KSK: An Interview with Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer – Politics

The grievances at the Bundeswehr KSK have recently become more blatant. Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer talks about a reorganization of the troops, the search for missing explosives and the question of whether women could be part of the special forces in the future.

You enter the extensive grounds at the Bendler Block with a mask, pass the entrance controls and feel unusually lost in the hallways. Many employees are also in the home office here. The interview with the minister takes place in an old conference room, the four people sit far apart. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has just returned from Calw after visiting troops at the KSK.


Obscure right-wing extremist organization: neo-Nazi northern eagle banned

Seehofer smashes another right-wing troop. Nordadler was marginalized in the extreme right-wing scene and had a bizarre leader.

“Right-wing extremism has no place on the Internet either.” Seehofer bans neo-Nazi troops Northern Eagle Photo: Fabrizio Bensch, dpa

BERLIN taz | After Combat 18 and the Reich Citizens’ Troop “United German Peoples and Tribes”, Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) has the next extreme right group banned: Northern eagles. On Tuesday morning, the police searched objects in Göttingen and Hanover Lower Saxony, in Vlotho, Sprockhövel and Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Brandenburg / Havel and Doberlug-Kirchhain in Brandenburg as well as in Dresden and Pirna in Saxony and handed over the prohibition order.

The group is marginalized in the extreme right-wing scene and came together in late 2016. Nordadler communicated primarily via chat groups on Telegram or Discord, also via Facebook or Instagram. The company also operated under the names “Völkische Revolution”, “Völkische Jugend”, “Völkischegemeinschaft” or “Völkische Renaissance”. Around 30 members are attributed to the group, and seven right-wing extremists count as leading figures.

They said that the German would perish, would rush against the left and the Jews. National Socialism was openly paid homage to, and the SS named as a model. Internally, the group is said to have created lists of political opponents – which one wanted to be held accountable in the event of a state collapse.

A current website said that they were aiming for a “national movement”. The goal is “the rescue of Germany” and “overcoming the hostile idols”. And: “The ethnic renaissance will not move away from its worldview or make compromises.”

Seehofer said of the ban: “I will prohibit associations and groups that spread hatred and hate speech and long for the re-establishment of a National Socialist state. Right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism have no place with us, neither in the real nor in the virtual world. ”The group is directed against the constitution and the idea of ​​international understanding and aims at criminal offenses.

According to taz information, there were also real meetings in addition to the chats. And also a property in the Thuringian Hohenstein, in the Mackenrode district. According to the group, the group wanted to set up a “self-sufficient opposition project” there, a “real community of Germanic belief, Artamans and National Socialists based on ethnic consciousness”. According to the Thuringian Ministry of the Interior, “several” people who moved to the region from northern Germany still used the house in 2019. However, no searches were carried out in Thuringia on Tuesday. The local left-wing expert Katharina König-Preuss called this incomprehensible. In security circles, it was said that the property was now unused and had decayed.

Headstrong leader with gun affinity

Strangely, no searches were carried out in Thuringia on Tuesday. The local left-wing expert Katharina König-Preuss called this incomprehensible.

According to taz, the leader is 24-year-old Wladislav S. His political behavior is strange. On the one hand, S. openly recognized himself as a National Socialist. On the other hand, S. was convicted in 2017 for accompanying an IS sympathizer and ex-neo-Nazi in a test explosion in Northeim, Lower Saxony, and filming the explosion. The defected Islamist was later sentenced to a good three years in prison for planning an explosive attack on police officers and soldiers.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior accuses Wladislav S. of specifically targeting younger users on the Internet in order to “indoctrinate them and thus create enemies of the constitution”. He is also said to have supported the attack on the synagogue in Halle in a public telegram group.

In April 2018, the federal prosecutor’s office had four northern eagle members and one other person searched the accommodation – on suspicion of right-wing terrorism. At that time, the group should have considered attacks on political opponents internally and searched for weapons and explosives. At that time, firearms and stabbing weapons were found, as well as a large number of fireworks and militaria. No one was arrested.

In November 2018, there were further searches after a group member posed on the Internet with real-looking firearms, which turned out to be soft-air weapons.

In the raids on Tuesday, the investigators initially found no weapons, but Nazi literature, Reich War flags, steel helmets and a baseball bat. There were no arrests. Those affected had mostly shown themselves to be cooperative, security circles said.

After the far-right terrorist acts against Walter Lübcke and the attack in Halle, Seehofer announced more harshness against the far-right scene and examined six bans by neo-Nazi groups. Combat 18 was banned in January and the Reichsbürger group banned in March. Number three now follows with Northern Eagle.


MAD sees “new dimension” of right-wing extremism – politics

The President of the Military Shield Service says: “Such false patriots have definitely lost nothing with us.” In the case of a unit in particular, many soldiers are in focus.

The Military Shield Service (MAD) sees a “new dimension” in the problem of right-wing extremism in the Bundeswehr. The president of the authority, Christof Gramm, said on Monday in Berlin at a public hearing of the parliamentary control body for the intelligence services. The suspected cases of right-wing extremists and so-called Reich citizens have increased to more than 600.

“We take a closer look at extremists and also at people who lack constitutional compliance. We find what we are looking for,” said Gramm. The MAD’s work focuses on countering extremism, although the vast majority of soldiers are in line with the constitution.

Excessive patriotism without a commitment to the Basic Law, the State of the Basic Law and open society will not be tolerated in the Bundeswehr, said Gramm. “Such false patriots have definitely not lost anything with us.”

Not just individual cases in the Special Forces Command

The focus in the fight against extremism is the Special Forces Command (KSK), which focuses on around twenty people, said Gramm. It was possible to gradually bring more light into the dark there. In the KSK in particular, one could not only assume isolated cases, although the shielding service had not discovered any underground army. Cooperation with positions in the Bundeswehr, which could also take disciplinary measures, has improved.

There is a pronounced corps spirit with the Special Forces Command, said Gramm, who also spoke of a “wall of silence”. However, his authority succeeded in creating cracks here.

In the past few years, the KSK had repeatedly hit the headlines because of right-wing extremist incidents. Around 1400 commandos and support personnel belong to the secretly operating unit. Her duties include rescuing Germans from war and crisis areas, arresting war criminals and terrorists, gaining information in crisis areas, training allied forces and fighting strategically important positions of an opponent.

Of the Spiegel is currently reporting on a list of data from top politicians, which the MAD found in a Bundeswehr reservist classified as right-wing. A uniform ban on uniform wear and service was immediately imposed on the non-commissioned officer from Lower Saxony, the magazine writes, citing security circles. The man was taken out of an ongoing reserve exercise on Friday. A MAD spokeswoman said no information could be given about any ongoing operations. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution declined to comment. Of the Spiegel reports that the list of 17 politicians and celebrities was discovered on the reservist’s computer. The list was apparently distributed among participants in an extreme right-wing chat. It is not yet clear who created it, when and for what purpose.


Right-wing reservists: refuge in the Bundestag

A frat boy with a connection to right-wing prepper group is working for the AfD group. A member wanted a Job there.

Camouflage in the Bundestag Photo: imago

BERLIN taz/dpa | A military Reservist and is a member of chat groups of right-wing frat boy from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt has found in the case of the AfD parliamentary group connection. According to information from the German press Agency, the member of the Leipziger Burschenschaft Germania became employees of the group and was working there this week. In may, he was involved in the creation of a position paper of the group in dealing with the Corona pandemic. Two weeks ago, the taz had discovered the extreme right-wing activities.

To not external “matters relating to employees, I am open to the public,” said group Vice-Sebastian coins Maier on the question of whether the former employees of the AfD parliamentary group in the Saxony-Anhalt working group for the Bundestag.

According to research by the taz, the members of a 2015 founded group wanted to seek refuge in a day of X “” in a village in the North of Saxony, and according to the Chats under throw. The men of the group are reservists of the armed forces, was recently at the Corona-crisis staff of the County used.

In your Facebook-chat group, you have discussed, among other things, on private armament and a possible “race war”. The members are trained, also shoot in a shooting range hall at that time had no operating permit. The Prosecutor’s office in Leipzig is now, whether the recording of the investigation.

Subversive Reflections

In the case of the employees of the AfD group in the Bundestag, it should be Hannes R.. He was a member of the “refuge”-group, but closely associated with it. He also has contact with the new puppet master, Götz Kubitschek. In a chat group of the fraternity R. wrote in the autumn of 2015 Kubitschek: “Götz builds already working on a para-military associations.” This denied this, and further evidence could not be found.

Hannes R. himself wrote in the Chat of the idea, “a new time-volunteer regiment to build”. The model of this roll-over romance the time is volunteer regiment of Leipzig, fought in 1920 against the Communists.

Michael S. from the extreme right-wing “refuge”-a prepper group – also a Reservist and frat boy – is supposed to have, according to the dpa, an activity in the Bundestag tried. According to information from the AfD-party circles, he is not employed but currently there. Until the fall of 2019 he also worked for the AfD parliamentary group in Saxony-Anhalt.

The MAD deals with the incidents

Also, the Military counterintelligence service (MAD) is involved in the incidents. “We have perceived the reporting and checking the facts set out together with the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution of the Association of reservists,” said a spokesman for the dpa. “Some of the addressed people are already planning to permanently out. All other identifiable persons will not be used, as long as the examination continues, to reserve services.“

Several times In the past, staff of the AfD parliamentary group had not provided for public debates. The best-known example of the extreme-right German army officer Maximilian T., is noticed as a result of Links to because of the terror accused, Franco A., and as a temporary member of a prepper group of “Hannibal” – network. Maximilian T., in Saxony-Anhalt, member of the Board of the protection of the Constitution observed “young Alternative”, in the Bundestag in addition to employment as an employee of the AfD-defense politician Jan Nolte.


Lübcke-process: “Hard to bear” for the family policy

In Frankfurt, the proceedings against Stephan has begun Seriously to have shot the Kassel government President. The judge is addressed with an unusual appeal to the defendant.

The family is already there, as Stephan Ernst at the court room 165 C of the higher regional court of Frankfurt is conducted. Jan-Hendrick Lübcke, found his father in his blood, in the very front, almost at the judges ‘ table. Then the widow Irmgard Braun-Lübcke and of the son, Christoph. The two young men resemble their slain father. You recognize his face shape, his stature. They stand silent and motionless in front of their chairs. And look just where Stephan Ernst will now be removed the handcuffs. You look at him. All of the time.

The defendant, Stephen Ernst, 46, a father of two small children, an industrial mechanic, has nothing T in common with the fat, noisy, neo-Nazis, we know from the photos of the Scene, with a belly and a 88-Shirts. Here is a man of a different kind. is Tall, slim, blond, square-jawed and very bright eyes. Stephan Ernst is coming in, and you do not recognize him as a defendant, in his black, to great suit and the white shirt. He covered his face. He looks openly in the courtroom. He looks at the family Lübcke directly. And the back looks. The widow makes the view not of the man who is accused of her husband shot and killed, on your own terrace. You fixed him, while the court entrance, while the defenders make their requests. She looks. And then Stephan Seriously reduces the view.

On Tuesday has begun the proceedings before the Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt, the most important state protection process since the proceedings against the right-wing NSU. The Federal Prosecutor accuses Stephan Ernst of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke murdered – out right-wing extremist motives. Because Lübcke was used for the accommodation of Refugees during the refugee crisis in 2015. Also in the neighborhood of Stephan Seriously these people should live. On a citizens ‘ Assembly Lübcke had to call the Troublemakers, who had come to them, they could not leave Germany, even if they shared the values of solidarity and humanity. This was offset by Stephan Ernst and his friend Markus H. in a Rage.

“Take your best and perhaps only Chance,” says the judge.

Markus H. is in Frankfurt before the court. He could not be more different from his friend Stephan Ernst: He comes in, in corduroy pants and a belly over the belt, a hooded sweatshirt over his head, half-bald head and Beard around the mouth. A cover he holds in his hands. He does not want to be recognized – quite different than Stephan Ernst. Markus H. is considered as the best friend of Ernst, as “be an anchor”, so Seriously said to myself. His former partner, Markus H. “the thinker” and Stephan Ernst called “the maker”. He is accused of accessory to murder. The evidence, however, is not nearly as good as Stephan Ernst, whose DNA was found on the shirt of Walter Lübcke.

However, before the indictment can be read out, make the defenders of the two defendants nos. The defense moves, what defender tailgating is always at the beginning of such processes. The defense had too little time to learn the ropes, that has stood in the court of a third public defender that the media had prejudiced the defendants already. Of course, that in times of Corona, the risk of Infection in the room is too high, and the process should be in a larger space in an exhibition hall, swapped out would have. And, of course, a bias application against the presiding judge of all to answer, and requires, suspend the process. The defense of Markus H. asks then, the arrest warrant against their client to immediately lift and to compensate him for the detention. That’s just amazing.


Brandenburg AfD: Officially the extreme right (neues-deutschland.de)

Photo: imago images/Emmanuele Contini

Now, the Brandenburg constitutional protection is no longer observed, only the people’s wing and the youth organisation of the AfD. Now he has the land Association of the party as a whole in the visor. The local AfD is classified as a suspected case, must now also be edited with intelligence agents. About the protection of the Constitution-in-chief Jörg Müller informed on Monday.

The next stage in the evaluation by the secret service would be proven right-wing extremist aspirations. According to müller and his experts, the country has the threshold Association to the proven and aspirations, in part, already been exceeded. Nevertheless, the decision was made “for the time being, for the case of suspicion”. There is a “vague Chance” that the AfD remembers still, said Müller. A big difference in the observation it makes. In the case of a suspected case of the use of intelligence resources would have to be considered only in more detail, according to Müller.

The AfD Federal Executive Board annulled the party membership of the Brandenburg land Chairman Andreas Kalbitz, have you considered exactly. It could be a sign of the improvement of the conditions in the AfD. However, the parliamentary group had held “in Nibelungen faithfulness” to him. Kalbitz has requested the regional court of Berlin a restraining order against his party’s exclusion. An oral hearing is to give it to this Friday.

“Currently, we see with great concern, what is the path taken by the AfD in Brandenburg,” said constitutional protectors Müller. With three points, he justified the actions of his Department. First, he quoted excerpts of historical revisionist Statements, such as Eric Lehmann from the national Board of Directors of the young Alternative, the have claimed that it were the allies that “had been waiting for another war against Germany, the German population can destroy Once and for all”.

Secondly, he referred to the dominance of the wing in the national Association – 40 percent of the 1,600 members belonged to him. Thirdly, he mentioned the interaction with other extremist groups: the Identitarian movement, the magazine “Compact” from the Marxists to the Right turned-journalist Jürgen Elsässer and the neofaschis Communist influence Association “future home”.

The protection of the Constitution have the task “turn on the light, so that all can see what is happening in the dark corners,” commented Minister of the interior, Michael Stübgen (CDU). “This light is our protection of the Constitution is now full.” The Brandenburg AfD have radicalized since their inception, steadily. “It is characterised by an ethno-cultural people image, the people of other origin, or Religion to scorn, and against the Dignity of human beings.”

Against the Background of the events in the Weimar Republic, you needed to be “vigilant”, he stressed. Now, there are AfD members such as police officers, teachers, or lawyers, or were. Direct legal effects are not, the classification of the party as a suspected case, the Minister of the interior. The heads of these people, however, should “an increased vigilance”, he recommended.

The Brandenburg coalition for action against right-wing extremism, xenophobia and violence is welcomed, the classification of the AfD as a suspected case. The Chairman of the Alliance, Thomas wiper, praised the Dedicated and journalists, the Compounds of the party had researched to the extreme right-wing Milieu and made public. “So pleasing is the latest Initiative of the constitutional protection is that Without the warnings of civil society, this would not have happened probably at the present time,” says wiper.

As “comprehensible”, to be referred to CDU General Secretary Gordon Hoffmann, the decision of the secret service. Also Green-country Manager, Julia Schmidt welcomed the approach. Right-wing extremism was not a derailment, but the core identity of the Brandenburg AfD. On the left of group leader Kathrin Dannenberg warned, the observation should not lead, however, unlike in the 90s, to the strengthening of right-wing structures by the protection of the Constitution. So it was in the case of Snitch, Carsten Szczepanski, the store is using the secret service, a right-wing Scene in Königs Wusterhausen opened the door. Dannenberg we believe: A vigilant civil society is the best protection of the Constitution is.


Murder of Walter Lübcke: Out of the darkness – policy

The alleged murderer of Walter Lübcke has been observed to be victims, as if possessed, all the nights he pointed to the house. Now the trial against Stephan E. begins – about a man who let his hatred over years and years to grow.

When he had found the address of his victim and the house, spied, as he explored all the paths around the property and also the horse paddock was next inspected, as he had ascertained that he had only to raise a wire of the pasture Fence to get to the plot, and also had observed how far the headlights at the house, illuminating the dark garden as he climbed a nearby hill as a field commander, the looks on the place, he expected the enemy, and where he intends to beat his battle.


Sinti and Roma in the care of the monument (neues-deutschland.de)

Two wreaths of flowers by the Embassy of the state of Israel (l-r) and of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma are at the memorial for the murdered Sinti and Roma of Europe between the Brandenburg gate and the Reichstag.

Photo: Gregor Fischer/dpa

Berlin. The memorial camp in Berlin-Marzahn and the land Association of German Sinti and Roma, reminded on Sunday of the deportation of Berlin’s Sinti and Roma 84 years. A wreath-laying ceremony was held at the memorial stone for the victims of the forced camp on the Park cemetery Marzahn. In addition, the names of the in the camp of deceased children and young people were read out.

At the same time, the memorial showed the camp in Berlin-Marzahn and the land Association of German Sinti and Roma Berlin-Brandenburg Forced concerned for the preservation of the monument for the Nazi regime murdered Sinti and Roma of Europe. The memorial in Berlin-Tiergarten is through the construction of a new S-Bahn line S 21 in danger, it said. Memorial and the national Association called for “a constructive solution”, the Dignity of the place is appropriate.

The Green in the borough apply for the Assembly center, the district may with the Deutsche Bahn and the Senate for the “complete receipt” and “unrestricted walkability” of the monument to use. The importance of the project S 21 for the Public passenger transport is beyond dispute, “however, the planning may endanger the monument in any way”, – stated in the application, the 18. June is on the agenda.

Since 2011, a permanent Open-Air exhibition about the history of the forced camp, Berlin-Marzahn and the fate of the interned people informed. The bearings on the site today, on the Otto-Rosenberg-Platz, in the North-East of the city between 1936 and 1945. According to estimates, there 1200 Sinti and Roma, inter had been exposed.

The deportations to the extermination camp of Auschwitz-began in Birkenau in the beginning of March 1943. A total of up to 500,000 Sinti and Roma fell to the Nazi genocide victims. To remind you, since 2012 in Berlin-Tiergarten, the memorial to the Nazi regime murdered Sinti and Roma.


Corona-Demos – Even spinners can be dangerous – policy

The interior Ministers of the countries warn targeted the wrong messages to the Corona pandemic by extremists and conspiracy theorists. Must take the protection of the Constitution of the thing in the view?

From next Wednesday, the interior Ministers of the Länder and the Federal government to one of their conferences meet in Erfurt, all trips personally, in spite of Corona. A long time had been considered to confer via Video, or perhaps just very quickly, in a single day and without the usual staff. Now almost everything will be like it used to be. Full house, in compliance with the distance regulations.

On a subject that is, will be much argued, discussed, probably also. It’s Top 3 on the agenda was to “deliberate false reports, conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns” in the Corona times. A few weeks ago, governments in the Federation and the länder with great concern demonstrations against the contact restrictions had looked in many places conspiracy the narrator and the extreme-Right appeared. They feared a kind of Corona-Pegida.

Underground killing factories, of which the woman stabbed was convinced that in 1990, Lafontaine

Meanwhile, the protests have subsided, but Concerns still remained. Thus, the Federal criminal police office noted in a situation that could change this, if the “economic consequences” for “the larger part of the workforce” felt would. Then a “renewed Increase in stress and dissatisfaction could be” the result – and also a susceptibility to conspiracy myths. Also in North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU), recently warned that Corona Germany could have more columns than the refugee crisis in 2015.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) demonstrated, however, Serenity. At the beginning of June he was in the Cabinet of his assessment. Yes, there are conspiracy theories and the attempt by extremist groups to hijack the protests. Also, Russian state media are trying “to drive a wedge in our society,” China, build his image as a skillful crisis Manager. All of you must take seriously, said Seehofer. But he would also like to respond through transparent communication and to make the matter bigger than it is. The measures of the government and the coverage the media afforded a great deal of trust. It should be set.

In the political and security authorities, this view is not uncontroversial. The EU Commission in its latest report on disinformation, “especially the Kremlin-friendly sources” such as “Russia Today” for the meantime, almost 500 cases of targeted misleading in connection with Corona is responsible. And, she warns, Fake News are only dangerous for health, if the wrong remedy would be propagated. Rumors about an alleged connection between the 5G mobile network, and the pandemic would have already led to several arson attacks on the telecommunications infrastructure in the whole of Europe.

So is debated in front of the Minister of the interior conference intensive, whether the protection of the Constitution should take the development of broadband in the view. The proponents point to the fact that it was necessary to find out, what is the role of foreign actors and extremists really play. The skeptics point to the fact that you do not need to be very careful not to stigmatise those who have just Worried about their jobs, or desperate and exhausted. Also Laschet is one of those that advocate internally for this not to overreact. Agreed, the two bearings are, however, in their assessment of the readiness of the society have removed, clearly delineate and to not go together with crackpots or extremists on the street.

Thuringia’s Minister of the interior, Georg Maier (SPD) is one of those who want to take action. He warns that you should not chuckle just about the singer and TV chefs, the suddenly Bill Gates to hold for the leader of a conspiracy to inoculate humanity with poison. “I remember how we used to have three, four years, jokes about ‘the Kingdom citizen’, as all are only harmless crackpots who believe in a Germany GmbH.” Then, it became clear that you can build structures, weapons get. The Thuringian Minister argues that the phenomenon is better early than late seriously.

Some security professionals remember the case of the physician assistant, the stabbing in April 1990, the then-SPD Chancellor candidate Oskar Lafontaine with a knife and him life-threatening neck injuries. Afterwards, she gave conspiracy myths to the Protocol, according to which there is underground killing factories, for example, under the Frankfurt airport. In many authorities, one also knows the letters of individual citizens who complain of secret services monitors or with radiation followed. Also, the chief Federal Prosecutor was on 8. November 2019 this Letter is addressed to R. signed by a Tobias, and how in many cases, it was laid without consequences aside. But then, Tobias R., struck in February in Hanau, Germany, he shot and killed nine people.

The proximity of conspiracy belief, and racism is not to be underestimated, the extreme-right scene link is currently “the pandemic with their existing ,day X’scenarios assignments on a supposedly foreseeable collapse of the system with debt,” says Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU). This is set against “asylum-seekers and migrants, and in part also of the Jews”. North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) adds: “extremists try to mix these myths with their ideology. The mixture is then even more dangerous.”

On the other hand, there are also in the protection of the Constitution the reference to a clear legal limits. For opponents of the school of medicine or of the mobile telephony service is not responsible only for opponents of the democracy. His sharp instruments for Monitoring are not allowed against esoteric or opponents, but only where it is “ambitions against the free democratic basic order”. This hurdle is high. The Spread of Fake News is currently not even a criminal offence, the police has so far, therefore, no mandate, to intervene.

For the debate, the Minister of the interior in Erfurt, a compromise proposal is now on the table. It is observed that the “Corona pandemic of extremists, conspiracy theorists, and intelligence advantage players of foreign States”, – stated in a decision proposal for the conference. They were trying “to stir up fear and unrest in the population” and the “efforts of the state to undermine it, to protect people from the effects of the pandemic”. So far, So clearly.

However, the police and intelligence services competent working groups of the conference of interior Ministers is to present a comprehensive “special situation”. The extent of the problem to be observed and measured. In addition, the Minister of the interior want to see suggestions on how you can react to such phenomena in the future, faster and better. Also, for future cases.


Problems with extremism in Check in the public service – policy

The secret service wants to know how many right extremists in the state service. However, some of the country’s Constitution protectors to defend against the action.

Extreme right-wing in their ranks, this is a Problem inside has promised Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), to be brutally honest. A new picture of the situation, “the extreme Right in the public service” should allow for a nation-wide Overview, all cases should be centrally collected, he announced, together with the President of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), Thomas Haldenwang, last December.

But after the big announcement, the project encounters unexpected difficulties. Actually, a first report should be submitted in the spring, in the meantime, the speech is from the summer. Haldenwangs Federal Agency wanted to gain by using the 16 state offices for the protection of the Constitution and the Military counterintelligence service (MAD) for an Overview. But only a few dozen cases of right-wing extremism within the state are to him, according to research by The Süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR have been reported. Last Haldenwang had asked in April, the country once again to subcontracting, the previous Numbers are give neither to the Bundestag nor to the Public. They were much too low.

Even from the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, there have been only twelve cases were reported to the Federal office, especially the so-called rich citizens, like the düsseldorf-based interior Committee learned recently. In the public service in Germany, more than three million people to work. Among them, 250 000 police officers and 170 000 soldiers, a comprehensive Overview can therefore be no question.

Background of incidents that had listed the protection of the Constitution boss Haldenwang at the Start of the project in front of journalists, like the police in the state of Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania or in the special forces command of the armed forces. This may be individual cases, said Haldenwang. “But from my perception, many of the individual cases, as that you do not need to consider, once again, in their entirety, and must look, Is there networks?”

A extremism-Check on all state servants is not possible, contact the offices of to the Declaration. For a comparison of all the personnel lists of the civil service, for example, with the neo – Nazi or Reich citizens ‘ lists of the constitutional protection, there was “no legal basis”, says Bavaria’s constitutional protection chief Burkhard grains. “Also, there is no legal basis for a rule a query of all employees in the public service.” The times of the so-called radical decree of 1972 passed, in Bavaria, for example, the practice of the scan has been completed of all newly recruited officers in December 1991.

“No one has any solid Numbers,” says therefore, the protection of the Constitution chief in Thuringia, Stephan Kramer. Without the occasion of the protection of the Constitution officials should check only if you are applying for a higher level of security or as private people with a weapons permit can apply. The come but rarely, and so is often dependent on coincidences. About courageous colleagues, who report incidents so that you have a reason to check a single policeman or soldier. The only way to discover whether or not a Name standing in theory – perhaps in a file on neo – Nazis in the protection of the Constitution.

Now only such incidents to be the Cologne Federal office for the protection of the Constitution is usually known in which is already a disciplinary procedure against Employees in the public service. But even here there are differences. Some authorities count only the completed procedure, not all of the initial suspicions. “You can only count completed. Anything else would be constitutionally unfair,” said the lower Saxon protection of the Constitution boss Bernhard Witthaut. So stuff is coming in lower Numbers than other States. Such differences distort the statistics. “Of course I’m interested, to get a reasonable picture of the situation”, says Witthaut. “But these are unresolved issues.”

In many countries, there were legal concerns

The BfV chief Haldenwang has asked the countries to collect suspected cases, and previous cases. In many countries, however, there was an Irritation, and legal concerns. “The whole thing was off on the wrong foot,” says a Department head, had an early need to clarify what belongs in such a situation, and what lend to the law. The is now to serve a discussion of the protection of the Constitution, the heads of the 24. June come together.

North Rhine-Westphalia, treading since March on a new path, “to draw a realistic picture”, such as the protection of the Constitution boss Burkhard Freier says. All police authorities have been internal extremism officer used to collect have your ear at the base, be responsive, information. Their work has but just begun. You should register those officials, the time with racist remarks stand out, but not yet firmly in the extremist scene are anchored. In order to enable a nationwide comparison, would have to follow suit of other countries. “It makes sense only if it is uniform,” says Department head, Free.

In the army, applicants will be reviewed in three years, systematically by the Military counter-intelligence service on possible extremism, point – the rights tattoos can be an obstacle to Recruitment. The Federal criminal police office also documented all of the tattoos in the recruitment tests in “unconstitutional or discriminatory statements,” as a spokeswoman said. Basically, however, the duty of confidentiality also applies to Doctors in the military and the police continue to be as a higher Good: you are not allowed to report eye-catching Tattoos of already-recruited employees.