The coronation must wait (

Strange tournament: Giovanni Moreno (center) met Shanghai Shenhua on Monday at Perth Glory with Osama Malik (left) and Diego Castro.

Foto: imago images/Xinhua

The good mood in Iran is likely to have long since vanished. It’s been two months since Tehran’s top club Persepolis FC beat Al Nassr FC from Saudi Arabia 5-3. It was the semi-finals of the Asian Champions League, and the entry into the final is one of the greatest successes in the history of Iran’s record champions. Since then, they have been waiting for the big game with which they could crown themselves as the best team in Asia for the first time. Or not anymore. Because the air is somehow out.

Asia’s premier class in 2020 is probably the strangest continental tournament that has ever taken place. Because hardly any competition that has not been completely canceled is so severely affected by the corona pandemic as this one, of all places, which extends over by far the largest part of the planet. National champions and top clubs from ten time zones – from Syria to Australia – compete against each other. Culturally, most of the countries have nothing in common except for the more or less arbitrary division into the giant continent of Asia.

Not even the pandemic created common ground, on the contrary. The competition, which is divided into east and west tournament trees on the way to the final, has been postponed this year. The western part, which includes the Arab countries and Central Asia, resumed the game after the season started in February and the early corona-related interruption in September. The eastern part, which includes Southeast Asia and parts of Oceania, only started playing again last week. You’re still in the group stage.

A compact game plan allows the Eastern clubs to catch up in turbo speed. While many leagues at home are in the final spurt of the season, the international teams are playing a fast season on Qatari soil. Since the end of November, all of the remaining group matches up to the semi-finals have been played there within three weeks. On December 19th, the most successful team there will meet Persepolis FC, the finalists from the Westbaum.

Not everyone is happy with this shape. In the east, clubs are complaining about the now very tight schedule, which is also causing distortions in their own leagues. There are also reservations about security. Kim Doo-hoon, coach of the footballers from Ulsan in South Korea, where the virus is relatively well under control, recently said: “Many of my players are worried about the corona virus, and there is great pressure because of this disease.”

On the other hand, the concentrated stay in Qatar also has advantages, says Kenta Hasegawa, coach of FC Tokyo: “In a centralized tournament like this we don’t have to travel.” Probably the biggest difference to the Champions League in Europe.

But you are particularly angry in the western half of the competition, which was pulled through much faster and where the calendar also made great sacrifices. In addition to Al Wahda from the United Arab Emirates, another club was disqualified from gaming, which could hardly have been more prominent. The defending champion Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia had to retire during the group stage, although the team had been given a chance to win again.

The reason for the disqualification: At the beginning of the scheduled game round for the West Tree, which also took place in Qatar, a total of 31 people in the club had tested positive for Covid-19. Al-Hilal was only able to report eleven healthy players, including three goalkeepers. According to the tournament rules, at least 13 players should have come. “In Europe there is a clear procedure whereby games can be canceled or postponed in such cases,” complained Al-Hilal’s coach Roman Lazvan at the end of September. In a long statement, the club demanded that the decision be withdrawn. But the Asian Football Conference, the responsible continental association, stuck to its decision.

The title win this year doesn’t count and has been blasphemed ever since. In any case, it will remain distorted competition until the end. The final on December 19 will also take place in Qatar, in the al-Janoub Stadium, which will also be one of the venues during the 2022 World Cup. And whoever has prevailed in the east tree of the Champions League by then will be relatively well acclimatized to the circumstances on site. The long-established final participant from the west, Persepolis FC, is then probably no longer in the juice.


Afghan government and Taliban reach agreement

Dhe months of negotiations between the Afghan government and the radical Islamic Taliban have made a key step forward. For the first time since the outbreak of war 19 years ago, both sides said they had signed a written agreement. The preliminary agreement sets out the way forward for further talks on more specific topics, such as a ceasefire.

“This breakthrough should be a stepping stone to achieve the peace that all Afghans want,” wrote United Nations envoy to Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, on Twitter on Wednesday. US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad said the agreement shows “that the negotiating parties can agree on difficult issues”.

Both sides have held talks in Qatar’s capital Doha for months while the war raged on in Afghanistan. The Taliban refused to agree to a cease-fire in this preparatory phase of the negotiations. They only wanted to address the issue when it was clear what the next phase of the talks should look like. The agreement that has now been reached clears the way for this.

In the three-page agreement, both sides set “rules and procedures for their negotiations on a political roadmap and a comprehensive ceasefire,” said Khalilzad.


Last minute … Very harsh criticism from President Erdoğan to CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu

President Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements after the Cabinet Meeting. President Erdoğan also touched on the remarks of CHP Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Başarır regarding the Turkish army over the Tank-Pallet Factory.


President Erdogan, the age-old game of distorting, centuries-old accounts that totally undermines centuries-old schemes washed, the age-old chains shot in the minds tumble Turkey, of course, noting that it would be those who want to pay the price for it, he found the following assessment:

“We are ready to country and breasts as a nation evelallah in all of them. Us the real upset is bizarre landscape encountered there. Frankly, in Turkey, inimical to the eat country bread, air hating the panting prayer from and flag, a cut does not like the human syrup primrose They seem democratic, humanitarian, tolerant in appearance, but in fact, they are the leaders of the fascist, the coup plotter, the guardian. They seem to work hard on the surface but actually produce nothing. They talk a lot, but actually say nothing. But they do not know anything. They constantly shout but do not listen at all. They know no boundaries in lies and slander, but when it comes to the truth, they immediately turn their backs. They look for democracy not in the will of the nation but in signals coming from abroad. is a mob whose soul is darkened, blinded by its language, and whose tongue is forked. The cost of this mentality, which sucks energy, waste time, pollutes its air and muddles its water, is at least half a century for our democracy and development. ”



Noting that the nation will give the answer they deserve to those who seek to come from outside instead of reaching power by entering the hearts of the nation, Erdoğan made the following statements:

“Though, the nation gave them the answer they deserved at the ballot box in every election, but their agenda and problem is always different. They are so immersed in the calculations of politics, society and ballot box engineering that they do not even see the nation. Buhtan, targeting the Turkish Armed Forces, which CHP members often do, and lastly a deputy recklessly repeated, is a sign that this mentality is turning into a national security issue in its own right. a party of the Turkish Armed understand the forces hostile fine. they would say, our army, instead open the coup, the CHP to power, roads, making Turkey’s border protection and cross-border operation is performing duties. bearers of the love of another pew instead of hearts in Turkey Even if his adjectives are MPs, we cannot let this country buhtan its army with verbal acrobatics. The pain of these is not where the investment in our country came from, but what the Turkish army has done in the last 5 years. “

President Erdogan, the PKK-up Feton from YPG, of which trumpets of unity and togetherness attacking terrorist organization, stressed that Turkey’s political and tried to block efforts to expand the limits of economic security.



those with no problem with feeding open hostility to Turkey, Azerbaijan and Qatar to show unconditional friendship to Turkey as Erdogan striking saldırdık of the attack, said:

“Every opportunity to take a stand against showing hostility to our country aside, through their ranks, their arguments us they’re targeting. Turkey at every opportunity they find again complains to foreigners, they are giving the message to arrive in the country to investors. They quinine and hatred of reason in them, what Borsa Istanbul ‘ stopped what are the factory in Sakarya. They would say, behind ancient civilizations and is Turkey is itself the history of the acquis, but by the Turkish nation, the objectives of the country. the democracy that makes the only exploiting this dirty mentality, freedom, most sincere advocate and practitioner of pluralism we have had. I’m speaking here: O person in charge of the CHP, your deputy will stand up, insult my Armed Forces so much, you will insult my Armed Forces so badly, and you will not be able to put this on the door. Know it once, and the Chests will not forgive you either. “



CHP’s Ali Mahir Başarır, in a television program he attended, used the expression “We are at such a point that the state’s army was sold to Qatar for the first time in the history of the Republic.” Upon successful objections, he said, “What is the Tank Pallet Factory? It is the army, of course. This is the honor of the country. It is my honor.”


Kushner in Saudi Arabia, face to face with bin Salman – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – TEL AVIV, NOV 30 – The White House Advisor – and Trump’s son-in-law – Jared Kushner will be in Saudi Arabia this week to relaunch the normalization process with Israel. The Israeli media reported that Kushner will be accompanied by Avi Berkowitz US envoy for the Middle East.

Kushner will meet Mohammed bin Salman in Neom, the same location where the secret meeting between the Saudi prince, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took place. Kushner will also go to Qatar and other Gulf countries. (HANDLE).