OnePlus Nord 2: Shortly before the launch, official render images are now also revealing the final secrets to the price-performance hit

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Joy-Con-Drift: errors can be fixed relatively easily and reliably with cardboard –

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Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a good remaster of a quirky Zelda game | Review –

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New Fidgets Now Available At All Store Locations! …

New Fidgets Now Available At All Store Locations! #fidgettoys #fidgetfun #fidgetss #news #review #learningexpress #MAKEYOURMOVE #fidgetoys


New fidgets now available at all store locations! #fidgettoys #fidgetfun #fidgetss #news #review #learningexpress #MAKEYOURMOVE #fidgetoys

♬ SUNNY DAY – Matteo Rossanese

Nintendo Switch OLED: Many hands-on reports received positive feedback

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be released in Germany on October 8th – pre-orders can already strike for around 360 euros. Most of the big technology blogs from the USA have already been able to test the new game console from the Japanese in more detail and their hands-on reports show that they are in a positive mood.

According to this, the actual highlight is particularly convincing: the new OLED screen. This now has significantly narrower screen edges and has been enlarged to 7.0 inches in terms of diagonal. This means that the new Nintendo Switch only has a pixel density of 209 ppi with a native resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels that has remained the same. However, this should not have a negative effect on the degree of sharpness in games, but the higher brightness, the larger viewing angles and the better contrast ratio can set themselves apart from the predecessor and thus significantly improve mobile gaming enjoyment.

The testers from The Verge and IGN also liked the new stand. Because it now extends over the entire rear of the console and can also be regulated in several stages, it is much more comfortable in everyday practice. It is considerably more stable than the old model. The improved stereo speakers are a bit louder and clearer, but only a small upgrade overall. Bluetooth headphones are also still not supported. The additional Ethernet socket in the console’s new dock is a bit more convenient, but the majority of users should still rely on a WLAN connection.

Overall, the testers are very positive in their first hands-on reports. The approximately 30 euros more than the previous model is worth it for newcomers. The change is not absolutely necessary for existing switch owners. However, a Switch Pro with improved hardware and DLSS technology, which will probably follow next year, should receive more attention.

Prices and availability
Nintendo Switch OLED black and white
Not available Not available

From 359.99 EUR


What to see again on HBO Max? Premiere Godzilla vs. King Kong –

This July 29, the new Warner Media platform arrived, with an attractive catalog of productions from HBO, DC Comics, Cartoon Networks, Max Originals and a battery of films by Warner Bros., including films that were only available until recently. weeks in theaters. What to see again on HBO Max? Next Friday, July 16, Godzilla vs. King Kong, one of the WB tanks, which can be seen without any extra payment.

The debut of the film joins El Conjuro 3, which premiered on Friday the 9th, to compete with Black Widow (which came to Disney Plus) or Tenet, which will premiere on Friday 23rd. The case of Tenet is particular, since in the trailer what to see again in HBO Max In July, Christopher Nolan’s movie is promoted, but there are no other references yet on the platform. Will it be for selected markets?

Warner also announced that at least until 2022, movies will be released on HBO Max a few weeks after they hit theaters, since -on the one hand- the pandemic situation is far from over and many cinemas are still closed and -for other- seeks to add subscribers to more planted platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus.

Godzilla vs. King Kong is a new installment of the MonsterVerso from Legendary Pictures that pits the two colossi in an epic battle, which means a direct sequel to “Kong: Skull Island” and “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”.

Kong and his protectors set out on a journey to find their true home, and with them is Jia, a young orphan with whom he formed a unique and powerful bond. But they unexpectedly find themselves in the path of an enraged Godzilla, cutting a swath of destruction across the world.

The King of the Kaiju and the giant gorilla face each other because some humans are trying to find the center of the Earth, the place of origin of the monsters. Therefore, they take King Kong out of his confinement, which provokes Godzilla and seeks to attack him. Thus will begin the fight in which when the smoke clears, only one will remain standing.

“Godzilla vs. Kong ”is the latest installment in an everlasting list of films about the two monsters. In total there were 36 Godzilla productions and 12 King Kong productions. The director affirmed that his film has a series of nods and tributes to the original kaiju film that brought these two monsters together for the first time in 1962, while he promised that the film will have a clear winner, but it will not be the end.


Pluto TV rival? –

After the arrival in Latin America of HBO Max, this week, and silently, without any bombastic announcement, Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s streaming platform, a service more similar to Pluto TV, was launched.

Although the service had already been available on Samsung televisions and Android cell phones, now it can also be viewed online in any internet browser by entering

However, for now, not all of us will be able to see it. The service can be seen in countries like the United States, but not in Latin America, at least for now.

Unlike HBO Max o Disney Plus o Netflix o Prime Video, is more like Pluto TV. It is completely free (sponsored by advertising) you do not have to subscribe or enter credit cards.

The contents of Samsung TV Plus are extensive, with topics ranging from movies, sports, children, comedies, gastronomy, gamers and more.

As we indicated, Samsung TV Plus has been available on Samsung televisions since 2016, but now it is also possible to enjoy the service from a browser, although in selected markets. Latin America, you will have to wait (or enter via a VPN application).

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The prices of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 have halved in Germany since May

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Amazon throws out next China manufacturer –

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