Tesla suspension problems spark investigation

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (NHTSA) is investigating whether the faulty suspension that affects nearly 115,000 Tesla Inc. vehicles can damage tires.

The agency said it received 43 complaints about the Tesla Model S 2015 until 2017 and Model X from 2016 to 2017.

The NHTSA said 32 of the complaints involve malfunctions that occurred during low-speed parking maneuvers and 11 while driving, four of them at highway speeds.

“The complaints appear to indicate a growing trend, with 34 complaints received in the last two years and three of the incidents at highway speeds reported in the last three months, ”the agency said.

In a 2017 service bulletin, Tesla said: “Some Model S and Model X vehicles may have been manufactured with front suspension links that do not meet Tesla’s strength specifications. In the event of a link failure, the driver can still maintain control of the vehicle, but the tire can come into contact with the wheel arch liner.


Reconfinement, Boris Johnson stuck between his libertarian right and Labor

Difficult to be chief executive in times of coronavirus. In the firmament in the polls before the epidemic reached the United Kingdom, last March, Boris Johnson has since seen his popularity collapse. It is therefore a contested British Prime Minister who went, Monday, November 2, to the House of Commons to explain his decision to relaunch national confinement as of Thursday, November 5.

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“In some hospitals, the number of patients is greater than during the first wave”, he assured, and national projections suggest “Potentially twice as many deaths” than in the spring.

72% of the population in favor of national reconfinement

The Conservative leader also recalled that the new containment measures were “Less prohibitive” than in the spring. People living alone will be allowed to create “A bubble of support” with another home, and nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools will be open. Otherwise, “These restrictions are limited in time. They will expire in four weeks, on December 2. We intend to return to the local restriction system ”, established according to the degree of regional development of the disease. The Prime Minister assured him: “The House of Commons will vote to accept the path to be taken. “

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These explanations were intended above all to convince the right wing of his party of the necessity of his decision. He did not forget that 42 Conservative MPs voted on October 13 against the closure of pubs at 10 p.m. However, even if this national reconfinement is supported by 72% of the population, their anger seems to have increased.

A sling of elected conservatives against the measures

On Monday 2, many elected Tories thus made known their intention to vote against the entry into application of government measures. Charles Walker believed that the United Kingdom “Slipped towards an authoritarian and coercive state”. And Liam Fox wondered “If the remedy is not worse than the disease”.

Sunday, November 1, finally, the respected Graham Brady rebelled against the nature of the measures: “The government has even told people who they can or cannot sleep with, depending on whether they are in an established relationship or not. If these kinds of measures were taken in a totalitarian country, we would denounce them as demonic. “ Their point of view was supported by Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party (which will soon be renamed the Reform Party), which indeed intends to lead a campaign against containment.

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Boris Johnson is therefore stuck on his right by the most libertarian wing of the Conservative Party, and on his left by Labor and Liberal Democrats who are calling for stricter containment. Labor leader Keir Starmer accused the prime minister and his finance official, Rishi Sunak, of“Catastrophic failures of leadership and judgment”. They would have been fine “Too slow” to act, he said, while “Government scientists recommended, on September 21, urgent containment for two to three weeks”.

Despite his attacks, Keir Starmer and Labor were preparing to vote Wednesday, November 4, in favor of new government measures, which were to be adopted. The fact remains that the authority of Boris Johnson, under pressure from the right and saved by the left, should suffer a little more.


André Ventura: «We had cute campaigns for 46 years. It’s time for real campaigns »

André Ventura promises a presidential campaign with a tough speech. In an interview with TVI, the candidate for Belém started by attacking two of his opponents, Ana Gomes and Marisa Matias.

Ventura also refused the idea that Chega! it is a far-right, xenophobic and racist party.

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Girona’s Laia Codina (Bara) has an injury to the cartilage of her right knee

Medical tests carried out on Barça player Laia Codina from Girona have revealed that she suffers an injury to the patellar cartilage of her right knee. Thus, according to the club’s report, Codina will be operated on today by Dr. Ramon Cugat, who this week has already operated on Ansu Fati and Girona player Valery Fernández. The evolution of the injury will mark his return to activity, according to the note released by Barça. On the other hand, the Federation has accepted the postponement of the match that the Barça team had to play this weekend in Eibar due to cases of covid-19 detected in the Basque team.


TRUMP FANS STRAIGHTED: Impossible – your fantastic leader simply voted out of office after a term

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Peru, this country that devours its presidents

In 2019, Peru presented a peculiarity undoubtedly unique in the world: its five living former presidents were all either convicted by the courts or indicted. Until Alan García, twice president (1985-1990 and 2005-2010), splattered the statistics with blood: on the verge of being arrested and taken to prison, he committed suicide on April 17, at his home, shot in the head. New episode in the Odebrecht saga, this Brazilian construction giant that has developed throughout Latin America through bribes. The scandal had already led to the resignation, a year earlier, the current president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (known as PPK).

His vice-president and successor, Martín Vizcarra, has in turn left the House of Pizarro in Lima: on Monday, Congress voted for his dismissal accusing him of having received bribes in 2014, when he was governor of a department. But Vizcarra’s case is not comparable to those of his predecessors: it is his anti-corruption crusade that earned him the relentlessness of deputies, 69 out of 130 of whom are the subject of legal proceedings. Since Monday, mobilizations have multiplied in the country, in defense of a president with a record popularity rate. Protesters denounce the “Putschist congress” and deny all legitimacy to the interim head of state, the President of Parliament, Manuel Merino, who takes the reins of government until the next presidential election, scheduled for April.

An unknown singer with nebulous attributions

Parliament did it twice to oust this embarrassing president. In September, it is on an absurd story that the deputies launched a first impeachment procedure for “Permanent moral incapacity”. A singer by the name of Richard Swing, totally unknown to the public but having participated in the election campaign of the Kuczynski-Vizcarra ticket in 2016, was given a post of consultant to the Ministry of Culture, with nebulous attributions (among others, the animation of motivational seminars) but with very real emoluments of 42,000 euros in two years.

Attempt to blame the President fails but a month later another offensive after opening an investigation into bribes that two construction groups, a Peruvian and an Italian, claim to have paid to Vizcarra in 2014. This time, a large majority of deputies voted for impeachment. The Constitutional Court is due to rule in December on the legality of the procedure.

Martín Vizcarra could hardly resist. Coming to power after PPK resigned in 2018, he does not belong to any political party and has no support among MPs. After the revelations on the Odebrecht scandal, which also implicated the previous presidents Alan García (committed suicide), Alejandro Toledo (on the run in the United States) and Ollanta Humala (under indictment), but also many parliamentarians, the anger of the population was at its height. To restore confidence and regain credibility, the new president dissolved parliament and held elections in January 2020.

A messianic and homophobic sect

The vote is a triumph for the right, led by Acción Popular, the party of new president Manuel Merino. The left of the Frente Amplio (enlarged front) is content with 6% of the vote and 9 seats, while the disturbing Frepap, a movement led by a messianic and homophobic sect, bursts in with 15 deputies.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 crisis continues to worsen. With 35,000 deaths, Peru is the second hardest-hit country in the world: 106 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, after Belgium (119 deaths) and ahead of Spain (86) and Brazil (77).

Francois-Xavier Gomez


Alberto’s swerve to the right or realism?

By Francisco Rinaldi / frinaldi@lanueva.com

The proposal to update pension assets sparked controversy among those who claim that the Government turned to the right in its economic policy when starting a spending adjustment process and those who defend the sustainability of a pension system in serious trouble.

On the side of the Government, they deny such a change and assure that the new formula that adjusts, in equal parts, based on the evolution of wages and social security resources (income from the Anses), is “substantially the same as that sanctioned in 2008 and that resulted in a sustained improvement in the purchasing power of retirees and retirees until 2015 ”.

They also add that the formula seeks to avoid underfunding the system, since “including collection in the formula allows growth to be shared and, at the same time, to take care of fiscal sustainability.”

“The cap on annual increases is recovered, which may not exceed the growth of total Anses resources (multiplied by 1.03). This cap was in force between 2009 and 2017 and is key to guaranteeing the sustainability of the social security system, preventing expenses from growing systematically more than resources and the pension deficit growing uncontrollably (as happened between 2016 and 2019). This condition of sustainability had been eliminated with the reform of 2017 ”, they limit from the Executive.

In effect, the data indicate that with the 2008 formula (law 26,417), assets rose above the Consumer Price Index (CPI) until 2013, to fall between that year and 2014, falling back sharply during the last two years of its validity (2015 and 2017), since in December of that year it was modified again by the administration of Mauricio Macri (see graph).

“I am in favor of pension assets always evolving according to ‘healthy’ indices of economic activity. For this reason, although the proposed indexes are virtuous, in a country like ours, where the inflationary phenomenon is chronic, to forget it when proposing a rule to adjust passive assets is to deny a fatal reality, ”warns the pension planner from Bahia Alfredo Bernabei.

For the economist Rafael Rofman “adjusting pensions for collection is a bad idea. Almost everyone does it for inflation, wages, or a combination of both, for good reasons for that. The objective of mobility is to protect the purchasing power of profits, giving them predictability ”.

For the benchmark on Social Security issues of the Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth (CIPPEC), since the collection is very volatile (it rises in times of fat cows, decreases in times of thin), the assets of liabilities will be adversely affected.

“It seems reasonable to me that assets should not grow above what Anses collects. I understand the position of those who think otherwise, but you cannot promise what you cannot pay, ”explained Jorge Colina, an economist from the Institute for Argentine Social Development (Idesa).

An incomplete debate

Beyond the relevance or not of the proposed adjustment formula, the pension system suffers from a clear problem: its financing. It is that the personal contributions of registered workers and the contributions of employers constitute the bulk of the income of the Argentine pension system.

And in that sense, the maintenance rate, which relates the number of contributors to the system with respect to the amount of benefits paid, went from 1.72 to 1.94 between 2009 and 2014, to describe a downward trajectory from then on, As a result of the extension of the pension moratorium, which is produced from Law No. 26,970.

More: in 2005, the State paid more than 3 million pensions and pensions, but ten years later it began to pay more than double.

In the future, with an unregistered employment level averaging 30% nationwide, the number of contributors is seriously compromised, so that economic growth and the generation of registered jobs will be key to mitigating the deterioration.

Conclusion: the sustainability of the system seems to be more tied to the growth of registered employment (contributions and contributions) than to the formula used for the adjustment of assets and, indirectly, to investment and economic expansion.

“What possibility does the retiree, the retired person, who has already contributed, have of intervening in serious employment policies that contribute to improving the practical result of the formula?” Bernabei wondered,

For Colina, the moratoriums that increase spending not supported with contributions should be deactivated, eliminating the double benefits that some retirees charge.

“There are liabilities that add pension and retirement, for example. The ideal would be for the beneficiary to choose one or the other, “he said.


Senate Leader Supports Trump Claims Over ‘Election Fraud’

Washington, United States.

The leader of the Republican majority of the Senate this Monday he maintained his support for the president of the United States Donald Trump – who refuses to acknowledge his defeat in the face of Joe Biden– and affirmed that the president “is within his rights” to investigate complaints of irregularities in elections.

“President Trump is in your 100% right to investigate the allegations of irregularities and to weigh their legal actions “, indicated Mitch McConnell on the Capitol floor at a time when the unprecedented stance of Trump of not acknowledging his defeat shakes the political debateo en United States.

The republican who heads the majority bench said that “if this time there had been an irregularity of a magnitude that will affect the resultOr, then all Americans should want them to be exposed. “

“If the democratIf they are confident that this has not happened, then they have no reason to to fear a additional scrutiny“, aggregateó McConnell.

Pennsylvania and Arizona

Trump and his team insist that the race is not over and several legislators republicans have asked the president not to acknowledge his defeat, despite the fact that the US media projected on Saturday that Biden won the elections with 279 electoral votes, exceeding the 270 needed for your victory.

The president launched several offensives in states where the race was very close and especially in the key bastion of Pennsylvania, where Biden it has an advantage of 45,000 votes equivalent to 0.67%, according to the media.

The futuro de McConnell as head of the majority caucus is suspended, but the expectations that Democrats had of wresting control of the Low camera.

See: Trump fires his defense secretary, Mark Esper

“The President has every right to investigate complaints and request a recount, according to what the law says, “he insisted and then asked the Democrats not to “preach” on how the president should immediately and happily accept the preliminary election results.

Accusing them of having spent four years “refusing to accept the validity of the results of the last choice (that of 2016) “.

“One by legal inquiries of the President they do not imply the end of the republic, “he concluded.


Arrest and searches in Leipzig

The federal prosecutor connects the alleged left-wing extremist with several attacks. She is said to have carried out an attack on a restaurant in Eisenach on October 19, 2019 with up to 15 other people. They are said to have injured guests and owners with batons and so-called stimulating spray devices, among other things. In addition, several window panes and parts of the inventory were destroyed. The bar is a presumed meeting place of the “right-wing scene”.

According to the federal prosecutor’s office, the suspect has planned two more attacks on the innkeeper of the Eisenach restaurant. Among other things, they would have attacked the owner and his companions near his apartment with batons and several tools. The victims were injured.

In June of this year, the woman was also involved in the preparation of an attack in Leipzig, according to a statement from the federal prosecutor. However, the attack did not take place.


Juan Dalmau becomes a teacher after an electoral contest

After a long -and not yet fully defined- electoral contest, the former candidate for governor for the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Juan Dalmau, spoke with Metro on his future plans after coming in fourth place in the vote count.

Dalmau will now dedicate himself to be a professor at the Inter-American University School of Law, where he will give a course on legislative reform.

For him, teaching on this subject will be interesting “because of the electoral result.”

The former candidate had up to 97.16% of reported schools, a total of 168,288 votes, a historic figure for his party.

But the most important thing for Dalmau in the immediate future will be to rest.

“I hope to sleep, which I haven’t done for like five days,” he said.

Despite not having prevailed in the elections, Dalmau assured that he has a commitment to the country and “an enormous responsibility with that support that I received.”

You can watch the interview here: