Used cars are sweeping New York … and the reason is “Corona”

Used cars are sweeping New York … and the reason is “Corona”

Friday – 29 Safar 1442 AH – October 16, 2020 CE

Used Cars For Sale In New York (AFP)

New York: “Middle East Online”

An increasing number of New Yorkers are buying cars because they are avoiding public transportation due to the emerging corona virus; This led to a boom in the used vehicle market, but dashed hopes of reducing congestion in this state, according to “Agence France-Presse.”
Julian Genesto, 35, did not own a car when he lived in Lyon, Rome and San Francisco, and he spent five years in New York without needing one. “Using a car in the city is a nightmare,” he said. It has traffic jams, and finding a place to park it takes hours to search. ” “For me, owning a car was not practical at all, but now it has become necessary, unfortunately,” he added.
A few weeks ago, Genesto bought a family car from a used-car site that enabled him to leave New York with his three children after all cultural activities had stopped there.
“You cannot live in New York when you cannot do something, you have to get out of it,” the businessman explained.
Genesto has replaced weekends in Central Park with trips to Rockaway Beach, and he is not the only one who recently bought a car, but the last in a group of friends who bought cars when none of them had one before the pandemic.
The Mannheim Used Car Value Index, which tracks price trends in the United States, reached an all-time high of 163.7 in August, compared to 141.3 a year ago.
In early June, used-car dealer Chris Styliano was close to emptying his inventory, something that has come close to achieving in his 30-year career. “People used to buy cars only to avoid public transportation,” he said. “Any vehicle in good condition will do the trick.”
Although sales of new cars have increased since June, it is still significantly lower than 2019 for all major manufacturers.
And epidemiologist Magdalena Serda, who bought a BMW Station for $ 35,000, noted, “With a car rental contract with an option to buy, you have to commit to three years.” “When you buy a new car, you lose a lot of money once you get it out of the parking lot,” she said. Buying a used car looked like a better investment. ”
Serda, a mother of a seven-year-old girl, wanted a temporary alternative because she hoped New York City would one day return to normal and be able to ride the subway safely again.
“Everyone hopes that it will be temporary,” Gennesto agrees. “If the situation returns to normal, I think we will sell the car.”
The “Transportation Turnovers”, a non-profit organization working to reduce the number of cars on New York’s streets, indicated in September that traffic was only 9 per cent lower than a year ago, even though most New Yorkers work from their homes. The group has warned that the city could become cramped, blocked and suffocated with cars if no action is taken.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has declared himself a hero in the fight against pollution, has not put in place any plan to prevent congestion caused by the “Covid-19” epidemic. A plan to ease congestion in midtown Manhattan put in place before the epidemic has also been postponed. The implementation of the plan was scheduled for January 2021, but a new date was set for at least the end of 2021.
“The rush to buy cars today is evidence of the failure of the city’s public transport policies,” Genesto said.


The new corona virus


authoritarian regimes at the bedside of human rights

China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan were to join the United Nations Specialized Commission.

On September 18 in Geneva, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Belarusian opponent, speaks by video message before the United Nations Human Rights Council.
On September 18 in Geneva, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Belarusian opponent, speaks by video message before the United Nations Human Rights Council. FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP

This is one of the extraordinary paradoxes that international relations sometimes produce. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, but also Pakistan and Uzbekistan, were in all likelihood to be called upon to join the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday after a vote in New York. . Despite the repression of the Uighurs, the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi or the poisoning of Russian political opponent Alexeï Navalny. Despite, more generally, how little these authoritarian regimes value respect for human rights in their country.

By working behind the scenes to create coalitions of states around them, by eliminating all competition in their regional groups, will these countries take this Geneva-based structure, created in 2006 to promote and protect human rights and which has 47 members, elected for three years and renewed by thirds every three years? “Elect these dictatorships as judges of the United Nations for

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Neymar’s hat-trick leads Brazil to another victory … and Argentina unravels the “La Paz knot”

The two ancient teams led the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup

Neymar da Silva led Brazil to confirm his strong start and achieve the second successive victory by scoring a hat-trick against Peru (4-2), while Argentina broke a 15-year-old knot in La Paz by beating its host Bolivia 2-1 in the second round of the South American qualifiers. Qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Brazil and Argentina took advantage of the stumbling of their former partners in the lead, Colombia and Uruguay, the first by drawing with its host Chile 2-2 at the top of the round, and the other by losing to host Ecuador 2-4, to move two points from Colombia and three points from Uruguay.

In the first match, the French striker of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar, imposed himself a star by scoring a hat-trick in which he became the second-best scorer in the history of the Brazil national team with 64 goals after the phenomenon surpassed Ronaldo, who stopped his score at 62 goals in 98 matches, including the double winning the fifth and final World Cup Which was crowned by Brazil in 2002 at the expense of Germany (2 – zero).

Neymar commented on his achievement in a tweet in which he praised Ronaldo, saying, “All my respect to you – Fenomeno – (the phenomenon)”.

“King” Pele tops the list of historic scorers for the Brazilian national team, with 77 goals in 92 international matches. Neymar scored the first tie for Brazil in the 28th minute, with a penalty kick that he got himself after the visitors led the goal of Saudi Al Hilal striker Andre Carrillo in the sixth minute with a shot from inside the area.

The Paris Saint-Germain star gave his country the lead for the first time in the match when he scored his second and third personal goal for Brazil in the 83rd minute from a penalty kick that he also got himself, before securing his victory with Hatrick, he scored the fourth goal in the last minute of his 103 international match when he used a rebound From the post after a powerful shot by the substitute Everton Ribeiro.

Peru advanced for the second time in the match with the goal of Celta Vigo midfielder Renato Tapia in the 59th minute, with a powerful shot that hit Brodrigo Caio and hugged the net, and Everton striker Richarlison equalized when he followed the header of Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino after a corner kick that Neymar set off.

Brazil received a painful blow early, hitting its defender and Paris Saint-Germain Marquinhos in the thigh, and was forced to leave his place. On the other hand, Peru spoke to nine players in the last minutes after Carlos Cassida was sent off in the 86th minute and Carlos Samprano in the 89th, noting that she played the match in the absence of her players, Raul Ruydiaz and Alex Valera, due to infection with the new Corona virus.

Brazil repeated its victory over Peru in its last visit to Lima in the qualifiers for the World Cup 2018, when it came out with two clean goals in the twelfth round, and also avenged its defeat by Peru 0-1 in a friendly in Los Angeles in September of last year, which saw them confront them three times. Among them, twice in the Copa America finals in Brazil, and the landlords won twice: 5-0 in the first round, and 3-1 in the final match, before Peru achieved a moral 1-0 victory in an international friendly match in Los Angeles, USA.

It is the second consecutive victory for Brazil in the current qualifiers after the first crushing victory over Bolivia 5 – zero in the first round, so it was the only one to lead with six points on goal difference in front of Argentina, who won over Bolivia 2-1.

Argentina defied difficult conditions by playing at an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level and loosened a 15-year knot in La Paz.

Lautaro Martinez scored in the 45th minute and Joaquin Correa (79) scored the two goals of Argentina, and Marcelo Moreno (24) scored the goal of Bolivia.

It is the first victory for Argentina to host Bolivia in their own home since 2005, specifically on March 26 in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers, when they beat them 2-1. It is only the fourth victory for Argentina in La Paz in the history of confrontations between the two teams.

Argentina lost twice in the last three trips to La Paz without tasting the taste of victory, including a historic loss 1-6 in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers led by coach Diego Armando Maradona on April 1, noting that it lost the last match between them in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers when it fell. With a clean double in La Paz in the 14th round, she sacked coach Edgardo Bautsa and appointed Jorge Sampaoli in his place.

Argentina put an end to its suffering when it came to Bolivia at the Olympic Stadium, “Hernando Silis”, at an altitude of 3600 meters, and scored a precious second successive victory in the qualifiers after the unconvincing first over its guest Ecuador 1-0 in the first round. Brazil came to the top of the standings with six points. .

On the other hand, Bolivia suffered its second consecutive loss after the first humiliating defeat to its host Brazil, 0-5.

The summit of Chile and Colombia ended in a 2-2 draw. Colombia was the first to score by English midfielder Jefferson Lerma in the 7th minute, and Chile turned the table with two goals for Inter Milan stars Arturo Vidal (38) from a penalty kick, and Alexis Sanchez (42), but the captain Veteran Colombia and Galatasaray goalscorer Radmil Falcao equalized for Colombia in the last minute.

It is Chile’s first point in the qualifiers after losing to Uruguay 1 – 2, while Colombia raised its tally to four points after its 3-0 victory over Venezuela.

Ecuador hit hard with its big victory over Uruguay 4-2, and the landlords advanced with a clean quarter, which took place in the 15th minute by Moses Caicedo, Michael Estrada (45 and 53) and Gonzalo Plata (75), before Uruguay responded with two goals from Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez in the two minutes. (The 83rd and the 90th penalty kicks) without avoiding the first loss. Ecuador compensated for its loss against Argentina in the first round 0-1. Paraguay achieved its first victory after it drew with Peru 2-2 in the first round, by defeating its host Venezuela, with the goal of Gaston Jimenez, which followed the second loss to the owners of the land.


Oil prices drop amid demand fears of the growing cases of Corona – Erm News

Oil prices drop amid demand concerns ...

Oil prices fell today, Wednesday, due to fears that the demand for fuel will continue to decline in light of the high cases of Coronavirus in Europe and the United States, the largest country.

Oil prices fell today, Wednesday, due to fears that the continued decline in fuel demand in light of the high cases of Corona virus in Europe and the United States, the largest consumer of crude in the world, may impede economic growth.

The monthly report of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said yesterday that oil demand in 2021 will increase by 6.54 million barrels per day to 96.84 million barrels per day, 800,000 barrels less than expectations a month ago, as a result of the economic disruptions caused by the Corona pandemic.

Brent crude for December delivery fell 17 cents, equivalent to 0.4%, to $ 42.28 by 0649 GMT, while US West Texas Intermediate crude lost 18 cents, equivalent to 0.5%, to $ 40.02.

On Tuesday, the Kremlin said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman discussed the current situation in energy markets during a phone call.

UAE Energy Minister Suhail Al Mazrouei said yesterday, Tuesday, that the oil producers in the OPEC + group will adhere to their plans to reduce the volume of oil production cuts, starting next January.

Oanda’s chief market analyst, Edward Moya, said, “Oil prices are stable in Asia with the upward trend of the dollar being halted, while the Russians and the Saudis are showing a united front to get OPEC + producers to fulfill their production-cut pledges.”

And he continued, “Crude prices appear to be greatly threatened with the continuing spread of the Corona virus, such as: forest fires in Europe, and an increase in infections in America.”

On the supply side, the recovery of production from the Gulf of Mexico in the United States continued four days after Hurricane Delta hit, and the proportion of interrupted production decreased to 44% yesterday from 69% last Monday.

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Latest news today – Argentina fears repetition of Bolivia’s nightmare of losing by six

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Argentina will play Bolivia, Tuesday (October 13th), under coach Lionel Scaloni, in the World Cup qualifiers in South America in the second round.

The Argentine national team achieved its first victory at the start of the South American qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, after winning 1-0 against its Ecuadorian counterpart, at the famous La Pomponera stadium.

Argentina’s worst result is a 6-goal loss to Bolivia, so the tango dancers are afraid of a repeat of such a scenario.

Earlier, Messi described the loss to Bolivia with a hexagon in 2009, as the worst for him and his companions in the “tango dancers” career, and therefore the match bears great importance for the Argentine Barghout and his companions.

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Saudi Arabia punishes Turkey by boycotting its products

Published on :

The Turkey of Recep Tayyip Erdogan more and more present on all external fronts, in Libya, in Syria or in the Caucasus, must face at home a new… trade war: Saudi Arabia is boycotting Turkish products from now on.

The Saudis have launched a silent offensive. Discreet instructions were given to companies. And about ten days ago a call to boycott Turkish imports, businesses and investments was proclaimed on Twitter not by the government but by the president of the Saudi Association of Chambers of Commerce, a seemingly independent body. of political power. Riyadh is responding with this economic weapon to Turkey’s diplomatic aggressions. Ankara with its political and military activism in Arab countries is in fact opposed to the model and line promoted by Saudi Arabia. These trade reprisals are starting to be felt harshly in Turkey: this weekend the business circles sounded the alarm and are calling for an amicable settlement to put an end to it.

What are the effects of these sanctions which do not speak their name?

The most serious consequences affect the textile industry, because Turkey is one of the workshops of planetary fashion. It exports clothes to Saudi Arabia, sold by European or American brands in their Saudi stores. And these principals take the Saudi boycott seriously. The Spanish Mango has warned his Turkish suppliers that he was looking for an alternative because of the customs slowdown endured by the made in Turkey at the entrance to the Saudi market. Exporters of fresh agricultural products are also suffering, their cargoes perish, stranded at the Saudi border. Turkey also exports carpets, chemicals, steel. So many products that can suffer the zeal of Saudi customs officials. It is a blow for all the companies concerned, at a time when their activity is already penalized by the pandemic, but it is not likely to bring the Turkish economy to the ground.

Because Saudi Arabia is a minor outlet for Turkey

Last year Turkey exported $ 3.2 billion worth of goods to this country. On a total amount of exports of 170 billion dollars. Or about 2%. Its imports of 1.9 billion dollars are mainly petroleum products, which it can find elsewhere. If we compare Arabia with other Arab countries, it remains a secondary trade partner of Turkey, its Iraqi neighbor is its main outlet in the region, followed by the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Arabia is not a major Arab investor in Turkey either, Qatar is the most important; Qatar, which has strengthened Turkish economic support since it was ostracized by the other Gulf countries.

This rapprochement is also part of the Saudi grievances. In fact, it has been three years since trade relations between the two countries deteriorated, Saudi imports have been falling steadily since 2015 according to statistics provided by the kingdom. A failure for President Erdogan who wanted to redirect trade towards the east. With the Arab countries it is still a wishful thinking; the Turkish economy is more than ever tied to that of Europe, by far its largest trading partner. The one that absorbs almost half of its exports and provides it with nearly a third of its imports.

In short

Debt moratorium granted to poor countries for one year will be extended for only six months

According to the President of the World Bank David Malpass, several countries are opposed to a renewal for a full year. The issue will be discussed tomorrow on the sidelines of the IMF and World Bank meetings. David Malpass also stressed that China is still not participating in this moratorium.

A new record for Chinese foreign trade

Both exports and imports jumped last month. “10%” for sales denominated in dollars “13%” for purchases compared to September 2019. And the trade surplus with the United States continues to increase.


Argentina is waiting for a difficult test against Bolivia … and Brazil to confirm its superiority over Peru

Argentina is waiting for a difficult test against Bolivia … and Brazil to confirm its superiority over Peru

In the second round of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup

Tuesday – 26 Safar 1442 AH – October 13, 2020 AD Issue No. [

Argentina’s hopes rest on Messi to overcome the difficult situation in Bolivia (AP)

La Paz: «Middle East»

Argentina is embarking on a risky trip to the capital La Paz today to face its host Bolivia in the second round of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, while Brazil seeks to confirm its strong start when it comes to visit Peru tomorrow.
It is true that the balance of direct confrontations tilts in favor of Argentina with 26 wins, compared to seven defeats and five draws, but Argentina always suffers when it comes to Bolivia at the Olympic stadium, “Hernando Siles”, at an altitude of 3600 meters above the ground.
Argentina lost twice in the last three trips to La Paz without tasting the taste of victory, including a historic loss 1-6 in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers led by coach Diego Armando Maradona on April 1, knowing that it lost the last match between them in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers when it fell. A clean double in La Paz in the 14th round resulted in the sacking of coach Edgardo Bauca and the appointment of Jorge Sampaoli in his place.
Argentina’s recent victory over Bolivia goes back to the year 2005 in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers, when they beat them 2-1, noting that they won only three occasions in La Paz in the history of the confrontations between the two teams.
In 2007, the International Federation took a decision to ban playing on all stadiums above 2,500 meters above sea level, citing “medical reasons, and protecting players and referees”, before it retracted its decision after one year due to large protests from the affected federations, especially in South America, most notably the Bolivian Union (La Paz – 3600 meters) and its Colombian counterparts (Bogota – 2600 meters) and Ecuadorian (Quito – 2800 meters).
Argentina had to change its strategy regarding playing in La Paz, after it had previously generally waited for the last minute to arrive in the Bolivian capital to play matches so that the players would not suffer from the slow effects of the scarcity of oxygen, this time it decided to land in La Paz 3 days before the match in order to adapt better. .
Argentina entered the match after its difficult and unconvincing victory over Ecuador in the first round, with the goal of a penalty kick scored by its star and captain Lionel Messi, who admitted after the match, saying: “It is a complicated year for everyone, with the national team, we are trying to give people a feeling of joy in this victory in a difficult situation. ».
Argentina hopes to exploit the shaky morale of Bolivia’s players after the humiliating loss to Brazil by five clean in the first round, but is well aware of what awaits it in front of a team seeking to reach the world wedding for the first time since 1994 in the United States.
Bolivia is counting on its difficult stadium to fulfill its dream, for which its Venezuelan coach, Cesar Farias, relied on the strategy of playing with two teams in the South American qualifiers: the first for the away matches, and the second for the home matches that includes experienced and experienced players playing at a height of this size above sea level, most of them belong Bolivian clubs play in high-altitude stadiums such as Bolivar and The Strongest in La Paz, and Deportivo Jorge Wilstermann in Cochakamba, which rise 2,800 meters above sea level. Brazil seeks to confirm its strong start when they visit Peru tomorrow after their first major victory over Bolivia, by five clean in Sao Paulo.
Brazil hopes to repeat its victory in its last visit to Lima in the qualifiers for the World Cup 2018, when it came out with two clean goals in the twelfth round.
The two teams met three times last year, including twice in the Copa America finals in Brazil. The landlords won twice, 5-0 in the first round, and 3-1 in the final, before Peru scored a 1-0 victory in an international friendly match in Los Angeles. American.
Brazil has the weapons needed to win the second consecutive victory, led by star Neymar, who impressively shined against Bolivia with two assists, and a record number of dribbling was 18 out of 23 attempts, according to the Sofia Institute of Statistics.
Neymar surpassed the previous record of Wolverhampton international striker Adama Traore (16 attempts).
But Peru will not be an easy game for Neymar, Felipe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino, especially after forcing Paraguay to draw 2-2 in the first round.
The second round will witness a heated summit between Chile and its guest Colombia, tomorrow. Colombia hit hard in the first round when they crushed Venezuela 3-0, while Chile lost its host Uruguay 1-2 with a goal scored by Valencia striker Maximiliano Gomez in the last minute.
Ecuador aspires to take advantage of the land factor when it hosts Uruguay today, and the same is true for Venezuela against its host Paraguay.



“World Mental Health Day” is an important occasion than ever before

It may seem reprehensible or unknown to many, but there is a World Mental Health Day, scheduled for October 10 every year. While many people wonder about the goal of this day, when reading the figures related to mental health worldwide issued by the World Health Organization and other institutions concerned with this field, we find that there must be a global day that pushes governments, civil society institutions, and workers in this field. The field is to raise awareness of the suffering of billions of people, and try to find solutions to reduce their suffering.

Shocking numbers

Almost one billion people in the world suffer from mental disorders, and alcohol and drug abuse kills 3 million people annually, while suicide kills one person every 40 seconds, which is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years.
Today, billions of people around the world are affected by the Corona pandemic, which is also exacerbating the damage to human mental health. Depression is one of the main causes of illness and disability among adolescents and adults, with 1 in 5 children and adolescents suffering from a mental disorder. And people with severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia often die ten or twenty years earlier than others.

More than 75 percent of people with mental illnesses, in low- and middle-income countries, receive no treatment at all, as a result of the decades-long chronic shortage of mental health promotion, disease prevention and care. Stigma, discrimination and human rights violations against persons with mental illness are still widespread in these societies.

The loss of productivity caused by depression and anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders, costing the global economy nearly $ 1 trillion annually, while governments allocate less than 2 percent of their national budgets to mental health. And that is despite every dollar invested in expanding treatment for depression and anxiety, it brings a return of $ 5.

Corona and mental health

Prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, high-cost care services in the field of mental health were limited around the world, but this outbreak and its implications for the weakness of the health system, home quarantine and social distancing led to an exacerbation of the situation, due to fear of the spread of infection and the risk of its spread in the residence facilities for mental patients, such as Care and psychiatric institutions, in addition to closing mental health facilities to divert their use to care for people with HIV.
The measures to restrict the movement of people and home quarantine, cancel the daily routine of employees and workers, change the pattern of business and close schools in the interest of distance education, temporary unemployment and the absence of direct contact with other family members, friends and colleagues, manage feelings of fear of infection with the virus, and concern about close people at risk. In particular, all are reasons that have led to more alertness and vigilance to pay attention to mental health at the time of the Corona outbreak, especially for previously mentally ill people.

For this reason, the World Health Organization joined forces with partner organizations, United for Global Mental Health and the World Federation for Mental Health, to call for this year’s World Mental Health Day, for a significant increase in Investments are directed at the mental health sector, especially since the economic consequences of this pandemic are already being felt, as companies have laid off their employees in an attempt to save their business, or have already closed their doors. It is expected that the need for support in the field of mental health and psychosocial support will increase in the coming months and years due to the pandemic that is ravaging the world. Investing nationally and internationally in mental health programs, which have already suffered for years from chronic underfunding, is now more important than it has ever been.

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Events on the International Day

In the context of the increasing interest in this global day this year and in light of the Corona crisis, the major demonstration for mental health was held on October 9th, which was joined by mental health activists from all over the world, and its activities were broadcast live on Facebook 24 hours , As well as content from the opinions of moderators and first-hand experiences of influential people and personalities from around the world. The virtual audience heard stories of the dedication of civil society activists from 19 countries and influential figures from civil society groups who participated in the campaign, “Speak Your Mind”. Participants in the campaign are specialists and interested persons from the following nineteen countries: Argentina, Australia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tonga, the United Kingdom, and the states United.
Ingrid Daniels, President of the World Federation of Mental Health, said: “It has now been nearly 30 years since the World Mental Health Federation launched the first World Mental Health Day. During this period, we have witnessed an increasing openness to talk about mental health in many countries of the world.” The World Federation for Mental Health is an international organization established in 1948 to advance the issues of prevention of mental and emotional disorders, provide those with them with the necessary treatment and care, and promote mental health.

As for Elisha London, founder and CEO of United for Global Mental Health, she said, “It is now more necessary to invest in mental health than at any time in light of the lack of access to adequate and quality mental health services for many.”
On October 10, the World Health Organization will, for the first time, host a global online event on awareness-raising around the world to reduce mental illness and the harmful use of alcohol and drugs. World leaders and mental health experts will join the WHO Director-General to speak about their commitment to mental health and the additional work that can be done in this area. World-renowned musicians who have raised their voices loudly in advocating the importance of mental health will participate in performing musical connections. Sports figures of both genders, whose lives have been affected by mental health conditions, will also participate to talk about their experiences and showcase their ways of dealing with health conditions such as depression and anxiety.


Argentina faces Ecuador today in the World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

Argentina faces Ecuador today in the World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

Amid the chaos plaguing the South American continent due to the outbreak of “Corona”

Thursday – 21 Safar 1442 AH – 08 October 2020 AD Issue No. [

Messi returns to captaining the Argentina national team in search of an achievement absent from his record (AFP)

Buenos Aires: “Asharq Al-Awsat”

Amid the chaos that the South American continent suffers from due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, the curtain is raised today about the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.
Looking at the club tournaments in the countries of this continent, it is possible to know what could happen when the World Cup qualifiers start, as the Brazilian Flamengo team spent eight days in Ecuador and played two matches in the Copa Libertadores and then returned to his country suffering from infection of more than 15 players with the virus « Corona ». Flamengo then resorted to court in an attempt to avoid their next match in the Brazilian League.
Argentine club Boca Juniors also recorded more than ten cases of Corona virus among its players even before the Copa Libertadores activities resumed, but amid this chaos, the World Cup qualifiers begin today with three matches in which Argentina meet Ecuador, Paraguay with Peru and Uruguay with Chile, and the round will continue tomorrow With two matches, the first is Colombia with Venezuela and the second is Brazil with Bolivia. To be held a second round of qualifiers next Tuesday.
The International Federation of Professional Players (FIFAPro) has warned of the travel risks faced by about 250 players, including world stars such as Lionel Messi (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Neymar da Silva (Paris Saint-Germain, France), Colombian James Rodriguez (Everton, England) and Uruguayan Luis Suarez (Atletico). Madrid (Spain), but everyone abided by the call of their national teams. Messi traveled from Spain to Argentina on a special plane for him and his teammates in the European professional team, such as Paulo Dybala (Italian Juventus) and Nicolas Otmendi (Benfica of Portugal), in the hope that this would contribute to reducing their contact with others.
Messi begins his journey towards realizing the biggest dream ever absent from his record against Ecuador in Buenos Aires.
At the age of thirty-three, Messi’s coffers do not lack any title at the club level, after he was crowned with all of his team, Barcelona, ​​and he won all possible personal awards, most notably the golden ball for the best player in the world six times (a record).
Messi repeated on many occasions that: “The only dream that I did not fulfill is to win the World Cup with the national team,” which lifted the most expensive trophy for the second and last time in 1986 in Mexico, led by legend Diego Maradona.
The dream was very close in the World Cup in Brazil 2014, but Mario Gotze snatched him from Messi and his companions, scoring the winning goal for Germany in the final match.
When the 2022 finals come, Messi will be thirty-five years old, which makes the next World Cup probably his last chance to try to achieve the dream.
After a convulsive summer and his failed attempt to break free from his contract with Barcelona due to his disagreements with club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, Messi hopes that the start of the World Cup qualifiers will be a breath of fresh air with a different flavor than what happened at the beginning of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers when Argentina lost the legendary “Monomental” stadium in Buenos Aires. Ayres against Ecuador in the same 0-2 in October 2015.
Argentina needed Messi’s magic to secure their qualification for Russia 2018 by winning the final round of qualifiers against Ecuador 3-1 in Quito thanks to Barcelona’s hat-trick, and snatching third place behind rivals Brazil and Uruguay and ahead of Colombia.
For its first qualifying match today on its home soil, Argentina must adapt to a new reality, which is the absence of its loud and eager crowd since the matches are held, at least for the time being, behind closed doors due to the repercussions of the new Corona virus. Playing at the “La Bombonera” stadium for Boca Juniors has always been a nightmare for visiting teams because of the majestic atmosphere, but the absence of the crowd will lose Messi and his comrades a basic weapon in the face of their Ecuadorian guest.
The absence of the crowd will not be the only change that Messi must adapt to, but he will play in a completely different squad that called the 2018 World Cup from the final price at the hands of France, who later crowned the title, as the new coach Lionel Scaloni, who succeeded Jorge Sampaoli after the finals in Russia, depends on blood New, but with keeping some elements of the old guard in order to secure the experience factor.
Scaloni spoke, after one day of training, about “seven or eight players who make up the foundation,” noting that the presence of experienced players makes the national team go as necessary.
But the Scaloni team will be without Manchester City’s top scorer, Sergio Aguero, due to injury, while Paris Saint-Germain winger Angel Di Maria has been excluded from the squad.
Scaloni believes that “Messi needs two players to play in front of him in order to pass the ball to them. They must play in the rear and not at the outskirts of the region.” One player who is seriously competing to be Messi’s teammate in the front line is Lucas Ocampos, Sevilla’s star.
“He is a strong player, he has technique and scores goals,” Scaloni said of Ocampus, who is competing with duo Paulo Dybala (Juventus of Italy) and Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan). It also helps in the defensive aspect. ”
Scaloni and his men hope to benefit from the difficult stage experienced by the Ecuadorian national team, led by a new coach, Argentine Gustavo Alvaro, after the departure of the Dutchman Yordi Cruyff without leading the team in any match.
Alvaro coached 13 teams in Argentina and won the Copa Sudamericana Cup with Arsenal in 2007, but it will be the 58-year-old’s first assignment at the level of national teams.




After spending her lockdown with her husband … Queen Elizabeth returns to Windsor Castle alone

After spending her lockdown with her husband … Queen Elizabeth returns to Windsor Castle alone

Wednesday – 20 Safar 1442 AH – 07 October 2020 AD

British Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip (Archive – Reuters)

London: “Middle East Online”

Buckingham Palace confirmed that British Queen Elizabeth II had returned to Windsor Castle after staying for a period in Sandringham in Norfolk, according to the Mirror newspaper.
The Queen arrived at the Royal Residence in Berkshire on Tuesday, but the Duke of Edinburgh remained in Norfolk.
After retiring, the 99-year-old has spent much time at Wood Farm in the Sandringham area.
But he joined the Queen in Windsor to spend time together during the coronavirus lockdown in March, before heading to Balmoral in Aberdeenshire for their summer vacation and then moving to Sandringham for a few weeks.
The court bulletin issued yesterday, meaning the daily list of royal engagements, which was published today (Wednesday), stated that Windsor Castle is the current residence of the royal court.
The royal couple was said to have been ever close during the lockdown.
It is clear that the Duke of Edinburgh has empowered the Queen to continue facing a series of setbacks, including Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle giving up their royal duties.
They have also had the opportunity to relax, and now they claim to avoid spending long periods apart from each other.
A royal source told the newspaper “The Sun”, “Everyone who has seen her recently says that the Queen seems to have gotten a new lease on life; Because she loved spending time with Prince Philip again. ”
Prince Philip’s stay in Norfolk comes after a source said that the Duke of Edinburgh previously wanted to return to Sandringham, where he was living before the epidemic, but he was unable to do so due to employment problems.
And in Windsor, the couple had a team of dedicated staff who looked after them.

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