Dmitry Pevtsov revealed the truth about the state of Olga Drozdova

The wife of the actress Dmitry Pevtsov explained what really happened.

The wife of the actress Dmitry Pevtsov explained what really happened.

A photo: Larisa KUDRYAVTSEVA / EG

Olga Drozdova recently scared the fans. There were reports that the star of the series “Gangster Petersburg” was urgently hospitalized. However, everything turned out to be a little different. The wife of the actress Dmitry Pevtsov explained what really happened.

Olga Drozdova was forced to reassure her fans after rumors about her emergency hospitalization appeared. The actress, as gossipers used to gossip, allegedly having heart problems… Like, the doctors planned to leave the star in the clinic for several days.

Drozdova assured that she did not understand where the “legs” grow from when hearing rumors of a sharp deterioration in her condition. “No, I do not complain of pain in the heart area. What are you, I sleep well at home,” she said.

Following his wife, Dmitry Pevtsov, who, as you know, is crazy about his chosen one, decided to reveal the truth. The actor spoke sharply about what happened. The artists had to reassure their relatives for a long time.

Dmitry also decided to show his wife who is at home. Olga was busy with the housework in the kitchen.

“And I also want to warn people with famous surnames. Calling a doctor at home for any reason: if you have a fever or blood pressure, be careful! Information or misinformation about your health may appear in the tabloid press. And in the morning your family and friends may find out that you are in a coma! But this is not true … “, – said Singers in the blog.

By the way, at the end of August, he himself ended up in the hospital. Then the actor was taken to Kommunarka with pneumonia… He had to call an ambulance soon after returning from vacation with his family in Crimea. The artist suffered a serious illness and lost a lot of weight during treatment.


The Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft with three ISS crew members landed in Kazakhstan :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Maxim Shipenkov / EPA / TASS

The descent vehicle of the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-16 with three crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) landed in Kazakhstan, Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Wagner returned to Earth, as well as NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy. This was reported on the Roscosmos website.

Soyuz MS-16 undocked from the ISS at 02:32 Moscow time. At 05:54 Moscow time, the cosmonauts returned safely to Earth. As reported by Roskosmos, all the operations for the descent from the near-earth orbit and the landing took place in the normal mode.

Cosmonauts Ivanishin and Wagner will be delivered today by special board to the Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region. They will spend the next few weeks in the complex for prelaunch training and post-flight rehabilitation of cosmonauts (astronauts) in Star City under the supervision of doctors.

The Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft with three crew members undocked from the ISS

Ivan Wagner, Christopher Cassidy and & nbsp; Anatoly Ivanishin aboard & nbsp; Soyuz MS-16

The flight of the 63rd long-term expedition members – Ivanishin, Wagner and Cassidy – lasted almost 196 days. During this time, the crew conducted dozens of experiments, including in the field of medicine, space biology, and physical and technical processes.


The Vuelta Roglic is the first leader to win over Arrate

Primoz Roglic (Jumbo Visma), winner of the Vuelta 2019, donned the first red jersey of this edition after winning the first day between Irun and Arrate, 173 kilometers. With an attack less than a kilometer from the finish line, Roglic finished the solo work with a time of 4.22.33, followed by 1 second by Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz (Ineos) and Irishman Dan Martin (Israel).


Saad Hariri negotiates his return with the parties

In Lebanon, the change is obviously not for now. President Michel Aoun was to open, Thursday, October 15, official consultations to designate a head of government capable of getting the country out of the rut in which it finds itself. At the last minute, these were postponed for a week, to Thursday, October 22, “Due to the emergence of difficulties which need to be overcome”, announced the presidency.

In fact, informal negotiations have already started and we can already see the photos of the meetings between major party leaders circulating. And the result could have a bitter taste for the actors of the protest …

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As they prepare to celebrate, Saturday, October 17, the first anniversary of the thawra, the Lebanese revolution, it is Saad Hariri, the Prime Minister whose departure they have not without difficulty, who could make his big return to the Seraglio, the residence of the Prime Ministers. “I am convinced that the initiative of President Emmanuel Macron is the only and last opportunity to stop the collapse of the country and rebuild Beirut”, said in a statement the head of the Current of the Future, expressing his availability.

Government of specialists

Son of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, himself already twice appointed to this post, in 2009 and 2016, Saad Hariri does not exactly have the profile requested by Emmanuel Macron in the roadmap he left on 1is September: “A government of specialists who do not belong to political parties” for “Implement the reforms” essential to the survival of the country.

Unperturbed, the Sunni leader wants to try his luck, even if nothing indicates that the blocking factors which led Moustapha Adib to give up in September have disappeared. In particular the refusal of the Shiite parties – Hezbollah and Amal – that a Sunni prime minister can appoint all the members of the cabinet.

Aware of pitfalls

Invoking the Constitution, article 95 of which provides that communities must be “Fairly represented in government”, Hezbollah is keen to uphold the tradition that each of them names ” his “ ministers, and also to retain the lucrative post of finance minister, regularly allocated to a Shiite in recent years.

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For their part, other figures in the Lebanese political scene, such as Gebran Bassil, son-in-law of President Aoun and accustomed to ministerial cabinets, are reluctant to pass their turn if Saad Hariri was himself authorized to lead the crew. « Macron was greeted with smiles and promises, but as soon as he turned his back, the political blocs started arguing for power again and meanwhile the economic crisis worsened ”sighs a European diplomat.

Well aware of all these pitfalls, Saad Hariri could apply the same recipe as his predecessor, the ephemeral Hassan Diab, who resigned after the explosion that devastated the port of Beirut on August 4: let each camp name its « experts », officially to better focus on the essential: reforms. According to those close to him, the meetings of the last few days were organized for this purpose: to verify « l’engagement » Lebanese parties in favor of the reform plan he defends and “The absence of blocking practices”.

Smiles and promises

The demonstrators, convinced that the political class is responsible for the looting of the country, have stopped waiting for them to find a solution to their ills. “Immediately after his resignation, we knew that Saad Hariri was coming back: our only question was ‘when'”, ironically Hussein el-Achi, lawyer and head of the Menteshrin movement, born out of the October revolution. “He is just the Trojan horse of this whole clique of politicians that we know very well how it works. By bringing Hariri back, they think they are calming the Sunnis. By using violent incidents, they try to frighten Christians and then present Hariri to them as a savior. But the only thing he saved was his money in Switzerland and Luxembourg! “

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Friday 16 and Saturday 17 October, when the actors of the thawra will celebrate the anniversary of their first parades just a year ago, Saad Hariri should not be spared by their slogans. “Some activists see his return to the head of government as a provocation”, denounces Hussein el-Achi.


Tour of Spain: Gipuzkoa welcomes the start “with responsibility” and “distance”

Gipuzkoa hosts next Tuesday the first stage of the Back to Spain “Responsibly” and “keeping a distance”, as there will be no public, especially at the finish line of Alto de Arrate, in Eibar.

The Deputy for Culture and Sports of Gipuzkoa, Rock Millan, and the mayors of Irun and Eibar, Jose Antonio Santano Y Miguel de los Toyos, respectively, have presented this first stage of the round in San Sebastián this Friday, which will unite both municipalities in a route of 169.5 kilometers.

The stage will start in Irun and will pass through Errenteria, San Sebastián, Usurbil, Orio, Zumaia, Azkoitia, Zumarraga, Oñati, Soraluze and Eibar, among other Gipuzkoan towns, until ending with a arrival high, in the port of Arrate, second-rate.

“Gipuzkoa lives cycling with passion and the Vuelta is one of the greatest events in the sport of cycling, which has a multitude of followers among our fans,” said Millán, who stated that it is a “magnificent opportunity” to show the organizational capacity of the institutions of the territory and “show all the positive values ​​that are experienced around sport.”

Millán has admitted that the organizers and institutions involved would have liked all of this to have been reflected in the enthusiasm of the fans as the peloton passed by, “but this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, “Prudence rules” and the Vuelta can only be enjoyed “with responsibility and keeping the distance”.

The mayor of Irun, Jose Antonio Santano, has affirmed that for the border city it constitutes «an honor and a challenge «organize the exit» in a year as special as this «. “We have been working with Ficoba for weeks, with the organization of the tour and with many collaborators to guarantee all the security measures and not subtract one iota from the sporting event that is a stage of La Vuelta,” he added.

For his part, De los Toyos recalled that Eibar has always been linked to cycling, so “being able to host the end of the first stage of La Vuelta on its 75th anniversary is an unbeatable opportunity.”


La Vuelta will apply facial recognition to avoid contagion

The system developed by Telefónica will thus avoid contacts between cyclists in the signing act prior to the stages

Movistar cyclists, ready to compete in the Vuelta. / ec
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