Maia Sandu, a president against corruption in Moldova

It is a small revolution in the former Soviet republic of Moldova. The first woman to take the presidency, Maia Sandu, 48, created a surprise, Sunday, November 15, by far ahead of the outgoing pro-Russian Igor Dodon, with 57.75% of the vote.

The pro-European candidate owes her victory to the record mobilization of the diaspora. Almost 258,000 Moldovans living abroad took part in the ballot and over 90% voted for it.

A reputation for incorruptibility

The daughter of a veterinarian and a music teacher, Maia Sandu grew up in Risipeni, a village in Soviet Moldova, before studying economics, law and international relations in the capital Chisinau.

Graduated from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in 2010, she worked at the Ministry of the Economy, then as an economist at the World Bank, in Chisinau then in Washington. Minister of public education between 2012 and 2015, Maia Sandu has forged a reputation for incorruptibility by installing hundreds of cameras in the baccalaureate examination centers to fight against the purchase of good marks.

According to the NGO Transparency International, the amount of bribes paid to education during the first two years of his ministry fell by 50%. Prime Minister for a few months, in 2019, Maia Sandu started an ambitious justice reform before being overthrown by parliament. The strengthening of the independence of the public prosecutor threatened the oligarchic system.

→ PORTRAIT. Maia Sandu, the incorruptible Moldovan

Maia Sandu campaigned on the theme of reforms to fight corruption, violations of the rule of law, poverty and emigration. In 2015, the country was rocked by a huge scandal, the disappearance of a billion dollars from the coffers of three national banks, the equivalent of 15% of the GDP. “Today you have the power to punish those who stole from you, who reduced you to misery and forced you to leave your home”, she said, Sunday, November 15, after having voted.

Between Russia and the European Union

In foreign policy, the president-elect wants to continue bringing her country closer to the European Union while maintaining good relations with Russia. For Moscow, which openly supported its rival Igor Dodon, recently received in the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin with a promise of financial aid, Maia Sandu’s victory is a failure.

Russian advisers had joined the outgoing president’s campaign team, according to independent media. Russia even accused the United States of orchestrating “A revolutionary scenario for Moldova”.

Before the second round, false rumors did not spare the pro-European candidate, an unmarried woman, accused of wanting to attack ” traditional values »Christian. The outgoing president repeated that the opposition candidate would close schools, liquidate town halls, block road repairs and “give” Moldova to Romania.

In the presidency, where she will be invested on December 23, Maia Sandu risks having limited room for maneuver, for lack of a loyal parliamentary majority. While waiting for probable early elections.


Fisherman’s father killed in Tua believes the shot was accidental

Sérgio Nascimento believes that his son was killed by the accidental firing of a hunter, leaving aside the hypothesis of a premeditated crime.

I don’t believe that, he had no enemies. For me, it was some individual [caçador] who arrived there on top of the rocks and saw a figure, who was my son who had a black coat on, shot and ready. But whoever shot it after they shot someone “, said the father of Cláudio Sérgio Nascimento, who was rescued, already lifeless, from the Tua river, at dawn, near the place where he was fishing, this Sunday, in Valverde da Gestosa, Mirandela municipality.

I missed him at night, I went to see him at that place, there was the backpack, the cane and the hat and a lot of blood spread“describes Sérgio Nascimento, who confirms his son’s enormous passion for fishing.” It was normal for him to go to that place to fish, he had a fishing license and went everywhere, “says the father who reveals that he heard a shot.”I heard a shot around 4 pm“.

The Judiciary Police is on the ground carrying out an investigation into the death, which appears to have been caused by a shot fired by a large weapon, probably a shotgun.

This Sunday, the homicide scenario was one of the possibilities, taking into account the traces of blood that were next to the place – known in the area as the old fraga – where the victim was fishing and where the fishing rod and a backpack belonging to the farmer.

In the village, there are reports that the victim – Cláudio Sérgio Nascimento – had a huge passion for fishing, was a calm person and had no friction with anyone. “He was perhaps one of the calmest people in this village, he never got involved with anyone”, says the president of the Union of Parishes of Barcel, Marmelos and Valverde da Gestosa, Luís Esteves.

There are also those who predict that it may have been an incident, starring a hunter. “That is a free hunting area, where there are many wild boars, someone may have shot accidentally”, adds another inhabitant who did not want to be identified.

The Judiciary Police is investigating the case. The corpse will be subjected to autopsy, still this Monday, whose result will be fundamental for the investigation.

This Sunday, around 7.20 pm, the alert for the disappearance of the man was given. For the site, 14 operational Mirandela Volunteer Firefighters were deployed, with the support of six vehicles and six GNR military personnel. They even carried out searches on the banks of the river, for about two hours, until around 22.30 hours, but the rain that was felt and the poor visibility ended up dictating the suspension of the searches.

Meanwhile, a team from the GNR of Mirandela remained in place to preserve the evidence and, a few minutes after the search was suspended, they ended up visualizing what appeared to be a piece of clothing in the water.

At dawn, around 00.15 hours, the firefighters’ divers team rescued the body of the 32-year-old farmer, resident in Valverde da Gestosa.


President Erdogan’s statement of coronavirus measures! ‘We have to take measures and we will take them’

Breaking news .. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made statements after the Friday prayer in Istanbul.

Erdogan’s statements are as follows:


“The Scientific Committee carries out all kinds of preparations. Of course, the sensitivity of our citizens is very important here.

Although we have announced many measures many times, we still see that our citizens do not pay any attention to these works in closed spaces, they do these until they smoke, we see that they do not wear masks.

Especially the mask, the distance, these are very important for us and hygiene. However, unless attention is paid to this, especially in metropolitan cities, it becomes inevitable to continue increasingly.


We are now obliged and will take these measures with these steps taken by our Ministry of Health.

We do not have a problem in terms of physical infrastructure, we do not have a problem at the point of hospitals. Vaccination is on the agenda; our own activities are currently progressing rapidly.

In the meantime, the work carried out by Mr. Uğur and his wife in Russia, China, Germany and Germany is progressing with sensitivity.

Along with all these, we can call it volunteers, we have a name for those who volunteer to be vaccinated. We are also preparing for it.

This process is not a mathematical one. These are the reports submitted by the companies conducting this study, especially TÜBİTAK. According to these reports, they say that April may be the earliest. But we currently have talks on vaccine import. I have talks with Putin. Negotiations continue with China. We have started to use these vaccines on volunteers with some vaccines sent from there gradually.

Studies continue to see the results as soon as possible and to see what the side effects are and what they are not.



I’m the official head of the wealth fund. We continue with the decisions we have taken at regular intervals in the first process. There is nothing extraordinary here. However, for the upcoming period, we want to place our Wealth Fund in a much different place globally.

For example, yesterday, for example, the Emir of Qatar to visit Turkey is one of these steps actually thrown. The most important goals at the moment are the signatures we have made. As you know, 11 agreements have been signed. Among these, there are steps that are currently being taken from the sales of some companies to their own shares or to buying the shares of companies in different countries.


Of course, our biggest project is the Kanal Istanbul project, which I call my crazy project. At the moment, there is an intense demand for the Kanal Istanbul project. Domestic and global; there are these. If you pay attention, there is no stopping in our investments.

The number one project is the Kanal Istanbul project. It has now reached the tender stage of the job. And by combining these meetings with our Ministry of Transport and the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, I said ‘you will run this business together’.

By taking this step as soon as possible, Istanbul will reach a much different power. “


Last minute… Mayor of Menemen Serdar Aksoy was suspended from duty

In a written statement made by the Ministry, it was pointed out that the investigations carried out by the ministry chief civil inspectors and the Menemen Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office continued for the crime of ’embezzlement’ against the Mayor of Izmir Menemen Serdar Aksoy.

Reminding that Aksoy was detained with the decision numbered 2020/392 of the Menemen Criminal Magistrate’s Office within the scope of this file, “In accordance with the 4th paragraph of the 127th article of the Constitution and the 47th article of the Municipality Law numbered 5389, the Mayor of Izmir Menemen Serdar Aksoy was suspended from duty by our Ministry as an interim measure decision” It was said.


An operation was carried out on the allegations of corruption in the Menemen Municipality in Izmir, and 23 people were detained.

20 of 23 suspects, including Menemen Mayor Serdar Aksoy, who were taken into custody for ’embezzlement’ and ‘extortion’ within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Menemen Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, were referred to the court with a request for arrest.

Following the statements taken at the Menemen Criminal Court of Peace, 11 people were arrested and sent to prison together with Menemen Mayor Serday Aksoy.


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Ana Gomes expects Marcelo to “not take office” and announce a re-application | Presidential

Presidential candidate Ana Gomes said on Wednesday she hoped that the current President of the Republic would not continue to feed the “taboo” about a re-election, “even in order not to take office,” with a date set for the elections.

“I just hope that from now on, the President of the Republic will not continue to feed the ‘taboo’ about his re-election, even if he does not use the post of President of the Republic, which he naturally continues to play, and expose himself to questioning From media and citizens as well as the other candidates ”, considered Ana Gomes today, speaking to the agency Lusa.

The presidential candidate was on Wednesday in a campaign action at Café Saudade, in Sintra, where she spoke to about a dozen supporters, and had breakfast before heading to the municipality’s town hall, where she was received by the president , Basilio Horta.

Asked about the status of the collection of signatures necessary to formalize the candidacy for President of the Republic, Ana Gomes said that the process is “quite advanced”, pointing out some difficulties of an independent candidacy, without party support.

“The system is obsolete, it also requires that signatures come on paper and it also requires that there be a second phase, which is to ask the parish councils to confirm that the citizens who signed are actually voters, this is where we are ”, Said the candidate.

Sharing a caricature episode in which a voter in Mértola directly handed her a form of support in the middle of the street, Ana Gomes said that this will be “undoubtedly an atypical campaign” due to the circumstances of the pandemic.

The former Socialist MEP confessed that even in a normal scenario, her campaign would no longer have rallies or riots and that she would not have a single poster on the street, considering them “a drain on a good part of the funding of political parties”, betting on the debates “online”.

“It is different, of course, but it also allows to reach more citizens than normally even in a room of any collective or cultural institution, even if it could be full”, he pointed out, adding that it is also a way to attract young people to the city. democratic participation.

Ana Gomes also challenged the remaining candidates for the presidential elections, even those with party support, to adopt a system “online”Of citizens’ financial contributions similar to that of his campaign, to“ give citizens confidence in candidacies and politics ”.

On the platform he created to raise funds, the candidacy claims to accept donations from citizens up to 100 euros.

“We do not even accept what is foreseen in the law, which is that applications can have individual financing up to 26 thousand euros, I think this is obscene, so we determined a completely transparent scheme, which was not easy to set up but which is online, in which we accept donations only up to a maximum of 100 euros per person ”, he said.

On her visit to Sintra, a municipality where she was a candidate for the city council and later a councilor for the PS in 2009, Ana Gomes pointed out that “Sintra’s problems are a microcosm of the country’s problems, and in particular the country with the diversity of urban areas and rural areas ”.

Two months before the presidential elections, scheduled for January 24, there are eight pre-candidates for the position of President of the Republic, currently occupied by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who has not yet announced whether he will run again.


Francisco Sagasti becomes interim president

“I swear to the homeland and all Peruvians to exercise the office of president”, said Francisco Sagasti during a plenary session of Parliament. The 76-year-old officially became the new president of Peru on Tuesday, November 17, with the task of putting an end to the deep political crisis that is shaking the South American country and leading him to the general elections of April 2021.

→ READ. Peru plunges back into political instability

He immediately promised that the presidential and legislative elections of April 11 would take place “Without a hitch” and will be “Absolutely transparent”. The election Monday, November 16 of Francisco Sagasti as head of Parliament, in a vote in which he was the only candidate, automatically made him the new leader of Peru due to the vacancy at the head of state. He is the third to hold this position in just over a week.

Removal of a popular president

In a country accustomed to a very strong political instability, this new period of turbulence was opened on November 9 by the Parliament itself: the deputies voted for the dismissal of the popular president Martin Vizcarra (center-right) for suspicion of corruption when he was governor in 2014, when no judicial investigation had been carried out.

The head of Parliament (therefore, in fact, interim president after Vizcarra’s departure), the opponent Manuel Merino, also of the center-right, then took the reins of the country, angering thousands of demonstrators, mostly young people took to the streets to protest against a ” Rebellion “ parliamentary.

Against the tide of the local political class, in 32 months in office, Martin Vizcarra had become a popular president by making the fight against corruption his main battle horse. He has “Categorically” denied the bribery charges that earned him his dismissal.

Request for forgiveness from the families of two demonstrators killed

After five days of violently repressed demonstrations, which resulted in the death of two young protesters aged 22 and 24 and hundreds of injured, Manuel Merino, let go by the political class, finally threw in the towel. One of the demonstrators missing since Saturday November 14 and found on Tuesday and explained to have been ” held captive “ by the police.

During his inauguration speech, Francisco Sagasti asked “Sorry (…) in the name of the State” to the families of the two demonstrators killed. The moderate and consensual personality of Francisco Sagasti, more technocrat than political, and who had not voted for the dismissal of Martin Vizcarra, should now make it possible to unblock the institutional crisis.

During his speech, Francisco Sagasti also indicated that during the eight months of his mandate, until July 28, 2021, his priority would be the management of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. He promised to do his best to “Reduce contamination but without affecting the economy”. Peru, 33 million people, is one of the most bereaved countries in the world in terms of its population, with more than 930,000 reported cases and 35,000 deaths, while the economy plunged 30% in the second quarter.


what will happen after the incarceration of the former president?

Hashim Thaçi, the president of Kosovo since 2016, was imprisoned on Thursday, November 5 in The Hague, Netherlands, where the Special Tribunal for Kosovo (KSC) sits. Three other relatives of the historic leader of the PDK party and former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) were also imprisoned, Jakup Krasnigi and Rexhep Selimi, of the UCK, as well as Kadri Veseli, the former head of intelligence of the guerrillas. All are being prosecuted for war crimes committed during the Kosovo war between March 1998 and September 1999.

La Croix: How are Hashim Thaçi’s indictment, resignation and imprisonment experienced?

Loïc Trégourès: There is a lot of frustration and a strong resentment in Kosovo against international justice. We can understand them. Very few Serbs paid for their acts in Kosovo. However, some of these high-ranking soldiers are still stationed in the Serbian army. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia focused primarily on crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Ivica Dacic (president of the Serbian assembly and former spokesperson for the socialist party of Slobodan Milosevic, editor’s note) even continues to make thinly veiled threats against those who reveal the location of Albanian mass graves in Serbia. But for the Kosovars, the UCK has waged a just and legitimate war of liberation. They recognize Hashim Thaci for having led the country to independence. However, the character is no longer popular because of the system of predatory state means that he has set up for himself and his relatives.

Still, Hashim Thaci uses his past, on the theme “To attack me is to attack the UCK”. Even if, beyond crimes against Serbs or Roma, a large part of the crimes were committed by Albanians against Albanians within the framework of political settlements.

Will there be elections in Kosovo?

L. T. : Elections would obviously be desirable. But it is absolutely not in the interest of the ruling parties, the PDK and the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), which have taken over the country. They have everything to lose from opening the political game which, in all likelihood, would bring the two popular personalities back into the saddle they were responsible for ousting.

→ READ. In Kosovo, a new government already contested

First of all, the ephemeral Prime Minister Alban Kurti and his leftist party Vetevendosje (Self-determination) improperly dismissed last March two months after taking office, even though he had won the legislative elections in October 2019. And Vjosa Osmani, the figure of the revival of the LDK who had allowed the party to come second in the elections before the party chiefs took charge of marginalizing their young head of the list. Ironically, Vjosa Osmani, president of parliament, finds himself acting head of state.

But the game will not be easy for the PDK and the LDK “historic channel” version. It is up to parliament to elect a president by a two-thirds majority. In the event of a double failure, he can be elected by simple majority. It is difficult to say today whether they will succeed. Without a president after the third attempt, the Kosovars must return to the polls. It is to be hoped.

What to expect from the European Union-Balkans summit on November 10?

L. T. : What more can we expect from it than making contacts? Because the Europeans have nothing to offer that can act as pressure to advance Kosovo-Serbia relations.

→ READ ALSO. Serbia and Kosovo instrumentalised by Donald Trump

We will have to wait for the outcome of the American elections and hope that a Biden administration is set up. This would be very desirable for Kosovo as Donald Trump’s team was in favor of Serbia, which today is nothing more than a facade democracy, and worked for the removal of the Kurti government.


″ Marcelo wasn’t PR, he was government advertising minister ″, says IL candidate to Belém

The presidential candidate supported by the Liberal Initiative, Tiago Mayan Gonçalves, accuses Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa of not having been President of the Republic, but “propaganda minister” of the Socialist Government, considering that this collaborationism was “merely narcissistic” to achieve re-election.

In an interview with the Lusa agency, about four months after announcing his candidacy for the Palace of Belém, supported by the Liberal Initiative – the party of which he was the founder and is currently president of the Jurisdiction Council – Tiago Mayan Gonçalves does not skimp on criticism of the current President of the Republic. “Marcelo was not president. Marcelo was minister of propaganda for this Government and this is, from the start, the biggest criticism I can make to him because this has been continuously demonstrated”, he says.

Marking a clear difference from the current head of state, the liberal candidate states that, “regardless of rights and lefts”, he expects “voters who do not see themselves in this president, who has abdicated from exercising his mandate”, and see in his application “a valid and moderate proposal”. “I am also a candidate against all kinds of extremisms, of any spectrum and of any end in this spectrum of left / right”, he assures, replying that a good result “is to be able to transmit what a liberal president represents for the Portuguese “.

The liberal lists a long list of situations to support his criticisms of the current President of the Republic, starting with the flu vaccine and going through the “narrative of the Portuguese miracle, the proclamation of football games in the heart of Belém while closing flight channels for the country, the Pedrógão fire, the tragedy of the deaths at the Lar de Reguengos e Tancos “.

“So many, so many examples in which Marcelo, when acting, acts to cover or to make distractions and to allow the Government to act without control and without the institutions functioning regularly”, he condemns.

For the 43-year-old Porto lawyer, this way of acting by the current head of state is guided “by a purely narcissistic and personal objective of wanting re-election” in next year’s presidential elections.

“Marcelo, what he did, from the first day he took office, was to stop being president and become a presidential candidate and the strategy for that was to collaborate with the Government, which was what was at the time. If it were another probably would do the same thing, “he said.

In the perspective of Tiago Mayan Gonçalves, “the strategy was to be collaborative with the Government, because it hoped to guarantee a reelection”. “And not only a reelection because I think it was also within his dream to guarantee an apotheotic reelection. Here the pandemic ended up causing him difficulties for that goal, but the goal of reelection still has it and, therefore, that was a strategy” , justifies.

The announced liberal candidate sees other of his competitors in these elections “praising Marcelo’s presidential performance, but criticizing his style”. “I do precisely the opposite. What I criticize is the performance of Marcelo in his presidential duties. But the style, of approach, of dislike with people, turned out to be important and that is what brings him so much popularity”, he considers.

To the question of who is his great opponent in the presidential elections to which he is running, Tiago Mayan Gonçalves does not hesitate for a second: “it is Marcelo, of course. He is the incumbent and I believe he will be a candidate – although he still maintains the taboo – is who I compete against “.

Regarding the name supported by Chega, André Ventura, the liberal notes that “apparently he is not a presidential candidate because he rarely talks about this aspect”, but makes it clear that he represents “diametrically opposed values ​​in practically everything”.

Tiago Mayan Gonçalves was a PSD activist – from where he still receives the newsletters in an email, but he guarantees that “they go to spam, of course” -, and is elected alternate by the Rui Moreira Movement to the Assembly of the Parish Union of Aldoar, Foz do Douro and Nevogilde.


Rodrigo Buenaventura will be the next president of the CNMV, the supervisory body of the Stock Exchange

The Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, plans to propose to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday the appointment of Rodrigo Buenaventura, current Director General of Markets of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), as future president of the stock market supervisor. Calviño will propose Montserrat Martínez Parera as vice president of the CNMV, according to sources from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.