Coming by private jet to Washington, a rioter from the Capitol asks for the pardon of Donald Trump (video)

She explains that she only followed the call of the outgoing president to demonstrate on Capitol Hill. She says today that she is afraid for her future.

On January 6, the world was in shock when the Washington Capitol was invaded by supporters of Donald Trump. Among these was a woman, proudly sporting a beanie in honor of the outgoing president: Jenna Ryan. ” Life or death doesn’t matter. Let’s go », She said at the time on social networks. Shortly after, she wrote on Twitter: “ We stormed the capital, it was one of the happiest days of my life “. Today, the same activist has radically changed her tone. Apologizing, she begs Donald Trump to grant her his pardon to escape the fallout from the events on Capitol Hill.

An apology that quickly gives way to a defense of the invasion of the Capitol

Jenna Ryan, who lives in North Texas, has therefore embarked on a real communication operation by multiplying interviews in American media such as CBS11 and Fox4. ” I would like to apologize to all the families who are touched by all the negative and I would just like to say that I really love people “, she says.

From her point of view, she did nothing wrong: ” I followed what we were asked to do. He asked us to come. He asked us to be there. So I was doing what we were asked to do ». « I was doing my duty, okay? I was doing my duty to my president. I was like, “Okay, we’re gonna break into the Capitol,” but I wasn’t thinking of guns and knives. For me, it was a demonstration. I didn’t know people were getting killed She adds. As for the fact that it was possible for her to demonstrate peacefully on the plain outside the Capitol, she said nothing. On this point, she persists in saying that entering the Capitol to prevent the nomination of Joe Biden as president represented ” something noble ».

“I think everyone deserves a grace,” she says.

But since these events, Jenna Ryan has seen the police arrive at her home. ” It was a very strange experience to be arrested by the FBI, ”commented the rioter who said to pray for God to get her out of this situation. And this God, in this case, could just as easily bear the name of Donald Trump since she asks for his pardon. “I risk a prison sentence. I think i don’t deserve this », She complains, without being aware of the affront to the temple of American democracy, since she is convinced that Donald Trump has won the elections.

But Jenna Ryan is not asking for a pardon only for her and takes the opportunity to make an even wider appeal. ” From what I understand, everyone who was there is going to be arrested, so I think everyone deserves a grace. », She pleads. As for her personal case, she concludes by saying: “ I feel a little cheated in this situation because I am a real estate agent and it has affected my company. It affected my business. I get slandered all over the internet, all over the world, all over the news when I’m just a normal person “. A normal person but who still enjoys a good lifestyle thanks to his job as a real estate broker. To go to the Capitol, Jenna Ryan had not hesitated to join Washington with a private plane.


Republican elected officials accused of helping to prepare for the Capitol uprising

Have elected Republican officials helped prepare for the invasion of the Capitol with support from Donald Trump and far-right militias? This is the question that agitates the American political landerneau, reports in particular the Guardian.

“If members of Congress are found to be complicit in this insurgency, if they aided and abetted this crime, there could be consequences outside of Congress in terms of prosecution. [judiciaires, ndlr]», Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday.

She refers to the allegations of an elected Democrat from New Jersey, Mikie Sherrill, who claims to have seen Republican parliamentarians making visits “of recognition»From the Capitol the day before the events. “These members of Congress whom I saw inviting groups of visitors to the Capitol on January 5, in gratitude for the next day, […] I will ensure that they are held accountable and, if necessary, that they can no longer be elected to Congress ”, she said in a video last Wednesday.

Mikie Sherrill and 33 other Democrats signed a letter calling for light to be shed on the identity of visitors and the reason for their presence. In theory, public visits to the Capitol have been banned since last March due to the pandemic. However, many parliamentarians continued to invite small groups.

The January 5 visits were more numerous than usual and different according to Mikie Sherrill and the signatories, some of whom were “Served in the army and are trained to recognize suspicious activity”. They also demand that facial recognition software be used.

Olivier Monod


Over 100 arrests in a riot at the Brussels police station

Brussels on Thursday night: demonstrators in front of a police office after a demonstration. The protesters asked the authorities to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a 23-year-old man who was arrested by police in Brussels last week and died shortly afterwards.
Image: dpa

After the death of a 23-year-old man, violent protests broke out in front of a police station in Brussels. The man died after a corona check by the police.

NAfter rioting at a police station in Brussels, more than 100 people have been provisionally arrested. Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne announced on Thursday night, as the Belga news agency reported. On Wednesday, around 500 people near the guard protested the death of a 23-year-old man who had died after a corona check by the police. In the evening, according to the police, demonstrators set trash cans on fire, smashed windows and damaged six police cars. One protester and four police officers were injured.

At times, King Philippe was stuck in his car during the demonstration, as several media reported. The king was on the way from the palace in downtown Brussels to Laken Castle in the north of the city, wrote “De Standaard”. But his car was not attacked. Trams temporarily blocked the journey. After a short time, the king and a car with bodyguards were able to drive on, as was shown on a video.

According to initial findings, the young man’s death is due to heart failure, as Belga further reported. The public prosecutor’s office described the case as follows on Monday: The police checked a group in Brussels on Saturday evening that had gathered despite the current Corona restrictions. The man then fled, but was quickly caught and taken to the police station for interrogation. There he lost consciousness and died a little later in the hospital.


Riot Games provides information about its games

League of Legends universe live stream

Riot Games announced during the 2021 season what is planned for the League of Legends universe in 2021. Appropriate video material is also available for viewing.

League of Legends

  • Viego, the fallen king, appears in a new video sequence and has a threat in tow that could plunge the world into chaos.
  • Players will have the option to vote on the content they want to see in-game – from champion reworks to themes.
  • The ranking season has started. Teams can start their season with a clash tournament that will take place on January 16-17.
  • Extensive changes to the items allow players to adapt their champions to any situation.

Teamfight Tactics

  • This month the “Destinies” update will be released. The update enriches the mystical world of destinies with a new ranking arena as well as new champions, attributes and little legends.
  • The fate championship will take place in spring. The regional qualifying rounds have already started.
  • Later in the spring, good and bad will compete against each other in a corrupted convergence in the course of the 5th set.
  • A new, faster mode for TFT is also being released, in which the games do not last twenty minutes.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift Regional Open Beta, the League version for mobile and consoles, continues.
  • Wild Rift launches in America in March.
  • Riot wants to bring the game to as many players as possible this year and release a lot of new content over the course of the year, mostly about events.
  • Anyone can be among the first to climb the rankings: Wild Rift’s first official ranked season begins this week.
  • Just like in the early days of the PC version of League, two Champions will be released per month in 2021 – three already confirmed Champs are Katarina, Rammus and the updated Dr. Mundo.
  • The ARAM mode for Wild Rift is under development.
  • Runeterra can now also be discovered through the eyes of its youngest champions during the “Yordle Expedition” – the Wild Rift’s most ambitious event to date. The event will take place in January 2021 and will revolve around Teemo, Lulu, Corki, Tristana and Kennen.

Legends of Runeterra

  • In 2021, Riot is focused on improving its approach to the champions and adding additional social features to LoR while introducing new regions.
  • The next region that will add to LoR is the magnificent ancient land of Shurima. In Shurima, players explore a rich history and exciting future over the course of three expansions, while exciting new gameplay elements are released at the same time – searching for buried relics, predicting the future, or tapping into the godlike power of the ascended.
  • This year, LoR is focusing more than ever on the champions and new ways to get them out more often. It starts with Aphelios, who is coming to LoR next month.
  • Riot wants to give players more opportunities to enjoy LoR with their friends, so it’s launching its first cooperative lab on January 13th. Riot also continues to invest in competitions this year and will kick off the next seasonal tournament at the end of February.


  • New metagame, new stars, new attitude. Now the next decade of League of Legends begins.
    • The vision: LoL e-sports should bring joy to billions of fans worldwide.
    • Riot Games is building a thriving, cross-generational global sport.
  • Riot will expand esports to other games with the League IP and has the following goals:
    • Bigger TFT seasons
    • LoR competitions
    • Wild Rift
  • There is movement in the regional leagues.
    • Three regions are realigning (LCK, LCS, CBLoL)
    • Two regions are switching to long-term partnership models – also known as “franchising” (LCK, CBLoL)

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MMO LoL, Riot Games annonce son prochain jeu League of Legends – Breakflip

It’s official, Riot Games is indeed working on an MMORPG based on the League of Legends universe.

After months of expectations and suspicions, Riot has finally clarified one of its plans for a new game: an MMORPG based on League of Legends. This project was confirmed by Ghostcrawler, a former World of Warcraft designer who joined Riot Games in 2014.

Project F, le MMO de LoL ?

Already teased during the ceremony of 10 years of League of Legends, the “Project F” of Riot Games should be this famous MMO. According to the various tweets, this new game would indeed take place in the universe of League of Legends.

This will undoubtedly be an opportunity for players to explore the map of Runeterra in detail, ranging from the desert of Shurima to the highest peak of Mount Targon, passing through the steampunk towns of Piltover & Zaun. However, it will be necessary to be patient before being able to walk in the jungle of Ixtal.

A project that will not be released soon

Since Ghostcrawler has made it clear that Riot Games is looking to recruit new people to work on this project, it’s easy to imagine that it’s not close to being released. For an MMO based on the League of Legends universe, there is no doubt that the site will be enormous and that the studio will want to put the time into it.

For such a site, it will undoubtedly be necessary to wait at least 5 years before it can be officially released, since it must still be in the first phase of design. Until then, the only way to explore Runeterra will be via the interactive map.


Conspiracy riot at Johnson’s court

British government communications director Lee Cain resigned on Wednesday night following a dispute between Boris Johnson’s aides over influence over the prime minister’s political leadership. Cain, who has had a close relationship with Johnson in recent years, had been offered to be his chief of staff.

The British media interpret Cain’s departure as the consequence of the defeat of his faction, led by Johnson’s main adviser, Dominic Cummings, in a battle against government ministers and members of the conservative parliamentary group, unhappy with the operation of the Prime Minister’s office during the pandemic and his authoritarianism in internal management.

The most prominent events in Cain’s career as communications director have been his orders to ministers, before the epidemic hit, not to go to BBC and other television programs that he considers biased. His previous career included being a political journalist for the ‘Daily Mirror’, a prolaborist daily. Disguised as a chicken, he harassed conservative candidates in the 2015 elections, in the typical ploy of the British popular press.

Cain collaborated with Cummings in the campaign for the march of the European Union in the 2016 referendum. They met again in 2019, when Johnson became prime minister. They would have built a close alliance in the heart of the government, resented between traditional conservatives because neither Cain nor Cummings have ever been party members.

Speculation about a catastrophic defeat of the faction of the government most in favor of the EU march included late at night the possible resignations of Cummings himself and of the British negotiator with the European Union, Sir David Frost. Johnson’s need to adapt to the victory of Joe Biden was offered as context, which would have weakened the power of ‘Brexit’ when London has to decide very soon whether or not to sign an agreement.


But there have been no more resignations so far than that of Lee Cain, who will leave his post in the new year. His farewell message to Johnson includes an acknowledgment that the prime minister had offered him the head of his administrative apparatus. The comedy at the top of government also awards a role to the prime minister’s partner, Carrie Symonds, who is presented as opposed to the rise of Cain.

A more modest version of what happened is that Cain advised Johnson to appoint a government spokesman to appear at daily White House-style press conferences. The prime minister chose a former BBC journalist, Allegra Stratton, turning down Cain’s preferred candidate. To make up for Cummings and Cain’s discomfort over his loss of power, Johnson promoted Cain to the position of closest associate. But various powers rebelled.

The latest version of events, all compatible with having overlapped in recent days, says that Cain may have had some responsibility, fifteen days ago, in the leak to the press of the government’s intention to order a second confinement. The authorship has been investigated after Johnson’s outrage, which again offers, in a delicate context for the country, symptoms of disorderly governance.


Leipzig after the lateral thinker demo: Burning barricades and stones thrown

In Leipzig there were again attacks on the police in the Connewitz district. The police used water cannons against the rioters – officials had previously been attacked after a demo.

Rioters again attacked the police in the Leipzig district of Connewitz on Saturday evening. The windows of the Wiedebach-Passage police field office were damaged on Saturday evening, as police spokesman Olaf Hoppe said. There were paving stones in front of the building. In addition, barricades were set on fire on several streets in the district.

The police came with a large contingent. Two water cannons started up. On the one hand, this put out the fires. On the other hand, the police made announcements threatening the use of water cannons if people did not behave peacefully on the streets. Video recordings were also made from the vehicles. A helicopter circled over the neighborhood.

Second night in a row

There were initially no reports of injuries. Several suspects were caught by the police. The operation in Connewitz was still running late in the evening.

It was initially unclear whether there was a connection with the “lateral thinking” demonstration on Saturday Leipzig the spokesman said. Some demonstrators had with them after the meeting was dissolved Pyrotechnics and fireworks shot at the police and pelted officials with bottles.

The police in the Connewitz district had already been attacked on Fridayafter a suspected left-wing extremist was arrested. There too stones flew.


USA: US Election Maneuver 2020

The US is preparing for civil war-like conditions: For fear of excesses and attacks by fascist militias after the elections on Tuesday, several US states have mobilized the national guard. .

Ruined King: LoL’s Narrative RPG, Trailer, Release Date & Platforms – Breakflip – News, Guides & Tips

Already teased a few months ago, Riot Games has finally unveiled the official trailer for the game “Ruined King”, the first installment of the new games developed by Riot Forge. This turn-based single-player RPG will take place in the Bilgewater and Dark Isles regions, where you can play as different champions of League of Legends.

Ruined King, a turn-based single-player narrative RPG

There will be no multiplayer available in Ruined King: it is a completely single player game that will reveal new chapters in the history of Runeterra. The events will take place shortly after the Glowing Tide and the Spiritual Flower Festival.


The Ruined King Champions Team.

In this turn-based game, which should last around 20 hours according to Riot Games, you will be able to play as a total of 6 champions: Ahri, Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Braum, Yasuo and Pyke. The player’s team will be composed of 3 champions, but it will be possible to change the composition between fights.

Ruined King, Riot Games’ narrative RPG release date and platforms

If Riot has not yet given exact dates, the first estimate of the official release of the game has been unveiled: it will be released in “early 2021”. It will be available on different platforms: Steam, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. When released, the game will not be available on Mac OS and mobile.

Ruined King, a game developed by Riot Forge

As a reminder, Ruined King is one of the games developed by the new label of Riot Games: Riot Forge. This project allows the Californian company to outsource game projects to smaller studios, while having a role in the design.

Ruined King was developed by Airship Syndicate, a studio known for the Darksiders: Genesis and Battle Chasers: Nightwar games. In parallel, the Riot Forge had also teased a platform game: CONV / RGENCE.

More information about Ruined King is expected to be made available to players during the month of December.

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