MasterChef Junior contestant dies of cancer

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The young man Ben Watkins, participant of MasterChef Junior, in its edition of United States, died last monday because of a rare cancer, a disease he battled for a year and a half, his family reported.

“Our Ben he is reunited with his mother after a year and a half of fight against cancer. Was and always will be the strongest person that we know, “they mentioned on social media.

The former participant had previously suffered death of his mother, who was killed by her father, who committed suicide after committing the crime about three years ago.

Gordon Ramsey sent his condolences

The renowned chef, Gordon Ramsey, star of MasterChef in the United States, showed his regret on his account of Twitter, in which he recognized Ben Watkins as a ‘kitchen master‘.

“He was a home cook incredibly talented Y an even stronger young man“added the protagonist of various culinary programs.


Big Brother Vip, Paolo Brosio swears and risks disqualification: VIDEO – Tvzap

The same expression had already led to the disqualification of Denis Dosio

He said he would enter by reciting the Hail Mary in Croatian, instead he brought up the Most High but not in a prayer. Paolo Brosio, a few hours ago in the house of Big Brother Vip after so much pain, he may soon quit the game due to a curse.

Paolo Brosio risks being disqualified from Big Brother Vip

On social media, in fact, a video is shot in which Brosio can be heard clearly articulating two little words that, when joined together, form a curse. It must be said that the use he makes of it is certainly that of an interlayer, but the substance does not change, also because the same expression cost Denis Dosio disqualification a few weeks ago. Unless you want to adopt the rule of ‘two weights two measures’ it is plausible to think that Paolo Brosio will be sent home in no time. The competitor would also have committed other slips, giving information to the other tenants about the Covid situation and the fact that the program will air until February 2021. How do you say? Short but intense.


“Maternal”, “While waiting for the carnival”, “Lupine III” … The films to see (or not) this week

Movie release.

Critics of the culture department Release (click on the titles to read the articles) to help you choose which movie to see (or not) this week at the cinema.

Maternalby Maura Delpero. In her first fictional feature film, Italian filmmaker Maura Delpero recounts teenage motherhood in Argentina, through a female trio linked by the closed doors of a Catholic home. An immersion full of empathy, between seclusion and freedom. Also read our interview with Maura Delpero.

While waiting for the carnival by Marcelo Gomes. In his documentary, Marcelo Gomes returns to the village of Toritama, cradle of jeans factories in Brazil, where the annual festivities become the only outlet for an overexploited population.

Lupin III : The First de Takashi Yamazaki. Faithful to the aesthetic of the Japanese comic book Monkey Punch inspired by Maurice Leblanc, this new 3D avatar seduces with its hectic pace.

My Grandfather and I de Tim Hill. Tasteless despite its seductive cast, “My Grandfather and I”, by Tim Hill, is a sinister regressive pantalonnade.

Yalda, the night of forgiveness of Massoud Bakhshi. Massoud Bakhshi describes the ambiguity of an Iranian reality TV show in which viewers perform a parody of court.

Sister by Svetla Tsotsorkova. Filmmaker Svetla Tsotsorkova orchestrates a creepy and sour family duel.

Before loving you, To face, The journey of fear, Bigamie d’Ida Lupino. The release in cinemas of Ida Lupino, one of the rare female filmmakers of the 1950s, allows us to rediscover a work that brings to light the masochism of a corseted Hollywood and deals with difficult subjects while avoiding the clichés of melodrama.

(Photo Memento Films. Maternal)


“Yalda, the night of forgiveness”, cathodic catharsis

Drawing inspiration from existing Iranian programs, Massoud Bakhshi invents a film at the crossroads of live television and legal lock-up, two forms from which he borrows their pathos from “real time”. On the evening of Yalda, the feast of the winter solstice, we follow minute by minute the fate of a young woman, Maryam, guest of the entertainment show the pleasure of forgiveness : she is confronted there by Mona, the daughter of her husband, whom Maryam is accused of having murdered two years earlier, in the hope of publicly obtaining her pardon and of escaping the hanging imposed by Talion’s law. The real time of the show, and of its backstage during the cuts, allows the film to present to us as and when the conditions of this particular case of Iranian law, whether or not we are familiar with its operation, and of the media transformation of the power of life and death of one person over another into a great thriller. Television, as a parody of a court, reveals itself there as a place of administration of terror.

And the cinema? By replicating this device to describe its ambiguities, the film basically places its viewers in the same position as the fictitious viewers of the program, called upon to comment by SMS: in the position of judging the parties involved, these characters described exclusively, on air as well as outside, from the point of view of their morality or absence of morality, and not in the perspective of ending judgment – a perspective of which the cinema has sometimes shown itself capable and which is perhaps be his only chance to exist.

Luc Chessel

Yalda, the night of forgiveness of Massoud Bakhshi with Sadaf Asgari… 1 h 29.


“Yalda, the night of forgiveness”, death penalty and reality TV show in Iran

Yalda, the night of forgiveness **

de Massoud Bakhshi

Iranian movie, 1:30

” Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. The Talion law is an integral part of Sharia law. In Iran, it grants the victim’s family the possibility of granting pardon to a death row inmate. He avoids hanging him in exchange for the “blood price”, a sum of money to be paid in compensation. As improbable as it may seem, this practice was the subject for ten years of a reality TV program, very popular in this country, broadcast during the month of Ramadan.

→ CRITICAL. “A respectable family”, fratricidal war in the land of Khomeini

Massoud Bakhshi, already noticed in Cannes for his first feature film, A respectable family, was inspired by it to build a breathtaking drama that plunges us behind the scenes of one of those shows where unease competes with fear. However, the reality described is hardly exaggerated. If “the price of blood” is not fixed according to the number of SMS sent during the program as in the film – “If you are in favor of forgiveness type 1 …” – the very principle of this reality TV program, which looks like mob justice, did indeed exist

An oppressive closed door

The strength of the film is to have limited the story to the duration of the show. Little is known about 22-year-old Maryam when she arrives handcuffed and under escort at the TV station’s premises. The previously aired report draws one of his seemingly frequent domestic dramas in Iran. A temporary marriage (which excludes the woman and her descendants from any claim to inheritance), a marital dispute, the accidental death of the husband, a wealthy publicist older than her, and a death sentence pronounced by civil justice. The young woman’s only hope to avoid the hanging is to obtain forgiveness that evening from the victim’s daughter, Nora.

In the oppressive closed-door of the television studio where life and death are played out, the two women face each other live, on the night of Yalda, a party celebrating the winter solstice. But rather than humbly begging for forgiveness, as her mother advises her, Maryam prefers to tell a truth that the visibly upset and uncomfortable Nora prefers to hear. An intense face-to-face encounter, with growing tension, whose twists and turns, interspersed with syrupy songs and religious readings, delight a producer eager for the sensational.

The tensions of Iranian society

Through the portrait of these two women with opposite social origins, Massoud Bakhshi draws a hollow portrait of an Iranian society, more complex than it seems, torn between tradition and modernity, religion and money, the silent emancipation of women – they are in the majority in the television studio – and submission. Behind the false suspense deliberately maintained and the flashy aesthetic of the show, which makes viewing it sometimes trying, an overwhelming intimate drama plays out to which the two interpreters, Sadaf Asgari and Behnaz Jafari, bring all the nuance of their game.


“Koh-Lanta”, what if reality TV was a top-level sport?

Seghir Lazri works on the theme of the social vulnerability of athletes. In this column, he sifts a few clichés of sport through the social sciences. How the social explains sport, and vice versa.

Adapted from the concept show Survivor appeared at the end of the 90s on the Swedish channel SVT1, Koh-Lanta is one of the oldest and arguably the longest-lasting reality shows. If according to the audience results, confinement has helped to “boost” this show, its longevity is based on other factors, in particular on what makes the essence of this television show, namely sports performance.

A world of athletes

During confinement and therefore the cessation of sports competitions, the sports magazine SoFoot had fun rating the contestants at the end of each episode, as he usually would for a football game. Even if the approach corresponds to the quirky spirit of the newspaper, it is not trivial and illustrates an interesting aspect of the show, its sporting dimension. Since on closer inspection, Koh-Lanta, it is also a sports show. Hubert Auriol, the first presenter of the show was a former rally driver (winner of the Paris-Dakar), but also a sports journalist, just like of course, the “flagship” presenter, Denis Brogniart, who studied at the within the sports services of many media (Europe 1, Eurosport, and TF1) and does not hesitate to return, on certain competitions, to this role of journalist.

Alongside this television figure, many candidates lead or have led high-level careers, here we think of the winner of last season Naoil Tita, former boxer, or the professional handball player Hadja Cissé and Matthieu Blanchard, the ultramarathoner recently dropped from the show. We can also add to these official athletes, a long list of participants working in the sports sector, such as coaches. In addition, the sporting trajectory of the candidate for the special season (2020), Claude Dartois, record holder of events in the history of the show, and icon on social networks, also reflects the image of the complete and multisport athlete. whose remarkable performances (trails, climbs, etc.) fit into other frameworks than that of institutional sport. Its success and popularity can be explained by the fact that it highlights a social phenomenon at work in recent years, namely “The loss of the monopoly of sports federations on new methods of practice” of sport, as sociologist Patrick Mignon noted.

Read alsoAll of Seghir Lazri’s “Sociosports” chronicles

Other essential elements of the program illustrating its sporting dimension are the collective and individual events. They must call “To surpass oneself” (as the presenter likes to point out) and respond in every way, through their theatricalization, to what constitutes spectacle sport, since, as the researcher Pascal Duret noted, about this social notion: “What ingredients does the recipe for success consist of when you envision it sitting in the stadium stands?” It undoubtedly requires merit and knowing how to pull out of the game while remaining collective, but it also takes luck, and if necessary a little cunning. “

Heroes more than champions?

Koh-Lanta is in fact, like an adventure, more than a competition. Indeed, the show takes place on a desert island, automatically referring to the archetypal universe of the character of Robinson Crusoe and its variations. It is a question of survival and social connection with the other candidates. Nevertheless, all of this always remains linked to the trials (winning in order to be able to eat, winning so as not to have to be eliminated by others); the notion of effort and sport remains central in this adventure. Since, as evidenced by the thought of sociologist and philosopher Alain Ehrenberg, sport “Constitutes the main vector and the basin of attraction of a diffusion of the culture of heroism”. For the candidate to marry the figure of the hero, he must demonstrate athletic skills, both physical and psychological, in particular by being autonomous and entrepreneur. The adventurer must manage his health (his needs) as well as his involvement in a social group, while knowing how to take risks. In this regard, the moment of advice which closes each episode is there to recall these imperatives, the one who is too weak physically, who does not participate in the cohesion of the group or has not taken a strategic risk by making an alliance by example, can pay for it by elimination.

For all these reasons Koh-Lanta is also a sports show, mainly because the concept of adventure is based on values ​​specific to sport. But through this sportivization of reality TV that this show represents, we can see a mirror of our society, where we ask individuals, despite a rapidly changing labor market and a crisis of the welfare state, to be more autonomous and more responsible for their existence. Has society therefore become a hostile universe?

Seghir Lazri


Kim Kardashian Announces End of Reality TV Show – Media

The successful reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians The Kardashian-Jenner clan comes to an end after 14 years. The last season will be broadcast in early 2021, as reality TV star Kim Kardashian announced on Instagram. “With a heavy heart, we as a family made the difficult decision to get away from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to say goodbye, “said the mother and wife of four rapper Kanye West.

The 39-year-old emphasized that they were very grateful to their fans for their long-term loyalty over 20 seasons. “You’ve watched us all these years, seen the good times and the bad, the happiness, the tears, and the many relationships and children,” said Kardashian.

In the show, which has been broadcast since 2007, the extended Kardashian-Jenner family from Los Angeles gave an insight into their lives. On the show, family members complained about love problems, announced pregnancies or bragged about their successes in the modeling world and as entrepreneurs.

In addition to Kim and her siblings Kourtney, Khloé and Robert Kardashian, her half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner also took part, as did their mother Kris Jenner and ex-husband Bruce Jenner, who has lived as a woman since 2015 and called himself Caitlyn.


“I will fight to the end”

For several months, the animator and village chief in a hotel club has been fighting the disease he discovered on his return from Fiji.

On August 28, TF1 viewers discovered Bertrand-Kamal. The 30-year-old from Dijon is one of the 24 adventurers of “Koh-Lanta, the 4 lands”. A member of the eastern team, the young man is a real teaser. “People are used to saying that I always have a ‘smile’, that I always have a fish. I am used to setting the mood wherever I go, it’s something that really defines me ”, he explains in his portrait.

And it is not his teammates who will say the opposite. Despite the initial setbacks with his team, the one who describes himself as a host and village leader in a hotel club, continued to distill his good humor in the Fiji Islands. A quality praised by the many vacationers he has worked with in the various holiday clubs where he has worked. To realize this, just read the multitude of messages posted on its social networks.

“READ ALSO – Brice:” After “Koh-Lanta”, I changed my CV to work at TF1 ”

They are always the ones who came out in numbers when he heard of his illness. Indeed, in a long message posted on Facebook on July 13, Be Ka, as he calls himself, reveals to be suffering from cancer. “Even if I am not used to spreading my intimate life on the networks, I have to explain to you my silence for several months. You, with whom I had the chance to share unique and unforgettable moments, you, who have given me so much during all these years. All these memories, these giggles, these simple moments of happiness to which I am attached today to fight harder than ever against the disease. Yeah fucking sickness, it doesn’t just happen to other people. If I am telling you this, it is because I have been fighting day and night for months now and I need your strength more than ever. There is hope and as long as there is hope there is life. My friends, my family, I love you and I promise you that the sequel will be magnificent, full of surprises. But now is more than ever for combat! So to your prayers, incantations, maraboutage, witchcraft, whatever you want but come and let’s get out of this shit together! ”, he wrote inviting those who wish to send him souvenirs or photos. And to conclude with a message of hope: “I will fight to the end!”

In an interview with our colleagues from Good public , Bertrand-Kamal explains being “Fell ill after the adventure” and emphasizes having decided to talk about it because he did not “No shame with that”.

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Photo 1: Ana Brenda returns to television with this project

The actress of the telenovela “Teresa” will participate in a new “reality show” of Univision.

Mexican actress Ana Brenda Contreras will return to Spanish-language television this October as the host of ‘Tu cara me suena’, the new ‘reality show’ of the Univision network in which she will share the conduction with Chilean Rafael Araneda.


Temptation Island, Pietro Delle Piane challenges Antonella Elia and sends a message

The path of Pietro Delle Piane and Antonella Elia continues to reserve twists, despite Temptation Island has closed its doors for a few weeks. In fact, the actor, through his Instagram profile, wanted send a message to his former partner.

Pietro has published a solo shot, immortalized on a beach in a bathing suit, accompanied by words full of meaning, which would seem to be addressed precisely to his Antonella: “Trust is a surrender to the other, it is to challenge him to live up to the gift”.

Obviously the couple’s fans couldn’t not express their opinion, filling the photo of the actor with comments: “Okay guys, for me this statement says it all,” wrote a follower. Among the sentences under the shot you can also read “Pietro you said some beautiful words”, “But how beautiful you are together!”: Many of the fans continue to hope for a flashback between Pietro and Antonella, even if others do not they look favorably on a possible continuation of their love story.

After a journey made of ups and downs, for Antonella and Pietro the Temptation Island adventure did not end in the best way. In fact, their journey into feelings saw a stormy bonfire of confrontation: after disappointments, criticisms and quarrels, Pietro Delle Piane has repeatedly expressed his intention to rebuild the relationship with the showgirl and his latest post on Instagram seems to be further confirmation.

The actor had already broken the silence on social media: after being paparazzi together with the sea, Pietro had shared a shot accompanied by words that seemed to be dedicated to his former partner.

Meanwhile, after the end of Temptation Island, Antonella Elia wants to devote herself to her career: the showgirl was in fact chosen by Alfonso Signorini to be the new columnist of the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip alongside Pupo.

Yet, according to her friend Manila Nazzaro, Elijah would not have completely forgotten Peter. As she revealed in a recent interview: “Today she is still thinking about their relationship and if she decides to give Pietro a second chance, it is right that she does it without anyone being allowed to judge her”.