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Support, criticism and ridicule … an Egyptian journalist turns into a “rapper”

This is not the first experience of Jaber Al-Qarmouti in the world of singing. During the past year, he published two songs, through his official page, the last of which was the song “Bakra We Live” to confront harassment in Egypt, in cooperation with the National Council for Women. Social media audience talk in the last hours.

Trend Inspirational

The Egyptian journalist reveals the reasons for going through that different experience, explaining that the issue discussed in his new song was mainly about the forty-year-old woman, a topic that has been used on Twitter in Egypt in recent days, “After reading the discussions between men and women on this topic, between Supportive and belittling of women, I found the matter inspiring to address the public about him. “

Al-Qarmouti says to “Sky News Arabia”: “I was provoked by the reduction of some women after completing their fourth decade of life, and I was impressed by the courage of the women in responding, so I decided to simulate these discussions through a song based on the idea of ​​a debate between two parties, one of whom persuades the other in the end.” During which I play the role of a man who reduces women, in front of a woman who defeats my ideas with her strong argument, and since I do not currently have the opportunity to appear on a media platform to interact with societal issues, I chose this method.

Al-Qarmouti also explained that he searched for a partner in singing, also through Twitter, to represent the female voice in this work of art, on the condition that she be over the age of forty, to express what she is going through, in a real and honest way, to be strongly influencing the audience, and the choice fell on Singer Mayada Nasri.

He continued: “The song mixes oriental music and rap music, and I composed a part of it myself through the oud, while the section on rap helped me write and distribute it. Two young men under twenty years of age were impressed by their ability to express, and they were a strong addition to the work, which has a duration of about 3 minutes”.

Al-Qarmouti emphasized that the song relies on self-production, and everyone volunteered within this artwork for what he could offer.

Musicians Syndicate

Critics are divided in such incidents, between supporters and opponents, between those who believe that art can only be presented, those who are specialized in it, and those who see that art is not the preserve of anyone, and that the judgment is on the quality of the artistic product only upon its release.

Al-Qarmouti says: “I am not a singer, but rather a performer, and a lover of the oud, and in the event of the song’s success, I may submit to the exams of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, and this will be a great honor for me, to be a member of that great union.”

In the same context, the art critic, Tariq Al-Shennawi, says that he marvels at those who attack Al-Qarmouti’s song, before its release, simply because he is not academic or specialized, “the judgment is only on the artistic producer, not the maker.”

Al-Shennawi added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Al-Qarmouti’s choice of rap” is completely successful, especially with the success of this lyrical color currently in Egypt, and its spread among the youth group, and it is important for the presenter of the artistic work to choose the factors that help him succeed very carefully.

Al-Shennawi pointed out that the ideas Al-Qarmouti presented in recent years outside the box, during his media work, will make the audience more receptive to the song as soon as it is released.

It is worth noting that Al-Qarmouti always presents different ideas through his programs, the most famous of which was in the recent period, his representative dialogue with the Corona virus, where he made a “make-up” for one of his program members, in the form of the scientific form of the virus, to talk to him about what he did to the world in his usual sarcastic way.

For his part, the Egyptian journalist Jaber Al-Qarmouti agrees with the art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi regarding the lack of monopoly of art for professionals and academics only, stressing that the lover of art may be able to produce a strong and honest work of art that affects the audience, and succeeds in carrying out the message for which it was made, even if it is not He specialized in the art he chose to express the idea.

Warnings and concerns

Al-Qarmouti explained that many people close to him, whether from family or friends, warned him about this step, but he insisted on going through that experience, and said: “Life is a risk, and I am always ready to knock on the door of livelihood in my own way, and my different ideas, and if that song succeeds, I will present More songs in the coming days, and you have already prepared the topic of the next song, and it will be about a woman’s issue as well, and in case of failure, I will not continue in this way, and the judgment will be in the hands of the audience alone.

He concluded: “I hope the song will receive the admiration of the audience, and I do not seek the trend, or attract the spotlight, I could have thought of that, at the beginning of my career, but I already currently own my share of fame, and the audience knows me well, but I try to go through various experiences, and that is It is my way of dealing with life, and I am more inclined to take risks, whatever the consequences, because there is something that a person can learn as long as he tries and tries. “