Voluntary internship: Many underestimate an opportunity

Dhe semester break is well planned for many students: writing homework, creating a timetable, and vacation should also be included. Does that also have to be a voluntary internship?

Compulsory internships are compulsory in many degree programs, and university students must provide evidence of this in order to graduate. This does not apply to voluntary internships. First of all, you do extra work in the already tight curriculum.

Nevertheless, Ludmilla Aufurth is convinced: “It can be worth it.” Aufurth is responsible for the “Competence Development in Internship” project in the Career Service of Freie Universität Berlin and knows how important such practical phases are.

In internships, students can check their career aspirations, establish contacts in the industry or a specific company, or learn what they will need later in the world of work. For example, how to get involved in a team or how to organize your tasks well.

Aufurth suggests that you first consider which of these goals you would like to achieve with a particular internship and then select the place specifically.

Voluntary internship: first start-up, then large company

An example: Students should not apply twice in a row for internships with a medium-sized company if they are interested in marketing. Instead, it makes sense to complete the first internship at a start-up that is still building up its marketing department and gives interns responsibility immediately.

For the second internship, students can then choose a corporation where they can see how professionals with many years of professional experience and large budgets plan marketing campaigns.

A current survey at the Free University of Berlin came to the result: “Anyone who looked for the internship on their own initiative was particularly satisfied with it”, says Aufurth. “I suspect that a lot of good positions are not advertised at all.” It is therefore worth simply calling interesting companies.

Everything about the application letter

A clear structure is recommended when formulating the cover letter

Formulations in applications

recruitment - Businessman Set

After several years of professional experience, it is no longer necessary to send the school report

Certificates and certificates

Anyone hiring a professional writer for their application should check the provider carefully

Professional cover letter

Students keep asking Aufurth how many internships they should do during their studies. She cannot then give an exact number. It is important to do at least one internship, she explains. Whether it will be three or four in the end is not decisive.

It is possible that someone realizes during their first internship that they want to work in exactly this company after university. It also happens that students only realize during their second internship that they don’t fit into the industry and have to keep looking. You should stay calm. “If someone has done several internships, he will be left with a longer study period,” says Aufurth.

“The decisive factor is the quality, not the quantity,” explains Wilfried Schubarth, professor for educational and socialization theory at the University of Potsdam. He researched practical experience at the university and prepared an expert report on quality standards for the university rectors’ conference. “Students always say they want more and better supervised internships,” he noted.

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A voluntary internship is most beneficial when students use it wisely. “Ask, ask, ask,” advises Aufurth. How did the employees with interesting positions get there? What did you study? What was helpful to you? Why are the workflows like this and not different?

“The tasks are never 100 percent defined,” says Aufurth. This means that students do not have to be satisfied with what the internship supervisor specifies, but can also suggest something themselves. If it is not already planned, you should ask for a feedback at the end. You can address that and how you want to keep in touch.

Networking: Keep in touch after the voluntary internship

“The networking opportunity is not used often enough,” says Aufurth. “The students actually know how important it is.” This is particularly true for small and medium-sized companies, because these often do not have regular internships or alumni networks.

Proper networking begins in the final meeting. Students can ask whether they can write their thesis in the company, whether there are vacation jobs and when they can pick up the job reference with which they can later prove the internship at other employers. Via business networks such as Xing or LinkedIn, you not only connect with your boss, but also with your colleagues.

Everything about the résumé

The résumé is particularly important to convince HR managers.  He should start with the contact details

Anyone who is terminated should state the reason in their résumé

Anyone who names reading as a hobby should be prepared for an inquiry

Reading, football, gardening

The CV contains more running text than the bullet point German curriculum vitae

Voluntary internships shouldn’t last longer than three months, advises the German Trade Union Federation (DGB). Otherwise there is a risk that you will primarily become a cheap worker for the company, but will not learn anything yourself.

“You shouldn’t do internships after your studies,” says Susanne Braun, political advisor at the DGB. “There is a trial period for familiarization with the job,” she says, or, depending on the area of ​​work, other formats such as trainee programs or internships.

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This article was first published in January 2020.


Assertiveness: Well prepared for cheeky people

Ahen Diana Dreeßen-Wösten went public in Frankfurt am Main in her early twenties, she was shy and quickly blushed. She knew that she had to change that if she wanted to assert herself in this environment. “Within six weeks I completely turned my inner world inside out,” she says.

Today she works as a coach for entrepreneurs, managing directors and executives – mainly men. In doing so, she benefits from the fact that she herself had to learn to assert herself in a male and competitive industry.

A central message that she gives her clients: prepare well. “Almost everyone does it right,” she says.

However, it is often forgotten to foresee possible objections and to prepare appropriate arguments. Dreeßen-Wösten advises setting up an imaginary “competence space”.

“Everyone should be able to name at least ten things straight away that they are really good at.” It is also important to know what you want to achieve. “If I always have my goal in mind, obstacles cannot harm me,” she emphasizes.

Assertiveness: cheeky and aggressive is not a criterion

It often seems as if outrageous and superficially arguing people can assert themselves particularly well. But Dreeßen-Wösten is of the opinion: “The cheekier and more aggressive a person is, the more someone has to hide.”

In such cases, she advises you to question your counterpart soberly and objectively. A good strategy is to briefly summarize half-baked arguments and allegations and ask: “So you think that’s the case with us? What brings you to this assumption? “

Everything about the interview

Instead of feeling personally attacked, one could slip into the role of a factual moderator. It is not necessary to imitate narcissistic behavior in order to prevail, she emphasizes.

In order to earn respect, nobody has to change their personality, says Jens Korz. “Everyone can assert themselves, but everyone does it differently.” The trained actor, business economist and psychologist works as a coach for companies.

He emphasizes: Loud, unfriendly behavior often only seems to pay off. “There are top managers who appear very authoritarian and aggressive. But at some point they will get the receipt. “

Remain factual and diplomatic

In his coaching he starts with the personality and its needs. “We teach people to assert themselves diplomatically. To do this, you have to go beyond the relationship level. ”For bosses that means responding to the wishes of the employees. He advises employees to present their concerns briefly and precisely. “It is good if you don’t go to the boss and say ‘I have a problem’ but have a solution with you.”

Korz is convinced that the superiors generally respond to the suggestions. In his coaching sessions he tries to find out with his clients where certain behavior patterns come from.

You can’t change everything – but you can work on your beliefs. For example, he advises realizing that you don’t have to be perfect to be welcome.

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Especially when it comes to first contact, women are often more modest than men, says Sigrid Meuselbach, who among other things works as a coach for managers. Her mother was forbidden to work by her husband. This experience shaped her.

That’s why she started working with women at an early age and empowering them – including in the women’s refuge and women’s prison. “I believe girls are taught early on that it is rude to talk about yourself.”

Unfortunately, she has the impression that not much has changed in the past few decades. She also observed that determined and self-confident women still have a hard time at work – especially when they are competing with men.

Establish networks and form alliances

Nevertheless, she advises you to express yourself clearly. “In order to assert yourself, the most important thing is to speak plain text,” she emphasizes. In addition, you shouldn’t be too cautious about your own abilities. “To draw attention to yourself, it is good to talk a little more about yourself.”

It’s not just women who struggle to assert themselves. “Most men are rather quiet types who try to get their way on the matter,” said Dreeßen-Wösten.

For young men, for example, it is often difficult to enforce claims to parental leave, part-time or home office, adds Meuselbach.

With such problems, however, the individual usually doesn’t get very far. “It only gets better when two or three have succeeded,” she says. She generally recommends establishing networks and securing support from colleagues and mentors.

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This article was first published in January 2020.


Brittany: This Atlantic lighthouse is “the hell of hells”

Europe Regional geography Brittany

This lighthouse is “the hell of hells”

The Armen lighthouse is located in the middle of the Atlantic. Building it there was so difficult that it took 14 years to complete. And there are even more unusual things to see in Brittany.

| Reading time: 4 minutes

Brittany (France): The Armen lighthouse was built between 1867 and 1881

The Armen lighthouse off the coast of Brittany was built between 1867 and 1881

Quelle: Getty Images

The lighthouse in the Atlantic

Sa Breton name means harmless “the stone”, but it is also known as “the hell of hells”: The Armen lighthouse is in an isolated location in the Atlantic Ocean – 24 kilometers from the mainland, where waves up to 30 meters high hit it threaten to devour strong winds.

Work on arms began in 1867 and, due to the extremely difficult conditions on site, took a full 14 years. The roaring sea kept the two guards captive for weeks at a time.

Initially powered by oil, the beacons have been flashing automatically since 1990 – and Armen is orphaned. In 1967 the experience report by the Breton author J.-P. Abrahams, in which he writes about his meager life as a lighthouse keeper.

The Brittany region

Brittany is in the far west of France; As the largest peninsula in the country, it separates the English Channel from the Bay of Biscay. They decisively shaped the Celtic tribes, which they called Aremorica – “Land by the Sea” – and from here they drove out with their fleets.

Brittany in France

Source: Infographic Die Welt

Today Brittany is one of the most important tourist regions in the country. It impresses with its Atlantic beaches and bathing bays, good food typical of the country and Neolithic cult facilities in the form of thousands of menhirs, which seem to sprout from the heather like gigantic stone mushrooms.

The walled city of Saint-Malo

The historic town center of Saint-Malo at the mouth of the Rance River, surrounded by ramparts, is washed by water from three sides at high tide. What used to protect the privateer and shipowner stronghold from raids makes the city a magnet for Breton visitors today.

Saint-Malo in Brittany (France)

Quelle: Getty Images/RooM RF

The self-confidence of the inhabitants of Saint-Malo is legendary: They achieved great prosperity through trade in goods from Newfoundland and India, and in 1590 they proclaimed their own republic – which only existed for four years. But to this day her motto is: “Neither French nor Breton, I am Malouine!”

Asterix – the famous Gaul

Perhaps the most famous Celt is Asterix – the Romans called the early inhabitants of Brittany “Gauls”. The “Asterix” comics have been telling stories about the Gallic village and its inhabitants for more than 60 years. In 2009 the town of Erquy made a name for itself as the alleged model for Asterix’s hometown, but there was no solid evidence.

“The daughter of Vercingétorix”

At a press conference, the Albert-René-Verlag revealed little about the new adventure of little Asterix and his big friend Obelix. Again the author Jean-Yves Ferri and the draftsman Didier Conrad are the fathers of “La fille de Vercingétorix”.


The pointing dog Epagneul

Bretons love their epagneul, the red and white spaniel. The Greek poet Oppianus already mentioned in his “Kynogetika” that the dog breed was used here around 200 AD for hunting and falconry; in the Middle Ages it is not missing in any painting about hunting parties. Even Rembrandt painted it.

The pointing dog Epagneul

Quelle: Getty Images

The pointing dog has a strong hunting passion to this day and likes to retrieve game birds. Therefore, the 50 or so puppies that are littered each year in Germany are only given to hunters and falconers.

One of the most beautiful castles in France

Brittany has 4,000 castles, fortresses and manor houses. Many of the stately buildings can be visited – for example the 400-year-old castle Le Rocher-Portail, which is one of the most beautiful in France.

The claim “Downton Abbey à la Française” is not only used to attract fans of the British series. A dozen rooms can be visited, from the servants’ room to the curiosity cabinet. The extensive castle park is available for picnics.

Where to slurp oysters

Fresh oysters are eaten raw “in their very natural simplicity an unsurpassable dish”, wrote the “King of Chefs” Paul Bocuse in his standard work “The New Kitchen” from 1977. This has not changed until today.

Eating oysters in Brittany (France)

Source: WORLD infographic

In Brittany, the municipality of Cancale has been particularly successful in breeding since the 13th century. Two varieties thrive in the self-proclaimed “oyster capital”: the European oyster and the Pacific rock oyster. It is best to slurp them on the spot.

The quote

“Ar brezoneg hag ar feiz zo breur ha c’hoar e Breiz”

The Breton proverb “Breton and faith are siblings in Brittany” refers to the Catholicism that dominated the region for a long time. Brittany and the Breton language did not become part of France until the 16th century.

The Breton language that British immigrants brought with them from their islands at the time of the Anglo-Saxon conquest survived – to this day. However, with only around 150,000 speakers left, it is considered seriously endangered.

In many areas of Brittany, bilingual street signs refer to the heritage. Mini-lesson for visitors to Brittany: Thank you is called “mersi bras”.

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This article was first published in September 2019.

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Brittany – sweet, salty, fat!

Anyone coming to Brittany should cancel their Weight Watchers membership beforehand. In the far north-west of France, lots of flour, sugar and salted butter are a must.

Source: WELT / Laura Fritsch / Jörg Malitzki

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WELT AM SONNTAG from August 4, 2019



Sharjah: Right next to Dubai – and yet completely different

When everything goes according to plan for Sharjah, it will soon be able to shed its unofficial nickname “the unknown emirate”. Then it should be called “the previously unknown and now the third most famous sheikdom after Dubai and Abu Dhabi”, especially since the United Arab Emirates consist of a total of seven emirates, four of which are much less known than Sharjah, namely Ajman, Fujairah, Ra’s al- Chaima and Umm al-Qaiwain.

If you have a driver and ask him where Dubai ends and Sharjah begins, he’ll probably point to an inconspicuous bridge after about ten minutes and say, “Here. Sharjah begins after this bridge! ”Then you drive under the bridge and you won’t feel a big difference on the other side.

But soon the streets get narrower, you can tell that the buildings are meaningfully related to each other and were not just pounded out of the ground with dramatic gestures. You see shops instead of flagship stores, yes, you even see people walking on sidewalks, pedestrians!

Source: WORLD infographic

Sharjah City, it turns out, is, in contrast to the centers of the two better-known emirates, a city that actually functions as such.

Differences to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

So it’s more traditional than Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This also means that alcohol is not even sold in the hotels in Sharjah. There are also no night clubs and bars, no indoor ski slopes, no dinosaur roller coasters and no houses that are anywhere near as high as the one next door in Dubai.

An important thing in common with Dubai and Abu Dhabi, however, is the precarious situation in terms of human rights and laws (see below). Tourists too have to fear draconian penalties in the United Arab Emirates for things that are fundamental rights in Europe. Staying here can be dangerous, especially for homosexuals, women and unmarried people.

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What makes Sharjah different from the better-known Emirates is that cultural tradition is maintained here with a view to the future. You can afford museums on topics such as art, history, calligraphy and Islamic civilization, 17 in number, which in the Persian Gulf give the best overview of the time before the oil boom.

Beautifully lit up at night: a mosque in Sharjah City

Illuminated at night: large mosque in Sharjah City

Quelle: Getty Images/© Naufal MQ

Sharjah also holds an annual book fair, the third largest in the world. In 2019, Unesco even named the city the “World Book Capital”.

However, the event did not bring the hoped-for popularity, but international protests, because Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and other anti-Semitic hate texts were also presented at the fair. Travelers should not be blinded by Sharjah’s cultural flair.

The only luxury hotel in the emirate

Other regular events are the Sharjah Biennale, the largest exhibition of contemporary art in the Arab world, and the Architecture Triennial. Most recently she dealt with urbanism.

It fits well that Sharjah is currently making a few urban planning corrections and tearing down ugly houses in order to build the new Heart of Sharjah district in the center. Interestingly, the idea behind the new buildings will be even older than those that were previously demolished.

Sharjah: stone phone booths

The cityscape is also characterized by stone telephone booths

Source: pa / Jürgen Schwe / Jürgen Schwenkenbecher

Architecturally, it should go back at least to the 1950s, i.e. to the era before oil was found in the Emirates and the region became rich. The Heart of Sharjah is comparable to the reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace: At first glance, it is a historical shell that is to be used for exhibitions and restaurants.

The heart of the project has so far been the hotel “Al-Bait” ​​(“the home”). The emirate’s only luxury hotel was built around four existing historic houses, one of which was the residence of a pearl merchant and another of Sharjah’s first post office.

You have to imagine the “Al-Bait” ​​as a collection of one- and two-story buildings with narrow alleys in between, a cream-colored mini-medina with 53 rooms and suites that is ideally suited to get lost. You are constantly standing in front of some kind of door that opens to magical inner courtyards, sometimes to a historical bazaar that no longer belongs to the hotel, or to another already completed part of the “Heart of Sharjah”.

Sharjah recalls the past

Outside the hotel, Mohammed has taken on the task of showing visitors the area. He is in his early 30s, comes from Egypt and actually wanted to be a footballer.

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That didn’t work out, instead he went to Dubai to find his fortune in the tourism industry. But because he didn’t like Dubai after a short time, he looked for it in Sharjah. “Has more heart here,” he says, “is calmer.”

He is currently standing on the promenade in front of the hotel and is pointing to a dramatic building on the other side of the bank, whose architectural style has an oriental-Wilhelmine effect: “This is the dish!”

Blue Souk in Sharjah: The architecture of the market built in 1978 is deliberately traditional

Blauer Souk: The architecture of the market, built in 1978, is deliberately traditional

Quelle: picture alliance / Udo Bernhart

And where does the next emirate begin? “Do you see the hotel over there?” Asks Mohammed, pointing to a massive structure about two kilometers away. “Ajman begins shortly afterwards,” the smallest of the seven emirates.

Shortly before that, in the “101 Café”, which sells Indian street food right on the waterfront, it is very busy, as is the “Arabian Tea House”, a restaurant serving Arabic specialties, across the street.

“The skyscraper up here,” says Mohammed, “will soon be demolished.” The apartment blocks behind it would also disappear. “If you come back in five years, everything will be ready. Nice old, but new. ”Mohammed is happy.

While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are orienting themselves towards a future that one does not know if it will ever come, Sharjah focuses on a past that is long gone. The third most famous emirate has found its niche in the market.

Gigantic 3-D printer builds two-story house

By 2030, 25 percent of all new buildings in Dubai are to be created using 3-D printing.

Source: WELT / Peter Haentjes

Tips and information

Getting there: Usually a flight to Dubai, from the airport it is ten minutes by taxi to Sharjah.

Accommodation: “Al Bait Sharjah” (ghmhotels.com), double room with breakfast from 180 euros; “Four Points by Sheraton” (marriott.de), double room with breakfast from 60 euros (as of April 2020)

Safety: The human rights situation in the United Arab Emirates is critical and tourists can also face jail. You should inform yourself well in advance (Auswaertiges-amt.de), extramarital sex (also rape victims are threatened with persecution), pregnancy without marriage, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, public tenderness, criticism of Islam, taking photos (also via mobile phone) are punishable. for example of public buildings, ports, palaces, bridges and more.

Information desk: visitsharjah.com

This article was first published in April 2020.

Participation in the trip was supported by “Al-Bait Sharjah”. You can find our standards of transparency and journalistic independence at axelspringer.de/unabhaengigkeit.


Vacation in Bavaria: Six tips for romantic excursions

Rout of the city and up into the mountains – in Bavaria there are still small idylls between Königssee, Tegernsee, Zugspitze and Neuschwanstein, romantic places with little hustle and bustle. It can be a hidden mountain lake, a picturesque high valley with a panoramic view or a lonely mountain village with an unusual history.

The good thing about it: An inn with hearty regional cuisine is always there. If you also come to terms with the fact that there is no five-star luxury temple, no fast food drive-in and no urban nightlife, you can be pretty happy here.

Hintersee near Ramsau: hiking in the magic forest

The Hintersee near Ramsau is the small and little-known neighbor of the famous Königsee. It corresponds completely to the ideal image of a romantic body of water surrounded by steeply towering peaks: crystal-clear, emerald-green water, dark, mysterious forests, rocks overgrown by thick moss, embedded in the legendary magical forest geotope.

Source: WORLD infographic

It used to be artists who saw their dream of Alpine romance come true here; including such well-known landscape painters as Carl Rottmann, Ferdinand Waldmüller, Friedrich Gauermann and Wilhelm Busch.

They lived and celebrated in Babette Auzinger’s inn. Today you can cross the lake by boat, hike along the shore and through the magical forest, admiring the old pictures, go on a trip to the adjacent national park to feed the deer and stop off at the “Auzinger” in the historic restaurant in proper style. Locals particularly appreciate the roast pork.

Bavaria: This bench in the magic forest offers a wonderful place for a rest

This bench in the magic forest offers a wonderful place for a rest

Source: pa / prisma / Fürmann Hans

For those who forget the time – there are rustically furnished rooms in the inn and in the neighboring former logger’s house. The next morning, when the Hochkalter and the Blaueiskar with the Blaueis Glacier are reflected in the Hintersee, the landscape is particularly romantic. A real classic for summiteers is the long ascent from the Hintersee towards the Blaueishütte.

Frillensee: fascination in Chiemgau

Hardly anyone passes by Frillensee, because it is at the end of a Sack Valley near Inzell and can only be reached on foot from Adlgass; in a good 20 minutes.

The Frillensee, which is just 340 meters long and 130 meters wide, is fascinating: it does not freeze over from the edge, as usual, but from the middle, and as probably the coldest lake in Germany, it often has a stable ice cover as early as November. In the past, the Frillensee was used for speed skating and ice hockey competitions; so began Inzell’s career as a speed skating stronghold.

Today Inzell has an artificial ice rink – and the Frillensee belongs to the hikers and bikers alone, who can almost completely circle it on a forest path. The five kilometer long mountain forest adventure path with information and play stations is relaxing and educational at the same time, a good motivation for children who are lazy about hiking.

Beer and snack: the “Forsthaus Adlgaß” not far from Inzell in Chiemgau

Source: ï¿? Reinhard Schmid / HUBER IMAG

And there is an ice cream sundae to reward the little naturalists in the “Forsthaus Adlgaß”; it is a typical Bavarian tavern with a beer garden. If you want to run off your calories again, you should take a trip to the Stoisseralm from Adlgass. From there there is a spectacular view of Chiemgau and Rupertiwinkel.

Samerberg: More Bavaria is hardly possible

For Munich residents, the good is pretty close: just 70 kilometers as the crow flies are between the Bavarian capital and the ideal world of the Samerberg high valley at an altitude of 700 meters. Cow bells ring, the lush green of the mountain meadows shines under the white-blue sky – it couldn’t be more Bavarian than Samerberg.

The community includes 70 districts with old farms and 25 Bavarian-run inns, which serve crispy roast ducks as always or grilled bread under the chestnuts in the beer garden. The numerous alpine pastures at the foot of the Hochries are also inviting.

Bavaria: A small chapel was built next to the old Luitpoldeiche near the village of Obereck in the 19th century

A small chapel was built next to the old Luitpoldeiche near the town of Obereck in the 19th century

Source: pa / dpa / Thomas P. Widmann

The Samerberg as an excursion destination is loved not only by holiday guests and Munich city refugees, but also by many locals from the region. Nevertheless, it is not overcrowded, because there are 44 circular hiking trails – from gentle to alpine – that lead to wonderful views of the Chiemgau and Chiemsee.

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Some hikes are possible even with a stroller, for example to the Wagneralm. Classic hikes are in the direction of Hochries, to the popular Käseralm, to the hidden Dandlbergalm in the middle of the mountain forest and to the chapel above Törwang; The “Hotel Post” also offers a decidedly Bavarian accommodation in the village.

Apropos: Bavarian folk musicians play every year in August on the Doaglalm for the traditional Almkirta.

Jachenau: King Ludwig II on the trail

The upper Isar valley already represents old Bavarian culture and way of life in a highly concentrated dose. The fact that the writer Ludwig Thoma grew up here as a forester’s son and the nature lover King Ludwig II spent a lot of time in the old forester’s house in Fall is also known outside of Bavaria.

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And here, in the middle of the Bavarian Prealps, the inhabitants of a 15 kilometer long, idyllic forest and meadow valley defend their authentic, some also say unfashionable lifestyle – it is the Jachenau, also known as the sun valley, through which the Jachen river runs. Because on the south side of Brauneck and Benediktenwand, the valley is so conveniently located in an east-west orientation that in summer it has continuous sun between the districts of Fleckhaus and Mühle.

Bavaria: Jachenau is a suitable starting point for hikes

Jachenau is a suitable starting point for hikes

Quelle: Getty Images/imageBROKER RF

That’s nice for the residents of the tiny hamlets and stately farms – and for the holiday guests. The combination of a wide valley and high mountains gives you plenty of scope for hiking and cycling tours. It doesn’t have to be the long Benediktenwand crossing.

Much more comfortable is a hike up to the Hirschhörndlkopf or the tour from the main town of Jachenau via Sachsenberg along the Walchensee to Niedernach and from there back to the hiking car park in Jachenau. You should spend some time at Walchensee, swimming and looking, after all, the water has already been the location of various films (“Wicki und die stark Männer”, “Tales of the Vikings”).

Gerstruben: Visit to the mountain farmer

Those who are out and about in the Allgäu mountains around Oberstdorf are usually drawn to the Fellhorn, Nebelhorn or Kleinwalsertal. Just a few kilometers from the town there is an attraction that is both worth seeing and curious.

Gerstruben is an archaic settlement of old mountain farms at an altitude of 1150 meters with an extraordinary history. It used to be an independent municipality and as such the highest in Germany. Gerstruben was owned by the aristocracy for a long time and today belongs to the Verein der Rechtler, an association of local farmers who have large parts of the land around Oberstdorf.

Bavaria: Gerstruben is located at 1150 meters in the Allgäu Alps

Visit to the mountain farmer: Gerstruben is located at 1150 meters in the Allgäu Alps

Quelle: picture alliance / DUMONT Bildar

South of the Oberstdorf Golf Club, the path up to Gerstruben begins in the Trettach Valley on a narrow and occasionally somewhat steeper path. After a few hairpin bends you come out of the forest and you have the tiny settlement in front of you with the old, listed mountain farms with their stone foundations, wood paneling, shingle roofs and geraniums in front of the windows.

At the top left is the “Gasthof Gerstruben”, which is known for regional game specialties. At the very back the Lady Chapel protrudes between the old courtyards. A small museum has been set up in the “Jakobe-Hüs”, which documents the history of Gerstruben and the special way of life of the mountain farmers. However, you cannot stay overnight in Gerstruben, you have to go back to the Trettachtal.

Reutberg: Klosterbräu with a view

It looks like a film set – and has already been used as such: we’re talking about Reutberg, a small hill a few kilometers north of Bad Tölz. At the top is the Franciscan convent, founded in 1618.

Bavaria: Reutberg Monastery has a brewery

Picture-book Bavaria: Reutberg Monastery has a brewery

Source: Getty Images / Westend61

The monastery brewery, one of the last truly traditional breweries in the region, resides next door to door, so to speak. And a curiosity, because behind the brewery is a cooperative with more than 5,000 members, including some prominent politicians. Every year on St.Joseph’s Day in March, the gathering takes place in the beer tent with a profit distribution, namely in the form of beer and roast pork.

Visitors can stop in the “Klosterbräustüberl” and enjoy the wonderful view from the beer garden towards the mountains. The fact that the Kirchsee, a popular swimming lake, is only a five-minute walk away and there are many cycling and hiking trails around the meadows, makes Reutberg an ideal destination.

This article was first published in June 2020.

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Otitis media in children: pacifier sucking increases the risk

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Pacifier suckling increases the risk of otitis media

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Pacifier suckling increases the risk of otitis media

The beloved pacifier calms you down – but it may also cause earache.

Source: dpa-tmn / Christin Klose

First the cold, then the pain: Unfortunately, there is hardly any herb used to treat otitis media in small children. But parents can try to wean the child from the pacifier – and from smoking themselves.

KYoung children are more likely to get otitis media than school children and adults. This often cannot be prevented properly, explains the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWIG) on Gesundheitsinformation.de. Parents can reduce the risk of otitis media a little.

One way to do this is to give children a pacifier less often. Because if you suck on it frequently, you have an inflamed middle ear a little more often – probably because sucking changes the pressure between the throat and ears. Vaccinations against pneumococci also reduce the risk of inflammation, possibly against influenza too. The best remedy for infections in the nasopharynx is a smoke-free environment.

The reason for the high susceptibility of babies and toddlers to inflammation is anatomical: the small tube in the so-called tube, the connection between the middle ear and throat, is still very fine and short. In the case of a cold or flu, pathogens can quickly get into the middle ear. The risk of otitis media only decreases after the age of seven.

The best remedy for inflammation is an antipyretic pain reliever in the right dose – ibuprofen or paracetamol, in the form of a suppository or juice. Decongestant nasal drops or sprays have no proven healing or soothing effects. Many children with otitis media have a stuffy nose at the same time. The drops or sprays can then make breathing easier.

This article was first published in April 2019.


Cruise ships: That was the case with hygiene on the high seas

HHygiene on the high seas: The cruise industry is no longer concerned with anything in the current Corona times. It is important to protect guests and crew from infection as best as possible, not to spread viruses and to avoid a massive outbreak of disease on board or later on land at all costs.

After all, the most modern medical measures and equipment are available today – in contrast to earlier centuries, when medical knowledge was limited and personal hygiene was only given rudimentary attention.

Only with the advent of regular passenger traffic in the first half of the 19th century did this change, at least for the paying guests on board: In 1842, for example, writer Charles Dickens found a washstand on the legendary first ocean liner of the Cunard company, “Britannia” in his cabin – the standard at the time for a gentleman in the first class and quite comparable to good hostels on land.

Not every cabin has a bathroom and toilet

However, the equipment on board still has a long way to go up to today’s hygienic standards. On the Hapag “Augusta Victoria” – she undertook the first luxury cruise to the Mediterranean in 1891 – each cabin has steam heating, electric light and a wash basin with running water.

But the toilet and bathroom had to be shared by several guests, as was quite common even in grand hotels of that era. A steward conscientiously assigns bathing times, a tip ensures preferential treatment.

The picture from the 1930s shows how comfortably guests could spend the night on the “Queen Mary”

Quelle: Getty Images

Up until the 1960s, not every cabin had its own bathroom and of course not its own toilet, at least not in the lower classes. This explains why many iconic oceanliners of the post-war era are not simply converted into cruise ships, but end up prematurely under the cutting torch: their cabins are simply not for sale on the cruise market.

Fresh water was precious on the cruise ship

There are also no modern desalination plants for a long time. While fresh water can be made from seawater on every cruise ship today and is then available to guests in (almost) unlimited quantities, in earlier days it had to be carried in large tanks and was therefore extremely valuable.

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For a full bath, only filtered sea water was available. Nobel laureate Thomas Mann liked it very much, he noted in 1934: “With the sticky, slightly putrid scented bath in warm sea water in the morning, which impregnates the skin with salt and which I love very much, it is pleasant to think that you sleep over Night has rolled up a good deal of unpredictability. “

Cruise ship: On the luxury liner “Augusta Victoria”, guests could dine classy, ​​but they had to share the toilet and bathroom with others

On the luxury liner “Augusta Victoria”, guests dined classy, ​​but they had to share the toilet and bathroom with others

Those: picture alliance / arkivi

But you also travel first class, in contrast to the “mad reporter” Egon Erwin Kisch. He takes a close look at the communal washrooms in the tourist class of a P&O liner as a sociotope – including their crowded narrowness, unthinkable in Corona times: “Said social life and goings-on begins every morning with a storm on the shaving basins in the washroom and on the bathtubs. The ladies scurry their way to the washroom more or less quickly, depending on whether it is more important to them to hide their unpowdered, unpowdered face or to show the garish silk kimono …

Disinfection with vinegar and tar

For many years, emigrants – for example in the notorious tween deck – have it less well than first-class passengers or cruise guests. The sanitary conditions there were sometimes dramatic until the end of the 19th century. A replica of such a lightless mass quarter with narrow beds can be viewed today, for example, in the BallinStadt Emigration Museum in Hamburg.

At the time, vinegar water was an effective disinfectant, but so was smoking the lower decks with corrosive sulfur vapors shortly before arriving at the destination port. The acrid smoke was supposed to kill all pathogens according to the ideas of the time.

Replica of a tween deck on a cruise ship: the sanitary conditions in some cases were dramatic until the end of the 19th century

Replica of a tween deck: the sanitary conditions in some cases were dramatic until the end of the 19th century

Quelle: BallinStadt

The writer and cruise guest Mark Twain also had to endure this involuntarily on a shore excursion in Italy in 1867. For this purpose, he and his tour group are suddenly arrested by the police and locked in a windowless cell.

Twain writes with indignant undertones: “They fumigated us to protect themselves against cholera, although we did not come from a contaminated port. We had left cholera far behind us all along. But somehow they have to keep the epidemics away, and fumigating is cheaper than soap. “

Sometimes this unhealthy procedure even ends fatally, about 1858 on the emigrant ship “Austria” on the way to New York: There, to develop smoke, a red-hot chain is dipped into a bucket filled with tar.

But the glowing chain accidentally falls on the wooden deck, which immediately catches fire, and within a very short time the whole ship is on fire. More than 450 people lose their lives – it is one of the worst shipping accidents of that era.

Catastrophic conditions on the tween deck

It is true that iron and steel shipbuilding in the second half of the 19th century also brought significant improvements in housing.

But still around 1880 the Scottish “Treasure Island” author Robert Louis Stevenson wrote indignantly about the hygienic conditions on the intermediate deck, which even the ship’s doctor dared to enter only with great reluctance and possibly in emergencies: “If the shed is alive at sixteen, more or less unwashed human animals, which lay all night together in the same stuffy air and in the utter mess of leftover food, dirty bowls and musty bedding, had no chance of health or cleanliness. “

Accordingly, the tween deck passengers look dirty when they arrive in the United States after their two-week voyage – not exactly a promising start to a new life. Stevenson complains: “Any washing below deck was strictly forbidden. You could perhaps wash your hands under the pump next to the galley, but that was all. “

Health check upon entry into the USA

Only after 1900 did the emigrants benefit from the increasing comfort of the ocean liners: the intermediate deck gave way to comfortable, clean multi-bed cabins, there were washrooms and separate dining rooms with good food. The top ships of their time such as the German “Imperator” (Hapag, 1913) or the legendary “Titanic” (White Star Line, 1912) set new standards here.

From 2022 they too can be Rose and Jack – on the Titanic II

It sounds like a fairy tale, but the Titanic is about to set sail again – as a replica, but on the original route and with all of today’s safety standards. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer raves about it – of course, with no downfall scenario.

Source: WELT / Marc Pfitzenmaier and Mick Locher

The increasingly strict entry regulations in the USA also contribute to this: Anyone who does not pass the strict health check before arriving in New York at the Ellis Island immigration lock – now a museum complex that is well worth seeing – and is rejected by the authorities must return at the shipping company’s expense be transported to Europe.

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No wonder that the shipping companies have their passengers scrutinized by doctors in advance and, as a precaution, quarantine them on a case-by-case basis. Hapag General Director Albert Ballin has a huge lounge and check-in terminal with dormitories and dining rooms, a music pavilion, churches and synagogue as well as medical care built in Hamburg – the “Ballinstadt” on the Elbe island of Veddel, which is named after him.

What was considered an absolute showcase project with the highest hygienic standards at the time has been reconstructed true to the original in parts as an emigration museum.

Mark Twain resists the quarantine

Mark Twain had to struggle with rigid quarantine measures as early as 1867 on his literarily immortalized European cruise, similar to many cruise guests today at the beginning of the corona pandemic: He is not allowed on land. Because of the cholera, Portugal and Malta are closing their ports completely, the Greek capital Athens can only be called after an eleven-day quarantine, so the captain wants to cancel the shore excursion and continue directly.

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An imposition for the antiquity-loving Twain, who made a risky decision: At night he secretly rowed ashore with three companions – always on the lookout for the police, who mercilessly punish such dangerous escapades with several months of imprisonment.

But the daring venture succeeds. In the moonlight, the quartet climbs happily around the Acropolis, only to be on board in time the next morning. Quarantine breaches and illegal border crossing as a gentlemanly sport – from today’s perspective an irresponsible and hardly calculable risk.

Hygiene becomes even more important on cruises

After all: Twain survived his Greek adventure happily and without infection. But how and when the modern cruise will continue today in view of Corona is currently hardly foreseeable.

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Travel in times of Corona

Possibly, however: the strictest cleanliness, the highest hygiene standards and effective medical controls will in the future be even more important than before. Charles Dickens and his fellow writers would certainly have been pleased.

This article was first published in May 2020.

Karsten Eichner is the author of the cruise books “Traumschiff Ahoi!” And “I love the sea like my soul” (both Koehler Verlag, Hamburg).

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Orthorexia: When healthy, sustainable eating becomes a compulsion

THErthorexia is a new type of eating disorder, those affected limit themselves extremely in their quality of life. A spontaneous meal with friends in an unfamiliar restaurant – unimaginable for someone with this eating disorder.

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Vacation promotes the desire for sex – but not only with the partner

travel Relationship killer vacation

More desire for sex – but not only with the partner

Vacationers are generally more relaxed than at home and the willingness to flirt increases. For some couples this can revive the partnership, for others the newly awakened lust becomes a relationship killer.

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Vacation and sex belong together - but not always only for those who actually belong together Vacation and sex belong together - but not always only for those who actually belong together

Vacation and sex belong together – but not always only for those who actually belong together

Quelle: Getty Images/Matthew Micah Wright

BIt is well known that inhibitions and covers tend to fall on vacation. However, a survey by the travel agent Urlaubspiraten gives cause for concern: Many holidaymakers are morally decrepit, and vacations seem to pose a real threat to relationships.

Okay, that 44 percent of those surveyed have sex more often during the holidays than at home, is not particularly surprising, after all, when you are on vacation you are more relaxed, more relaxed or simply more drunk than at home.

But a worrying 28 percent said they flirted more often than usual when traveling in other climes or countries, and more than half of them went well beyond smiling and making beautiful eyes: 55 percent had already had a fuss on vacation, although it was 28 percent resulted in a one-night stand, 14 percent developed far more, because the amorous adventure ended in a (new) relationship.

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Now everyone knows that vacationers are mostly not singles, but couples, regardless of whether they are married, engaged or in a relationship without a marriage certificate. But if the majority of tourists – 55 percent – tend to have a vacation affair, this also applies to the majority of traveling couples. In a nutshell, one could say: A vacation has the potential to kill relationships.

One in five dreams of having sex on a plane

That coincides, albeit with less blatant numbers, with another survey carried out in 2018 by the single exchange Elitepartner. There, eleven percent admitted that they had experienced a lull in sex with their partner on vacation, nine percent admitted that they separated on vacation or shortly afterwards, four percent cheated on the vacation and five percent complained that they had been cheated on, when the partner was traveling alone. We see: Vacation and sex belong together, but unfortunately not automatically for people who actually belong together.

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Anyone who now fears that their own spouse or girlfriend could get morally or sexually astray on their next vacation should be particularly suspicious of other travelers: According to the holiday pirate survey, they are the largest group (20 percent) of those tourists get involved with . So it’s better not to make friends with the good-looking couple at the next table, but rather with the overweight pensioners at the hotel pool.

Caution is also advised with chambermaids, waiters and concierges: after all, in eight percent of the cases the respondents had erotic experiences with hotel employees. The all-clear, on the other hand, can be given to pilots and stewardesses: Although one in five (22 percent) dreams of having sex on a plane, only two percent have actually ever been intimate above the clouds.

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This article was first published in February 2020.

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