Chihuahua Health Secretariat regrets the lack of honesty in the Miss Mexico pageant

Monterrey Mexico.

After what 15 title contenders and a Miss Mexico staff member tested positive for Covid-19, the Secretary of Health of the State of Chihuahua ruled on him disease outbreak in the contest.

“The Secretary of Health of the State of Chihuahua regrets the lack of honesty and transparency of the organizing committee of the Miss Mexico Contest and encourages people who were close to the contestants or collaborators to be aware of their appearance of symptoms and remain in isolation for 14 days, “he said in a statement.

The agency assured that it carried out an epidemiological investigation and established preventive and aid measures for medical care.

He added that it was an anonymous call that denounced that 11 members of Miss Mexico presented symptoms.

When personnel from the State Commission for the Prevention of Sanitary Risks came forward and applied rapid tests, they were negative; however, they applied PCR tests between the 32 candidates and the staff.

It was Friday July 2, one day after the final in which Michoacan Karolina Vidales was the winner, that Luis Jiménez Corzo, commercial director of the competition, confirmed a positive case: that of Isela Serrano, Miss Chihuahua.

But what was reported contrasted with what was said by a source, who stated that the organizers were aware that representatives of Zacatecas, Yucatán, Nuevo León, Mexico City, among other states, had symptoms since June 25.

It was on Sunday, July 4, that the results of 43 laboratory tests were delivered, of which 16 were positive.


Viral, June 2021 test: know an important aspect of yours today by telling us the first thing you see in the trend graph | Facebook and Viral Challenge | Social Networks | Visual Challenge | Trends | Trending | Challenge | Spain | Argentina | Peru | Colombia | United States | USA | USA | Mexico | MEXICO

Viral, June 2021 test: know an important aspect of yours today by telling us the first thing you see in the trend graph | Facebook and Viral Challenge | Social Networks | Visual Challenge | Trends | Trending | Challenge | Spain | Argentina | Peru | Colombia | United States | USA | USA | Mexico | MEXICO | SPORTS


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Unilabs, excellence in medical tests and Covid tests

On many occasions, medical professionals have great difficulties in establishing differential diagnoses in some diseases. This causes that, sometimes, the diagnoses are wrong and the treatment ineffective.

When this happens, the affected person tries to seek a second opinion or diagnosis, often in highly specialized centers that carry out personalized tests.

This is the case of Centers of Excellence Unilabs, a firm that provides doctors and patients with access to the most advanced medical tests that are personally adapted to each person.

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Personalized medical tests

These medical tests include obtaining blood samples and their subsequent analysis, in addition to all kinds of radiological examinations, including scanners and advanced mammography services.

Covid-19 testing

Additionally, tests related to Covid-19 can be requested. There are 6 different types of tests, by means of which the presence of the virus can be detected or to find out if the person already has a certain degree of immunization.

Test PCR

This type of test detects the presence of the coronavirus early. 3 types of PCR test are available:

  1. Standard PCR: It is performed by inserting a swab through the nose, in order to obtain the discharge sample.
  2. PCR premium: identical to the previous one, but the test results are provided in as little as one hour.
  3. Saliva PCR: a more comfortable way to perform the test.

All PCR tests detect any strain or variant of the coronavirus.

Antigen testing

Like the PCR tests, the antigen test allows to know if the person has the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The big difference is that the antigen test is much faster, and results are available within 15-30 minutes.

Antibody test

This serological test detects the amount of Igm antibodies e Igg existing in blood. If they are found to be present, it means that the person has already passed the infection, regardless of whether they have had noticeable symptoms.

The request to carry out any test related to Covid can be made from the Unilabs website itself.

Diagnostic specialists

In the Unilabs Centers of Excellence Not only can you perform complete medical evaluations, but it is the only Spanish company that performs clinical, pathological and diagnostic imaging analyzes.

The complete catalog includes the genetic diagnosis of genetic, chronic and infectious diseases. In the same way, the patient can access early cancer detection systems

Finally, let us point out that many of the tests and services offered by Unilabs They can be requested directly by the person concerned, without the intervention or mediation of medical professionals.


How Sophia Thiel kept her eating disorder secret: “Covering tracks”

Updated May 17, 2021 at 1:07 pm

  • So that no one noticed anything about her eating disorder, Sophia Thiel blurred the “traces” of her binge eating for a long time.
  • She is not proud of the way she writes in her book.

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Sophia Thiel no longer wants to keep her eating disorder a secret. In her new book “Come Back Stronger”, which was published on May 7th, the fitness YouTuberin writes openly and honestly about her experiences with binge eating and how she has tried to hide them for years.

Sophia Thiel: binge eating in the parking lot

She writes that, among other things, she drove to various supermarkets to avoid being seen with a shopping cart full of junk food. “I dosed the purchases and devoured all the stuff in the parking lot or while driving. In between I always disposed of the packaging so that nobody caught me (…) or would later find anything in the car,” Thiel continues.

She has perfected the “covering of tracks” more and more. She is by no means proud of it. In those moments she completely lost control. “You steer from food to food like on the autopilot until you just can’t anymore.”

Then Thiel was mostly ashamed. “With every binge of eating I really noticed how I was getting broken piece by piece,” she recalls.

Influencer: “It was the most difficult time of my life”

On the occasion of her book publication, the 26-year-old also found a few emotional words on Instagram. She stated that she felt “lost” during her social media break, “searching for answers to my then undiagnosed eating disorder”.

Thiel was not in tune with her body, he felt like an “opponent”, like “my great saboteur of my ‘happiness'”. It was a long time before she found herself and her “personal center” again.

Today she is grateful for what her body has achieved over the years. From their point of view, there can be no talk of a “happy ending”. “Well, let’s put it this way: we’ve become good friends now, even if we sometimes quarrel.”
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Sophia Thiel (26) reveals very private details about their relationship! The YouTuber has only been back in the spotlight for a few months. Only shortly after her comeback, she introduced her new boyfriend Raphael Birchner to the whole world.