Course record at yesterday’s Graz Marathon magazine

Charles Juma Ndiema from Kenya was able to use the perfect conditions in a courageous race in cloudy conditions and light drizzle and set a new record in Graz. With a time of 2: 10.43 hours he prevailed ahead of Joel Kipkenei Melly (KEN, 2:13:55) and Onesmus Kiplangat (KEN, 2: 16.00). In the women’s race, […]

Rurtalsperre flood: the situation in Düren and Jülich is easing

July 16, 2021 at 4:03 pm Despite the overflowing Rurtalsperre : The situation in Düren and Jülich is relaxing Water runs off in the overflow of the Rurtalsperre. Photo: dpa / Lino Mirgeler Düren The Rurtalsperre in the Eifel overflowed on Friday night. Nevertheless, the situation has eased slightly. There were no additional missions in […]

the emotional well-being of running 20 minutes a day

Health comprehensive is essential for the well-being of a person. El running it is a discipline that brings many benefits in this regard, to the point that running 20 minutes a day is enough to improve the metrics related to the emotional. Pilar Amián, founder of Walden method explains on his page how something […]

Running: 5 tips to avoid pain in your legs

The running It is gaining more and more fans, although it does not differ in any way from the traditional practice of going for a run. If you have recently joined this healthy gymnastics You should take into account some tips to avoid feeling pain in the legs when you finish your training. Investing a […]

Cuba: A man is about to do a trail in the mountains … backwards – 20MinutesFR

Cuba: A man is about to do a trail in the mountains … backwards20MinutesFR A Cuban is about to challenge the mountain … by running backwardsNice morning He is about to challenge the mountain… by running backwards!West France Do you know the retrounning? This Cuban is one of the champions20 Minutes A Cuban is about […]

How do your running workouts influence your mental and emotional well-being?

With the celebration of Global Running Day 2021, ASICS has taken the opportunity to launch its original proposal to take action and put into practice the meaning of its acronym “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” (“healthy mind in healthy body”). In this way, through the combination of facial scanning technology and self-information data collection, all […]