Stories from History: The Wilmington Uprising and Coup

We jump to the US in 1898 and talk about the only successful coup in US history. In Wilmington, North Carolina, two days after elections marked by an aggressive White Supremacy campaign, an attack on the black population resulted in the death of at least 60 black people.

In the wake of the riots, the elected government was forcibly removed. That had no consequences for the putschists. The governor of North Carolina did not intervene and the US President William McKinley, who was informed in advance of the plans, just watched. The events in Wilmington not only set an example for other southern states, but also established a structural racism that led to racial segregation and denied the black population the right to vote.


ATTAC against the creation of enemy images (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Demonstration of the Braunschweig »Alliance against the Right« (December 5, 2020)

In a declaration on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the ATTAC network takes a stand against racism, anti-Semitism, images of the enemy and misrepresentation of history. It says:

On the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, the nationwide ATTAC working groups on globalization and war and on Europe published a declaration entitled “No to racism, anti-Semitism, the production of enemy images and the distortion of history”.

It says that commemorating the crimes of Nazi Germany today means the obligation to defend oneself against the tendencies that already led to Auschwitz. Therefore, according to the declaration, “we are committed to the fight against racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, legal development, neo-fascism and social inequality”.

The declaration also turns against the instrumentalization of Auschwitz, as it is e.g. B. was already expressed in the justification of the illegal war against Yugoslavia in 1999.

The explanation is sharply criticized at the increasing production of enemy images in international relations, with Russia and increasingly China as the main targets, which serves to justify a new Cold War ideologically. The declaration refers to the grotesque staging in the Navalny case and the uncritical court reports of many media.

The declaration also opposes the misrepresentation of history as part of the creation of images of the enemy, such as those found in B. is expressed in the resolution of the EU Parliament of 19.9.2019. Their claim that the “Hitler-Stalin Pact” – concluded a week before the start of the war – set the course for World War II is an absurd falsification of the prehistory of the war.

Explanation in full:

The EU Council has on Monday beborn Conclusions on the EU’s future policy towards Venezuela in view of the parliamentary elections on December 6th, 2020. This is the first time the opposition Juan Guaidó appears officially Not more as “interim president” designated:

(…) The EU deeply regrets that the parliamentary elections of December 6, 2020 were a missed opportunity for democracy, which were held without a national agreement on electoral conditions and which did not meet international standards for a democratic process. As a result, the EU cannot recognize this electoral process as credible, inclusive or transparent, and therefore its result cannot be seen as representative of the democratic will of the Venezuelan people. The EU deeply regrets the actions of the Maduro authorities, who have severely restricted the democratic space in the country and persistently prevented a solution to the far-reaching political crisis in Venezuela.

The EU reaffirms its support for all who work for a democratic future for Venezuela. The EU once again calls for the guarantee of all political and civil rights, the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners and the freedom and security of all political opponents, in particular the representatives of the opposition parties elected to the National Assembly in 2015, including, above all, Juan Guaidó and other representatives of the democratic Opposition. The EU regards them as key actors and privileged interlocutors, and encourages the democratic opposition to take a united stance on an inclusive dialogue and negotiation process. (…)


We are all Antifa (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Banner during an anti-fascist demonstration

38 individuals and 45 institutions, groups and associations from Lower Saxony have made a statement against the ban on anti-fascist groups brought into play by State Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD):

On Friday, January 15, 2021, we learned that Boris Pistorius, as Lower Saxony’s interior minister, wants to examine a ban on anti-fascist groups. Boris Pistorius is reacting to the “Bund deutscher Kriminalbeamter”, which calls for a ban on “Antifa” in Trumpian style.

Unproven claims and misconceptions about alleged organizational structures are once again turning reality upside down: in recent years, terrifying examples of racist and anti-Semitic assassinations and murders have become known. The series of murders by the NSU only ended in November 2011 with the self-exposure of the core trio. On October 9, 2019, a racist assassinated a synagogue and a kebab shop in Halle. And on February 19, 2020, a man murdered ten people in Hanau, also for racist and fascist motives. The attacks on Henriette Reker in Cologne and Walter Lübcke in Kassel also had racist backgrounds. Both had campaigned for the accommodation of refugees. In the headlines, the image of individual perpetrators is often used. Little is reported about support networks and hardly any reports about the social reasons for racism and ideology of inequality.
New headlines about right-wing and fascist networks in German security authorities are also played down as individual cases. Apart from these racist iceberg tips, nothing was opposed to the AfD when it pushed the limits of what can be said beyond the limits of humanity.

When the camp was liberated on April 19, 1945, the survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp swore: “The destruction of Nazism and its roots is our slogan. The building of a new world of peace and freedom is our goal. «They already knew that not only German fascism had to be defeated, but another world had to be fought for. Would the survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp also be “left-wing extremists” today?

Anyone who equates left and right, as in the horseshoe model, does not defend democracy, but defames and fights those who fight for a solidary society in which all people can be different together without fear. In these times in particular, there is no need for bans, but rather support and participation in Antifa. A strong civil society is needed that is anti-fascist and that resolutely opposes right-wing ideologies. The work of anti-fascist activists is still needed, whose research makes a significant contribution to clearing up right-wing attacks and exposing right-wing networks. And loud protests are needed when attempts are made to delegitimize and criminalize anti-fascism.

We stand together in solidarity and demand: No ban on anti-fascist groups in Lower Saxony!


Racism as the cause of death (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Protesters call for an end to police violence after Ibrahima Barrie’s death (Brussels, 13.1.2021)

A 30-year-old Algerian was found dead in the holding cell of a police station in Brussels on Tuesday. The man had been arrested because he was apparently in Belgium without papers. This is what the Flemish news program reported »GARDEN Nieuws «. The autopsy showed that the Algerian’s body showed no signs of violence. The result of a toxicological investigation was still pending. The public prosecutor’s office therefore initiated an investigation and secured the video from the surveillance camera in the cell and from the arrest.

The 30-year-old is already the second dead within two weeks who was killed on a guard in Brussels. 23-year-old Ibrahima Barrie died on January 9th. According to police reports, he was arrested for violating the corona measures. While on guard, he suddenly fell unconscious from his chair and died a little later in the hospital. Heart failure was found to be the cause of death. Allegedly, he should have had a heart defect that he knew nothing about. The police’s first assumption that Barrie had used drugs was not confirmed after a toxicological examination. This was reported by public broadcasters, among others BRF online on January 13th.

The dead man’s family, who come from Guinea, have doubts about the cause of death. In fact, there are some inconsistencies. The police initially alleged that Barrie was arrested for disregarding the curfew, which applies in Belgium from 10 p.m. However, the death in the hospital is said to have been determined as early as 8:22 p.m., the daily reported The last news (HLN) online on January 16.

Alexis Deswaef is convinced that the arrest was unfounded. “He was filming a police action,” said the family’s lawyer in a video HLN. “That is the right of every citizen. All police officers were notified of this last year. ”According to the lawyer, between five and seven minutes had passed before the officers on duty took care of Barrie and called an ambulance. “It’s a problem of racism in the police. That’s not to say that all police officers are racists. But part is racist. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t black, ”Deswaef is convinced. The public prosecutor’s office no longer seems to be convinced of the police version and has initiated investigations into negligent homicide.

Barrie’s death led to violent riots at the end of a peaceful mourning demonstration in Brussels last week. Several hundred protesters, most of them young, threw stones at a police station, looted a pharmacy and destroyed stops and the windows of a tram. 116 people were arrested, including 30 minors. The police cracked down on the protesters. A video circulating on the Internet shows a police officer firing a rubber bullet at a fugitive at close range. “We can confirm that the images are authentic,” quoted HLN the spokeswoman for the Brussels-North Police Zone, Amal Ihkan.

The two deaths have not yet been resolved, when the police in Brussels are talking again. In a video from 2018 that has only recently become public, two police officers in the Anderlecht district insult passers-by as “macaques” and “homos” from their patrol car. “We need a national reconciliation project – and quickly,” quoted HLN on Thursday Ahmed Laaouej, the chairman of the Parti Socialiste (PS) in Brussels.


Bundestag debate on Islamophobia: It would have been so easy

There are anti-Muslim crimes in Germany every day. But the Bundestag does not want to recognize that there is a problem with Islamophobia.

Here you could have positioned yourself against Islamophobia: in the seat of the Bundestag Photo: David Hutzler / dpa

It would have been so easy. The Islam belongs to germany. With these five words, the German Bundestag could have sent an overdue signal on Thursday evening: To the wife of the 26-year-old imam from Ebersbach near Stuttgart, who was beaten to death while walking just before Christmas.

To the woman from Hamburg who wore a headscarf and was insulted and kicked at the end of November. To the relatives of the victims of the racist attacks in Halle and Hanau. To the survivors of the NSU and those threatened by the NSU 2.0. To all people in this country who are marginalized, insulted and attacked year after year because of their religion – or simply because they are mistaken for Muslims.

It would have been so easy. And so sorely necessary. Every day, an average of three anti-Muslim crimes are reported – and the number of unreported cases will be significantly higher. Muslim people are disadvantaged in this country: at school, when looking for accommodation, on the job market. Numerous studies prove this. But the Bundestag did not want to accept the motion for a resolution of the left group.

He did not want to establish that Islam belongs to Germany. And also not: Germany has a problem with Islamophobia. Instead, the MPs praised the government for its efforts against discrimination (Christoph de Vries, CDU / CSU), spoke of violent Muslims (Bernd Naumann, AfD), criticized the “constructed battlefield” anti-Muslim racism (both of them), pointed with a finger Applicants’ prejudices against police authorities (Benjamin Strasser, FDP).

The Greens abstained. That is also a sign

Already clear: Bundestag debates are show, motions from the parliamentary groups are supported in the friend-foe scheme. Government versus opposition, AfD versus democrat: inside. In the 30 minutes that are scheduled for such “debates”, each parliamentary group has just enough time for a few crisp sentences; a little encouragement here, a well-placed punch line, then the counterattack. It is also clear: you do not have to agree to everything that the left-wing parliamentary group demands in the motion. For example, that the countries give up religious education in favor of ethics for all.

And it is clear that denouncing Islamophobia should never mean relativizing Islamist violence. But that there has to be an independent complaints office for police victims. That victims of racist violence need more protection and more advice. That police authorities have to stop their racial profiling problem. Everything overdue.

Nevertheless: It is not about the application and its demands. It is highly unrealistic that declarations of intent by the Bundestag are more than just symbolic politics. But that’s exactly why the Bundestag should have jointly recognized: Germany has a problem with Islamophobia. Christina Buchholz, who spoke for the Left Party, is absolutely right when she calls on the democratic parliamentary groups to position themselves together. Also because not everyone in the federal government wants to say these five words: Islam belongs to Germany.

Some speakers have positioned themselves: Helge Lindh (SPD), who feels shame for the open racism in this country. Benjamin Strasser (FDP), who recognizes that racism destroys chances in life in Germany. Lars Castellucci (SPD), who values ​​and defends diversity in German society. Filiz Polat (Greens), which calls for solidarity and sympathy for everyone affected by exclusion, hatred and racism. Also from the Bundestag.

He should have established that the Muslims in Germany belong to Germany. He does not have. CDU / CSU, SPD, FDP and AfD rejected the application. The Greens abstained. That is also a sign.


The assault on the Capitol turns the focus to ultra infiltration in police and army

  • Law enforcement officers and the active or off-duty military have been charged or are being investigated

  • The Junta de Estado Mayor issued an unprecedented reminder to the troops that they must comply with the law

From cops active in the state of Virginia and two veterans Alabama and Texas have so far been indicted with charges for their participation in the assault on the Capitol on the 6th. They are the tip of an iceberg that is now turning the spotlight on a real problem and not faced in United Statess: the rise and infiltration of extremism and the white supremacism between law enforcement and the Armed Forces, as well as the growing expansion of those ultra ideologies among veterans. Both have been central targets in recruitment efforts for extremist groups and militias como los Oath Keepers.

At least 32 members of law enforcement agencies from 15 states participated in the rally according to a count by ‘The Appeal’ and 13 are under investigation according to another analysis by ‘The Washington Post’. Among the police officers of the Capitol two have been suspended (one who took a selfie with the assailants and another with a cap of ‘Make America Great Again‘gave them directions) and more than a dozen are under investigation.

These are numbers that, as the Devin Bughart Center for Public Integrity at the Institute for Civil Rights Research and Education has told the Center for Civil Rights Research and Education, “should open the eyes of all Americans to how deep the efforts of advocacy groups have taken root. extreme right to infiltrate law enforcement agencies and the armed forces & rdquor ;.

Military alert

It is not just outside observers and scholars who are concerned about the phenomenon. He Pentagon, where in December the Secretary of Defense had precisely ordered a review of “current policies, laws and regulations related to the active participation of service members in extremist activity or groups of hate& rdquor ;, investigates at least one active duty soldier who was leading a group of about 100 people on January 6.

But the most striking was the unusual memo that Tuesday the Defense Staff distributed among the troops. “Any act to alter the constitutional process not only goes against our traditions, values ​​and oath; It is against the law& rdquor ;, read the document, chilling just because it had to be issued.

Pentagon slow

While in Germany, for example, the serious problem has recently been tackled more head-on, the Pentagon is slow to identify and combat it despite its spread (according to a survey by the ‘Military Times’ last year, more than a third of military personnel active and more than half of minorities said they had been direct witnesses of expressions of white nationalism and or racism). And when Anti-Defamation League far-right groups specialist Mark Pitcavage testified in Congress and listed a string of examples of radicalized military (some who offered to give training in explosives or how to attack left-wing activists, others who went unauthorized to Ukraine to train a right-wing militia or a Florida national guard who founded a group neo-nazi), denounced: “That almost all of them were initially exposed by journalists or anti-racist activists is another troublesome sign that the branches of the armed forces may not be engaging in sufficient scrutiny of themselves”.

Some in the Houses are demanding action after the assault on the Capitol. Tammy Duckworth, a combat veteran who served in Iraq, sent a letter to the acting Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller, assuring that “preserving order and discipline requires the Armed Forces to root out extremists who infiltrate the military and threaten our national security.” His lower house colleague Jason Crow, also a retired military man, has spoken of “crisis & rdquor; and he has come to ask the Secretary of the Army to review the history of all the troops that are going to be deployed at the inauguration of Joe Biden “To ensure that they are not supporters of domestic terrorists”.

Police, under suspicion

Also the police, who used excessive force during the protests against racial injustice last year, it is especially under the magnifying glass, although since 2006 the FBI alerts that members of organized white supremacist groups, which are the largest terrorist threat internally, they have worked to infiltrate agencies and often have “hot links & rdquor; with the police.

It may interest you

Although several of the officers suspended or investigated for participating in the assault were off duty, their own leaders know that it is problematic. “Citizens have a hard time believing that the decisions they make off duty do not impact the choices and decisions they make while on duty,” Andrew Walsh, No. 2 of the Las Vegas Police, has told ‘The Washington Post’.

During the Administration of Donald Trump, that in 2017 he even told the agents not to worry about employing violence in arrests, has been reversed police reforms to investigate violations of civil rights. The president received the support in the elections of many police unions.


It was racial hatred that killed Bruno Candé, accuses prosecutors

“I went to your mother’s cunt and all those black ones! That shit! I raped your mother there! And your father too! Come here, you take your cane! Black shit! I’ll kill you!”

These are the words described in the indictment as having been uttered by Evaristo Carreira Marinho, then 76, against Bruno Candé, 39, on July 22, in the same place – Avenida de Moscavide – and at approximately the same time as three days later, he would fire four shots at him, killing him.

The reason for the insults, according to this Public Prosecutor’s document, signed by the prosecutor Alexandra Nunes, and to which the DN had access, was the fact that Candé’s dog barked Evaristo Marinho when he passed. The first reaction of the man would have been against the animal, in the direction of which he would have repeatedly shouted “go to hell”, but then fixed the fury on the owner: “Go to your homeland black! You have the whole family in the slave quarters and you should be there too!”

The expressions mentioned at the beginning of this text will have been verbalized below, while he advanced towards Candé with his cane at the ready, shouting: “Come here, you take it with your cane! Black shit! I’ll kill you!”

In reaction, the victim will have pushed him, saying “I just don’t hit him because he’s old”.

The two men were separated by a third, but when Bruno Candé got into a car that stopped to pick him up, he would still have heard “I have guns there at Overseas and I’m going to kill you!” – a sentence that the accusation stresses was given “seriously”.


Another big one annoyed (

Sauer: Nadiem Amiri (center) from Bayer Leverkusen and Berlin’s Grischa Prömel (r).

Photo: dpa / Andreas Gora

The supporters of 1. FC Union long for their team. On Friday at the home game against Bayer Leverkusen, a lot of fireworks were ignited in the course of the first half around the stadium An der Alten Försterei, which were probably left over from the corona-related mini New Year’s Eve. The clearly visible rockets and crackers should probably give Union courage again to annoy a top team in the league.

At least that worked in terms of the outcome of the game. The series of surprising point wins against clubs that primarily have qualification for the Champions League in mind continued. Since mid-December, the Eiserne have not suffered a defeat at home games against Bayern Munich (1-1), Borussia Dortmund (2-1), VfL Wolfsburg (2-2) and now Leverkusen.

The team was also realistic about the success against the Werkself. In the first section, Bayer seemed overwhelming. “We were always a tad late. At one point or another we have been very lucky not to concede a goal. We hid a bit there, ”said Union captain Christopher Trimmel.

Shortly before the end of regular time, the substitute Cedric Teuchert was actually able to bring Union to the winning road with his third joker goal this season. With the sixth game without defeat in a row, the Köpenicker consolidated fifth in the table. The gap to the Champions League places three and four, which are occupied by Leverkusen and Dortmund, is currently only one point.

However, those responsible in Berlin are still not singing any European Cup chants. The goal is still relegation. Week after week, the Union is resisting turning to higher ambitions. “In the first 45 minutes it was almost a class difference. Leverkusen was superior in all respects. It could have gone completely in a different direction, ”said Union’s professional football manager Oliver Ruhnert. “The fact is, we have the points we have. Nevertheless, there are big differences in footballing pace, in the way you play in possession of the ball and in the technical quality until the end. “

During the game, Ruhnert was reminded of the 4-0 home defeat in Union’s very first Bundesliga match in August 2019 against RB Leipzig. At that time, his team couldn’t keep up. A year and a half later, she survived critical phases, also because the playful development is unmistakable. In terms of athletics, she still seems to be able to improve. The mileage of almost 128 kilometers was more than eight kilometers over that of Leverkusen. Sure, Union often had to run after them. But that’s also how a threesome comes about against an actually stronger team. »The results are absolutely correct. The 50:50 games are falling on our side right now. We’ll take the moment with us, ”said Ruhnert after the game.

As early as Wednesday (8.30 p.m.) in the next top game at RB Leipzig, Union could provide the next sensation after the first half of the season. Union has nothing to lose there. However, the best squad is still not available, especially on the offensive.

The attackers Max Kruse, Anthony Ujah and Joel Pohjanpalo are still out, even if Ujah and Pohjanpalo were active on the training ground on Sunday. In addition, Sheraldo Becker injured his ankle in the game against Leverkusen. It will not be available to Union for the time being. Since Taiwo Awoniyi is the only one who is currently fit, offensive all-rounder Leon Dajaku was signed on Saturday. The 19-year-old talent, who played two Bundesliga games each for VfB Stuttgart and Bayern Munich, was loaned out by Bayern with an option to buy.

The anticipation for the upcoming English week, which ends on Saturday with the game at FC Augsburg, was generally clouded. Shortly before and after the game against Leverkusen had ended, Unions Florian Huebner and Leverkusen national player Nadiem Amiri clashed. Afterwards, Amiri’s teammate Jonathan Tah said that Amiri had been insulted racially. The DFB control committee is therefore investigating against Hübner.

Amiri said on the Leverkusen homepage that Hübner apologized to him after the game. The only question is what for? “The player said he didn’t say that. For us, this racist issue, as it is now presented, did not exist, «said Union sports director Ruhnert. Both clubs seem to have resolved the matter internally.


This is how Union reacts to the scandal game – BZ Berlin

1-0 against Leverkusen. Union is still on course for Europe. Only: Nobody talks about this victory anymore. The DFB has been investigating defender Florian Hübner (29) since Saturday. There were also two other incidents in the game.

By Sebastian Karkos and Phillip Arens

Accusation: a racist insult. What happened on friday?

Leverkusen’s national player Nadiem Amiri (24) is said to have been insulted. Team colleague Jonathan Tah (24) claimed after the game at DZAN: “There were discussions and then the term” fucking Afghan “was used.”

The German-Afghan Amiri had tears in his eyes after the game in the dressing room. On Saturday he announced via the club: “He came to my dressing room after the game. Out of the emotions, ugly words were uttered on the pitch that he felt very sorry for. He has credibly assured me and that’s why the matter is now settled for me. “

In this scene, Unions Florian Hübner and Bayer's Nadiem Amiri clashed (Photo: DAZN)
In this scene, Unions Florian Hübner and Bayer’s Nadiem Amiri clashed (Photo: DAZN)

He – that will probably be Huebner. There was a tussle between the two after the final whistle. The trigger was an alleged foul on Leon Bailey (23) in front of the goal, which went unpunished. Amiri had complained about it and received the yellow card.

Shortly after the game, Amiri’s older brother Nauwid approached Hübner directly via Instagram. He wrote – in two later deleted articles – among other things: “Respect Florian Hübner! To say Sch… Afghans to my brother in a Bundesliga game and attack our homeland is the very last thing. “

Huebner has since apologized, but denies – through the club – a racist statement. Manager Oliver Ruhnert (49): “The player told us he didn’t say that.” Ruhnert continues: “I know that the term has not been used. Let’s wait for the DFB control committee. ”There will therefore not be a sanction against the defender by the club.

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►After accusations of racism: DFB is investigating Union Huebner

►Union manager Ruhnert rejects accusations of racism – no penalty for Hübner

Not enough of the racism accusation to Hübner: In the second half there were two more incidents.

► Robert Andrich (26) fouled Bailey in the 58th minute. The Jamaican did not want to be helped up, then the sentence could be heard over the external microphones: “Chill, we’re here in Germany.” Andrich hadn’t called that – it was unclear where the call came from.

► In the 90th minute, goalscorer Cedric Teuchert (24) was replaced. Since the Leverkusen complained to the referee. Teuchert apparently didn’t like this demeanor: “We’re in Germany, ey.”

It is already clear: The 1-0 will be talked about for a long time.


Racism dispute over Martin Sonneborn: not funny anymore

Nico Semsrott leaves “The Party”. Reason: how the party leader dealt with allegations of racism. Sonneborn is self-critical.

Nico Semsrott, Member of the European Union and cabaret artist, leaves “The Party” Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth / dpa

BERLIN taz | Now there are only two left: the cabaret artist and MEP Nico Semsrott is leaving the satirical party “Die Party”, but retains his seat in parliament. The reason for leaving are accusations of racism against party leader Martin Sonneborn and his handling of it. This leaves the party with only two parliamentary mandates: that of Sonneborn himself in Brussels and that of the Bundestag member and ex-Social Democrat Marco Bülow, who only joined “The Party” in the autumn.

The reason for the criticism of Sonneborn was a photo that Sonneborn had tweeted last week. In the picture he is wearing a T-shirt that says: “Au Widelsehern, Amlerika! (…) Plinted in China for Die PALTEI ”. This should be an allusion to Donald Trump fan articles that were made in China despite his anti-Chinese policies – but also to alleged language errors of Chinese people.

Sonneborn reacted puffily to the accusation of anti-Asian racism, which was then raised by those affected. He deleted his tweet. In terms of content, however, he only commented on the criticism with snappy comments such as “Satire stimulates thought”, “I’m going to go sledding now” and “Tschaui”.

In his resignation, which he published on Wednesday, Semsrott primarily criticized Sonneborn’s “ignorant handling of feedback”. He wrote: “If people feel racially attacked by his postings, he doesn’t have to do much. Compassion and respect for those affected are enough to correct your own behavior. ”And further:“ I find his reaction to the criticism wrong and unacceptable. This has happened to me in other cases in the past. I now draw my conclusions from this. “

No discussion

In fact, it is not the first time that Sonneborn uses racist clichés and blocks criticism. He was featured on an election poster in 2011 with a black make-up and the saying “Ick am an Obama”. The Berlin newspaper he said in an interview last year: “Even if I wouldn’t repeat that today, I still think it’s okay. I’m not a racist. ”He does not discuss the allegations.

On Wednesday evening he was more self-critical. He wrote in a statement, he did not think that his tweet could “feel racially discriminated against”. But: “If a joke leads to racist injury instead of giving reflections or at least a liberating laugh, then it is a failed joke.” He is sorry that people “were hurt by the reproduction of these stereotypes”.

When asked, Marco Bülow initially gave no response. The member of the Bundestag resigned from the SPD in 2018 due to content-related differences and joined “The Party” in November 2020. The Dortmund resident would like to run again as a direct candidate in the Bundestag election this year.

He actually wanted to rely on the support and tailwind of the satirical party. The latter was able to expand its election results at a low level and achieved 2.4 percent of the votes in the last European elections. “The Party” performed particularly well among young, male and metropolitan voters. In terms of content, the party focuses on jokes, such as the fight against lobbyism, against autocrats and against the law.