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FilGoal | News | Zidane reveals why Croos did not participate … and declares: We will fight to the death

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach, did not hide his frustration after losing two points to Getafe in the Spanish League.

Real Madrid settled for a 0-0 draw in a match that fell short of most of its key players.

Zizou said after the match: “We scored a point, but we lost two points. We always want to win all the matches. The team fought, but the match was complicated. We had two additional surprise absences, but the team gave everything on the field.”

He stressed, “We gave our maximum, it is true that we lacked the decisive offensive and defensive action. We needed more work in the front line. We tied, but we will continue fighting. The competition did not end here.”

He explained, “The physical aspect is a factor in determining the title, but there are many factors that control victory, the most important of which is that your players are available.”

He revealed why Toni Kroos, who was on the bench, was not on the bench: “Kroos had troubles and that is why he did not play. We have a lot of matches and we don’t want to commit foolishness, it must be handled wisely.”

He concluded: “In the next rounds, we need to look at our results, not the results of others. It is a very difficult and very competitive league. We need to appear in the best form every 3 days. We have to fight to the death and not change our mentality.”

Real Madrid settled for raising its balance to 67 points in second place, thus widening the difference with leaders Atlético Madrid to 3 points.

And Real Madrid threatened to lose second place if Barcelona won in their postponed match.

On the other hand, Getafe raised its score to 31 points in the 15th place, only 4 points behind the nearest relegation centers.

Real Madrid played the match in severe absences in its ranks, after leaving a fiery week in which he faced Liverpool twice and Barcelona once.

With this disappointing draw, Real Madrid completed 15 consecutive matches without defeat in all competitions.

In contrast, Getafe has completed 6 consecutive matches without winning the Spanish League.

Getafe has also completed 15 consecutive matches without defeating Real Madrid, including 13 losses, in addition to two draws.

Real Madrid were unable to score for five consecutive games against Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Getafe.

Getafe has already managed to block the top three this season, beating Barcelona and tying it with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid.


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Shock .. Real Madrid loses Kroos and Benzema after a week of death in front of Liverpool and Barcelona

Kroos and Benzema are victims of exhaustion.

Real Madrid’s training, on Saturday morning, explained the condition of the injured players and the extent to which they could participate in the Getafe match on Sunday evening for La Liga.

Kroos and Benzema appeared naturally in training this morning, as did Federico Valverde, and Danny Carvajal also participated in group training, according to photos published by the club and the media.

April 17

It seems that the average field for Real Madrid, Toni Kroos and French striker Karim Benzema will be in need of a rest in the coming period, so Zinedine Zidane will lose them in the Getafe match.

Kroos had made a great bid with Karim Benzema during the next week, whether in the matches against Liverpool in the Champions League or in the La Liga Clásico against Barcelona.

But as a result of these pressures, it was natural that there would be negative results on the level of strength available to the French coach Zinedine Zidane, even if he ended the week with a full score.

And about that, the Spanish newspaper AS, as well as the ABC network, reported that Real Madrid will be threatened with losing the two cros and Benzema in the next confrontation with Getafe.

The reason is their suffering from fatigue that needs rest, as muscle overload is not an injury in itself, but its increase may lead to undesirable results, especially with the decisive stage of the season.

As for the rest of the injured, Danny Carvajal began training on the grass, and Eden Hazard’s return approached again with full force before facing Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals.

Reports .. Real Madrid decide to replace Ramos in Manchester City

Real Madrid faced Liverpool in the Champions League quarter-finals and surpassed the role successfully, and beat Barcelona in El Clasico and strengthened their chances in the Spanish League title competition against the Catalan team and neighbor Atlético.


Reports: Real Madrid players will refuse bonuses if they win La Liga

According to Spanish press reports, Real Madrid players refused to receive bonuses in the event that the club won the Spanish League or the Champions League.

According to the Spanish newspaper “ABC”, Real Madrid players informed Florentino Perez, president of the royal club, of their refusal to receive bonuses in the event of winning the La Liga title or the Champions League.

The Spanish newspaper indicated that the club will save 30 million euros after the players refused bonuses in the event of winning the two championships.

Real Madrid qualified for the Champions League semi-finals to meet Chelsea, and the Royal Club is ranked first in the La Liga table, one point ahead of leaders Atlético Madrid.


Real Madrid once again proved to be the best of all time

Another success for Real Madrid that will be rounded off to reach the final of the Champions League.

Real Madrid are in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League! Despite the fact that many people doubted the current merengue team.

Madrid not only suffered casualties from him COVID-19, but also by many injuries due to the accumulation of games in this rare season that we are experiencing because of this damn virus.

This pandemic is fraught with various difficulties, not only for soccer players and teams, but also for institutions around the world. It is the cause that some teams have decreased in reinforcements, impossible investments since instead of entering money there have been losses.

Despite these limitations, Real Madrid is proving to be simply different, this proves why it was the best of the 20th century. All of us who have passed through this institution, players, managers, coaches, doctors, props, employees, gardeners, etc; we have contributed our grain of sand.

It has always been said that institutions are above people, but NO institution would exist if it weren’t for people. I want to emphasize that thanks to all of us who have contributed, the Real Madrid It is now the club that it is, the best of all time.

Once again, the merengue team showed that it is done in a different way, because of the mentality that all its people have, not only the players, of winning titles, whoever plays and whoever is in the club plays.

We saw it once again in these quarter-finals against Liverpool, a team that was theoretically the least strong in the series, it was played brilliantly thanks also to the tactical and strategic approach of Zinedine Zidane.

This tie with the Liverpool will remain in the memory, first for the great game that was played at Alfredo Di Stefano. Jürgen Klopp He disparaged it as a “training ground”, but I liked the comment that Jorge Valdano made to the German, ensuring that when the remodeling of the Santiago Bernabéu is finished, he will realize that the training ground is that of Anfield.

In both the first leg and the second leg, Zidane gave the Reds coach an overview of tactics and strategy. I liked the French’s audacity in putting his remaining players in the right places to perfectly cover the team’s losses, footballers who fulfilled their functions in an extraordinary way.

Another success for Real Madrid that will be rounded off to reach the final of the Champions League, but first, they will have to play the difficult semi-final against another English team, Chelsea.


Zinedine Zidane’s phrase that drove River fans crazy: “I’m always in contact with Enzo Francescoli”

Real Madrid they once again qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League after beating Liverpool in hand-to-hand. In post-match interviews, Zinedine Zidane spoke with different media and left a phrase that drove the fans of River.

The French coach was consulted by Enzo Francescoli and he did not walk around when it came to his reply. “I am always in contact with Enzo Francescoli: was, is and will be my great idol “, he answered in the interview with journalist Christian Martin.

A Zidane he was dazzled by the game of Francescoli during his time in French football in the 1980s. The Uruguayan, current manager of RiverHe played for Racing Club de Paris (1986-1989) and Olympique de Marseille (1989-1990). Such is Zidane’s fanaticism for the “Prince” that he named one of his sons Enzo (he plays in Almería).

In 2019, Francescoli he had told an anecdote with his son Marco and Zidane. “He (for Marco) always admired Zidane. After a game that we went to play in Geneva, we went to the bar to have a drink with Zidane and Marco was on the other side, because he is shy, more than me in public. Talking about anything with Zidane I tell him: ‘Tell Zizou what you always want to ask him.’ Marco, all red, says it: ‘I’ve always admired you, I wanted to know how you do the oriented and chest control’. Zidane looks at him and replies: ‘Ask your father if I learned it from him,’ “he had commented.


Champions League – Ewald Lienen blaspheme about semifinals: “Qatar against Abu Dhabi”

The semi-finals in the Champions League have been determined. Paris meet Manchester City, Chelsea play against Real Madrid. TV expert Ewald Lienen reacts snippily to the pairings.

At the end of April the time has come: then the semi-finals in the Champions League will begin. You look in vain for German teams, FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are the last to be eliminated.

Instead, Paris St. Germain will face Manchester City (April 28) and Real Madrid will face Chelsea FC (April 29). A week later, the second legs will decide the finalists.

Ex-trainer and Sky expert Ewald Lienen cannot find the pairings very appealing – on the contrary. The technical director of FC St. Pauli blasphemed at Sky about the upcoming duels.

“Qatar is playing against Abu Dhabi and a Russian oligarch against the Spanish state,” Lienen said snippily on Wednesday evening as part of the Champions League broadcast. Background of his statement: PSG belongs to “Qatar Sports Investments”, a company of the Qatari state. The Abu Dhabi United Group Investment holds an 86 percent stake in Manchester City.

Chelsea, on the other hand, are owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, while Real Madrid are suspected of having received tax breaks from the Spanish state.

“Bayern Munich out, Borussia Dortmund out, FC Liverpool out. I don’t like any of that,” said the 67-year-old, emphasizing his anger.

Paris St. Germain, after all last year’s finalists, and Manchester City have never won the Champions League, Real Madrid last triumphed in 2018, Chelsea in 2012 at the “Home Final” in Munich.


Zidane re-created Real Madrid against Liverpool. He doesn’t need Erling Holann and Kylian Mbappe

In April 2021, Real Madrid should have suffered worse than any allergy sufferer. Two matches with Liverpool flourished in the calendar of the Madrid team, between which Clásico squeezed in. Jurgen Klopp and Ronald Koeman promised to teach a lesson in tactics to Zinedine Zidane: the Frenchman seemed to be a coach of a different bias. The final performance of Real Madrid dissuaded this.

The reason is in the tactical flexibility that the team has set. It manifested itself most clearly in the two-phase massacre with Liverpool. In the Champions League quarterfinals, Zidane brought not just a verified squad, but a team that can be called a coaching team.

Real Madrid’s flexibility can be easily summed up in two screenshots. They refer to the last 45 minutes against Liverpool. It is difficult to notice the difference between the screenshots, but it is in it that all the details lie.

Uefa champions league

The match at Anfield is the main one in Zidane’s career. More important than the Champions League finals

04/14/2021 at 10:18

In the first picture, Real is fighting back in a 4-1-4-1 pattern. The formation breaks only Vinicius: he goes down to Ferlan Mendy to help with the saturation of the zone from Liverpool. This screenshot also highlights Casemiro’s location. The Brazilian is playing back a typical defensive player who is ready to jump into the first line and create a five-player defense.

In the second screenshot, Real Madrid’s system is changing. All defenders dig in in narrower positions, and Marco Asensio is reduced by symmetry with Vinicius. The compactness of Real Madrid allows Casemiro, who usually insures, to rush to Jorginho Wijnaldum: anyway, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and the first line will be covered.

These two pictures show that mutual aid is poured into the foundation of Real Madrid’s game:

  • Wingers help full-backs if they can’t handle the load without the ball. Against Liverpool with Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold, this function has only grown in importance. The result – 14% of Real’s selections were won by wingers;
  • Casemiro belaying in the center. According to the situation, the defensive player can run back to the first line. Indirectly, this is confirmed by the figures on the clearances: one in the first match and five in the second;
  • If Casemiro is helped by partners, he is thrown into a point pressure. So the Brazilian scored 18 tackles in two quarterfinals – this is the best result for both teams. His partners are thinking of the same activity.

Playing on the ball complements the picture. In it, mutual assistance is easy to show through the contribution of fullbacks. Mendy, Lucas Vazquez, Federico Valverde – whoever Zidane entrusts a place on the defensive flank, players will actively repay wingers for helping in their half.

Above are the heat maps of Real Madrid’s main fullbacks against Liverpool. Each of them distributed noticeable activity in the middle lane and on the opposing side.

The final touch of the versatile Real Madrid is the unpretentious role of Karim Benzema. A forward who is used to being humble still creates opportunities for partners. Benzema is often displaced from the central channel. With this, he pulls apart someone else’s defense and opens up the opportunity for Vinicius, Asensio, Modric and Casemiro to break into the high zones.

The games against Liverpool have shown that Real have grown into a solid and versatile team that boasts offsets and tactical assistance. Zidane tweaked a solid coaching mechanism that beat the England champion (albeit in stagnation) and propelled the team to the semi-finals.

With such a system, she would not need Erling Holann or Kylian Mbappe. It will be difficult to integrate young and selfish stars into the concept of mutual help. True, it will be possible to speak about this firmly only after the exam with another tactical guru from Germany – Thomas Tuchel. It is his “Chelsea” – the main boss of “Real” on the way to the Champions League final.

Stones were thrown at the bus of the Madrid club before the match Liverpool – Real in the Champions League
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Championship of Spain

Perez is re-elected president of Real Madrid. Here is his plan until 2025.

04/13/2021 at 07:52


Manchester United beat Mourinho, Ronaldo didn’t score in Italy

04/11/2021 at 21:13


Sergio Ramos has tested positive for Covid-19

Sergio Ramos, captain of the Real Madrid, has tested positive for covid-19 in full recovery from his calf injury and is the ninth positive in the Madrid squad, after having overcome it Mariano Díaz, Militao, Casemiro, Eden Hazard, Luka Jovic, Nacho Fernández, Raphael Varane plus the coach Zinedine Zidane.

“Real Madrid CF communicates that our player Sergio Ramos has given a positive result in the last Covid-19 test that has been carried out,” reads the letter from the Madrid entity.

The Madrid captain went daily to the sports city of Valdebebas to deal with the injury he suffers in his left calf, since he was injured on March 31. After playing the last five minutes with discomfort to add an internationality, in later races in The Cartuja of Seville, the camero suffered a muscle injury.
Sergio Ramos has not played with Zinedine Zidane’s team since last March 16, in the match against Atalanta in the round of 16 of the Champions League. He is starring in the season with the most injuries since he arrived at Real Madrid and a total of 21 games have already been lost this year.

A blow to a knee, an injury to the left femoral biceps, the meniscus operation, a muscle tear in the calf and, now, the coronavirus, cause the absences of the captain who still does not renew the contract that expires on June 30 .

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Isolated at home since the positive was confirmed, his return to the pitch will be delayed as he cannot be treated for his twin ailment. Ramos will stay at home for ten days before returning to the sports city of the Real Madrid with the aim of helping his team in the final stretch of the season.

It will continue to be absent in the league matches of the month of April against Getafe, Cádiz Y Betis, and its objective will be to be recovered to play, in case of qualifying, the first leg of the semifinals of ‘Champions League‘on April 27 or Saturday May 1 when the Real Madrid is facing Osasuna.

Ramos’ positive comes days after Early the defense was left unguarded in a decisive week with the double duel against Liverpool in European competition and the Spanish football classic. Before the two central holders of the Real Madrid Mariano already overcame covid-19 last season and Militao, Casemiro, Hazard, Jovic and Nacho Fernández this year in which he also suffered it Zidane and even the president Florentino Pérez.