Former Prime Minister of Ukraine told who could be behind Avakov’s resignation

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov commented on the resignation of the country’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. We will remind, on the eve it became known that he is leaving the post, which he held since February 2014.

Later it became known that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky proposed for the post of Minister of Internal Affairs the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Law Enforcement, Denis Monastyrsky. Voting for the appointment will take place on Friday, July 16.

The ex-prime minister suggested that the US authorities may be behind the resignation of Arsen Avakov. In addition, according to Azarov, the candidacy for the post of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the person of Denis Monastyrsky was also agreed by the head of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky, with the Americans.

“Avakov has submitted his resignation letter. This was done, as I understand it, under pressure from Zelensky, and he received this command from the Americans. Avakov is an odious figure. Therefore, this scenario is realistic. Firstly, Ukraine does not make decisions such as the appointment of the Minister of Internal Affairs or his resignation by any Zelensky or Avakov himself. Now there is the Governor-General, acting temporarily, a minor figure. He received instructions and is implementing them, ”Azarov said.

According to Azarov, Monastyrsky will obediently fulfill the demands of the Americans.

“A man without a face and name, biography,” said the former prime minister of the country.

On the eve in Kiev, in front of the building of the Verkhovna Rada, during a plenary session, clashes broke out between retired security officials and the Ukrainian police. The protesters were removed by the police, after which a fight ensued.

The main demand of the protesters is the recalculation of pensions. The demonstrators also demand talks with the speaker of the Rada, Dmitry Razumkov.


Why US Workers Leave Their Jobs at a Record Rate

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In the United States, nearly four million workers quit in April.

While millions of workers around the world are clinging as hard as they can to jobs that have allowed them better than good to weather the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, in the United States the numbers of voluntary resignations are surpassing their historical record.

Nearly four million workers, equivalent to 2.7% of the entire workforce, left their jobs last April – the highest number since this record began in 2000.

The data seems to confirm the materialization of a realignment in the labor market that the American academic Anthony Klotz baptized as “the Great Renunciation.”

The coronavirus pandemic hit employment in the United States with brutal force. In just two months, Between February and April 2020, the number of unemployed rose from 5,717,000 to 23,109,000, from where a gradual decline began as governments, companies and workers found a way to adapt and keep the economy going.

Despite the still partial reactivation of the economy, the unemployment rate stood at 5.8% last May, well below the 14.8% it reached in April 2020, but still above 3.5% in the one you were in before the pandemic.

Thus, the wave of resignations contrasts with the fact that in the United States there are still more than 9.3 million unemployed people, according to figures from the Labor Department for May.

The “Great Renunciation” may also become a global phenomenon, judging by the results of a study commissioned by Microsoft that reveals that more than 40% of the global workforce is evaluating the possibility of changing employers this year.

But why are so many people leaving their jobs?

Postponed resignations, job burnout, and epiphanies

Although the reasons why individual workers may decide to quit are innumerable, Anthony Klotz, who is an associate professor of management at the Mays School of Business at Texas A&M University, says there were four specific factors that led him to anticipate this phenomenon. .

Image of a woman who seems to be overworked.

Getty Images

Job burnout is one of the factors that drives workers to quit.

The first of these is that many employees who had plans to leave their positions in 2020 chose to delay that decision.

“Between 2015 and 2019, the number of resignations in the United States grew year over year, but that number dropped a lot in 2020, which makes sense given the uncertainty of the pandemic. These people stayed in their jobs, even though they wanted to leave it. “, Klotz tells BBC Mundo.

It is estimated that in 2020 there were almost six million fewer resignations in the United States than expected.

The expert explains that once vaccination progresses and the economy improves, it was to be expected that these people who had already decided to resign would finally take that step.

“The latest statistics from the Department of Labor showing that there was a historic record of resignations in April leads me to believe that many of these people have already started leaving their jobs,” says Klotz.

The second factor that would drive this phenomenon is the “job burnout“.

“We know from a lot of research that when people feel burned out at work they are more likely to quit. And we have seen numerous stories of essential workers, but also many people working from home while trying to balance their family and their employment, they are experiencing high levels of burnout. Right now there are more ‘burned out’ workers than there normally are“says Klotz.

This expert in organizational psychology assures that the only cure for this type of burnout is to take a good rest, so it is likely that those who do not have the option to do so will see resignation as a possible solution to their situation.

A third factor driving this wave of resignations, according to Klotz, is disclosures o epifanías.

Image of a woman in front of an office door.

Getty Images

After more than a year of the pandemic, many workers discovered that they want to change jobs and even their lives.

He explains that sometimes people are happy with their work and something sudden happens that makes them think about leaving the position, such as not getting a promotion they were hoping for, the resignation of a colleague, and similar situations.

“Now With the pandemic, almost all of us have suffered an impact that has made us reassess our lives, which is why many people have had these epiphanies: some have realized that they want to spend more time with the family; others now feel that their work is not as important as they thought or want to do their own business “, he explains.

“I think there are a lot of people who are considering making a change in their lives and that often means a turnaround in their careers,” he adds.

The rise of remote work

The fourth factor behind the “Great Resignation” has to do with those people who during the pandemic adapted to working from home and now do not want to return to the office, although for Klotz it is a smaller percentage.

“As human beings we have the fundamental need to enjoy autonomy. When you work remotely you can structure your day how you want and you have much more flexibility than in the office. Therefore, for many people who do not want to lose that freedom. Quitting to seek remote or hybrid employment may be an option, “says the expert.

Image of a woman working from the living room of a house.

Getty Images

Many workers do not want to give up the flexibility and autonomy that remote work offers.

An international study commissioned by Microsoft reveals that 70% of employees want companies to maintain flexible remote work options and that, in fact, 45% of those who are working remotely have plans to move to a new place now that they can make a living without going to the office.

And more and more companies are willing to offer that possibility to their employees. According to data provided by LinkedIn to BBC Mundo, the ads offering remote jobs on that platform they quintupled between May 2020 and May 2021.

The media and communication sector leads remote job offers (27%), followed by the software and information technology industry (22%).

At the same time, nearly 25% of all job applications made between the end of April and May are for remote work positions.

Opportunities for the lowest paid

A fifth factor that would be driving this wave of resignations, according to many analysts, has to do with the situation of many of the lowest paid workers such as restaurant and hotel employees.

According to figures from the Labor Department, among those who left their posts last April there were more than 740,000 people who came from leisure, hotels and restaurants. That figure is equivalent to 5.3% of all workers in that sector.

Dunkin Donuts poster offering employment.

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Restaurants now have many vacancies that they cannot fill.

The abrupt reopening of the economy has created a great demand for these types of employees, which has forced companies to offer different types of incentives (including better salaries) to try to fill vacancies.

There is a lot of turnover in low-wage positions where people don’t really have a career progression. If you find a job that offers you just a little more, changing it has no cost to you, “explained Julia Pollak, labor economist at ZipRecruiter, to The New York Times.

A shake up in the labor market

Klotz says that this whole picture implies a very complex situation for companies, although he emphasizes that they are already designed to deal with the demands of retaining their workers and finding new talent.

“What makes this a unique challenge is the type of work arrangement (post-pandemic) because for most companies there is no one right answer in terms of how much flexibility they should give their employees.

“Hopefully many organizations are talking to their workers to understand what they want, but in the end companies will have to make a decision and say ‘this is what we are going to do.’ And there will be some employees who will not be there. happy, including -probably- several of the best, “he says.

“This is like a kind of big reorganization: there will be companies that will want to go back to face-to-face work entirely, some will choose to do it completely remote and others will choose a hybrid format and workers will seek employment in those that offer the form of work they want“, he adds.

Work fair.

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With companies offering face-to-face, hybrid, or remote workdays, employees will have more options than in the past.

Cassie Whitlock, Head of Human Resources for talent management platform BambooHR, believes that companies that want to force workers back into the office are the ones most in danger of losing them.

“Employees have worked remotely for a year and it has worked. They will want to know why they can’t keep doing it. If you’re going to ask them to come back, you’d better have a convincing argument“, advirtió Whitlock a Fast Company.

Klotz doesn’t necessarily see anything wrong with some organizations wanting to return to the “normal” way of working before the pandemic, but he cautions that many will find that their employees want a “new normal.”

“Going back to the office may be the right thing to do for their type of business, but they will probably risk losing employees who want that new normal. These companies will also miss out on opportunities in terms of competing for talent in the job market. for those that offer greater flexibility in terms of remote and hybrid work are more likely to recruit workers globally“, he assures.

Klotz believes that one of the long-term consequences of all these changes in the labor market will be that workers will have many more options in terms of different work-time arrangements: face-to-face, remote and hybrid.

“It is possible to imagine that at different stages, you will be able to choose the formula that best suits you. Probably when you are 20 years old you will want to be in the office; at 30 years old, with a young family you will look for a hybrid model and later, you will choose work Thus, you will be able to forge this type of career, something that was really very difficult to do before the pandemic, “he concludes.

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Former President of South Africa was given a term due to refusal to testify :: Politics :: RBC

Jacob Zuma was sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court. He did not appear at the meeting. Earlier, the politician accused the court and the commission investigating the charges against him of politically motivated persecution

Jacob Zuma

(Photo: Michele Spatari / AP)

The South African Constitutional Court found former President Jacob Zuma guilty of contempt of court and sentenced him to 15 months in prison, South African iOL reports.

This happened after Zuma did not appear at a meeting of the special commission on the corruption case, which was brought against him. The judge considered that the ex-president deliberately ignored the agenda, realizing all the consequences of his actions.

The court agreed that a simple order to appear at the hearing would no longer be effective. Zuma must come to the police within five days and begin serving his sentence.

Earlier, the former president accused the commission investigating his case of bias and politically motivated persecution. He said that the court and the commission treated him cruelly and politicized the law to his detriment, iOL reports. Later, he issued a statement in which he announced his decision not to participate in the process, since the judiciary is conducting a political case against him.

South African President agreed to resign

Jacob Zuma

Zuma was charged with corruption in March 2018. In total, the ex-president was charged with 700 counts of fraud and money laundering, all of them related to the period of his presidency. Zuma is also under separate investigation into a deal for the supply of warships that Thales has entered into with the South African government. Zuma is suspected of receiving an annual bribe from the company in the amount of 500 thousand rand ($ 30 thousand) for patronage.

The ex-president denied all accusations, Thales also pleaded not guilty.

Zuma was President of South Africa from 2009 to 2018. In 2013, Zuma visited Russia and held talks in Sochi with President Vladimir Putin. In 2017, Zuma met with Putin again on the sidelines of the BRICS summit.


Blümel does not have an email address in the Treasury – Politics

Finance Minister Blümel had to testify before the Ibiza Committee for the third time. Countless rejections made new knowledge difficult.

86 (!) Times Blümel “couldn’t remember” questions when he first appeared on the committee. Not quite as often did he decide on Thursday in the five hours of questioning. The most important passages:

“Politics with criminal law”

In relation to reports by the opposition against government politicians, he interjected that “some make politics with criminal law”.


The question from FPÖ mandate Hafenecker, when Blümel will resign, does not allow chairman Sobotka (“insulting”).


Blümel refuses to answer questions about Schmid’s message to Kurz (“You owe me something”) and about his own message to Schmid (“Mitterlehner no longer matters”).

Blumel’s third appearance: media rushHelmut Graf

Phonebook top secret

Blümel justifies why he only delivered his phone book to the committee with confidentiality level 4, with threats against him.

Mail abstinence

He doesn’t have a personal email address in the ministry, he only receives emails from the general office address. By the way: The judge who is supposed to secure missing files from the Ministry of Finance was determined by the Vienna Criminal Court using a random generator.

U-Committee sprayed: Where is Thomas Schmid?

The ex-Öbag boss would have been invited on Thursday. But Schmid did not appear. Multiple attempts to establish contact were unsuccessful, after all, he was invited by RSa letter, according to the Parliamentary Directorate. He does not have to tell Parliament where it is up to date. On “Today” When asked, his lawyer only says: “I ask for your understanding that my client will not comment publicly on this.”

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Party leader of the Northern Irish Unionists resigns

In Northern Ireland, the head of the pro-British DUP party, Edwin Poots, has announced his resignation after only three weeks at his post. Poots announced on Thursday that he had asked the Unionist Party to initiate the process of electing a new party leader. The party had asked him to remain in his post until his successor was chosen.

Poots did not give reasons for his move. His resignation came just hours after the new Northern Irish Prime Minister Paul Givan took office. Poots had appointed his close ally Givan as head of government. The resignation of the DUP boss now raises the question of how stable Givan’s position is.

It was generally expected that the hardliners Poots and Givan together at the head of the party and government would tighten the course against the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol. The agreement between London and Brussels is part of the Brexit agreement. It stipulates that goods imported into Northern Ireland from Great Britain must be checked.

Predecessor pushed out of office

The regulation is intended to prevent a closed border again between Northern Ireland and the EU-owned Republic of Ireland, as this would endanger the Good Friday Agreement. With the 1998 agreement, the bloody Northern Ireland conflict was overcome.

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According to the agreement, the two largest parties, the DUP, which advocates Northern Ireland’s continued affiliation with Great Britain, and Sinn Fein, which advocates Irish reunification, share power in Northern Ireland.


Pashinyan threatened the employees of Gazprom Armenia with “grave consequences” :: Politics :: RBC

And about. The prime minister accused the leadership of Gazprom Armenia of trying to influence the political position of employees by administrative methods. The company denied these accusations

Nicole Pashinyan

(Photo: Vahram Baghdasaryan / Photolure / TASS)

Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan accused the Armenian subsidiary of Gazprom of forcing its employees to take part in political actions. As reported by “Sputnik Armenia”, Pashinyan stated this at a rally in Vayots Dzor.

“There are many signals that, for example, the leadership of Gazprom Armenia leads or forces to go to rallies, or forces to elect someone … If there are such facts, we will deal with them. I hope that these facts will not be confirmed, because if they are confirmed, it will mean something else, it will have very grave consequences, ”Pashinyan said.

“Any Gazprom employee who will do this will at least be fired by July 11th. Not to mention criminal liability, ”the head of government promised.

“CJSC“ Gazprom Armenia ”is an apolitical organization and is in no way involved in the pre-election processes,” the press service of the company replied to the agency.

Pashinyan also threatened the leaders of the Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine due to his political influence on employees. “Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Combine makes statements. I warned them several times not to try to interfere with employees in political processes. But they crossed all the red lines and for this they will get a blue hammer on the head. If you want – complain, if you want – no, your issue has been resolved, Zangezur Combine, ”Pashinyan said.

He explained that the management of the plant warned the employees: whoever goes to the meeting of the acting prime minister with the voters will be released from work.

RBC sent a request to Gazprom Armenia.

Read on RBC Pro

Pashinyan promised personnel purges and “vendetta” in Armenia after elections

Nicole Pashinyan

At a meeting with voters in the Aragatsotn region on June 8, Pashinyan said that after the parliamentary elections, personnel purges would be organized in the country. They will concern those officials who, after the change of power in 2018, were given a chance to improve, but they did not realize it, the acting chairman explained. premiere.

In addition, Pashinyan said at the time that in some places local authorities are forcing people to go to opposition rallies. After the elections, such leaders will be subjected to “the most severe, but political vendetta” and will be “thrown out into the street,” he said.

Nikol Pashinyan came to power in 2018 after massive protests in Armenia. One of the main promises in his political agenda was the fight against corruption.

Pashinyan promised personnel purges and “vendetta” in Armenia after elections

Nicole Pashinyan

After the defeat of Azerbaijan in the fall of 2020 in the struggle for Nagorno-Karabakh, Nikol Pashinyan and his associates were sharply criticized by the opposition and a number of representatives of the military command, which in February 2021 resulted in the General Staff’s demand for his immediate resignation. Against the background of the aggravation of the political situation, Pashinyan agreed to early parliamentary elections. The opposition refused to hold elections while retaining the post of prime minister, and at the end of April he announced that he was resigning, although he would continue to serve as head of government until the elections.

Parliamentary elections in Armenia are scheduled for June 20.


Seefeld’s mayor Frießer surprisingly announces his resignation

Werner Frießer resigns as Mayor of Seefeld. He wants to conduct the official business until an orderly handover is ensured.

© Böhm

From Denise Daum

Seefeld – The word “bang effect” is used almost inflationarily. In this case, however, it actually seems to be appropriate: Werner Frießer announced his resignation as Mayor of Seefeld on Tuesday evening. And it surprised everyone: companions and political comrades-in-arms. After 17 years at the head of the tourism community, Frießer switched to the private sector. He will start his new job on July 1st. He’s still keeping his future employer under lock and key. He now has the chance to start something new again, Frießer explains to the TT.

The municipality of Seefeld not only needs a new local chief in a timely manner, but also a board member for the Rosshüttenbahn. Frießer had directed the fortunes of the community-owned company for over 15 years. Last year there were heated discussions about his reappointment. The opposition in the local council called for a change at the top of the company. The supervisory board appointed Frießer in April 2020 for a further two years.

How things will go on in the church is completely open. Likewise, on what date Frießer will actually resign from official business. As short as possible, but for as long as necessary, he wants to meet his obligations in the community and with the mountain railway. Frießer would like to find a solution for an orderly handover together with the local council. One possibility would be that the local council dissolves after the summer break and the elections, which are already scheduled for February 2022, are simply brought forward.

Mayor Werner Frießer was completely undisputed in his first years as mayor and is popular in his community. He also made a name for himself as the competent head of organization for the annual combined World Cups and the 2019 Nordic World Ski Championships.

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General’s retreat – Kommersant

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  2. Chief of the General Staff of the French Armed Forces decided to leave the
  3. Chief of the General Staff of the French Armed Forces, General Lecointre, decided to leave his postTASS
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Head of the Austrian state holding goes after criticism

Sebastian Kurz

The investigations of the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office for Corruption and Corruption (WKStA) threaten to slow down Kurz’s political soar.

(Photo: Reuters)

Wien After persistent criticism, the head of the Austrian state holding company ÖBAG, Thomas Schmid, is stepping down from his post with immediate effect. The supervisory board had agreed to a mutual agreement with Schmid, announced the ÖBAG on Tuesday. “After the ongoing discussion of the last few months, the supervisory board reassessed the situation around the ÖBAG management board with legal advice.”

Schmid has hit the headlines several times in the past few months. The occasion was chat logs that became known through investigations by the public prosecutor. Among other things, the minutes gave the impression that Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) could have exercised significant influence on the appointment of his confidante as ÖBAG boss in April 2019. Because he has denied this influence, Kurz sees himself exposed to investigations on suspicion of false testimony in a parliamentary committee of inquiry.

The investigations of the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office for Corruption and Corruption (WKStA) threaten to slow down Kurz’s political soar. “This is clearly the biggest crisis of his term in office so far,” said political advisor Thomas Hofer of the Reuters news agency. The image of Kurz, who is used to success and who is said to have ambitions for the office of EU Commission President, suffered immensely internationally.

Kurz himself expects an indictment, but not a conviction. He has ruled out a resignation. He is convinced that he has done nothing wrong. “What I definitely know is that I went to the U-Committee with the intention of answering the questions truthfully,” said Kurz.

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Recently, Schmid’s other chat messages appeared, which, among other things, are supposed to prove a planned attack on the ÖBAG works council. The state holding manages eleven industrial holdings, including in the energy group OMV, Telekom Austria and the Post with a current total value of around 27 billion euros. The ÖBAG director Christine Catasta was appointed interim board member. However, you will not apply for the top job, it said. The search for the board of directors will continue quickly.

More: Comment: Sebastian Kurz’s political style of showmanship and camaraderie has reached its limits.


Celimar Adames and Deborah Martorell will join TeleOnce

After learning about his resignation from Wapa Televisión, the journalist Celimar Adames Casalduc and the meteorologist Deborah Martorell will officially jump to TeleOnce.

This was confirmed by the channel through a written communication, who pointed out that Adames Casalduc and Martorell will join the team of the new newscast that TeleOnce is preparing to release.

“We are excited about the arrival of these two great women with a trajectory in which they have earned the love and respect of the Puerto Rican public. Our goal is for people to have a reliable alternative of information, we will announce more soon,” said Lenard Liberman , President of Liberman Media Group.

In the case of Martorell, she came to TeleOnce as Head of Meteorology. While the renowned journalist Celimar Adames becomes the anchor woman of the future project that will go on the air in the coming months.

“We assure our audience that we are gathering great professionals to be part of this new work team,” said Enrique “Kike” Cruz, advisor to the new TeleOnce news department.

Today, Monday, the resignation of the journalist and the meteorologist from Wapa TV was made public.

“We are excited about the arrival of these two great women with a career in which they have earned the affection …

Posted by Teleonce on Monday, June 7, 2021

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