Nuremberg: pub quartet should help landlords – Bavaria

Daniel Pohl, 47 years old, and Markus Weber, 50, publish a “pub quartet” – with bars that, from their point of view, should be visited in Nuremberg, Erlangen or Würzburg. However, they are currently closed due to the corona. Weber and Pohl want to donate the proceeds of their latest “bar quartet” to the landlords concerned. The game is sold through local bookstores and on the Internet.

SZ: Mr. Pohl, a quartet about pubs while having pubs – perfect or unfortunate timing?

Daniel Pohl: We asked ourselves that too. Usually we bring out a new edition every year and replace a few places. Vouchers from the pubs are also included – redeeming them is rather difficult at the moment. But so many hosts fear for their existence. We just wanted to do something.

How much should the quartet collect?

5000 euros would be nice. We do the whole thing part-time, we don’t earn anything from it.

How do you get the idea: “Now we’re going to make a bar quartet”?

Maybe 15 or 20 years ago we were out in the evening and talked about our youth, about the fact that we always liked to play a quartet. That’s how it all started. The restaurants that we choose for our quartet don’t have to pay anything. You just have to be special in some way.

That sounds like nice research!

It was always fun evenings. In the beginning we did the “pub quartet” for six cities. We all looked at them and let the locals show us around. Now we’re going to be a little more pragmatic.

Your quartet sorted by “beer price”, “opening year” or “proximity to the cathedral”. In view of the circumstances, did you have to introduce special corona criteria?

Usually the card with the highest, best or oldest value in a category wins. That is why the bar that has more people has always won in terms of “capacity”. But in Corona times you may have to play it the other way around.


Behind the scenes of the Obama media empire, a couple worth gold

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INQUIRY – The former presidential couple could eventually amass a fortune of $ 240 million.

Michelle and Barack Obama in 2018, at the National Portrait Gallery, Washington. JIM BOURG/REUTERS

The Obama small business is really unaware of the crisis. Launched last November 17 in 23 countries simultaneously, like a Hollywood blockbuster, the first volume of the 44e President of the United States is already a publishing phenomenon. A promised land, pavé of 850 pages published in France by Fayard, sold nearly 890,000 copies in the United States and Canada on the day of its release. He did better than To become, the work of the former first lady in 2018, which sold “only” 724,000 copies in 24 hours … but 14 million copies overall.

Michelle and Barack? A brand that comes almost endlessly in derivative products. And which pays big. Very big. Almost $ 65 million thanks to the contract with global publishing giant Penguin Random House. More than 50 million additional dollars, the result of the deal made via their production company Higher Ground with Netflix. To which is added a check from Spotify, estimated at around 20 million

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Sophie Davant launches her magazine “S”

The very popular TV host becomes editor-in-chief of a feminine edited by CMI France.

Cover of the new magazine
Cover of the new magazine “S”. CMI

On November 19, Sophie Davant will be in the kiosks. Not on the front page of a TV magazine, as she is used to, but as editor-in-chief of the new women’s magazine of the press group CMI France (Czech Media Invest, the former Lagardère Média), which also publishes Elle or Femina Version.

The star host of France 2 has accepted this new role on the condition that she is not a simple incarnation but that she truly exercises her profession as a journalist. “I participated in the definition of the editorial line and the choice of subjects. I even did two interviews including that of Katherine Pancol»She explains. “I have worked in television for over 20 years, have had successes and failures, I have a woman’s life, married, divorced, have children and I think many women can relate to my journey»She adds. Very popular with viewers, Sophie Davant presented Télématin, the Telethon, Fort Boyard and cartonne today

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TV channels cut Trump’s speech for disinformation

He was speaking for the first time since the night of the presidential election, but several American televisions decided on Thursday, November 5 to interrupt the broadcasting of a speech by President Donald Trump, believing that he was making disinformation.

While the vote count continues, Donald Trump had just said, from the White House, that he was going to win “easily” and “legal votes“Were counted, but that if we included”illegal votes“, Democrats could”try to steal the election from us“. Very quickly, the MSNBC channel ceased its live broadcast.

“Correct the President of the United States”

«Okay, here we are again in the unusual position of (having to) not only interrupt the President of the United States, but also correct the President of the United States.», Said the presenter, Brian Williams.

NBC News and ABC News also interrupted the broadcast of this press conference, which was ultimately not one, since the president left the desk without taking any questions.

CNN decided not to cut Donald Trump’s microphone, but his speech was accompanied by the banner “Without any proof, Trump claims there was fraud».

CNN star presenter Jake Tapper followed with a final conviction of the head of state. “What a sad night for the United States of America to see its president (…) falsely accuse people of trying to steal the election», He declared, by lambasting a«fabric of lies».

Donald Trump’s words have been condemned by figures in the Republican Party. “Nothing can defend the president’s words, which call into question our democratic processes. America is counting its votes, and we must respect the results, as we always have. No person or election is more important than our democracy», claimed on PBS Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan. “I am not saying this as a former governor, but as a former judge: this controversy has no basis to date. All votes must be countedChris Christie added on ABC News. Many other elected Republicans preferred to remain silent.

Social networks moderate at all costs

Donald Trump’s comments have also been corrected and reported by social networks since November 3. Both Facebook and Twitter have indeed made changes to their terms of use in order to moderate any comments calling into question the electoral process – in particular those criticizing the legitimacy of postal voting – as well as premature proclamations of victory. The aim is to avoid civil unrest in a highly divided country as much as possible.

On Thursday, Facebook deleted a group with a conspiratorial accent called “Stop this flightAnd which called into question the legitimacy of the election. It had attracted over 320,000 members in 24 hours. The group was organized around the delegitimization of the electoral process, and we saw disturbing calls for violence.“, Indicates Facebook in a press release.

Since Tuesday, the social network has continued to apply warnings on content published by Donald Trump’s team. We read that “the United States has well-established laws, procedures and institutions to ensure the integrity of elections» , «electoral authorities follow strict rules when it comes to counting ballots, processing them and reporting the results“, Or else”postal voting has long been very reliable in the United States.“As a precautionary measure, all the comments and videos posted on Facebook by Donald Trump and also Joe Biden, current and past, are accompanied by a reminder:”The vote count is in progress. There is no nominated winner yet.»

Twitter does not tolerate early declarations of victories and questioning of the legitimacy of postal voting. But Jack Dorsey’s social network goes a step further. Donald Trump’s messages he moderates no longer appear on subscriber feeds on behalf of the American president. They are also hidden on the latter: you must click on a warning to be able to read it.

For 24 hours, half of the tweets written by the president have been censored. “Twitter is out of control!», complained this morning the American president. The social network is within its rights: under US law, Internet platforms are masters of moderating content as they wish, if they violate their terms of use.

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Donald Trump, the American media’s best enemy

Targets of presidential attacks, major newspapers and news channels come out of Trump’s mandate strengthened.

At the foot of Air Force One, Donald Trump answers questions from journalists on the tarmac at Phoenix airport during a trip, October 19, to Arizona.
At the foot of Air Force One, Donald Trump answers questions from journalists on the tarmac at Phoenix airport during a trip, October 19, to Arizona. MANDEL NGAN / AFP

“Historic record audience for cable television!” One fine day, the lying media will regret me bitterly !!! ” This angry tweet was published by Donald Trump on September 30, the day after his first debate with Joe Biden. It is a wonderful illustration of the complex relationship between the White House and the media world over the past four years. On the one hand, a president who criticizes the «fake news medias», unheard of in the United States; on the other, newspapers and news channels that have emerged from this standoff, with audiences and a level of subscriptions at the top.

Fox News, but also MSNBC or CNN have never been better than during this highly unpredictable tenure. “Trump has given us new importance”, blows a presenter to Vanity Fair. “We never thought we would have such audiences in 2020.” The world of books has also benefited from the “Trump effect”, which began in 2018 with the 1.4 million copies sold in one week.

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With “Here everything begins”, TF1 wants to put the whole family back in front of the television

The new daily front page soap opera, launched on November 2, aims to conquer a young audience.

By broadcasting its new series Here Everything Begins at 6:30 p.m., just before its daily soap opera Tomorrow belongs to us, the channel will offer almost an hour of access prime time fiction, a time when the competition relies more on talk shows and games.
By broadcasting its new series Here Everything Begins at 6:30 p.m., just before its daily soap opera Tomorrow belongs to us, the channel will offer almost an hour of access prime time fiction, a time when the competition relies more on talk shows and games. THOMAS BRAUT / © THOMAS BRAUT / MI2 / TF1

French television will soon be enriched with a fourth daily soap opera. After More beautiful life on France 3, Such a great sun on France 2 and Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1, place, on the front page always, at Here it all begins. From November 2, the subsidiary of the Bouygues group is trying a new bet. By broadcasting its new 26-minute series at 6.30 p.m., just before DNA, the channel will offer almost an hour of fiction in access prime time, a schedule where the competition relies more on talk shows and games.

By playing the counter-programming card, TF1 hopes to attract viewers. But even more, she aims to bring the whole family together in front of her new series, whose budget amounts to just under 30 million euros. “The specificity of TF1’s offer, recalls Xavier Gandon, its director of TV and digital antennas, it’s to attract a multigenerational audience. This is verified with “Koh Lanta”, “Mask Singer” or series like The Good Doctor in

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Coronavirus pandemic: where does everyone get infected with Covid-19?

Contagion chains are no longer traceable

But where do people in Neukölln get infected? As indicated in the RKI data on the areas of infection, not a single outbreak in local public transport has been detected in the Neukölln district since the beginning of the pandemic. Savaskan also thinks this is plausible: “If everyone involved is wearing mouth-nose protection, by definition they are not exposed to any increased risk.”

So far, Savaskan’s staff have drawn a number of observations from the large identifiable outbreaks. Such as the case of an infected person with symptoms who sat in a bar for several hours without a face mask. Of the 120 contacts in this bar, almost 80 tested positive for Covid-19 after the visit.

Such superspreading events were consistently characterized by the following circumstances: closed rooms, many people without mouth and nose protection in a confined space, without controlled ventilation, without window ventilation. “In these constellations, it was not decisive whether people sang or drank alcohol,” says Savaskan. “So it’s not the party or the restaurant itself that is taking the risk. It’s the circumstances. “

“For well over 70 percent of the cases we can no longer find an identifiable focus of infection”(Nicolai Savaskan)

“Based on the current state of knowledge, it can be said that gatherings of people indoors without a regular exchange of fresh air are the characteristic of larger infections.” Outbreaks under such circumstances have been discovered in restaurants, bars, indoors with live music and in conference rooms. In contrast, not a single outbreak was documented in the fresh air, not even at parties in parks.

Could cluster software help?

Such insights are very valuable for assessing your own behavior. But according to the reports of the medical officers Hammersen and Savaskan, with the increasing number of cases it is becoming more and more difficult to learn something from the specific infection environment. Not least because the employees of the health authorities have their hands full with contact management, i.e. the notification and guidance of those who could have been infected by a new case.

In any case, no software is available to the employees that would make the search for the source clusters easier or even do it automatically. “The employees here do this by hand or in conventional Excel lists,” says Hammersen, for example. In Neukölln there is a specially written software with which cases can be filtered, for example, by categories such as gender, age, name, location or smear date. “Our case investigators used such categories to look for clusters that could indicate clusters,” says Savaskan.

But all of this always required the expertise of the employees. A largely automated search for outbreaks from the information provided by the infected has not yet existed. However, the RKI is working on signal recognition software that may help with automated algorithms in the future.

Possibly you can then help the health authorities with contact diaries, as the virologist Christian Drosten from the Charité recently described in the “Coronavirus Update” of the NDR. Such a log of one’s own contacts could help the health authorities “perhaps better recognize source clusters”, said Drosten. An official app that does something like this automatically is currently not planned, writes the RKI press office on request. With some fitness apps, such as the iOS app Arc, which save the whereabouts of the past days and weeks in the background, you could still have such a diary created automatically.

Active participation by the population is crucial

Savaskan thinks this is a good thing. This would make it easier to notify contacts that an infected person might have infected. “In addition, the citizens are so much more actively involved in fighting the pandemic,” he says. The active cooperation of the citizens, who perceive themselves as capable of acting and self-effective in the pandemic, will probably be the decisive factor in combating the pandemic in the coming months. ” We are now trying to promote this empowerment with various measures, «says Savaskan.

But it is doubtful that the health authorities can use the data from contact diaries for what they are intended for: to find new source clusters. “We never focused on the search for source clusters here,” says Hammersen. “We currently don’t have the capacity to look into the past for every patient for up to two weeks.”

He also doubts that identifying an infectious environment can still help contain the pandemic. “When we have identified a super-spreader, it is no longer infectious.” And those who infected it had long since spread the virus. Only one thing can help against super spreaders: if everyone significantly reduces their contacts. Because this also eliminates the most important areas of infection.


when China dethrones Hollywood

DECRYPTION – In 2020, Chinese box office revenue is expected to exceed that of the United States. A historical rocker.

The Eight Hundred, a war film screened almost exclusively in China, is the world's biggest box office hit of the year (left).
The Eight Hundred, a war film screened almost exclusively in China, is the year’s biggest box office success (left). Credit: BAIXIAOYAN

Who has heard of The Eight Hundred ? Nobody except… 1.4 billion Chinese: this blockbuster is screened almost exclusively in China. It is, however, the biggest success of the year at the global box office. The receipts of this war film produced by Huayi Brothers with very nationalist accents whose budget amounts to 80 million dollars reached, between August 21 and October 11, 460 million dollars. That’s more than the 426 million Bad Boys, the Sony Pictures franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Better, too, than Tenet , the American blockbuster by Christopher Nolan and its $ 323 million.

An exception? Not even. My People, My Homeland, another Chinese feature film, has already collected 325 million dollars after two weeks of theatrical exploitation, while it took six to Tenet to raise the same amount. Among the world’s biggest hits, we will also have to count on the Beijing animated film Enlight Picture,

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Munich: The first evening with a ban on serving alcohol – Munich

On the board on the facade of the traditional Zum Spöckmeier inn in the Rosental it says: “Happy Hour! Mon-Fri 2 pm-6pm, Halbe Helles 3.90”. The happy hour is already a few hours old, now the unhappy hour has broken all over town. It is just after 10 p.m. this Wednesday, October 14th, and nothing works.

A few minutes ago the alcohol ban came into force, which the city imposed within seven days due to the corona pandemic and the exceeding of the threshold of 50 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants. That doesn’t affect Spöckmeier at all today, it is already dark there shortly after ten, the lights are, the waiters have already sat up. The same picture can be seen over at the Viktualienmarkt in the Pschorr restaurant near the Schrannenhalle. Everything is tight there too.

At a quarter to ten something was still going on at Gärtnerplatz: The last curtain had fallen in the State Theater, the guests quickly streamed outside, the in-house bar Salon Pitzelberger is closed. Some local people are drawn to the Klenzestrasse to the Theaterklause, a small restaurant with typical Munich Boazn charm. Bartender Leo, who doesn’t want to be in the photo, says: “Everyone behaved in an exemplary manner and ordered in time for the last order.”

Fortunately, the performances in the theater are currently all finished before 10 p.m., some of them only lasted 90 minutes – time enough to order one last beer after work before 10 p.m. “You just have to be quick”, say the guests and laugh, “preferably get out before the final applause!” Leo expects the theater room to close earlier during the week in the future: “We normally close at twelve o’clock, but nobody stays that long for a nice water.” Now you are considering opening up earlier on Sundays, to compensate. Maybe at 3 p.m.

Not an option for the Holy Home. The bar on Reichenbachstrasse around the corner is already a classic when it comes to going out around Gärtnerplatz a little later. The crowd is rather young, between 8 and 30 on Sundays at 3 p.m., if you remember correctly, at this age you get up more or go to brunch, but not in a bar. On Wednesday, just before 10 p.m., it is The rush is manageable, a small group is sitting at the bar with a beer. A couple orders two cyclists just in time, then the bartender Sophie looks at the alarm clock that is on the shelf behind her: It’s time, closing time. Then a guest comes in through the door, very excited: “Is there anything else? Or am I too late?” Too late, says Sophie, she’s sorry. “A go!” Says the guest and turns to go, but then he has to laugh: no beer after ten, a bit bizarre again.

In the Holy Home, a couple orders a cyclist in good time.

(Photo: Robert Haas)

“That’s kind of a death sentence for a bar, isn’t it?” Sophie says it very calmly, but she really has reason to be upset. In a shop like the Holy Home, things don’t really start until ten; now it’s dead legs after eleven. “At midnight it looks much better with the tips, too,” says Sophie, “and the sales that we lack now cannot be made up at other times”. Maybe the Holy Home will open earlier on Sundays now, but that won’t do much. Not at all for Sophie, she is paid by the hour. “In any case, you can’t live from an evening like today.”

This is what seasoned landlords say in the old town, around the Frauenkirche, for example. Around half past ten only small groups sit at the tables in most inns, the Leger am Dom restaurant could now also be called Schee empty am Dom: It is already closed. The Augustiner Klosterwirt is still the busiest place. A couple of regulars do meet. “We come here every four weeks,” says one man, “we are seven people. So today we had to split ourselves over two tables with a plexiglass wall in between. What a nonsense!” Sure, Corona is not to be trifled with – but the so to speak “supervised drinking” in restaurants is apparently hardly dangerous: “Or has someone actually been infected in a pub in Munich? You should know that from the lists.”

Gregor Lemke, the monastery landlord himself, asks himself that. He is also the spokesman for the Munich city center inns, and he is now a little bit desperate. “The cancellations are now hailing in, making you dizzy,” he says. It was just another event with 100 people that was canceled. Worst of all, despite the low risk of infection, politicians came up with measures against the catering trade: “The only thing that remains with the guests is the feeling that it is dangerous in the pub, although it can be proven that it is not true.”


Instagram, ten years of success and an uncertain future in the Facebook empire

American and European regulators are talking about dismantling.

Instagram is used by more than a billion Internet users, including 32 million in France.
Instagram is used by more than a billion Internet users, including 32 million in France. LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP

Instagram is Facebook’s best acquisition. The photo-sharing app is celebrating 10 years and many years of continued success this week. When she joined the $ 1 billion Facebook group in 2012, Instagram had 30 million users and did not earn a dime for its creators, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Today, Instagram is used by more than a billion Internet users, including 32 million in France. The app has an impact on the aesthetics of trendy restaurants. It has created trendy travel destinations. Stars were born there. But above all, it is a formidable cash machine.

According to Bloomberg, in 2019 it reported no less than $ 20 billion in advertising revenue, or a quarter of the revenue of the Facebook group. This is more than YouTube’s revenue ($ 15 billion) over the same period. And the advertising tools of the service are constantly evolving. Since 2018, Instagram ads

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