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“Nature is like a painting in the eyes of the Sentinel 2”, Says Isabel Caballero, from the Andalusian Institute of Marine Sciences (Higher Council for Scientific Research – CSIC). That look comes from the satellites of the Copernicus observation program, of the European Space Agency (ESA), which orbit the Earth at 786 kilometers of altitude. The main objective is to monitor the evolution of the earth’s crust and to manage natural disasters, but Caballero has discovered, after two investigations in the Gulf of Cádiz and Florida, the importance of the canvas drawn by satellites to analyze the coastal seabed . From these eyes on the sea, for the first time, millions of data emerge for free and in high resolution that allow us to know the quality of the waters or the evolution of the coastline, as well as the consequences of human activity or climate change.

The CSIC’s investigations have been the only Spanish chosen to be presented this past Thursday before the representatives of the European Commission in Brussels in order to develop models and tools for marine and coastal management. “Copernicus is revolutionary. Not even NASA has a similar program. Until now, the best that was achieved were images without sufficient resolution. But now, with the application of multifunctional algorithms, it is possible, for example, to analyze the turbidity generated by a dredging in the entire Guadalquivir estuary and not only in the monitored points or to know if it is extreme or ephemeral or the effects of a discharge ” , explains Caballero.

The applications are endless. Satellite images make it possible to gauge the impact of any phenomenon or activity, as well as to obtain reliable data on water quality. The choice of the Gulf of Cádiz for one of the investigations that have served to demonstrate the viability of the Sentinel as a scientific tool it is not free. “The Guadalquivir estuary, one of the largest and most productive systems in Europe, and the Bay of Cádiz are two critical points strongly affected by human activities because they have suffered rapid agricultural, fishing, tourist and anthropogenic development. Specifically, intense turbid episodes are one of the main factors that alter the functioning of both regions. This coastal area experiences a conflict between the economy and the environment and it is necessary to close the knowledge to guarantee social and ecosystem resilience ”, affirm Caballero, Gabriel Navarro and Javier Ruiz in the research published in International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation.

The satellite images, with an atmospheric correction program, have been used to develop a semi-automatic model that analyzes the entire environment during a period of ordinary dredging carried out by the Port of Seville. Information on the effects of this activity is essential for an estuary that bathes Doñana, a world heritage site. It has also been applied in the trap of Barbate (Cádiz).

Images of the research on the use of the 'Sentinel' to monitor the effects of dredging.  Above, data obtained with the Copernicus program satellite.  Below, another obtained by older, low-resolution satellites.

Images of the research on the use of the ‘Sentinel’ to monitor the effects of dredging. Above, data obtained with the Copernicus program satellite. Below, another obtained by older, low-resolution satellites.

“He Sentinel-2definitely helps us solve the challenging water quality control along the coast of Cádiz and opens up new perspectives for applications, such as monitoring dredging-induced turbidity “, says Gregorio Gómez-Pina, engineer and former head of the Andalusia-Atlantic Coast Demarcation.

Dredging and filling activities in estuaries have many ecological effects, most of them harmful, such as reduced light penetration due to increased turbidity and the release of pollutants. The main potential impacts on flora include the physical removal and burial of vegetation, as well as increased turbidity and sedimentation, as reflected in various studies published in the last decade.

Isabel Caballero.

Isabel Caballero.

The other research that supports the importance of the model developed from the images of the satellites Sentinel has been carried out in Florida, where it has been shown that the Copernicus program is fundamental for the analysis of the shallow seabed, at a bathymetry (underwater equivalent of altimetry) of up to 30 meters. “These data allow us to analyze erosion, floods or rising sea levels,” explains Caballero.

“As economic activity in coastal waters intensifies and the impacts of climate change increase throughout the planet, this project is essential for the management of resources in strategic regions of great environmental, cultural and socioeconomic value”, concludes the researcher of the CSIC, which highlights that its model could be applied worldwide.

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| San Luis participated in the Federal Meeting of Physical Education, Sports and Health

The meeting was attended by the authorities of the modality of the 24 jurisdictions of the country. National guidelines and actions to be followed within the context of a pandemic were discussed.

This Thursday afternoon the Federal Meeting on Physical Education, Sports and Health took place, with the aim of analyzing the current situation of the activity, publicizing the national guidelines in this regard and working on pedagogical continuity.

The meeting was held by videoconference through the Cisco Webex platform and was attended by authorities from all provinces of the national territory. San Luis was represented by Fadia Tarazi, head of the Student Policies Subprogram, and by Mario Bona, head of the School Sports Area.

Note and photo: Press Ministry of Education.


The Cubero Brothers present «Toribio Project» to Banyoles

The Cubero Brothers, one of the most prominent folk groups in the state, will present their latest work this Saturday in Banyoles Toribio project, which can be heard for the first time in the counties of Girona. The concert will be at 9 pm in the Ateneu Auditorium and tickets can be purchased at

Los Hermanos Cubero are Roberto and Quique Ruiz Cubero, born in Alcàrria (Guadalajara) and currently based in Barcelona. Since winning the European Folklore New Creation Award Agapito Marazuelo, they have performed at the main pop and rock festivals in the state and have managed to connect with a new audience with their particular style that, based on the Castilian tradition, makes to the root music of the United States.

After winning the MIN Award for the best album of Músiques del Món for his acclaimed Quique draws the sadness (El Segell del Primavera, 18), Los Hermanos Cubero will present their new album in Banyoles Toribio project, a songbook that proposes a new walk through its universe of melodies and lyrics that can range from devastation to joy in the blink of an eye.

Roberto and Quique Cubero dedicate their new record, the fourth in their discography and with which they celebrate their tenth anniversary, on the violin as a round and dance instrument in the Guadalajara area where they come from and will perform on stage accompanied by the violinist Begoña Riobó.

Tickets for the concert offered by Los Hermanos Cubero can be purchased through the website or at the Citizen Service Office of Banyoles City Council, by appointment.


Six meter long Burmese python captured in Florida

Present The hunters defined it as “the beast”

Kevin Pavlidis and Ryan Ausburn while holding a 6.1 meter python


The value of friendship? George Clooney gave away $ 14 million to his friends for no reason

Does a friendship have a price?. If we had to put a cost to those moments in which our best friend or our great friend were with us unconditionally and without asking for anything in return; we could do it?. Not us, but George Clooney, his humility and his huge heart if they could do it.

And it is that the talented actor, who gave life to the Bat Man in Batman y Robin and one of the leaders of The Big Scam, never forgot his origins; nor of his great friends from childhood. Neither will they ever forget about him? In fact, They have 14 million green reasons not to!.


COMPANY / Physiotherapy and personal well-being with Clinica Salux

Health is not just the absence of pathologies, diseases, ailments or discomfort, the WHO defines health as “the state of perfect (complete) physical, mental and social well-being”. This absolute truth is explained by the interrelationship between these three areas as they directly influence one another.

With regard to physiotherapy, although its concept can vary perceptibly due to the way it is articulated in different countries, it was defined by the WHO in 1958 as “The art and science of treatment through therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, massage and electricity. In addition, Physiotherapy includes the execution of electrical and manual tests to determine the value of muscle involvement and strength, tests to determine functional capacities, range of joint movement and measures of vital capacity, as well as diagnostic aids for the control of muscles. evolution ”.

Today’s society leads to living quickly, without time to listen to others and much less to oneself, that is why, sometimes, the body sends alerts, makes itself known and it is precisely at that moment in which each one should worry about health But put on a little patch and go back to stress without even questioning whether lifestyle is responsible for setting off your body’s alarms.

Despite the difficulties that are found in the day to day to “live better” more and more people decide to change small details that will make a difference. To achieve this, there are centers that, thanks to the coordinated work of all their professionals, offer holistic and personalized attention. An example of this comprehensive model is the Salux Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Clinic, where, in addition to the best professionals in physiotherapy and osteopathy, you can find professionals in nutrition, psychology or yoga, who, through coordinated work , the use of personalized treatments for each patient and directed activities such as yoga, Pilates or hypopressive exercises among others, really pursue the integral improvement of the quality of life, and help through personalized guidelines to reach the objectives.

Within the health sciences, physical therapy has long been one of the greatest unknown and misunderstood, despite the proven multiple benefits it offers both physical and mental.

The general population has a biased view of physiotherapy, associating it on many occasions, only with sports practice or rehabilitation after traumatic injuries, or with relaxing massages, however, its function goes much further, encompassing a whole series of aspect of both physical and mental health. Physiotherapy is used for the treatment of a multitude of pathologies and conditions and is a good companion for almost all medical specialties.

Physiotherapy intervenes in many areas of health:

• One of the best known areas where it intervenes is in pathologies related to the locomotor system, thus it is a great ally of the medical branch of traumatology and orthopedic surgery, helping to recover earlier in cases where traumatic injuries such as fractures occur , sprains, contractures, etc. or in the recovery after operations and surgeries among others. Within this you can find the application of physical therapy to sports, where, in addition to helping early recovery from injuries or operations, it also helps prevent different types of injuries in athletes.

• Another important area in which specific physiotherapy treatments are developed is in rheumatology. Rheumatology is a branch of medicine that is responsible for diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal and systemic autoimmune diseases. Among the diseases treated by physiotherapy in this area, we can find osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

• It is also essential in the treatment of childhood diseases and pathologies, which is why it is also a great ally of pediatricians, who entrust physiotherapy with the task of improving the clinic in patients with psychomotor development disorders and for treating of diseases such as cerebral palsy, obtaining excellent results in improving the quality of life of these patients.

• The benefits of physiotherapy in neurology are also widely known, serving both to improve the clinic in diseases with a more favorable prognosis, as well as to offer palliative care in those incurable degenerative diseases or with a poor prognosis. In addition to treating patients with spinal cord injuries or brain trauma, it is also responsible for treating and improving the quality of life in patients with serious diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

In the case of Alzheimer’s, for example, they face an incurable disease with a 10-year survival prognosis from their diagnosis. It usually affects the elderly, but in rare cases it can occur in middle-aged people. These patients can benefit from palliative care that improves their quality of life and in this regard, physiotherapy provides effective tools to mitigate the effects of the disease and slow its progression. The earlier patients are treated, the more effective the treatments will be and the better the quality of life for patients.

Other branches of medicine that require physiotherapy treatments are cardiology, to accelerate the recovery of patients, for example, after a heart attack. In pneumology, to improve the symptoms of diseases such as COPD or asthma. In gynecology for recovery after childbirth or for the physical preparation of the mother for it. In oncology both to offer palliative care to the disease itself, and to treat the pain and problems derived from the treatments and surgeries that are applied to try to cure it or improve life expectancy.

Physiotherapy, as has been seen, has special importance in the accompaniment of patients with chronic conditions. The physiotherapist has the knowledge and the necessary capacity to carry out the follow-up of the patient, carry out personalized activity programs, adapted to the needs, capacities and objectives of the patient, which allow maintaining the functions and quality of life of the pen at acceptable levels In addition to being able to adapt activity programs to the needs and possibilities in acute phases of the patient’s condition.

Another strong point, which is often not taken into account, is the enormous preventive value that this field offers since it helps to prepare and strengthen the body to avoid possible later problems. Clear examples of the importance of prevention are the prevention of falls by correcting the way of walking or posture or the prevention of sarcopenia, through the application of specific exercises for each specific case. But two main stand out:

Active Aging can be considered another form of prevention since it offers the user an adapted and healthy exercise for each particular person.

Early childhood care consists of various intervention programs for children with functional problems, seeking to improve and adapt their functional capacity to avoid or alleviate obstacles that may hinder the functionality of these people in the future.

As previously seen, the training work that physiotherapy professionals carry out is very remarkable, both with users, their families and caregivers who must learn techniques and exercises to practice, as well as with other health professionals with programs of mobilization and transfer of patients. postural hygiene, etc.

Also, as it has been possible to verify throughout this press release, the framework of action of a physiotherapist is quite wide and many times their work is largely unknown among the general population, despite the great benefits it can bring to quality. life and health of people.

In daily practice, physiotherapists use different physical agents for the treatment of different conditions, cold, heat, electricity, water, etc., but it must be made clear that the most important tools that a good physiotherapist uses are their knowledge and their hands. Thanks to his knowledge, he knows how to treat each problem, and thanks to his hands, they can successfully apply the different manual therapies that are essential in most treatments.


They give away 21,000 plane tickets to fly to any destination

The airline Qatar Airways announced a tempting campaign in which they will give free roundtrip tickets. Who can participate and until when there is time

On October 5, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated, for this reason and in gratitude for their hard and dedicated work that they are doing during the pandemic and throughout every year, the airline Qatar Airways launched a campaign so that the educators of the world have the possibility of having deserved vacations to different destinations where the company flies.

“Their commitment to providing a high level of education continues to inspire us during these uncertain times,” the airline says on its official website. Those who are dedicated to education will be able to participate in one of the 21,000 plane tickets to travel to any of the destinations to which the airline flies.

Who can participate?

Teachers are awarded an award.

This initiative is available only to school teachers, and to participate you have to comply with a series of steps established by the airline in order that everyone is clearly registered and as many people as possible from all over the world can participate.

In this way, among the beneficiaries, are all education professionals, considering among them: classroom paraprofessionals, teacher assistant and substitute, intervention and inclusion specialist, tutor, main leader, early childhood teacher, student advisor, elementary teacher, high school teacher, informal teacher, ESL teacher, special education teacher, teacher assistant, vocational education and training (VET) instructor, preschool and early years intern, and classroom technician.

The winners must reside in any of the cities where the airline Qatar Airways operates direct flights. Flights will be awarded from the cities to which Qatar has direct flights.

In the case of Latin America, the only two countries that may participate are Argentina and the neighboring country of Brazil. In the rest of the world, some of the places that can also do it are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

What will the winners receive?

– A courtesy Economy class ticket to any of the destinations Qatar Airways flies to around the world. Among these destinations that the airline flies include: Argentina, South Africa, Maldives, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya, Seychelles Islands, India, Bali, Greece, Turkey and Croatia, among others.

– It also provides for the delivery of 50% of a discount on a future flight with Qatar Airways to be used by the winner, a friend or a relative of the teacher who participates in the draw.

Those interested in participating can do so from October 5, 2020 to October 7, 2020. And those who are chosen will be able to use the courtesy flight promotional code from October 20, 2020 to September 30, 2021. In turn, all trips must be completed before September 30, 2021.

They give away 21,000 plane tickets to fly to any destination

They give away 21,000 plane tickets to fly to any destination

Selected participants will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of registering on the Qatar page.


Airline will give away 21 thousand plane tickets to teachers

On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, Qatar Airways announced that it will be giving away 21,000 roundtrip airfare for teachers and education professionals around the world. The tickets will be for teachers to make a trip in 2021, as a way of recognition for the work carried out in these times of pandemic.

The company will be holding 3 rounds of daily raffle from tomorrow, October 5, until Wednesday, October 7. According to the rules published by Qatar, interested parties may request to participate in the daily draw every day starting at 9:00 pm today, October 4 (in Puerto Rico and the east coast of the United States). Winners can choose any available travel date between October 20, 2020 and September 30, 2021.

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They present the book on Comellas

the house of culture of girona hosted yesterday the presentation of the book Gonçal Comellas. The musical integrity of a reference violinist, edited by Brau Edicions. The event featured the author, Lluís Brugués, and the biographer himself, as well as the vice-president of the Provincial Council, Albert Piñeira.


Montaña Central Leonesa refuses to “mortgage the mountains” to build wind farms

The Platform for the Future of the Central Mountain of Leonesa holds a meeting with entities opposed to the projects of wind farms for the Mountain of León. In the image, the president of the platform, Esther Domínguez. / Campillo / ICAL

Miriam Badiola / ICAL
| 09/27/2020 – 1:05 p.m.

The Platform for the Future of the Central Mountain of Leonesa showed once again this Sunday its rejection of the wind farm projects for that area, considering that “they do not want to mortgage the mountains or replace their economic use by a monopoly of multinationals who want exploit a single resource and make the area exclusively dependent on a single company or a single resource “, according to one of its representatives, Sergio Díez.

This was pointed out by the representative of the Platform for the Future of the Central Mountain of Leonesa during the celebration in Pedrún de Torío of a meeting of 25 groups and entities of the province, from different areas, both social, educational, sports and ecological that have decided to join together to “be able to work together against the installation of wind projects in the Leonese mountain” and that in today’s meeting they decided to “set a roadmap to work together”.

“We are not against wind energy, it seems very necessary to us, but in addition to being renewable we remember that it also has to be sustainable, for which it has to be an energy that cannot be located anywhere, but has to cause a minimum impact on the environment “, explained Sergio Diez, while pointing out that” the mountain areas in which the macro-wind farms are projected are not the ideal ones “, which is why” they have generated a rejection in the population very important”.

Campillo / ICAL

For this reason, he considered it “essential” that the administrations “take into account that if these projects do not arise from the inhabitants themselves, the territory must be very aware that they are multinationals that come to plunder the resources in some way”, which is why that “they do not have the approval of the inhabitants.”

An approval that is not available because, according to the representative of the Platform, “what is not wanted is to mortgage the mountains, one of the main values ​​that we have, during the 30 years that the concessions of the parks “, since in addition” the areas are used as economic use at the level of pastures, livestock and other types of activities such as tourism, which today generates a fabric that is true that it is small and should be promoted “, but” very diverse “which” is not to be replaced by a monopoly of multinationals that want to exploit a single resource and make the area exclusively dependent on a single company or a single resource “.

Diez recalled that “there are many cases at the national level and in the province of León itself of what this type of monopolies mean in the end the day that companies decide to close and disappear because they are no longer profitable”, so that “the inhabitants become they are once again in an empty territory and without resources “and” they would throw away the last 15 years in which they are working to diversify the economic offer “.

For all these reasons, Sergio Diez set his sights on the actions taken by the Platform at the moment in which the administrative process of the wind farm projects begins in order to present allegations. For this reason, from the Platform for the Future of the Central Mountain of Leonesa, informative talks are being held in different parts of the province, while keeping an eye on these deadlines to start legal processes.