Supreme Court wants LESS LESS LESS Geert Wilders – GeenStijl

Supreme Court wants LESS LESS LESS Geert WildersNo style Wilders ignores the Supreme Court ruling: ‘Disgrace to the rule of law’ Wilders furious after conviction: ‘I don’t care!’Broadcaster PowNed Supreme Court upholds Geert Wilders conviction in ‘fewer Moroccans’ caseUS Wilders hard after saying: ‘Don’t let me shut up!’The Telegraph View full story on Google News […]

Sido races without a driver’s license – 48,000 euros fine – People

Rapper Sido has been driving a car without a license several times. Often he also drove way too fast. Now he has been sentenced. Although he doesn’t have a driver’s license, Sido was behind the wheel of a car in November and August 2020. As if that weren’t enough, he was also driving too fast. […]

From September 1st, car racers face a fine of up to € 5,000 – politics

Transport Minister Gewessler brought her speeder package through the Council of Ministers. The penalties for speeding offenders are now drastically increased. “With 110 in the 30 zone, with 250 on the autobahn, the car becomes a weapon.” Minister Gewessler locates a “problem with extreme rages” in Austria. Even if there are only “a few unteachable […]