Battery production: Italy’s first gigafactory

Scarmagno The old factory halls have started to rust, windows have been smashed, scaffolding supports the dilapidated concrete ceiling. Everything looks a bit like “The Walking Dead” here. Instead of zombies, a wiry man in a suit walks through the weathered backdrop, blue slippers on his feet, a thick buckle on his belt: Lars Carlstrom […]

The iron market in search of a signal from Beijing

Published on : 21/09/2021 – 00:14 Since its plummet in the summer, iron ore has struggled to rise and has hovered around $ 100 per tonne. A low price which worries the exporting countries which see their receipts decrease. Iron ore at $ 100 a tonne is problematic, but complicated to analyze, because too many […]

Dataport provides the full scope of open source workstation Phoenix ()

Altenholz (ots) – With the dPhoenixSuite, the public administration now has a complete workstation with all applications for digital collaboration. dPhoenixSuite is based on open source software and is provided in the cloud. The solution developed by Dataport is now ready for use by up to 250,000 users. The workplace is an alternative to proprietary […]

Börse Express – ANALYSIS FLASH: JPMorgan raises target for Merck KGaA to 230 euros

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX Broker) – The US bank JPMorgan has the price target for Merck KGaA after the capital market day of the pharmaceutical and chemical group raised from 220 to 230 euros and the classification left at “Overweight”. The investor event underlined the strengthened medium-term growth profile, which is still undervalued, wrote analyst Richard […]

Model at the IAA made entirely from recycled material

A small car that can be recycled: BMW is presenting its current project at the IAA auto show. The manufacturer wants to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. BMWCEO Oliver Zipse showed a car made from 100 percent scrap and renewable raw materials. BMW wants to become “the most sustainable automaker in […]

How the fall of Kabul changed the world

evacuation The US has brought around 640 civilians to safety in this machine. (Photo: Reuters) While the US and its allies are desperately trying to get their citizens out of the country, China is benefiting in several ways from the defeat of the West. Kabul’s fall marks a turning point. Militarily, the Islamist warriors of […]

Börse Express – SHARE IN FOCUS: Evotec have risen to high for more than 20 years

FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – The Evotec -Shares temporarily cost as much again on Wednesday as they did in 2000. Right at the start of trading, the drug researcher’s paper managed to break its annual high of 43 euros at the end of January and climb to 43.79 euros. Then, however, investors became more cautious. Analyst Mohamad […]

Experts expect price increases in the supermarket

Female customer in the supermarket The increased costs in pre-production have a direct impact on the end customer. GfK market researchers expect prices for many products to rise. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf Robert Kecskes paints a gloomy picture for supermarket customers. “We will probably see significant price increases in the second half of the year,” predicts […]