Two hours of a confined Lisbon and in elections. “They are in the queue to know where to vote” | Report

Departure from home: 11h30m. Arrival: about two hours later. On the way to the University City, where the early vote for the elections takes place presidential in Lisbon, the environment got warmer. The better temperature than on other days calls for walks and runs in the Campo Grande garden and the possibility of exercising the vote this Sunday took many people to the street in full confinement. The surprise comes around the corner, when the rectory can be seen, even before crossing the lawn ahead. Inside that building, Manuel Rodrigues explains what is going on: “Outside, the fagot arrives in Campo Grande. People are queuing up to know where they vote ”.

Despite the confusion, this voter was ahead of other people given his age (88 years) and his physical condition. He chose to vote first to avoid crowds in times of pandemic: “Were you going to crowds?”

Like Manuel Rodrigues, also Joana Lima, 38, decided to enroll in the early vote for “a pragmatic issue. Not to be in long lines ”. However, that is not what happened.

Joana Lima added that the “line was apparently long. But I got here fast ”. How much time? “15 to 20 minutes,” he replied. But as time went on, the wait got worse. After 1 pm, Gonçalo Oliveira, who was on the street about to enter the rectory building, told PÚBLICO that his time in line was “too much. Almost an hour ”.

There were several reports of delay and on the lawn it was possible to see people who took collapsible benches that were opening and closing as the line progressed.

In these elections, 246,880 voters registered in an early vote. The possibility of early voting on mobility was extended in times of pandemic, and each municipality has a voting point, when in 2019 early voting on mobility was exercised only in the district capitals. But a polling station turned out to be little or at least confusing, given the demand.

Salvador Nery, 31, considers that “some disorganization is notorious”, but explains that the problem begins even before it reaches the university city. “When we signed up for early voting we received a confirmation message that indicates the voting place, but does not say the building”. In Lisbon there were four buildings where it was possible to do so: Rectory, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Law and Old Cantina. This was the detail that was missing from the message. The messages said rectory. What caused many people to arrive and put themselves in line at the rectory.

“I also think they shouldn’t be expecting so many people,” he admitted. In Lisbon alone, 33,364 are registered to vote today. In 2019 legislatures, a little over 56,000 people registered to vote in advance, across the country.

When he arrived, this voter asked the staff scattered across the pitch which would be your polling station and this prevented you from being in the wrong row. However, it was not so with everyone. In the middle of the lawn, it was possible to hear a person saying that he had already walked “in lost lines”.

Carlos Silva, chairman of the section 12 table, said that people would come to the table to complain about “lack of signage”. “Staff teams could have a flag” to be seen and thus make it easier for people to search for information on the table they would vote for.

Again inside the building, everything seemed simpler. People kept their distance from each other and respected health safety rules. Inside, people from the organization could be seen scattered around, helping with directions on where to enter and where to leave.

In the street, in the lines, distance was possible and people wore the mask. But not everything seemed to fit into the confinement that Portugal is going through. “People can’t go to shopping centers and that’s it,” said a man near the rectory building.

There were those who gave up voting, but there were those who preferred to wait. This was the case of Manuela Laranjeiras, who usually votes in Esposende and was in Cidade Universitária with her husband and young daughter. “In my municipality there was not going to be a gathering, but I don’t plan to do so many kilometers in this situation” of a health crisis, he said. Manuela was at the end of the line, but did not think about giving up because this was the only chance to vote, despite her daughter asking for a lap. “We even thought about going to vote and the other going home with the girl. And then we changed ”.

Despite the delay, not everyone took the time to be lost. Even though he knew he could vote for it next Sunday, Gonçalo Oliveira held on to fulfill what he stressed was his “duty”. “I think it’s worth coming today,” said Salvador Nery. The voters that the PUBLIC spoke with revealed that they did not miss the day of reflection, which does not exist in the early vote. “I have been voting for many years”, justified Manuel Rodrigues.

At lunchtime, the lines continued and the return home allowed us to see that only there, where people vote in advance, it looks like an unfinished city. Besides, with the stores closed and the shutters not working, the streets were empty.


a presidential campaign under the sign of state violence

Yoweri Museveni, 76, is virtually certain of winning the Ugandan presidential election this Thursday, January 14. Since 1986, he has ruled this country without interruption, not hesitating to use violence to subdue his population and neutralize his opposition. In the last general election in 2016, he was re-elected in the first round with 60.75%. “We are certain of victory”, he already declared at the beginning of the year. On Tuesday, he suspended access to social networks and messaging services: Ugandans no longer have the use of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Signal and Viber. Once again, the presidential campaign was marked by violence against the opposition, primarily against ragga singer Bobi Wine, 38.

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A campaign under the banner of state violence

Nothing has been spared him: multiple arrests, dispersal of his political meetings, flashballs, live ammunition, torture of activists in prison. The peak was reached on November 18, 2020: the police opened fire on his supporters who were protesting in the street against a new arrest of their candidate, killing 54 people.

→ INFOGRAPHICS. In Uganda, “presidency for life” for Yoweri Museveni

The other nine candidates were also targeted by the government. Patrick Amuriat, of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), systematically addressed his barefoot supporters to recall the aggression he was the victim of on the day of his candidacy. In the name of the fight against Covid-19, all large gatherings of these candidates have been deleted. A rule never applied to meetings of the presidential party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Elections in Uganda: indestructible Museveni

Bobi Wine, the rising star of Ugandan politics

If Bobi Wine has been so targeted by the police, it is because he is not an ordinary candidate for Yoweri Museveni. Known around the world, he embodies the expected change in this country ruled by an iron fist for thirty-five years. Especially among young people, in a country where population growth is one of the highest in the world (3.3% per year).

Bobi Wine has another potentially handicapping asset for Museveni: he is a Muganda (16% of the population), from the kingdom of Bouganda, now an administrative province, who gave his name to Uganda and who occupied a central place in the life of the country.

Yoweri Museveni less essential

This rise of the famous singer also comes at a time when Yoweri Musweni is no longer so indisputable for his main supporters, starting with Washington. Considered one of the prominent figures for Africa in the 1990s by the Clinton administration, this is no longer the case today because of its authoritarian drift and the new geopolitical situation in the region. .

The Tilenga project in Uganda, the excess of the “old world”

So even Assistant US Secretary of State for Africa Tibor Nagy said to himself on Tuesday “Concerned about reports that the Ugandan government has ordered internet providers to block social media and messaging”. And Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, urged “Ugandan authorities, particularly the security forces, to act in accordance with international human rights standards”.


Melania Trump breaks silence about Capitol invasion and talks about the future – World

Five days after the historic invasion of the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, Melania broke the silence in a statement, condemning the violence.

In the note posted on the White House website, the first lady of the United States stressed that “violence is never acceptable”, but he also made it clear that his “heart” is with the relatives of the mortal victims of the Capitol robbery: Ashli ​​Babbitt, Benjamin Philips, Kevin Greeson and Roseanne Boyland – these four protesters were supporters of far-right groups. Melania also mourns the death of security officers at the US legislative headquarters: Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood.

“We have to listen to each other, focus on what unites us and go beyond what divides us,” said the first lady.

At the end of the text, Melania thanks everyone who supported the four years that she and Donald Trump were in the White House and speaks of inspiration in these elections. “It is inspiring to see that so many have found passion and enthusiasm in participating in an election, but we cannot allow passion to turn into violence.”

“More importantly, I ask for healing, grace, understanding and peace for our great nation,” he said without saying a word about the new presidential family or whether or not he will be in the swearing-in of Joe Biden. Trump has already announced that he will not be at the ceremony on January 20.


The Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan recognized the referendum on the form of government as held :: Politics :: RBC

Photo: Abylai Saralaev / TASS

In Kyrgyzstan, a referendum was recognized to determine the form of government in the country. This was reported by the press service of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the republic.

According to the commission, at 18:00 (15:00 Moscow time) the turnout in the referendum was 33.08% (1 million 178 thousand 656 people). According to the law, a referendum is recognized as valid if at least 30% of voters participate in it.

Voters can vote for a presidential, parliamentary republic, or against all.

Early presidential elections begin in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Along with the referendum, early presidential elections are being held in Kyrgyzstan. They were voted on by 33.13% of voters, or 1 million 180 thousand 515 people. In total, 17 people apply for the post of head of state. Among them is Sadyr Japarov, who took over as acting prime minister amid protests in the country. After the resignation of President Sooronbai Jeenbekov, he became interim president. In November, Japarov resigned to take part in the elections.


Presidential campaign kicks off adapted to pandemic

This weekend is forbidden to circulate between all the municipalities of mainland Portugal (from 11 pm on 8 January and 5 am on 11 January) and the duty of home collection in 253 municipalities came into effect at 1 pm.

Although party political activity is not covered by the restrictions of the state of emergency, some candidates have chosen to adapt the campaigns, reducing street contacts or limiting hours.

A candidacy of Ana Gomes had initiatives in the district of Setúbal in the morning but decided to cancel in the face of the “worsening of the health situation” and announced that all actions on the ground planned by the end of the campaign “will be dependent on the new measures” that are due to be announced next Wednesday .

The BE-supported candidate, Marisa Matias, announced that he will be at the Ceramics Museum, in Sacavém, Loures, for a meeting with former workers at the Triumph factory, in the morning. In the afternoon, at 5 pm, he participates in a rally but in a virtual format. This rally has a “reduced physical component” and will be broadcast on social media from Cinema S. Jorge, in Lisbon.

A candidacy of João Ferreira, a candidate supported by the PCP and “Os Verdes”, also changed the agenda after the weekend restrictions were known, choosing to anticipate to 11 am, in the Coliseu do Porto, a rally that will be attended by the secretary general of the PCP, Jerónimo de Sousa, and that will be the only initiative of the day.

Also in the morning, the candidate Vitorino Silva the “national tour” begins at 10:30 am, with a campaign action near the Peniche Fort, in Prainha de São Pedro where, he said, he picked up the stones he showed André Ventura in a televised debate, to symbolize the diversity of people and colors policies involved in April 25, 1974 that allowed him to now be “debating with those who think differently”.

For your side, André Ventura, who is also president of Chega, kicks off the campaign in the district of Beja, with an afternoon gathering at the Cineteatro Municipal de Serpa, followed by a rally, starting at 5 pm, and has no further actions on this day.

The President of the Republic, and candidate, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said he has no campaign actions planned until the 18th, as he is under surveillance after having had contact with an element of his Civil House infected with the new coronavirus.

The candidate supported by the Liberal Initiative, Tiago Mayan Gonçalves, there are no campaign actions planned for today.

Presidential elections are scheduled for January 24 and this is the 10th time that the Portuguese have been called to choose the President of the Republic in democracy, since 1976.

Seven candidates are running for election, Marisa Matias (supported by the Left Block), Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (PSD and CDS / PP) Tiago Mayan Gonçalves (Liberal Initiative), André Ventura (Arrives), Vitorino Silva, better known as Tino de Rans , João Ferreira (PCP and PEV) and PS activist Ana Gomes (PAN and Livre).

c / The day after tomorrow


Now revealed. Melania Trump was photographing the White House rugs during the Capitol invasion – World

As protesters urged by Donald Trump invaded the Capitol last Wednesday, the first lady of the United States was at a photo shoot for a book about her White House decor. And that day the theme was carpets.

According to ‘CNN’, Melania was overseeing the photo shoot in the offices of the First Lady’s team when the crowd stormed the Congressional headquarters for not accepting the result of the presidential elections. The east wing is 2.5 kilometers from the Capitol, facing that building.

Photos were being taken on carpets and other items in the executive residence and east wing“a source told CNN. Melania” is simply no longer in a mental or emotional place to get involved. “The silence of the first lady since the assault on the Capitol has been highlighted in the international press.


In Niger, Mahamadou Issoufou hands over

Respecting the constitution, after two terms, he will not be a presidential candidate on Sunday.

President Mahamadou Issoufou will succeed on Sunday with his bet. On that day, Niger will vote for presidential and legislative elections, in peace. The outgoing head of state, at the head of the country for ten years and two terms, does not stand, as the Constitution provides. “I always said that I will respect the texts», Repeats, falsely astonished questions on this subject, the quasi ex-president.

His decision won him a concert of praise, while at the same time two of his West African counterparts, in Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea, amended their basic law to allow themselves a third term. For Niger, the announced departure of Mahamadou Issoufou also marks the first peaceful transition since independence in 1960, in a state long marked by a violent political culture and coups d’état.

Beyond these symbols, the other Issoufou bet will be more difficult to win. His designated successor, Mohamed Bazoum, is certainly the big favorite. But

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United States: Trump attacks Republican leader for recognizing Biden’s triumph – US and Canada – International

President Donald Trump dispatched himself on Twitter against the Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, after this Tuesday he recognized and congratulated the Democrat Joe Biden for his electoral victory.

(In context: After several weeks, Republican head of the Senate congratulates Joe Biden).

Just over 12 hours after McConnell delivered a Senate speech, after the Electoral College vote formalized Biden’s victory, Trump He decided to use his favorite social network to show his annoyance at the event.

President Trump shared a news report on McConnell’s comments and in an accompanying message he wrote: “Mitch, 75,000,000 VOTES, a record for a sitting president (by far). Too early to give up. The Republican Party must finally learn to fight. People are angry! “.

In his speech, McConnell also asked the Senate Republican majority to avoid doing jokes when they had the joint session that ratifies the presidential election, an issue that will be on January 6, and which will leave Trump’s desire for reverse the result.

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While, some loyal Republican disciples of the outgoing president continue to back him, a vast majority are choosing to acknowledge that there is not much more to do.

It was the case of Senator John Cornyn who pointed out that although “it is not fun to lose”, “the matter is under the Constitution itself and once the state certifies its voters, there is no other way for the president to reverse the choice … I think our hands are tied. ”

The leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, recognized 38 days later the triumph of Joe Biden.

In turn, some allies of Trump himself, such as Lindsey Graham, although they have not taken a direct position, avoided comment when asked by the press about the president’s criticism of McConnell when the president was acting.

In the last weeks, President Trump who still does not acknowledge his defeat, has pointed out to Republican governors and other local officials of not supporting him enough around his fight to prove that there was electoral fraud since the results of the elections have to be annulled.

(Read also: The countries that will challenge the Joe Biden administration).

The truth is that if McConnell manages to maintain the Republican majority in the Senate and retain his position after two runoff elections in Georgia in January, Biden’s legislative ambitions could encounter stiff barriers that will test him from the start of his term.


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Forbes updated the top 3 most influential women in the world :: Society :: RBC

Kamala Harris is one of the three most influential women in the world, and there are 17 newcomers in the top 100 women with the greatest influence on world events this year.

Kamala Harris

(Фото: Mark Makela / Getty Images)

Kamala Harris, who in January 2021 may become the first lady in history to serve as vice president of the United States, entered the top 100 most influential women in the world according to Forbes magazine. Harris entered this rating for the first time and immediately rose to third place in it, losing only to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Central Bank Chairman Christine Lagarde, who retained their places of leadership in the list.

But the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who a year ago ranked third in the ranking of the most influential women in the world, fell immediately to seventh place.

The last place in the top 100 was taken by another newcomer and opponent of US President Donald Trump – Stacy Adams, founder of the Fair Fight organization, which fights for the protection of voters’ rights. Forbes cites Adams’ actions as one of the main reasons why a Democratic candidate won the presidential election in Georgia in 2020 for the first time in 28 years.

In addition, Kelly Zhang, CEO of ByteDance China, which runs the TikTok service, was also included in the rating, which angered the US president that he even signed a decree to combat the service threat.

In total, the ranking this year included 17 newcomers, among which there are, in particular, politicians:


Time puts on the cover “the worst year in history” – RBC

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