Right-wing extremism in the protection of the constitution: four employees under suspicion

Employees of the NRW constitution protection are said to have spread racist agitation in chats. The people are responsible for observing right-wing extremists.

The interior ministry under Herbert Reul (CDU) initiated disciplinary measures against the people Photo: dpa

DÜSSELDORF afp | There are now suspected cases of right-wing extremism at the North Rhine-Westphalian Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Three members of the observation team are under suspicion, such as the State Ministry of the Interior of Düsseldorf Rheinische Post (Thursday edition) announced. In addition, a fourth person is suspected of being right-wing extremists, who worked in the Ministry of the Interior as an “administrative clerk in the police department”.

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution attracted attention because they had sent videos “with an Islamic or xenophobic connotation” in online networks and chats, the ministry said according to the newspaper.

The reference to the chat group within the observation team would have been provided by colleagues who would have received these videos. The employee in the police department had noticed Facebook contacts with members of the right-wing extremist scene.

Part of the observation team

The three suspected employees in the Office for the Protection of the Constitution were reportedly responsible, among other things, for observing right-wing extremists. The observation teams are basically deployed in all areas, including right-wing extremism, explained the Interior Ministry. The observation team has meanwhile been disbanded and “the management staff has been replaced”.

The Ministry of the Interior initiated disciplinary and personnel-related measures immediately after the right-wing extremism allegations emerged, said a spokeswoman for Rheinische Post. Of the four proceedings, one was already concluded with the imposition of a disciplinary measure. The other three were currently still running.

Suspected right-wing extremism cases had already become known to the NRW police in mid-September. Police officers are said to have spread right-wing extremist agitation in chat groups. Around 30 officers have been suspended, 14 are subject to disciplinary proceedings with the aim of removing them from service, and 12 are under criminal investigation.


Racism allegations: The dismissed coach sues Bayern

Soccer Racism allegations

Dismissed youth coach sues FC Bayern

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This is how FC Bayern opened the talent factory

Bayern support the next generation with its own campus. The costs were around 70 million euros. The club’s youth teams are at home on the 30 hectare site in the north of the state capital. This is how it opened in 2017.

In mid-August, FC Bayern broke up with a former youth coach because allegations of racism had been raised against the man. The former employee has filed a lawsuit against this decision.

VLast week FC Bayern Munich parted ways with a former youth coach. The club dismissed him because he was accused of serious racism. The case had caused quite a stir. First, the WDR magazine “Sport inside” made the allegations against the youth coach of FC Bayern public, then chats emerged that put a heavy burden on the coach.

Now the former employee, who also worked as a youth coach for the club, is fighting against the dismissal and the anonymously raised allegations. As his lawyers announced in a statement, a lawsuit was filed with the Munich Labor Court on Wednesday. “With the lawsuit, our client is fighting against his dismissal. The termination facts are now subjected to a judicial review, “says the message.

After the separation, a criminal investigation was initiated. The Munich police are examining the allegations made anonymously against the coach in this process. “Our client is cooperating with the investigative authorities,” said the lawyers.

Bavaria speaks of amicable separation

According to statements by FC Bayern, the employment relationship was “terminated by mutual agreement” in mid-August. This is “the first result of an internal investigation currently taking place” on the Bayern campus, it said.

Accordingly, serious allegations would be made against the former employee, who had long been active as a coach in the youth department. He allegedly used racist terms in discussions about player engagement.

According to the company, “Sport inside” has chats and anonymous letters. It also quotes from the chats. In the letters, which may have come from the parents of youth players and which were addressed to the top of the club, allegations are also made against the Bayern employee.