Trial of the Nazi attack in Halle: The pain of the victims

In the trial of the attack in Halle, the father of the shot Kevin S. reveals how the act changed his life. A statement leads to applause.

Painful memories: photos of the victims of the Halle attack in front of the Magdeburg district court Photo: Jan Woitas / dpa

MAGDEBURG taz | Nothing is processed. Karsten L. stops, trembles, fights back tears, then he can no longer. “I tried to call Kevin. 20, 30 times. He didn’t answer. Nothing, nothing, nothing. ”In the evening, after six hours of anxiety, he placed a missing person ad on Facebook. Then a friend wrote to him that he would send him something. It was the video in which Kevin, Karsten L.’s son, is shot. “I looked at it.” Then he can no longer speak, the tears overwhelm him. He cries for several minutes, and several co-plaintiffs also cry. The judge must interrupt the questioning.

The man who took his son Kevin S.’s life is sitting diagonally across from Karsten L. in the Magdeburg district court on Tuesday: Stephan B., charged with two murders and 68 attempted murders. On October 9, 2019, B. tried to storm the synagogue in Halle and posted the crime on the Internet. The 28-year-old failed, but he shot and killed Jana L. Then he drove to the nearby “Kiezdöner” to murder migrants. There he murdered Kevin S., who was having lunch there.

The attack is a beacon to this day, negotiations have been taking place in Magdeburg since July. On Tuesday Karsten L. is now a witness. It will be the only appearance by a bereaved of the two murder victims in the trial. Jana L.’s mother also takes part in the trial as a joint plaintiff, but according to the court she asked not to have to make a statement. Karsten L., however, wants to talk.

The scaffolding builder reports how his first son died shortly after he was born. His second, Kevin, was diagnosed with mental and physical disabilities. But Kevin fought. He finished the special school, completed internships at a painting company in Halle and finally started an apprenticeship there. “His dream job. He really blossomed. ”And Kevin became a passionate fan of Halleschen FC, built up a circle of friends there, traveled to games, and stapled every ticket. “He built it up himself,” says Karsten L. “He was extremely proud.” And so was the father, the witness appearance leaves no doubt about that.

One life – destroyed

But then came October 9, 2019, nine days after Kevin’s training began. The father reports that he spoke to his son on the phone that morning. Then he heard about the attack in Halle and tried to reach his son, his mother did too. Without success. “That wasn’t normal. I was hoping he lost his cell phone. But that was unlikely. ”Then he got the video of the fact. Saw his son still hiding behind a refrigerator, how he shouted: “Please don’t!”. The 20-year-old had no chance.

For Karsten L., life has been destroyed since then. Kevin’s mother and he are still receiving psychological treatment, partly inpatient, he reports. Three times he thought it couldn’t go any further, called the police. “It’s difficult, we need extreme help.” Stephan B. stares at the fighting father, motionless. A victim attorney points out to the judge that the defendant rolled his eyes. He says no. At the beginning of the trial, B. had regretted killing Kevin S., mistaking him for a Muslim. He shows no more remorse in the process.

Ismet and Rifat Tekin’s lives have not been the same since the attack. The brothers have been living in Halle for twelve and five years, working in the Kiezdöner, now as owners. Now they too are witnesses to the trial. Rifat stood behind the counter during the attack.

At first he thought a soldier was coming into the shop, he says. Then shots were fired, he was hiding behind the counter. When the perpetrator turned his back on him, he ran out of the store. Ismet had left the shop shortly before, and a pavement bullet shot past him too. He hid behind cars. When Stephan fled and he came into the shop, Kevin S. was already dead.

“We want to stand firm”

He still suffers from insomnia today, says Rifat Tekin. Ismet adds that his brother used to make everyone laugh that it was over. “It pains me to see him like that.” He has also been telling lies to his mother in Turkey for months so that she doesn’t worry.

He doesn’t actually want to go to the store anymore, says Rifat Tekin. But his brother wants to keep it running. “That’s why I support him. We want to stand firm, we want to stay here, we want to stand up for this country. ”Ismet Tekin does not want the assassin to win either:“ We will not go away and we will not give up our shop. ”

Photos of the murdered people and shirts from Halleschen FC are still hanging in the Kiezdöner. The snack bar is now also a memorial, says Ismet Tekin before the day of the trial. And sales have collapsed. Fewer and fewer guests are coming, after the Corona outbreak, the snack bar had to close completely for three weeks. The support promised by politicians also failed to materialize. “It is very difficult.”

In the meantime, a fundraising for the Kiezdöner is underway – initiated by the Jewish Student Union and a group of young Jews who were in the synagogue during the attack and celebrated Yom Kippur there. “We believe in a multicultural society in this country,” it says in their appeal.

One last message

Jeremy Borovitz, one of the believers from the synagogue, appealed: “Please donate”, Ismet Tekin is “an extremely decent man in a world gone mad”. A good 6,400 euros have been raised so far. Ismet Tekin is touched by the solidarity. He wants to use the money to expand the snack bar to include a breakfast café, he says. Maybe things will look better again.

Ismet Tekin has traveled to the trial almost every day of the trial. On Tuesday he spoke to the accused directly, calling him a “coward”. Stephan B. smiles. “Nobody deserves to die like that. Can you imagine how much strength it takes a mother to raise a child? What kind of pain does it mean when it loses its life in this way? “

Ismet Tekin said he couldn’t believe that no one was aware of the bomber’s plans. Even though he chatted so much on the internet and made guns at home with his parents. “It is not an act of an individual.” He also does not understand the hatred. All people are foreigners somewhere in the world. Stephan B.’s defense attorney intervenes, believes the execution is too dissolute, but the judge lets Ismet Tekin continue to speak.

And he announces a final message to Stephan B. “You didn’t win. You have failed all along the line. The result is even more solidarity and love. We won’t go away. And guess what? I’m going to be a father, I’m having a child. And I’ll do my best to raise it here. ”Applause breaks out in the hall. The judge lets it go.


With masks, rotating groups and a distance of 2 meters: this is the protocol for returning to classes in the provinces

In rotating groups, with masks from first grade, staggered and without crowds at recess, this will be the return to classes that, even without a date, was agreed by the Ministries of Education of the Nation and the provinces, as reported today in the daily report on coronavirus.

The announcement was made by Diego Golombek, director of the National Institute of Technological Education, who recognized that “clearly the classrooms will no longer be the same.”

“We have no certainty as to when there will be a return to face-to-face classes, if we must be very prepared for this to be staggered and obviously safe,” Golombek said.

Among the measures agreed by all the ministries together with specialists from the Health portfolio, are the distance of two meters between the students in the common places and one and a half meters inside the classrooms; compulsory face masks from first grade; avoid crowds at the entrance and exit of schools; frequent cleaning and ventilation of classrooms; and sanitation and cleaning protocols for teaching and non-teaching staff and training for managers and families.

As for common spaces, such as patios, dining rooms or bathrooms, the protocol determines that they will also be limited “in terms of physical distance and in terms of the time that can be spent in each of them,” Golombek said.

During the report that the Ministry of Health provides every day on the situation of the coronavirus in the country, Golombek, a biologist and researcher from Conicet, pointed out that the return to the classroom “will be due to sanitary and epidemiological conditions and that is changing from moment to moment. “

And he recalled that “how (the return will be) is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.” In this sense, he explained how the protocol was agreed by an advisory council made up of the ministers of all the provinces, union representatives, rectors, specialists in epidemiology, hygiene and health, and student representatives.

The first part of this protocol consists of preparing the classrooms for the return to face-to-face classes, and he announced that no educational institution will be able to open until those measures are assured and they have access to water, soap, gel alcohol and disinfection products.

“The reopening is going to be a staggered process and this preparation involves adapting the facilities of educational institutes, both compulsory education and higher institutes and national and private universities,” he said.

The schedules, the scientist announced, will be staggered and work is still underway with the Ministry of Transportation to determine the best time for entry and exit and thus avoid crowds.

Regarding these measures, Golombek pointed out that “they are minimum obligations that have to be met, it is a mandatory floor without which schools cannot be opened.” From this compulsory floor “each jurisdiction may issue additional guidelines and even each school, each university may have its own regulations.”

“This distancing obviously forces us to have many fewer students in the classrooms. This implies that not all boys and girls will go regularly, but there will be a spacing in the return to classrooms and this will depend of each province and each institution, “said Golombek, although he clarified that each jurisdiction will be able to assess which will be the best option” every other day, every other week, different stages that will be determined by each jurisdiction. “

About the time when the return to the classrooms will take place, he announced that it will be a decision of the health authority made in consensus between the Nation and the provinces.

The protocol was unanimously approved by the Federal Council of Education, the National Interuniversity Council, and the Council of Rectors of Private Universities.


Tiltable and rotatable: This TV stand has over 18,000 Amazon ratings | Showcase

A great advantage associated with the commercialization of flat screen televisions has been the possibility of anchoring them on the wall so that they take up less space. In addition to opening greater aesthetic possibilities, it is also a good solution for guarantee good viewing in small rooms such as medium size bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms.

To fix televisions to the wall there are several options. There are fixed supports and there are other articulated ones that allow you to tilt the screen forward or rotate it to improve the field of view. This is the case, for example, of this model from the firm Perlegear, which has received more than 18,300 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. It is a support that can support up to 45 kilos of weight and that adapts to the size of different televisions.

Tiltable and rotatable: This TV stand has over 18,000 Amazon reviews

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Swivel and available in four sizes

Made of steel of quality, it is resistant – it can bear 4 times the weight of UL standards (Underwriters Laboratories) – and safe. Its design makes it compatible with most televisions on the market, but its best feature is the ability to rotate and tilt televisions once installed on it. It is a support that rotates 90 degrees left and right, plus tilts platform 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down. In this way, it adapts to different rooms and makes the vision more comfortable from multiple angles.

Further, it has an arm that can be retracted and extended as desired. The minimum separation from the wall is 70 millimeters and the maximum that can be achieved is 495 millimeters. It is sold with various accessories, tools and anchors necessary to make installation as easy as possible. The only thing to check before purchasing it is the VESA mounting standard for the TV, which is the distance in millimeters between the four holes on the back. This anchor is made for trades ranging from 75 x 75 millimeters to 400 x 400 millimeters (and is compatible with 99% of televisions on the market).

It is available for screens of four sizes: 10-30 inches, 10-40 inches, 26-55 inches, 37-55 inches. The price varies from 19.99 euros for the smallest measures to 44.99 euros for the largest.

Tiltable and rotatable: This TV stand has over 18,000 Amazon reviews

Buy from € 19.99 on Amazon

Over 18,300 Amazon reviews

Positive rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 and more than 18,300 users have left their impressions on the platform after trying it. And what do those who have acquired it say? In general, the reviews focus on how easy it is to assemble and the quality and convenience of the materials used.

José, for example, describes the product as “excellent”: “The build quality is fantastic, as is the product presentation, which includes an HDMI cable and a magnetic spirit level in the box. When deploying and picking up the articulated arm you can see the quality of the product. (…) The box includes various hardware very well presented in individual bags, and the instructions, although in English, are very easy to understand. Absolutely recommended”.

Fran Díaz, for his part, indicates that it is a “high quality support at a very good price” and thus explains his experience: “Very easy to install, bring all the screws, washers and rubbers to be able to place your TV without any problem (there is surely a TV that may not fit the screws it has but I assure you it will be difficult). To put a fault, the screws and plugs that it brings are to “hold a tank”, for the 55 “TV I do use the ones that it brings, but for the 2 32” TVs I use a much smaller one and without problem. A sure hit ”.

Tiltable and rotatable: This TV stand has over 18,000 Amazon reviews

Buy from € 19.99 on Amazon

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