[AFP] Vaccination: the HAS wants to “accelerate” but keep the same strategy

The vaccination campaign of the French against Covid-19 “must probably accelerate”, but maintaining the same strategy, estimated Monday an official of the High Authority of Health (HAS), who rejected the term “disaster” .

“The strategy remains: priority on the most vulnerable people, and health professionals, by expanding when we can, if we have the necessary number of doses”, declared on France Inter Elisabeth Bouvet, president of the Technical Committee on vaccinations of the HAS, which drew up France’s vaccination strategy.
“For us the strategy remains the same. The implementation of the strategy must probably accelerate,” she added.

Ms. Bouvet thus ruled out the idea of ​​administering the vaccine to volunteers as a priority: “Given the number of doses which, I remind you, is currently limited, we cannot distribute it like that to people who want it, while they have no risks “.

Asked about the pace of this vaccination, she replied that it was not the choice of this institution which advises the government. “It was never requested that there be this slowness,” said the infectious disease specialist.
But according to her, the criticisms are too virulent.

“I believe that we must be extremely positive and recall the optimistic elements of this vaccination and stop flogging, in the same way that today we must stop saying that it is a disaster,” he said. she pointed out. “We must not exaggerate: we started to vaccinate a week ago, we still cannot speak of a disaster.”
On France Inter also, the geneticist and president of the League against cancer Axel Kahn was once again very critical of the government.

The fact that the clinical trials of the Pfizer-BioNetch vaccine are very encouraging “is really a huge hope, and it is really something very exciting. And so the tone. [du gouvernement], it is a psychological error (…) It is a gigantic psychological error, and that, I believe that the minister [de la Santé Olivier Véran] heard it, “he said.


vigilance must be constant this summer!

The Prefecture of La Réunion and the ARS have published their weekly report on the dengue virus. From December 7 to 13, 16 cases of dengue fever were reported to the ARS. The number of cases has stabilized in recent days. The arrival of the austral summer is likely to favor the appearance of a new epidemic wave.

Also, the prefecture and the ARS encourage people with symptoms of dengue fever to quickly consult a doctor and take a laboratory sample to identify the appearance of new outbreaks as early as possible. The system deployed by the authorities is in fact all the more effective when it intervenes at the very beginning of transmission in a neighborhood and when sick people and those around them protect themselves from mosquito bites.

Situation of dengue fever in Reunion Island on December 15, 2020 (data from the French Public Health Unit in the region, ARS)

During week 50, the reports were located in 7 municipalities:

  • Small island
  • Saint Joseph
  • St Denis
  • St. Andrew
  • The Port
  • Saint Pierre
  • St.Paul

In addition, groupings of cases have been identified in the West region:

  • Saint-Paul (Hermitage)
  • The Port (Cotur Subdivision and Oasis Park)

In order to contain the spread of the dengue virus, the ARS vector control teams are continuing mosquito control interventions day and night, by applying barrier measures against the spread of Covid-19.

Recommendations to fight against dengue

Knowing and applying, on a personal and collective basis, preventive measures to fight against dengue, remains by far the most effective way to avoid contracting the disease and transmitting it to those around you:

  • Protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites: repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, diffusers
  • Eliminate breeding sites: empty anything that may contain water all around your home
  • Consult a doctor in the event of symptoms (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.). Your doctor will prescribe a sample to be taken in the laboratory for medical analyzes to confirm the diagnosis of dengue.

This biological confirmation is essential to guide the actions of vector control teams and help limit the spread of the dengue virus in the territory.


[Société] Covid-19 in Reunion: 1 death and 103 new confirmed cases from December 12 to 14

Like every Monday, the health authorities take stock of the circulation of Covid-19 in our department. In the past three days, one death and 103 new cases have been confirmed in Reunion. Details of the prefecture’s services below.

The prefecture and the Regional Health Agency regret to announce this Monday, December 14, 2020 a death linked to covid-19. Hospitalized at the CHU, the patient was over 70 years old and presented with significant comorbidities. The authorities extend their sincere condolences to the family.

In addition, the authorities confirm 103 new cases of coronavirus covid-19 recorded in Reunion Island from December 12 to December 14, 2020 at 3 p.m. (i.e. a daily average of 34 cases over 3 consecutive days). There has been a total of 8,534 cases since the first case appeared on March 11, 2020.

On the new cases announced:

99 cases are investigated:
- 90 cases are classified as indigenous.
- 9 cases are classified as imported.
- 4 cases are under investigation or are the subject of additional analyzes.

In view of the epidemiological situation, liberal health professionals have decided to put covid outpatient centers on standby. These can be reactivated in the event of increased viral circulation.

The prefecture and the Regional Health Agency remind the entire Reunionese population of the importance of applying barrier measures on a daily basis (hand washing, use of handkerchief, coughing in one’s elbow, physical distance, wearing a mask, limitation of social contacts to a maximum of 6 people, use of the TousAntiCovid application, etc.). These measures are essential to curb the epidemic on the island.

Point prefecture


[Faits Divers] His rival loosens his skull during a saber duel

ST DENIS. Yesterday a 34-year-old man suffered a head injury in a saber duel. The 22-year-old author is in police custody.

Yesterday, the roundabout of Manguiers, on the border of the Trinity and the Camellias, was the scene of a surprising settling of scores. The scene took place in the middle of the day. It seems that two friends have become rivals for a dark story whose outlines remain to be clarified. Still, they have seriously cursed each other. But they did not content themselves with exchanging pleasantries using richly flowery language.

The youngest has apparently taken a step forward by going to get a saber and bumping like a deaf person on the other’s vehicle. The other, 34 years old and a licensed boss with an eloquent CV, was quick to grab his, handy in his car. Once their vehicles were well degraded, they found themselves face to face for a duel in the sun or rather in the shade of the Mango trees. Faced with stunned witnesses, the two guys fought like in the swashbuckling movies.


The clatter of saber blades sounded. The exchange continued, each taking the ascendancy over the other in turn. Above all, the duo seemed determined to see it through. It is difficult in these conditions to imagine that the duel would not end in blood. This is how the 22-year-old swordsman ended up hitting his opponent in the head decisively. The blade was so sharp that he cut off the top of his head. A piece of the thirty-something’s scalp ended up on the ground, forcing him to throw in the towel.

While the injured was hospitalized and underwent surgery, the author of the saber-strike was taken into custody. The outcome of the duel should not be such as to reduce the pressure between the two rivals. Especially since both could be sent back to back to the criminal court.



12 cases reported in Reunion

We publish below in full the press release from the prefecture relating to this news.

Dengue fever in Reunion
Let’s apply preventive measures to avoid a new epidemic wave

From November 16 to 22, 12 cases of dengue were reported to the ARS. Although the number of cases is stabilizing, the circulation of the virus continues in the territory with 6 municipalities concerned mainly in the West.

The arrival of the austral summer accompanied by climatic conditions more favorable to the development of mosquitoes raises fears of a new wave of epidemic in the coming months, in a context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The authorities recommend the greatest vigilance to the population and encourage the implementation of essential preventive measures to prevent the spread of dengue fever on the island:

protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito bites,
eliminate anything that may contain water around your home
and promptly seek medical attention in the event of symptoms.

Since early 2020 (consolidated data)
nearly 16,011 confirmed indigenous cases
779 hospitalizations
1,753 emergency room visits
22 deaths (including 11 directly related to dengue)

Situation of dengue fever in Réunion on November 24, 2020
(data from Cire OI, Public Health France)

Isolated cases have been reported in the following municipalities:

The possession
The Port,
Saint Pierre
The Oars
St. Benedict

In order to contain the spread of the dengue virus on the island, the ARS vector control teams are continuing mosquito control interventions day and night, by applying barrier measures against the spread of Covid-19 .

Contest: 1 week left to participate!
The ARS launched on November 5 and until midnight November 25, an artistic competition aimed at the production of a visual support (drawing, sculptures, paintings, photos, etc.) on a theme: “Dengue fever and its mosquito vector of disease (the tiger mosquito) ”.

To date, nearly a hundred contributions have been received with great proposals.

Separate awards ranging from 100 to 5,000 euros are provided for each category. In addition to these awards, the winning works will be selected for the summer 2020/2021 communication campaign through posters and broadcasts on social networks and media.

The rules and conditions for participating in the competition are available:

on the ARS website

or on request by email: ars-reunion-kassmoustik@ars.sante.fr

Recommendations to fight against dengue
Protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites (repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, diffusers)
Eliminate breeding sites: empty anything that may contain water around your home
Consult a doctor in the event of symptoms: fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.
These protective measures also apply to people who have already contracted dengue fever.

Find all the news and recommendations for fighting dengue fever in Reunion Island on the Facebook Ensemble contre les mosquitoes.


A new Covid death and 209 cases since Wednesday

During the week of November 9 to November 15 (week 46), the average number of confirmed cases is 80 cases per day (compared to the 95 cases on average in week 45 and 76 cases in week 44).

This week shows a slight decrease compared to the previous week to find the level of week 44. The number of cases is stable at around 600 cases per week. In week 46, the incidence rate is 66/100 000. Above the “national alert threshold” (50/100 000), it nevertheless remains significantly lower than the incidence rate observed for the whole of France (240 cases / 100,000)

It should be noted for the other indicators:
– The number of imported cases (return from travel) represents only 6% of the new cases of the week, i.e. the lowest rate of the last 3 weeks,
– the incidence rate among 15-24 year olds remains high at 117.7 / 100,000 but decreasing compared to the previous week (136.8 / 100,000),
– the incidence rate among those over 74 is down compared to the previous week,
– the test positivity rate remains below the vigilance threshold (less than 5%),
– the number of tests is slightly lower,
– the weekly number of admissions to medicine and intensive care has decreased compared to the previous week.

To date, 18 clusters are active and 66 have been closed since August.

This situation calls for the continued vigilance of everyone in the application of barrier gestures on a daily basis and in all circumstances in order to contain the epidemic on the island. The mask should be worn whenever the distance of one meter cannot be maintained to avoid transmission of the virus. Groups of more than 6 people must be limited.

It is particularly recalled that:
– any person showing symptoms must be tested as soon as possible, either by contacting their attending physician, or by going to a medical biology laboratory or to a drop-in sampling center;
– travelers arriving in Réunion must be screened from 2 days after their arrival, in accordance with the SMS sent to them by the ARS;
– everyone is invited to download the TousAntiCovid application on their mobile phone, which facilitates information for contact persons and thus enables the chains of transmission of the virus to be broken more quickly.


The prefecture and the Regional Health Agency regret to announce this Friday, November 20, 2020 a death linked to covid-19. Hospitalized at the CHU, the patient was over 60 years old and presented with significant comorbidities. The authorities extend their sincere condolences to the family.

In addition, the authorities confirm 209 new cases of coronavirus covid-19 recorded in Reunion on November 19 and 20, i.e. a daily average of 105 cases over 2 consecutive days.

Among the new cases:
150 cases are classified as indigenous,
4 cases are classified as imported,
6 cases are classified as secondary indigenous,
· 49 cases are under investigation.

Among the cases previously announced during the investigation:
171 cases are classified as indigenous,
7 cases are classified as imported,
3 cases are classified as secondary autochthones,
· 6 cases are invalidated following additional investigations.


In total, 7,501 cases have been diagnosed in the territory since the appearance of the first case on March 11, 2020, including 65 medical evacuations under regional solidarity.

As of November 20, 2020, excluding death, taking into account the 6,660 cures, 798 cases are still active to date.

7,396 cases have been investigated to date by the ARS, Public Health France and Health Insurance, 11% of which are imported cases.


The exceptional solidarity aid will be paid on November 27

On October 14, 2020, the President of the Republic announced the payment of a new Exceptional Solidarity Aid (AES), to families, to the most modest people and to young people under 25:

• Households benefiting from active solidarity income (Rsa) or solidarity income (Rso) and beneficiaries of certain aids paid by Pôle emploi (specific solidarity allowance (Ass), flat-rate premium for resumption of activity or retirement equivalent allowance ), will perceive an aid of 150 euros, to which are added 100 euros additional per dependent child;

• Families with child (ren) benefiting from housing assistance (Alf) will receive assistance from 100 euros per dependent child;

• Young people under 25 (apprentices, salaried students or non-students) who receive housing assistance will receive assistance from 150 euros.

The payment of this aid will intervene from November 27, 2020 and will be automatic once the beneficiary has benefited from one of these services in September or October.

This aid should concern approximately 141,000 households and 159,000 children for an amount of almost 33 million euros.

All information is available on caf.fr by clicking here


The beneficiaries concerned do not need to take any action, they can simply check that their bank details are registered or up to date on caf.fr in their “My Account” area, under “View or modify my profile”.
Beneficiary benefit recipients are informed by mail, email or sms.

Note: if the beneficiary lives with a partner, only one aid is paid per household, once.


34-year-old biker has died

A car and a two-wheeler are involved in this accident which occurred this morning at the Cafrine roundabout in Saint-Pierre.

A biker, seriously injured, was taken care of by the emergency services. Cardiac massage was given but the 34-year-old victim was pronounced dead.

According to the first testimonies collected by the Police, the motorcyclist carried out an overtaking maneuver which turned out to be poorly controlled. The motorcyclist crashed into an oncoming vehicle after losing his balance on his two-wheeled vehicle when he passed.

Serious traffic jams are reported in the area.

This is the second serious accident of the day. Earlier in the morning, a 20-year-old biker was transferred unconscious to hospital.


“To write songs, you must first experience them”

«The real paradises are the paradises that we lost“. These words of Marcel Proust certainly resonate with Ben Mazué. Reunion Island, the place where he wrote the album, is his image of paradise, the title of this new album, which was released on Friday, November 6. “But what we experienced there was anything but paradise”. Last year, he went to live a few months with his wife and children on this French island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He attempted a divine exile there. But the story goes wrong and it’s the separation: “To write songs, you first have to experience them.”

In his third album The perfect woman, the inspired lyricist paid homage to the one who shares her days. The thirty-something sang about the love that wears out after becoming a parent, as if he wanted at all costs to keep the flame alive. In Paradis, it is therefore the hour of the rupture. “A love story that ends is not a failed love story. I believed for a long time, because I am a child of fairy tales, that love stories were for life ”. More “There are some very beautiful stories that end, and other rotten ones that continue», He sings with Poupie in The heart drives us.

With his precise words which go straight to the heart, the one who describes himself as anxious conjugates in the imperfect his new life punctuated by week A and week B in a very touching duet with the actress Anaïde Rozam. “It’s a poem recited on music, I love this format, it offers more freedom”, he confides.

It is not all autobiographical. What inspires me in my songs are the big turns in everyone’s life

I’m Mazué

In this fourth album, he also sings the approaching forties or the choice of certain couples not to have children. “It’s not all autobiographical. What inspires me in my songs are the big turns in everyone’s life, the bereavements, the breakups, the love stories, the births of children. These are great moments of traumatic life, positively or negatively. ”

«The rebound of the hug is going to be extraordinary»

The author also writes songs for singers including Jérémy Frérot, with whom he shares the third duet, Watch out for others, of his album or Florian Delavega, Zaz and Abi Bernadoth, the last winner of The Voice. “I like to write for others and put my ego back”. Proud, he has just composed his first film score. The word lover is not afraid to take risks. “For a long time I was a doctor and a singer. The medical adventure was great, the musical adventure is exceptional, maybe there will be other adventures ”, he explains.

After his Olympia two years ago to celebrate his ten year career, the concerts should have started again at the beginning of November 2020 at the European in Paris. With the re-containment, all year-end dates have been canceled. “We are now counting on 2021. We are living in such a restrictive period from a social point of view, that the day we will finally have the right to meet, there will be a form of liberation, it will be incredible. The deprivation of social life is a deaf lack. The rebound of the hug is going to be extraordinary. ” Let’s wish it and let’s wish him: around thirty dates are planned for his tour in 2021 throughout France.


[clicazot] Nadia Ramassamy wants to strengthen the immune defenses of adults through vaccination

Deputy Nadia Ramassamy wrote to Minister of Health Olivier Véran concerning the reactivation of the immune coverage of adults by vaccination.


Doctor, and while waiting for a vaccine adapted to COVID, I would like to draw your attention once again to the potential beneficial effects of vaccination coverage in children, which I believe currently provides them with an important immune defense. mitigating the disastrous pathogenic effects of the virus.

Despite recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), some compulsory vaccinations for adults – such as the DT-Polio vaccine required every 20 years for those under 65, and every 10 years for those over 65 years old – no longer or very little. Other vaccinations, due to the reappearance of certain pathologies, such as measles and pertussis, are recommended in adults.

It is questionable whether the lack of regular vaccinations and therefore reactivation of immune coverage does not weaken the immune defense of some people in the face of COVID-19.

Also, and while the strengthening of the immune systems of adults is a necessity, I suggest you, as a matter of urgency, to check the current state of vaccination coverage for adults and to reinstate compulsory vaccinations, some of which are particularly protective.

Currently, eleven vaccines are compulsory for children (diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, Haemophilus influenzae B, pertussis, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, meningococcus C and pneumococcus). Each doctor should, in my opinion, recheck and reactivate the vaccination coverage of their adult patients if this proves necessary, with reference of course to the state of comorbidity.

Thus, it might be possible to place adults, and in particular those at risk, in an immune defense situation similar to that of children, especially by injecting the following vaccines: measles-mumps-rubella, Prevent against pneumococcal infections, and DT-polio-pertussis. If there is nothing to lose for the French to be vaccinated regularly according to the recommendations of health agencies, they have everything to gain.

I would therefore be grateful to you, Minister, for studying with the greatest attention the feasibility of my proposal aimed at strengthening the immune defenses of adults, which are sometimes non-existent for lack of regular reactivation.

Please accept, Mr. Minister, the expression of my highest consideration.