Caleb Ewan wants to win in Giro, Tour and Vuelta this year

With races in his native Australia suspended and enormous travel difficulties, Caleb Ewan (Lotto) is in Europe. The 26-year-old sprinter has completed the first part of the preseason at his residence in Monaco and from now on he will work with the rest of his teammates, who these days train in three separate bubbles on the Levantine coast. Perhaps this change in plans has inspired the little sprinter (1.65 meters) to devise a bold plan for the season: “I want to win in Giro, Tour and Vuelta this year.”

Ewan is probably the number one sprint right now and that allows him to take on such a difficult challenge. Only three riders have managed to win in the three great tours in the same year in all history: Miguel Poblet (1956), Pierino Baffi (1958) and Alessandro Petacchi (2003).

The Australian runner already knows victory in the three rounds of three weeks. He has five stages in the Giro and Tour and one in the Vuelta, where he opened his account in 2015. Ewan knows that the challenge is very complicated and has explained that he will modulate it depending on whether or not he obtains the desired results: «If I win in the Giro , I will continue with the Tour and then I will do the same with the Vuelta. But if I do not achieve victory in the Giro, I will not go to the Vuelta “, he advanced in ‘Cyclingpro’.

Another goal he sets for himself is the Tour green jersey, which he has never managed to wear in Paris. For this reason, he makes it clear that if he has already won before, he will choose “not to reach the end of the Giro” and thus save himself the very hard last week of the corsa rosa.

Three precedents

If Ewan won the Giro, Tour and Vuelta in the same year, he would achieve a remarkable feat, but it is difficult to imagine that he can achieve it to the extent that the three men who have already achieved it so far did.

The one with the worst record was Pierino Baffi. The Lombard cyclist, a partner of Fiorenzo Magni, scored a stage in the Giro in 1958, three in the Tour and two in the Vuelta. ‘Only’ six victories, which did not exceed those achieved by Miguel Poblet two years before. The Barcelona, ​​double winner of the Milan-San Remo, had prevailed in 1956 in four arrivals of the Giro, one of the Tour and three of the Vuelta. Eight incredible victories that would be surpassed by Alessandro Petacchi in 2003, with six stages of the Giro, four of the Tour and five of the Vuelta, to reach 15.

Ewan has a contract with his current formation until 2022, as well as the two henchmen of his ‘train’, Roger Kluge and Jasper De Buyst.



34 million euros for Cortilia. Capital increase for Marco Porcaro’s company

The new financial resources collected with the round that has just ended will allow Cortilia to increase its growth and further develop its service on the Italian territory. Furthermore, as Porcaro explained, Cortilia has also announced that it has amended its statute to officially become a Benefit Company (SB), a corporate legal form that allows a for-profit to balance a public benefit with the profits of shareholders.

With the transformation into a Benefit Company, Cortilia legally confirms its commitment to operate in a responsible and transparent manner towards people, communities, territories, environment, assets, cultural and social activities, entities, associations and other stakeholders.“The transformation into a Benefit Company confirms our will to give priority to socio-economic and environmental sustainability in our work with great attention to the enhancement of the agricultural fabric of our wonderful territory. The new statute provides for various purposes of common benefit that we will pursue: from the reduction of the direct and indirect environmental impact, to the promotion of the short chain model for the development of local producers; from transparency and correct information to consumer awareness of a sustainable lifestyle; from involving and listening to stakeholders in decision-making processes, up to the creation of a corporate community that can spread a culture based on inclusion, ethics and sustainability “.

Cortilia’s previous operation dates back to 2019 when the startup had collected 8.5 million (we talked about it here).

Thanks to this round, she entered ours Top 10 2019 a StartupItalia Open Summit.

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The boom of online shopping in the health emergency

A few months ago Cortilia had launched a survey aimed at a panel of nearly 5,000 people asking if the pandemic had changed their eating habits.

According to the analysis more than the 66% of respondents has modified the way of do the shopping food, compared to the pre-lockdown period. The changes were right in the purchasing channels. Before the onset of the pandemic, the 77% of users chose the supermarket for their purchases “often or always“. Percentage visibly dropped al 49% after the spread of the Coronavirus, a trend that respondents still confirm. And here, this reduction of traditional channels is accompanied by the now irreducible increase in e-commerce. The 54% of the sample claimed that before of the lockdown was shopping online “rarely O May“. A data collapsed, today, al 13%, while the 25% of respondents now prefer l’onlinealways” and the 61%often“.

The numbers of Cortilia with a turnover up by 175%

In 2020 Cortilia had a turnover of 33 million euros, with a growth of + 175% compared to 2019. Currently the company collaborates with over 250 small and medium-sized producers and employs 50 direct employees and over 200 collaborators in the related industries. In 2021 he plans to inaugurate a new headquarters green of 50,000 square meters on the outskirts of Milan.

The statements

We are excited about this agreement with Red Circle Investments which will give new impetus to Cortilia’s growth. The entry into our capital of an entrepreneur like Renzo Rosso, with his spirit of innovation and his experience in many fields, will bring great added value in terms of new perspectives and opportunities “, he has declared Marco Porcaro, CEO of Cortilia. “With Renzo Rosso and Red Circle Investments we share the sensitivity towards values ​​that we consider fundamental as quality, innovation, sustainability. I am sure that, starting from these common foundations, we will be able to build a successful future for Cortilia. “

So Renzo Rosso, presidente di Red Circle Investments: “The past year recalled the importance of health and well-being, and how technology can change our lives, in the case of Cortilia, for example, by connecting the farmer-consumer supply chain digitally. This participation is the natural evolution of our interest and commitment in this sector: Cortilia marries the concept of sustainable quality food with digital innovation, two pillars of my vision of the future. The attention to nature and the earth, which was born with my origins and has been refined over the years thanks to the work in our Diesel Farm which produces entirely organic wines and oils, and my passion for everything that is innovation and technology, they find their synthesis in Cortilia, to which I count on bringing my know-how in different sectors and activities, and an ever new and unexpected vision of seeing things ”.

“We believe in the great potential of the Cortilia platform and in this perspective we have more than doubled our initial investment in this round” declares Davide Turco, CEO of Indaco SGR; continues Andrea Di Camillo, founder and managing director of P101 SGR, “We have believed in and supported the Cortilia project since its inception and we are proud to accompany the company in this dimensional transition”. “Cortilia represents for us an investment in a project of excellence in terms of brand, technology and customer experience, in a sector with high potential”, adds Franco Gonella, member of the Primomiglio Board of Directors, echoed by Ivan Farneti, managing partner of Five Seasons Ventures: “It is the best online fresh grocery company in Europe. Cortilia could be the next Ocado


La Siritide – 5/12/2020 – Covid and RSA: what the Ministry circular says for visits from relatives

The latest circular from the Ministry of Health of 30 November, which talks about face-to-face visits for elderly guests in RSA and other social-health and welfare structures, is passing under the radar and above all will feed false hopes for relatives. A document that could be potentially dangerous – if applied in all its parts – certainly for operators, but above all for the elderly.

“Visitor access to residential, social and health facilities and hospices”.

With this circular, the Ministry of Health provides clarifications and indications regarding the safe resumption of visits and contacts with the elderly in residential structures, but will it be true? “The social-health and social-assistance residential structures and hospices – reads the document – host elderly or disabled people who make up a particularly fragile segment of the population and at greater risk of serious evolution if affected by COVID-19. For this reason, particularly stringent infection prevention and control measures were needed to protect the health of the patients in these structures ”.

All this starting from February-March, we add, up to the month last with the DPCM of 3 November, where it is reiterated that “the access of relatives and visitors to hospitality and long-term care facilities, assisted healthcare residences (RSA), hospices, rehabilitation facilities and residential facilities for the elderly, self-sufficient and not, is limited only to the cases indicated by the health management of the structure, which is required to take the necessary measures to prevent possible transmission of infection “.

But the circular of 30 November takes into account the proposals of the “Commission for the reform of health and social health care of the elderly population”, established at the Ministry of Health with Ministerial Decree of 8 September 2020 – we underline in September, before the second wave- and in accordance with the provisions of the ISS report “Interim indications for the prevention and control of SARS-CoV-2 infection in residential, health and social care facilities”, version of 24 August 2020, to ensure uniformity of application of the aforementioned provisions and to ensure full and safe access for relatives and visitors to residential social welfare, health care and hospice facilities ”- we repeat, before the second wave.

In August there was talk, many were convinced, of the end of the drama, unfortunately many structures that followed those indications and that gradually registered many cases of positivity, thanks to the “free all” and then open schools, unsafe transport etc. etcetera … Now, in December, with more than twenty thousand infections a day and a peak of deaths, almost a thousand, recorded the day before yesterday and more than eight hundred yesterday, it is asked to open in presence with contacts, and moreover only two about months from the beginning of the vaccination campaign, but also in contradiction with the Dpcm of two days ago, where it is recommended, even if you have undergone rapid antigenic swabs, to avoid contact with your loved ones at home. Then, instead, we ask to open, and moreover without making any distinctions of colors: yellow, red orange. Relatives, from everywhere, passing from one municipality to another, could go inside the structures and then hug the host relatives. The health departments must – reads the Ministry document – prepare a detailed plan to ensure the possibility of face-to-face visits, “Solutions such as:” room of hugs “, where a safe physical contact can benefit guests,” at in order to ensure the containment of risk and the safety of guests, workers, volunteers and visitors, please note the instructions for tracking all entrances.

Again: in the Ministry document: “It is recommended to promote immediate screening strategies, through the possibility of carrying out rapid antigen tests to family members / relatives / visitors of the patients. These tests can be carried out directly on site – we recommend – and in the event of a negative result, visitors are authorized to access the structure according to the instructions provided by the director, in this way – it is specified in the circular – the safeguarding of health and the need to be close to loved ones are combined ”.

But is it really so? So much for the high percentage of false positives and false negatives that are recorded in these tests. But just a few lines later, things seem to change, and we read this: “In the current epidemiological context, characterized by a high viral circulation, it is highly probable the finding of subjects positive for SARS-CoV-2 who could transmit the infection and therefore the rational use of screening methods that are validated as reported in the circular of the Ministry of Health of 30 October 2020 n. 35324 “. In a nutshell it says that antigen tests quick – look a bit – currently available have a lower sensitivity (ie the ability to correctly detect all positive subjects) e it would be good to trust the molecular test that allows us to identify positive subjects with the utmost sensitivity to protect the frail at risk of complications and large communities at risk of clusters “. This creates confusion, a lot of confusion, but above all a lot of responsibility is discharged on the structures that are already working under pressure and in some regions without the support of the USCA and local health structures. Today the work in Basilicata is different, it must be admitted, where the Region and the Health Authorities are striving to implement a good screening campaign by checking the facilities for some time and periodically, testing the elderly and operators, a practice, we suggest, that will have to continue up to the vaccination campaign, but in many other realities the molecular tests of preventive control, unfortunately, remain a mirage and a hope.

Vincenzo Diego


Bubble by parts | Endesa League

15/11/2020 10:30 | Endesa League

The southern bubble took a last-minute turn. Several teams changed hotels, other casts returned to their respective homes and there will be definitions according to Monday’s swabs for all teams. They investigate how the infections began.

Author:Jos Fiebig (@Josefiebig and twitter)

A sharp turn after Friday’s hectic day in the National League. After the positives of Gimnasia CR and Argentino added to the suspects of other teams (Baha for example), the weekend changed completely with a day half played on Saturday and totally suspended on Sunday.

The first changes came quickly. The Hispano, Boca and Pearol teams changed hotels and are at the Hotel Regente. On the other hand, Obras, Ferro, San Lorenzo and Platense (attending to their proximity with the departments where the players are) moved to said personal addresses, leaving the hotel where they were. On the other hand, Gimnasia CR, Argentino and Baha Basket did not move from the Ramada Hotel.

In the North there was no news, and all will continue where they are without changes. The area will return on Tuesday and Wednesday but we must wait for the swabs on Monday. Being a key day to know in what conditions are all the teams, the available players and hence to continue with the tournament. The main idea is to keep up the competition, unless the vast majority are the casts with positive swabs.

A moment of tension and not knowing how to continue the week. In case of no-show of teams, they will directly lose the points as happened in Saturday’s matches for Gimnasia and Argentino. Pearol and Baha Basket was the exception because there was no confirmation of positives but of suspects, which left the door open for what happens on Monday. The match between Mar del Plata and Bahia will be played on Monday 9:30 pm but we will have to wait.

Jos Fiebig


Danielito15/11/2020 14:41

QEPD Argentine Basquet …

Door15/11/2020 18:12

As is estimated … in a week cancel everything again

GD15/11/2020 14:57

Regrettable about the TyCSports journalists blaming external factors and saying that the only bubble was the NBA. To top it all, burying more those who they supposedly wanted to protect, saying that this was a bubble, but that it really wasn’t. Pathetic!!!

When I saw the news that Romero had symptoms and after he had been diagnosed with Covid-19, I did not understand how the matches of the teams that were in contact with Gimnasia did not stop. Since they blame the Ministry of Health because it had given the order to isolate by close contact, as understood by anyone with a little common sense, playing a match is having close contact with rivals. Still they decided to continue playing, and now they are looking for a scapegoat to hide the responsibility of not having implemented the protocol as appropriate.

To the journalists of TyC Sports asked them, Uruguay could play all its matches without stopping its competition? Yes, he could. Suppose it is not a country that Covid-19 ravaged. So let’s take the case of Mexico. It seems to me that too, because they are playing a final. Colombia, another complicated country, plays normally and without major complications. The cases of Spain and Italy, who put them as examples that bubbles are not infallible … they did not have to stop the entire competition after only 5 days. 7-8 months thinking about protocols and at 5 days it fails? External fault or ineffectiveness?

Here practically everything has to stop, because things were done “relaxed”, to top it off with the worst precedent that before starting the first game of the season an Argentine coach had died from contracting Covid-19 in training. Not even Argentine soccer presented so many problems after starting. So to delimit responsibilities is to be at least hypocritical and complicit in the problem.

The cons15/11/2020 20:04

You have all the reason!! Very relaxed organization. And the press saying something they never said … just hinted, because they always want to like God and the Devil … we know who he is !!! And it is the same as when the national league was planned to start, I asked others who have not generated income for 8 months or more, not to be bad vibes and have patience (Liga Arg, Lig FEM, Referees and Federal). Sure … with a full belly, we are all crack! That is the most crack, of the lobbyists!

orate15/11/2020 22:04

A comment without fissures … And it goes hand in hand with what I expressed in another post referring to a regulation that does not contemplate that the whole world is going through a very particular situation and is applied in a discretionary and unfair way. Nobody wants to be sick. Argentino and Gimnasia were there to play. They did not want to get sick. Games have been rescheduled for much more trivial reasons and a team that goes from being very close to qualifying in the middle of the table is not penalized. Very unprofessional and totally lacking in seriousness.

fm15/11/2020 18:24

and I’m happy watching the games drinking mate what a crazy shame

Waiting for Justice15/11/2020 19:07

With Monday’s newspaper it is easy to talk but who came up with this bubble? 10 teams living together in a hotel ?. Is seriously?.

El kaiser15/11/2020 20:14

We must be more rigorous and responsible (Leaders and Organization). Journalists, less obsequious and we know who I’m talking about, give the information no matter how much it hurts and not thinking about whether they are going to give me a note or not. Adrian Boccia said it to his face and they were like idiots. Some were doing things very wrong. Something that everyone knew and kept quiet !!!

Give Green Concord15/11/2020 22:53

Every time I am convinced more of the good decision of those responsible for the basketball of Estudiantes Concordia not to play League A.

De Pea16/11/2020 01:31

You know you’re right …
This is a shame and a clown

Edu16/11/2020 11:03

Hello good morning
When they put in the comments “we already know who they are” well I don’t know and I don’t understand
I follow basketball because I like this sport and I practice it as a boy and I enjoy it
But these nonsense that they do in terms of the assembly of bubbles that do not work as such because there is no structure for it to develop and function as a bubble
Being in a hotel there are people who come and go constantly, it is not a bubble, in short, several mistakes


Tao resurrects the Giro and re-founds the Ineos

The value of Tao Geoghegan Hart (Ineos) victory at the Giro d’Italia lies in his creative strength. The young Londoner has converted an edition destined for strict survival, with little participation, his great favorite (Thomas) rolling on the floor and the great Italian myth (Nibali) at the end of his career, in an extraordinary career, at the height of the mystique that the pink jersey gives off, which holstered yesterday for the first time in Milan. Win the Giro without wearing a leader for a single kilometer, something that had never happened in the previous 102 editions.

The creative value of Geoghegan’s triumph is threefold. For resurrecting the Giro and raising it to a great height, for confirming the generational change in cycling and for indicating the path to the re-founding of Ineos, on the table after the catastrophe of the last Tour.

General ranking

Tao Geoghegan Hart (Ineos)


2. Jai Hindley (Sunweb)

a 39

3. Wilco Kelderman (Sunweb)

a 1′ 29”

4. Joao Almeida (Deceuninck)

a 2’57”

5. Pello Bilbao (Bahrain)

a 3′ 09”

Tao solved the issue with solvency. He was tied with Jai Hindley (Sunweb) from Cernusco sul Naviglio, the hometown of Juventus legend Gaetano Scirea. Something also unprecedented, never in history have two cyclists started on the last stage of a grand tour tied for the lead –103 Giros, 107 Tours and 74 Laps have been run–. The British easily beat the Australian. It took 39 seconds.

The 25-year-old Briton is the first cyclist in history to win the race without being the leader for a single day

Despite having run the Tour, Pello Bilbao finished fifth, the best position of his career in a three-week lap

He was the favorite and Geoghegan, with his long ride, with stronger developments than the latest trends, imposed his power on a long straights course, ideal for flying. Hindley, who wore the pink jersey for the first and last time in this edition, did not make a good time. Lighter, the Milanese track was a dead end for the Australian. By the time he reached the ‘quadrilatero’, the block that houses all the luxury clothing stores in Milan, he had already lost. He turned into the duomo but it was late. The pink jersey was going to London.

Geoghegan wins, but Hindley is also the winner of this Giro. Between the two they raised the race – with the invaluable help of Rohan Dennis (Ineos) – and both join the constellation of young stars that happily flood the new cycling. Pogacar, Evenepoel, Ganna, Bernal, Hirschi, Van Aert, Van der Poel, Pedersen …

Is the Tao’s fifth victory in professionalism, all in Italy! A wink of fate, or so it seems. The two stages and the general stage of this Giro plus two stages of the Tour of the Alps (former Giro del Trentino) last year, one beating Alex Aranburu (Astana) by millimeters in the sprint.

The podium is completed by Wilko Kelderman (Sunweb), with a certain sense of helplessness. He has missed the occasion of his life. He goes to Bora and between that and the fact that he had no response to the arrival of the young people, at 29 he has been out of focus. Quite the opposite of Pello Bilbao (Bahrain), which finishes in an excellent fifth place. The Gernikarra arrived after completing the Tour and his performance has been amazing.

It will not have been the best Giro in history, but it was a Giro in history.

More information


From the Giro de Hesjedal to that of Geoghegan Hart and Hindley, passing through the Girona field

On one of the walls of the McKiernans, the now deserted brewery on the Rambla de Girona, hangs a visible pink sweater of the Giro d’Italia. It is by Ryder Hesjedal, who, with dedication included, gave it to the people in charge of a place that is very close to the apartment where he lived when, in 2012, he was proclaimed champion of the Italian round by overcoming by only sixteen seconds. Catalan Joaquim Purito Rodriguez. Now, like that time, the Italian round has been settled in a time trial on the last day between two cyclists who, like Hesjedal, are part of the almost endless list of professional cyclists who, at one time or another in their careers, have chosen Girona to live and as the basis of his training. The kilometers recorded on Strava’s account indicate that, just a few days before the start of the Giro, the Australian Jai Hindley was training in Girona when he probably still did not dream that he would fight until the last day to win the Italian round. Nor would he do so by playing with an Englishman, Tao Geoghegan Hart, with whom he shared that, like him, he did not appear on the rounds to win the race and that he had also lived and trained in Girona until relatively recently. And, in addition, both Geoghegan Hart and Hindley took advantage of Girona’s two seasons in the First Division to go through Montilivi to watch football.

On Sunday evening, after Catalunya Ràdio recovered a photo of the winner of the Giro in Montilivi, Girona hurried to congratulate the INEOS cyclist for his victory, but from the club they overlooked the Australian from Sunweb , who had just lost the pink sweater for only 39 seconds, he had also supported them at the stadium. On Jai Hindley’s Instagram there is an image of him in Montilivi from March 2018 in which he himself remembers that that day Girona defeated Deportivo de La Coruña 2-0. With Pablo Machín on the bench, Girona added the three points with goals from Stuani and Juanpe.

Born in London and a fan of Arsenal, Tao Geoghegan Hart has often talked about Girona in its networks. Beyond the photo in Montilivi with the club’s cap and scarf, on Sunday on Catalunya Ràdio they also retrieved a tweet from Sant Narcís Day three years ago: Long live Catalonia!”. That day, Machín’s team beat Madrid (Stuani and Portu / Isco) 2-1 in a match that, in the previous days, was marked by doubts generated by the Madrid press about the reception that the Zidane’s team would have in Girona, a few weeks after October 1 and with the newly proclaimed DUI. The “Visca Catalunya” with which Tao Geoghegan Hart ended his tweet made it clear that the London cyclist was no stranger to the political climate in a city he frequented from a very young age when he began to excel in amateur hand cycling. of Axel Merckx.

With the team of the son of the legendary Eddy Merckx, Tao Geoghegan Hart grew, spending seasons in Girona itself where he had also lived, for a few months, his idol Bradley Wiggins, until he became a promising cyclist. Sure, the Englishman has not had the rapid explosion of Pogacar or Bernal, but at the age of 25 he has already managed to win a Giro d’Italia.

A growth that, as has happened in many cyclists who used to live in Girona, or with other young people of the future who have been maturing the INEOS, has happened in recent times more in Andorra and its mountains (and its taxation) than not because of the cycling atmosphere of Girona’s Barri Vell. However, his great rival in this Giro d’Italia, Jai Hindley, did not leave Girona until a few days before the Italian round began in Sicily. The Sunweb climber has set his residence in the city, as Ryder Hesjedal had it when he won the 2012 Giro, or as many professionals have, or have had, since the Danish Jonhy Weltz paved the way from the Garrotxa that Joan Llaneras had advised him and that the troupe by Lance Armstrong made it popular. Without going any further, one of the great gumgoers of the Jumbo in the Tour and the Giro, the Dutch veteran Robert Gesink, lives in Girona, as does, for example, the American Joey Rosskopf, who has just completed the Italian test with the CCC Nation, or the Australian Rory Sutherland, who is vying for the Vuelta with the Israel Start Up Nation trying to help its leader: another who knows the city very well, the Irishman Dan Martin.


Britain’s Tao Geoghegan Hart wins the Giro d’Italia on the wire

Published on :

The Briton Tao Geoghegan Hart (Ineos) won the Tour of Italy at 25, Sunday in Milan, ahead of his rival, the Australian Jai Hindley (Sunweb), second at 39 seconds, while they were only separated by 86 hundredths of a second at the start of the day.

Briton Tao Geoghegan Hart (Ineos), 25-year-old Londoner, finally won the Giro d’Italia on Sunday, October 25 in Milan, ahead of his rival, Australian Jay Hindley, second at 38 seconds. At the start of the stage, they were only separated by 86 hundredths of a second.

In a race rich in firsts: since never yet two riders had presented themselves at the start of the last stage of a Giro with equal time; Geoghegan Hart donned his first pink jersey on the last day of the race, upon arrival in Milan. Between Hindley and Geoghegan Hart, tied for time at the start of the 15.7 kilometers, the suspense only lasted a few moments. Hindley, who wore the pink jersey, had already dropped 22 seconds in the intermediate score, after 10.3 kilometers.

Hindley, 24, however, becomes the first Australian to appear on the podium of a Giro. Geogeghan Hart, 25, is the second Briton to win the centenary race (created in 1909), two years after Chris Froome, who had achieved an incredible turnaround two days from the finish in 2018.

Revenge for Ineos

Since his professional debut in 2017, in the Sky team which became Ineos, the Londoner had only two stage successes in the Tour des Alpes 2019. Until now, he was confined to a role of lieutenant for his leaders.

For Ineos, by far the richest team in the peloton, the performance has the value of partial revenge after its scathing failure at the Tour de France. The outgoing winner, the Colombian Egan Bernal, designated sole leader, had to retire in the third week.

The 21e stage, a time trial of 15.7 kilometers, went to the Italian Filippo Ganna, world champion in the discipline who won the three times of this Giro 2020. Ganna, winner at more than 54 km / h average, brought a seventh success to the British team Ineos who won a third of the stages of the event, despite the retirement on the third day of racing by its leader, Welshman Geraint Thomas.

In the final Giro standings, the Dutchman Wilco Kelderman took third place, 1 min 29 seconds behind the winner, and the Portuguese João Almeida, long leader of the event, the fourth. This 103e edition of the Giro was able to go to completion, despite the sharp upsurge in Covid-19 cases in Italy, like the rest of Europe.

Several riders, including two podium candidates (S. Yates, Kruijswijk), have tested positive for coronavirus and two teams (Mitchelton and Jumbo) have chosen to withdraw before the halfway point. But the race was able to take place at the cost of drastic measures, in particular the absence of an audience at the finish to greet the final winner in front of the Duomo in Milan.

With AFP


Giro d’Italia, Geoghegan Hart made history

No one before the Englishman Geoghegan Hart had ever won the Giro d’Italia wearing a single pink jersey. The latest. And the Corsa Rosa has shown that even in such a complicated moment everyone can continue to do their job with responsibility and attention.

A goal at the last minute like his Arsenal in 89, that of Fever at 90 ‘. And so Tao Geoghegan Hart closed a historical Giro by signing his little big page of legend. No one before this nice London Carrot Pelt had ever won the Giro d’Italia wearing a single pink jersey. The latest.


Giro Tratnik wins the stage and Almeida continues in pink

Slovenian Jan Tratnik (Bahrain McLaren) won yesterday in the sixteenth stage of the Giro d’Italia, on a 229-kilometer route between Udine and San Daniele del Friuli. Joao Almeida (Deceunick Quick Step) kept the pink sweater of leader. Tratnik gave the first stage in this Giro to the Bahrain McLaren team with an ambitious attack forty kilometers from the end despite being caught at 10 by Ben O’Connor (NTT), whom he overtook in the sprint.


Last round to decide between candidates for the WTO

It will be a woman. This is the first certainty that emerges as the last phase of negotiations opens on Monday, October 19, which should allow the 164 member countries of the World Trade Organization to choose the new figurehead of the institution responsible for ensuring the reign of the world. order in international trade.

CV as long as a supercargo

After a first round which had brought out eight candidates, then a second with only five qualified, there are now only two candidates vying to become general manager. The two finalists have a long CV like a supercargo, both in their country of origin and on the international scene. And one of them will become the first woman to take the head of the WTO which succeeded Gatt from 1995.

An economist by training, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, 66, was the first woman to head the ministries of finance and foreign affairs in Nigeria. She has also served as Director of Operations for the World Bank and President of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (Gavi). His candidacy received the support of the countries of the African Union and the ” full support From the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OEACP), which brings together 79 countries.

Her only rival is Korean Yoo Myung-hee. At 53, this literary graduate in her home country with a doctorate in law from the United States, was also a pioneer. The first woman from her country to be appointed Minister of Trade, in 2019, she notably led the negotiations on free trade agreements with China and the United Kingdom.

Long process

Started since the summer, the designation process is reaching its final stretch. Discussions should last until the end of the month, “To give members time to prepare their answers”, recently explained the spokesperson of the WTO. With the objective of achieving a designation before the deadline set for November 7.

The future boss will then replace the Brazilian Roberto Azevedo, who left the WTO at the end of August for family reasons and who replaced the French Pascal Lamy in 2013. It will then have to focus on overcoming the crisis of confidence that plagues the organization, battered by the harsh and recurring criticisms of the Trump administration and the specter of a new trade war between Europe and the United States and especially between the United States and China.

“It is obvious that whoever gets the job will have a lot to do on her first day of work”, has already warned the spokesperson for the institution.