Red week for Bukele government: bonds plummet due to reelection fears

Investors have reacted suspiciously to recent policy decisions. In the stock market they already speak of “the Bukele risk premium”. The same day that the Bitcoin Law came into force, the same one that the government promises will attract a lot of investment to the country, El Salvador’s main debt creditors again showed their distrust […]

Electricity wholesale prices continue to soar in October | Austrian Energy Agency

Austrian electricity price index rises by over 8% in a month-on-month comparison Vienna (OTS) – The Austrian electricity price index (ÖSPI) rose by 8.2% in October 2021 compared to the previous month. “Even if this year has already been characterized by a steady rise in wholesale prices for electricity, an increase of 8.2% means a […]

Apple: This is how expensive the new iPhone 13 could be

Prices are seeping through from China for the Apple iPhone 13 and the other models in the range. Higher chip prices and a new storage option could make for the most expensive iPhone of all time. Largest storage option 1 TB makes for the most expensive iPhone Pro Max MyDrivers predicts a price above € […]

How much money would you have if you invested $ 100,000 in dollars or a fixed term

The return on investments throughout 2021 leaves several surprises between dollars, time limits and stocks. How much was obtained in each one by placing $ 100,000 A few days before the elections, it is interesting to know which were the investments that offered the highest returns, and that provided greater coverage of pesos against inflation […]

DO NOT carry Argentine PESOS when Uruguay reopens borders

The neighboring country announced that in the coming weeks it will allow Argentines to enter. How much do they take the national currency to buy foreign currency? With the drop in cases of Covid-19 infected and the advance of vaccination against this virus, neighboring countries are trying to reopen their borders to reactivate some of […]

Energy prices continued to rise in July, fuel also more expensive – economy

23.08.2021 09:09 (Akt. 23.08.2021 20:50) Fuel is significantly more expensive than a year ago. © APA / dpa / Christophe Gateau Energy and fuel prices in Austria have become significantly more expensive compared to last year. A tank of 50 liters of diesel cost around 10 euros, with premium petrol around 12 euros more than […]

PC memory will no longer be gold. A global price collapse is coming

10 August 2021 15:1310 Aug 2021 15:13 | Share this DRAM memory for PCs and laptops will noticeably fall in price by the end of 2021 due to the global decline in demand for it. The decline in prices will reach 5% and may continue in 2022. All this does not apply to RAM for […]

How much money would you have if you put $ 100,000 in DOLLAR or FIXED TERM

For the full year, just two investments outperformed the price index. How much money did those who put in $ 100,000 win or lose? In recent months, exchange rate volatility and the slowdown in inflation caused variations in the yields in the different types of investment, which savers have available to dump their pesos and […]