Venezuela: after 5 years Maduro returned to Parliament – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CARACAS, 13 JAN – The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, returned yesterday to deliver his annual message to the Nation before the National Assembly (AN) after an absence of five years, during which the assembly is was controlled by the opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

In a four-hour speech in the courtroom, which is now controlled by a pro-government coalition, Maduro proposed launching an “inclusive national productive counter-offensive” to revive the country after “the brutal economic war” that for five years it promoted “the ‘ultra-right’ led by the United States and its satellite nations.

The head of state said that in 2021 “we must show cohesion, unity, with the aim of reviving the economy, wages, household income and social well-being”.

“The Bolivarian revolution – he continued – faced two major challenges in 2020: the criminal economic war and the Covid-19 pandemic. And it was possible thanks to the social model built over the last 21 years”.

Thus evoking “the more than 400 sanctions” imposed on Venezuela by the United States, Maduro assured that they have produced “enormous losses” which, “only due to the drop in oil production, have amounted to 100,000 million dollars since 2015”.

But the Chavista leader announced that his intention is to raise crude oil production to 1.5 million barrels per day in the coming months, thanks to the recent anti-embargo law “.

Maduro finally proposed the launch of “a major national operation” to recover assets “seized abroad, such as gold in the Bank of England (worth one billion dollars), the more than 30,000 million dollars in blocked bank accounts, (the branch of Pdvsa in the US) Citgo, and many other things that belong to Venezuela “. (HANDLE).