recent two games, a 1-0 win in Freiburg and a 0-0 win over Mönchengladbach, they did not concede a goal and received a total of four points for a single goalie. With such effectiveness against seasoned Bundesliga clubs, you have lost nothing in the second division.

And even the brave Paderborn think their rescue is still possible. With 18 points still to be awarded, nobody needs to use the phrase “miracle”, says defiant coach Baumgart. He surprisingly joins the relegation battle announcement of the cellar children. Not only because the season runs until the end of June for the first time, it seems quite possible that relegated teams from the Bundesliga will not be known until the summer has officially started. Perhaps this year nightmares will only come true in the Bundesliga when the nights are the shortest.


This is what football feels like in an empty stadium

Dusseldorf The center circle looks like always. “With full energy there” is to be read on the cover before the game, sponsor Stadtwerke Düsseldorf has booked for the season. Henkel, for example, advertises: “Our city, our colors, our club.” But otherwise?

Saturday, 3:30 p.m., Bundesliga time: The ball rolls again despite Corona. The local Fortuna meets SC Paderborn, game 231 in the relegation battle, but in the vast Düsseldorf stadium, which boasts the “Merkur Spiel-Arena”, all 50,000 seats are empty. After all, some colorful bucket seats make it more lively. This is different here than in Mönchengladbach, where they want to put up cardboard figures on which fans can stick their photo.

In Düsseldorf everything is quiet, almost cozy on the grounds of the old Rheinstadion, like on a training meadow. 22 players clap courage before kick-off. There can be no talk of “full of energy” when the German professional footballers kick off after a nine and a half week break on Saturday. It is a “special game operation”, as the German Football League (DFL) calls it. With special game setting, special game level, special game health check.

Ghost hour in the “game arena”. All special men, a few special women. I can be there.

The question of whether the professionals can make their comeback – of course without a mouthguard and distance control on the lawn – has moved the nation even more than the current reproduction rate or the opening of the restaurants. The majority of the population is against the special number football. Representatives of the cultural elite such as author Carolin Emcke or actor Matthias Brandt (“completely wrong”) openly boycott these loveless games.

But, hey, it’s business. The “special game mode” only exists so that the last TV rate flows, paid mainly by Sky Germany. Without the 230 million euros from Munich, 13 of 36 clubs went bankrupt. And, above all, this restart is a media festival.

Fortuna Düsseldorf players

Stretching in compliance with the distance rules.

(Photo: AFP)

Sky no longer shows the conference from the stadiums on pay TV but on free TV, the ARD praises the “sports show” as before, the ZDF brings Frankfurt’s sports director Fredi Bobic in the “Current Sports Studio”, the multimedia event “Image” fires on everyone Channels out of sheer joy at the resurrection of the football gods: “Finally the first Corona goal!”

The fan is bothering with the false football

The “special game mode” is therefore a solution that should secure as many banknotes as possible for all involved. You kick against bankruptcy, and the fan – for virus protection – only interferes with this form of bogus football. It’s a bit like the Hollywood classic “The Truman Show”, the spectacle about an insurance employee whose life is filmed and broadcast live under a giant dome in an artificial city (without him knowing it).

You quickly fall out of the footballers’ “Truman Show” if, like the Augsburg coach Heiko Herrlich, you simply buy toothpaste in the supermarket during the quarantine week. Or when, as at Hertha BSC Berlin, a professional demonstrates with a self-made video how lax the players take hygiene rules.

At break it is zero to zero in Düsseldorf. There are hardly any goals in other places. It seems as if the ghost group has to get going slowly. The whole procedure with all the new standards is too unusual: no clapping. No shake hand. Five substitutes at three times. The substitute actors with face masks on the stands. The players on the grid in the cabin are separate from the substitutes. Fewer people in the gym. Arrival with two team buses instead of one.

Balls are disinfected

Hygiene rules also for the play equipment.

(Photo: AFP)

“Bring your heart to the lawn,” says Paderborn’s black Setra vehicle.

But how should something race there when fans are missing? Sometimes at least one of the couple of officials claps. The players cry the most. “Let go!”, “Go!”, “Have you!”: At least you can hear them now. This kind of command economy does not look like “undefrosted frozen food”, which SPD politician Stephan Weil had believed, but like reheated canned food. Like a training game. Like laboratory soccer. Motto: All power to the hygiene officer.

The virus is everywhere

The reporter is also part of the system, including fever measurements, disinfection dispensers, self-made Covid 19 declaration of harmlessness, mandatory mouth protection and strict “zoning”, far away from coaches and players. This is the only way to get to the Corona-free stadium.

The players in Düsseldorf are doing their job on this 26th matchday in an exemplary employee attitude. However, it is highly uncertain whether they will do this for eight more game days. Hertha BSC cheered for goals with hugs and kisses actually prohibited by the DFL, one player even spat. The virus lurks everywhere – and with it a quarantine case, abort of the season and legal proceedings.

The actually exciting game is not going to take place on the lawn, but behind the scenes. After the DFL had managed to get the okay to reset from politics with all the art of lobbying and embracing, it suddenly presented internally the plan to end the season: champions and two relegated players depending on the current standings. That causes protests.

Uwe Rösler (left) and Steffen Baumgart

With a mask in the arena, then without at the edge of the field.

(Photo: AP)

A Fortuna spokesman says that the question of whether to be or not should only be decided when the time comes. If the termination is really inevitable. Many clubs think that way. The new DFL plan to extend the season into July is also causing trouble. The contracts of 17 Fortuna players, for example, expire on June 30th. Therefore, the club abstained from voting at the recent DFL meeting.

Lawyers will have the final say in all of these conflicts. As with the current dispute between the DFL and the broadcaster Eurosport, which was shocked by the high losses from Bundesliga rights. Because of the pandemic, the TV managers were exercising a special right of termination. They no longer pay (contract amount 70 million a year), and sub-licensee Dazn is also eliminated. Eurosport was scheduled for Friday and Monday games. Until the end, there was a dispute over the transmission of tomorrow’s game between Werder Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen.

Grotesque, because the league’s comeback is only because of television and its salted license payments. But a lot in terms of “restart” is just unusual. In Dortmund, the players celebrated their 4-0 victory against Schalke 04 in front of the empty south grandstand, wherever the fans cheer. Nobody waves back. It is not right behind and in front – even if the British “Sun” makes a special supplement to the Bundesliga and the politicians praise the hygiene game shown. France, Holland, Belgium and Cyprus have canceled the season.

Bundesliga can only function as a “Truman Show” for a while

The game in Düsseldorf ends as it started: zero to zero. Nothing with “corona gates”. A real “basement duel”, they say in footballer’s language. The Düsseldorf post or crossbar hit three times, but Paderborn gave a 100 percent chance of scoring shortly before the end. The lack of atmosphere in the stadium is “getting used to,” says Düsseldorf’s professional Steven Skrzybski.

The players were simply not asked before the restart. By serving populist resentments without hesitation from golden steaks and fast cars, “should be distracted from management failures at the DFL and some clubs,” explains the well-known player consultant Roger Wittmann.

“Substitution bench” by Fortuna Düsseldorf

“I often had to measure myself there,” says Fortuna trainer Roessler on physical contact.

(Photo: dpa)

Paderborn’s trainer Steffen Baumgart says about kicking in corona times: “The emotion, the atmosphere is simply missing. It was not easy for the boys. “Fortuna colleague Uwe Rösler:” The day was strange. I am a very emotional trainer who also needs physical contact. I often had to measure myself. ”After all, the coaches were allowed to stand on the sidelines without a mouthguard, contrary to what was planned.

When I leave the venue and stand on the empty “Arena Street”, I think: “pretty dreary”. As a “Truman Show”, the special Bundesliga operation can only function for a while. But not as a seasonal event. Then the football is dead.

More: DFL boss Christian Seifert secures professional footballers to continue playing through his talks with politics. That makes him the savior of the industry.