17 members of two criminal groups with operation in Iztapalapa fall


In the Iztapalapa mayor’s office 17 people were arrested, including two women, members of two criminal groups dedicated to drug sales, assault on passersby and extortion.

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The apprehension of these subjects was carried out in two actions implemented by elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security.

The first arrest was made at the intersection of Calle Calculistas and Calle Privada Mineros, in the walkway known as Tláloc, in the Colonia Expansion El Triunfo, where a property was located that was used as a point of sale of narcotics.

According to the authorities of this place, people with backpacks were constantly coming and going inside which they transferred drugs for their commercialization in different points of the mayor’s office.

The place was guarded by a subject known as “El Gordo”, who operates for the criminal cell headed by Juan Balta.

With a order of arrest, this Thursday the uniformed men entered the place where there were seven people who were apprehended. At the site they were seized 223 doses of cocaine hydrochloride, a gramera scale, a plastic bag containing bulk marijuana, a cell phone, cash, and 22 useful cartridges.

Along with this action, on Lima de la Ixtlahuacan neighborhood A group of young people was identified who, on public roads, manipulated and formed doses of apparent drugs. In this intervention, ten men were captured.

According to various citizen complaints, the subjects, in addition to trading narcotics, assaulted those who were passing through the point and demanded money from the residents of the area, in exchange for not causing them harm or undermining their patrimony.

At the scene, 330 doses of cocaine hydrochloride, four telephone sets and cash were seized.

These subjects are part of the criminal cell known as “Los Rastas”. On July 24, 2020, staff from the Secretariat of Citizen Security and of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Justice in the capital they detained five other members of the group.



Physical Education teachers share exercise routines virtually – Dependencies Bulletins

They promote healthy lifestyles

They award points to students who participate.

San Luis de la Paz, Gto. July 09, 2021.- With the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles in students and their families during the distance education period, a group of physical education teachers assigned to the Northeast Region, offered exercise routines through Facebook Live.

To this end, six physical activations were scheduled with the participation of teachers from the region, which were broadcast on Facebook Live in coordination with the digital media, Periódico Tu Voz.

In addition, the activity allowed teachers to assign extra points in the subject of physical education, for the third evaluation period, to students who presented photographic evidence and registration through a form, of their participation in all exercise routines high, medium and low impact, which were transmitted.

Under this premise, it was possible to raise the level of communication with 250 high school students who presented intermittent communication and participation in the subject of physical education, as well as improve their grade in this subject, according to the criteria of each teacher.

The teachers who participated with exercise routines are; Vianey Elizabeth Cabrera Lara from zone 503, María Esmeralda Ramírez Martínez, Malleli Ojeda Torres and Arturo Andrade Hurtado, from zone 15, and Jesús Alberto Macías García and Wendoli Ríos Méndez, from zone 23.

The “Activation of 10” project is part of the regional strategy “In the Northeast we all return to school”, which aims to influence the school permanence of the students of the region.

Héctor Teodoro Montes Estrada, Northeast Regional Delegate for Education, spoke of the importance of generating proposals aimed at promoting the school permanence of students, as well as adding society, in this case, the media to this collaborative work that benefits to the educational community.

The exercise routines are available for consultation on the official page of the newspaper Tu Voz.


more checks in the historic center

Editorial board
09 July 2021 13:44

A decidedly demanding weekend is the one coming for the police forces of the province of Perugia, where there are several events scheduled for the weekend: from the Euro2020 final between Italy-England that many will decide to follow in the acropolis or through the maxi-screens set up in the cinema arenas of Frontone and in Pila. Not to mention the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto and the hundreds of visitors expected in the plain of Castelluccio di Norcia for the flowering.

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Meanwhile, a technical meeting was convened by the commissioner Antonio Sbordone, with representatives of the State Police, Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Army, Provincial Police, Local Police and Civil Protection. At the center of the work table is the need to coordinate the activities of all security actors, in order to allow scheduled events to take place in compliance with the Covid-19 legislation and without critical issues for public order and safety.

Umbria Jazz, final of the European Championships: Italy-England can also be seen at the Santa Giuliana Arena

“It will be of fundamental importance – explains the Police Headquarters in a note – the contribution of all the actors in the field, including the Municipal Police and the members of the Civil Protection, as well as from the perspective of participatory security, the contribution of the owners of premises and public establishments, which have always proved to be particularly sensitive to compliance with the rules, and which will be further sensitized in this regard. On the occasion of the desirable celebrations after the final of the European football championship, all the personnel assigned to the Police Station of the Historic Center will be involved in whole night “.

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A clarification then from the Commissioner Sbordone: “These are shows and sporting events that must be experienced with warmth and participation, as it should be. We have the task of accompanying, following, watching over in order to avoid dangerous excesses. Thanks to the teamwork put in place – concluded the commissioner – I am sure that everything will go well “.


Leader of “My leg squeezed!” wrote a statement to Dima Bilan

The allegedly popular performer threatened his fellow rocker in personal correspondence.

Maxim Pokrovsky turned to the police because of the threats of his stage colleague. Photo: Global Look Press

The scandal between pop artist Dima Bilan and the leader of the rock group “Nogu svelo!” Maxim Pokrovsky reached the police. The second musician wrote a statement to the first after allegedly receiving threats from him in WhatsApp correspondence.

It began with the fact that on July 2 the concert “Nogu Svelo!” Was canceled. at one of the concert venues in St. Petersburg. Before the rockers, Bilan performed on it, and later the institution was closed by the authorities due to non-compliance with safety rules in a pandemic. Pokrovsky in social networks accused his colleague of what happened, to which Dima responded on July 5 on his Instagram, stressing that the less popular singer is simply promoting himself on his behalf.

“I am a non-conflict person and I don’t see any point in paying attention to such inadequate agony,” Bilan said diplomatically on the video. – And people are not fools. Wherever I look, people are on my side and understand that the cancellation of your concert does not lie on my shoulders. Firstly, I am vaccinated and for a long time. Secondly, even with the vaccine, I have two hundred percent safety. But any adequate person should understand that I am not omnipotent and cannot perform organizational work. And I can’t follow the rules in every city, and I can’t personally put a mask on my face for every spectator I respect ”.

According to the 39-year-old singer, the venue was closed because of the working bar and the tight seating of the audience, and not because he went into the hall for 30 seconds.

However, it seems that there was no such diplomacy in the personal communication between the musicians. In his statement to the police about the threats, Pokrovsky said that his opponent was insulting and behaving aggressively, reports the Ren-TV channel. Now the police will understand the verbal skirmish of the musicians.

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China will remove the DiDi taxi application from stores due to data collection

The Chinese authorities have accused the taxi service of violating the law on the collection of customer data. Earlier, an investigation was launched against DiDi, Beijing explained that this is necessary to ensure the safety of users of the service.

Photo: Jason Lee / Reuters

The Cybersecurity Administration of China has ordered the removal of the DiDi taxi service application from virtual stores due to violations of the law on the collection of customer data, according to the agency’s website.

“After checking the DiDi Travel app, a serious violation of laws was found in the collection and use of personal information. In accordance with the provisions of the PRC Law “On Network Security”, the Cybersecurity Administration notified the app store of the removal of the DiDi Travel application and demanded that DiDi Travel Technology Co., Ltd comply with legal requirements, as well as fix existing problems in order to effectively protect the personal information of a huge number users “, – said in a message to the administration.

DiDi collects large amounts of data on the movement of people in real time, Reuters reported. The company uses some of the data in autonomous driving technologies, as well as for analyzing the situation on the roads. The service also claimed to store all data about Chinese users of its services in the country.

Didi Shares Drop 15% Amid Cybersecurity Investigation


On Friday, July 2, it became known that the Cybersecurity Administration of China has launched an investigation into the taxi aggregator to protect national security and public interest. The department also explained that this is necessary to ensure the security of user data in China. At the time of the check, DiDi was banned from registering new users.

The Financial Times wrote that usually such checks can last up to 30 working days, in difficult cases – up to 45 days.

The taxi service stated that it is ready to cooperate with the authorities and conduct a comprehensive examination of security risks.

On news of the audit, DiDi shares fell 15% to $ 14.73 per share. Later the fall slowed down. The service is currently trading at $ 15.53.

At the end of June, the DiDi service entered the New York Stock Exchange, where it raised $ 4.4 billion.