Former Celtic and Aston coach Jozef Venglos dies – Fil Info – Abroad

Former Celtic Glasgow and Aston Villa coach Slovakian Jozef Venglos died on Tuesday aged 84, the Scottish club said on their site. He was the first non-British coach to take over English Premier League club Aston Villa in 1990. He stayed there for a year and then took charge of Celtic during the 1998-99 season. Venglos has also coached Fenerbahce and teams in Australia, Oman, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


New coach at Chelsea: Tuchel’s lightning move – sport

´Visionär" Tuchel as a Chelsea Coach

All of a sudden to London: Thomas Tuchel is now training for Chelsea FC.

(Photo: Bernd Thissen / dpa)

Time is of the essence at Chelsea – and that’s why Thomas Tuchel doesn’t want to lose any more time. Just one day after the official dismissal of the previous head coach Frank Lampard, Tuchel boarded the plane to London on Tuesday afternoon in order to aim for the first training session with the new team on the training grounds in Cobham that afternoon. With his quick move, Tuchel sent a first signal to the players and the club, despite his leave of absence from Paris Saint-Germain a month ago, to be full of energy again.

And above all not to be afraid to start his service in the Premier League one day before the tricky home game against Wolverhampton Wanderers. It would have been more pleasant to take over after the game and prepare the team more calmly for the supposedly easier task with Burnley FC on Sunday.

However, the sporting situation at Chelsea is too tense for such tactical postponements. Nor is Tuchel the type for such a temporary game; if necessary, he would rather lose himself than give up responsibility. After Lampard’s leave of absence, Anthony Barry and Joe Edwards jumped in from the club’s extended staff for training on Monday. After five defeats from the last eight league games, the successful Chelsea has been passed into the middle of the table.

The gap to fourth and last place qualifying for the Champions League is five points. It could increase to nine if the competition wins their catch-up games. There are nine competitive games waiting for Chelsea until the end of February, and the city and prestige duel at Tottenham Hotspur will soon be there.

Getting used to Chelsea should be easy for Tuchel

According to reports, Tuchel will sign a one-and-a-half year contract with Chelsea until June 2022 – with the option of both sides to continue working together for another season. The 47-year-old Swabian, who has spent the past two and a half years in Paris, joins the who’s who of the Premier League, with Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool), Pep Guardiola (Manchester City), José Mourinho (Tottenham) and Carlo Ancelotti (Everton) most of the world’s most sought-after coaches do their jobs.

On the basis of an exemption for elite sports, Tuchel can bypass the quarantine regulations in England to contain the corona virus. Otherwise he would have had to isolate himself after arriving on the island and only be able to start work after five days in the event of a negative test result. This fast-track process, in which the football association submits an application for exemption to the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport, is viewed with skepticism by English health experts and MPs in the current national crisis.

Getting used to Chelsea should be comparatively easy for Tuchel after his experience in Paris. In the metropolis of London, the club’s home is Stamford Bridge in the snobbish neighborhood of Chelsea. With its magnificent houses, it hardly differs from the villa area of ​​Boulogne-Billancourt, where the Prinzenpark is the stadium of his ex-club PSG. In the elite Chelsea, it smells far more like champagne than beer, which Tuchel shouldn’t care, because he says he stays at a distance when it comes to alcohol. In the book “Edge: What Business Can Learn From Football” by the football journalist Ben Lyttleton, which is well worth reading, Tuchel once characterized Chelsea as a club that was “out to win at all costs”.

In 17 years under the supervision of the Russian club owner Roman Abramowitsch, Chelsea has worn out twelve renowned head coaches for 18 titles. On the other hand, a lasting game idea that executives could follow has not developed. For Tuchel, known as a tinkerer, whose football concept is to “control the ball, the rhythm, attack every minute and try to score as many goals as possible”, this offers the possibility, with the longing for cups and a lot Entertainment To develop a style of play for Chelsea that will last.

In the front, Tuchel is spoiled for choice

After their dogmatic predecessors Antonio Conte and Maurizio Sarri as well as the haphazard-looking Frank Lampard, the team seems to be longing for a coach who conveys joy of playing and ease – and who unfolds the potential that has been in the team for a quarter of a billion euros at the latest since the six summer additions plugged.

The varied squad with the German national players Kai Havertz, 21, Timo Werner, 24, and Antonio Rüdiger, 27, should be like a play paradise for Tuchel, where he can rack his brains about line-up and tactics. This is particularly evident from the central midfield: with the French world champion N’Golo Kanté, the playmakers Mason Mount and Havertz, the highly talented youngster Billy Gilmour and the ball distributors Mateo Kovacic and vice-captain Jorginho, whom Tuchel and Rüdiger once wanted to bring to Paris.

The competition among the players, most of whom are fighting for a nomination for the upcoming European Championship, should also help Tuchel in the tight schedule. In defense, Rüdiger and Thiago Silva, long-time PSG captain under Tuchel, two of his valued professionals could form the central defense. Up front you are spoiled for choice: Werner, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Hakim Ziyech, Tammy Abraham, Olivier Giroud and Christian Pulisic, who regretted it very much when Tuchel was once dismissed at Borussia Dortmund. Tuchel should be spoiled for choice. The only flaw before his first game this Wednesday against Wolverhampton: time is pressing.


Mesut Özil is training with Fenerbahce Istanbul for the first time

Soccer First training in Istanbul

“A dream comes true,” says Özil

| Reading time: 4 minutes

Özil after change: “A dream comes true!”

Mesut Özil has left Arsenal FC and joined Fenerbahce Istanbul. According to Özil, this is a dream come true.

Mesut Özil now plays for Fenerbahce Istanbul. The ex-national player chooses emotional words in his digital presentation. The 2014 world champion chose the 67th shirt number because of his parents.

DFenerbahce’s Twitter account blew up. The enthusiasm after Mesut Özil’s signature was measurable. Within minutes, the video that Fenerbahce Istanbul posted on social media was viewed over a million times. It is now four million. “Let’s announce it,” says the former German international with a laugh into the camera.

The transfer, which was indicated for days, was fixed on Sunday evening. As the club announced, Özil signed a contract until 2024. Özil trained with Fenerbahce Istanbul for the first time on Sunday. Addressing his new team, he said: “A dream will come true.” He was very happy.

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Özil, 2014 world champion, had announced the change a long time ago. “I grew up as a child in Germany as a Fenerbahce fan,” wrote Özil on Twitter. The Istanbul club is like Real Madrid in Spain. “The biggest club in the country,” wrote the 32-year-old, who is leaving Arsenal after some disappointing months in England.

Mesut Özil is expected to earn more than 15 million euros by 2024. And that despite the fact that the club from Istanbul has debts of over 520 million euros. Therefore, the transfer should also be financed with the help of the fans.

SMS for funding

“We have a request for our fans. Please continue to support us, we are also dependent on your financial support. On the day of the signature I will ask you to break a record, ”said club president Ali Koc. “Maybe 300,000, 500,000 or maybe even a million text messages come together. This support will do us very good. “

Every SMS sent as part of the “Mesutol” (“Sei Mesut”; d. Red.) is sent to the number 1907 (the year Fenerbahce was founded) costs 20 Turkish Lira (around 2.20 euros). The club is hoping for up to two million euros from the pockets of its fans.

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But that’s not all. “I believe and know that there will be a lot of rush for the jerseys,” said Koc. Internally, the club expects one million Özil jerseys to be sold by the end of the current season. On this, next to the name Özil, the number 67 will be seen. The number stands for the Zonguldak province on the Black Sea. From there, Özil’s parents emigrated to Germany.

Mixed feelings in England

Özil addressed the fans of the London Gunners on Sunday with emotional words. “It may be the end of a chapter, but my connection with this great club will never fade,” wrote the offensive player. It is “no goodbye forever” after “almost 3000 days” with the Londoners. “I will be a gunner all my life – no doubt”, wrote Özil, who had also left the German national team shortly after the 2018 World Cup and 92 international matches, albeit with a fire letter via Twitter. In the meantime, his relationship with the German Football Association seems to be improving a little.

Arsenal FC said goodbye to Özil with nice words. “Mesut’s services to Arsenal are undisputed,” Mikel Arteta was quoted on the club’s website. The Gunners coach had not nominated Özil for the Premier League and the Europa League this season and was criticized by Özil for it.

“Will Mesut Özil’s qualities be missed”

Mesut Özil is in Istanbul to take the medical check-up for his move to Fenerbahce. Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta will miss him – even though he sorted out the ex-international.

Quelle: Stats Perform News

“Mesut has been at the heart of many great moments for this club over the years, including three cup wins,” said Arteta. However, when he won the FA Cup for the third time, Özil was no longer there. Because he no longer planned with the midfielder, Arteta had granted him early leave.

The English media had adopted Özil less friendly. Polemically, the “Times” recently settled with the former Schalke player, who was brought from Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 for around 50 million euros. “In recent years he has only shown energy when it came to supporting his buddy Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” it said. Turkish President Erdogan is also a fan of Fenerbahce – but his favorite club is Basaksehir Istanbul.

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Thomas Tuchel to Chelsea? Energetic crosshead for the billionaire club – sport

The coaching profession is known to be a hard and fast, but also well-rewarded business. And so an astonishing perspective opened up for Thomas Tuchel from the silent dismissal as coach of Paris Saint-Germain on Christmas Eve. Because just a month later, Tuchel is facing a commitment in the Premier League at Chelsea.

On Monday afternoon in London only a few strokes of the pen seemed to be missing to make it official: The 47-year-old Swabian from Krumbach, who speaks fluent English and French, is to succeed Frank Lampard, 42. For Lampard, an icon of the club since his time as a Chelsea professional, it is over after one and a half years as a coach. In his legacy there is a substantial contingent of German national players: Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Antonio Rüdiger are expecting Tuchel at a new place of work.

Mainz, Dortmund, Paris – at these stages Tuchel worked on his reputation as a tactical innovator, but also an energetic lateral head. By winning two French championships, but above all by reaching the finals of the 2020 Champions League in Lisbon (which was lost 1-0 to Bayern Munich), Tuchel strengthened his position in the guild. Methodology and eloquence in dealing with capricious world stars like the Brazilian Neymar and the French Kylian Mbappé had allowed him to hold out for two and a half years in the stimulating climate of Paris. Always accompanied by the assessment that working with him will be challenging. This is historically due to his controversial separation from Borussia Dortmund in 2017. And currently on the rivalry staged on the open stage with the sports director of Paris Saint-Germain, the Brazilian Leonardo. In the meantime, Mauricio Pochettino inherited the club, which is run by owners from Qatar.

The Argentine had established his reputation in England’s Premier League, in which Tuchel is now to move into. From 2014 to 2019, Pochettino coached city rivals Tottenham (currently fifth), which Chelsea (crashed to ninth) wants to overtake as quickly as possible. At Pochettino and Tottenham, Tuchel met Dortmund in the Europa League five years ago, and even then he made no secret of his sympathy for island football. Tuchel later strengthened his image when he won the Champions League with Paris against Liverpool (2-1) and Manchester United (2-0). With Paris he had qualified in one last act for the upcoming round of 16 against FC Barcelona; with Chelsea he wouldn’t have an easier time against Spain’s leaders Atletico Madrid.

Tuchel could coach Chelsea on the sidelines on Wednesday

At Chelsea, Tuchel expects a squad that could be tailored to him. With six top-class summer additions for a quarter of a billion euros – in addition to Werner and Havertz, also the Brazilian Thiago Silva, whom Tuchel had previously wanted to keep as captain in Paris – he has a wide range of personnel. For the first time, Tuchel could be on the sidelines for Chelsea this Wednesday in the Premier League home game against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the stadium at Stamford Bridge.

FC Chelsea - FC Morecambe

Short cooperation: Also because the German million dollar purchase Timo Werner at Chelsea was not successful enough, coach Frank Lampard (right) had to leave now.

(Photo: John Walton / dpa)

As a professional and coach, Frank Lampard had been with the club for almost 15 years. The separation had announced Chelsea on Monday morning in a 246 word long message under the title: “Statement on Frank Lampard”. In the summer of 2019 Lampard took over the office (after a year of training at Derby County) as planned from the Italian Maurizio Sarri, with a contract until 2022. Club owner Roman Abramowitsch and the club board with governor Marina Granovskaia had to take away the heartache over the leave of absence, all of them said in the first sentence of the letter that I did not make this “very difficult decision by any means lightly”. “Frank is an important icon of the association and his status remains unbroken”, Abramowitsch was quoted as saying – who also praised Lampard as a “man of great integrity and the highest work ethic” and welcomed him “forever.” But after 648 competitive games as a professional and 84 games as a coach, it’s over at Chelsea.

The construction based on the Klopp model fails

Despite mutual ties, there was apparently no way around the termination. And this despite the fact that Chelsea, after eleven foreign coaches in the Abramovich era (since 2003), had the ambition that fan favorite Lampard should retain the audience. That he should create a similar identification value with a team he built himself, as Jürgen Klopp had achieved in five and a half years at Liverpool FC. Although Chelsea had finished fourth in the league in the preseason and almost won the FA Cup, it was already becoming apparent that Lampard would not be able to realize the big idea. Permanent castling never revealed which players he wanted to play which type of football with.

The problem finally became apparent in the summer after the club expanded expensively and prominently. Lampard seemed overwhelmed with the expectations and the management. In the end, he also failed because of the German national players: For the Bundesliga adventurers Werner, 24, and Havertz, 21, Lampard has not found a stable position or use on the pitch to this day. And the veteran Rüdiger, 27, he and other spokesmen moved to the second member at the beginning of the season, which destroyed the hierarchy in the team. It will be very curious to see what Tuchel is up to with his compatriots in London.


Atlanta hires former Lyon player Lisandro Lopez – Fil Info – Foreign

Atlanta United, coached by Argentinian Gabriel Heinze, who plays Major League Soccer (MLS), the North American football championship, announces on Monday that it has recruited Argentine striker Lisandro Lopez, who passed through FC Porto and Olympique Lyonnais . “Lisandro is a seasoned scorer who will strengthen our attack. We are delighted to add to our squad a player with his experience and skills, ”said Carlos Bocanegra, vice president and technical director of Atlanta United. “He will bring his leadership and his winning mentality, he who has won several championships and cups throughout his career. We believe he will have a positive influence on our young team, ”added the former American player. Aged 37, Lopez wore the colors of Racing (Argentina D1) since 2016, the club where he started his professional career in 2003. In 2005, he went to Europe, to FC Porto with which he was four times d ‘straight Portuguese champion (2006-2009). After which he played five seasons at Lyon, the club with which he won the Coupe de France in 2012, two years after being voted best player in Ligue 1. After two years at the Qatari club of Al-Gharafa and a few months At the Internacional in Brazil, Lopez led Racing to the title of Argentine champion in 2019, finishing as the tournament’s top scorer. In Atlanta, he will play under the orders of his former teammate in the Argentine selection, Gabriel Heinze, the former PSG player in particular, who was appointed coach in December, in order to bring the franchise back to the top of the MLS where it won the championship in 2018.


Chelsea fires Frank Lampard and a former PSG technician would arrive

London England

Away from the podium and its high ambitions, el Chelsea announced this Monday the dismissal as coach of his legend Frank Lampard, after a year and a half in office, a month after playing the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Atlético de Madrid.

“A change is necessary to give the club time to improve performances and results this season,” Chelsea wrote in a statement.

The London team currently occupies ninth place in the Premier League, eleven points behind leaders Manchester United.

Lampard, 42, and a club legend as a player (2001-2014), has not been able to keep the Blues at the top of the table, despite significant additions for this season.

– ‘Very difficult’ decision –

The club’s owner, Russian millionaire Roman Abramovich, called the decision “very difficult.”

“In the current circumstances we believe it is preferable to change the technical team,” he wrote in a statement, one month before the eighth of the Champions League.

In a year and a half at the helm of Chelsea, Lampard, who had a contract until 2022, he has led his club to an English Cup final and a promising fourth place in the Premier League in his first season at Stamford Bridge.


The name of his replacement has not been announced, but several English media have reported that the German Thomas Tuchel, coach of Paris Saint-Germain until the arrival of Argentine Mauricio Pochettino in mid-January, will be chosen.

The new tenant of the Stamford Bridge bench will have to plan a high-risk visit on February 23 to the field of Atlético de Madrid, a solid leader in the League, in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

Before, he will have a fairly simple path in the Premier except for the duel against Tottenham on February 4.


An important Premier League team fired their coach

Chelsea announced today, through a statement, the firing of his trainer Frank Lampard because “the latest results and performances have not met the club’s expectations, leaving him in the middle of the table with no clear path to sustained improvement. ”

Premier League: awaiting his departure from Manchester United, Sergio Romero approaches Brighton

The decision is made for the English team, irregularly present in the Premier League, barely one day after the 3-1 win at Luton Town, England Second Division team, for the 16th finals of the FA Cup.

It was a very difficult decision, and has not been taken lightly by the owner and the Board of Directors. We are grateful to Frank for what he has accomplished in his time as the Club’s coach., said the club through the statement.

Lampard, 42, took over as manager of Chelsea in July 2019, after a glorious stage as a club player (2001-2014), in which he won 11 national titles (3 Premier League), 1 European Champions League (2012) and 1 European League (2013). After his time as a coach, the ex-footballer leaves the Blues in ninth position in the English championship, 11 points behind leaders Manchester United.

FA Cup: Manchester City avoided the role against Chaltenham
Long drought: Agüero has not converted in the Premier League for a year


Chelsea Football Club today parted ways with first team manager Frank Lampard.

It has been a very difficult decision, and has not been made lightly by the owner and the Board of Directors.

We are grateful to Frank for what he has accomplished in his time as the Club’s coach. However, the latest results and performances have not met the Club’s expectations, leaving it in the middle of the table without a clear path to sustained improvement.

It is never a good time to part ways with a club legend like Frank, but after long deliberation and consideration it was decided that a change was necessary now to give the club time to improve this season’s performance and results.

Roman Abramovich said,

“It was a very difficult decision for the Club, especially since I have an excellent personal relationship with Frank and I have the utmost respect for him.”

“He is a very upright man with a great work ethic. However, in the current circumstances we believe it is best to change coaches.”

“On behalf of everyone at the Club, the Board of Directors and personally, I would like to thank Frank for his work as a coach and wish him much success in the future. He is an important icon of this great club and his status here remains intact. Always. it will be well received at Stamford Bridge. “

The club will not comment further until a new first team coach is appointed.

Premier League: Aston Villa beat Newcastle on a slope
Sensitive loss in Manchester City: De Bruyne, absent between four and six weeks due to injury


The salty exchange between Zapata and Ibrahimovic – Fil info – Italy – Abroad

While the fate of the match in AC Milan and Atalanta was no longer a shadow of a doubt, Duvan Zapata decided to pay Zlatan Ibrahimovic when the latter claimed a penalty. The Colombian striker from Bergamo then criticized the Swede for not being able to “finish a match with a penalty”. A provocation to which the former PSG striker was not asked to answer “What are you talking about?” I have scored more goals than you have played games in your career! ”

The numbers prove Zlatan right. With 498 club goals, Ibra has more goals than Zapata has played in matches (373 games for 138 goals).


Sanson, the good student’s trip abroad / England / Aston Villa /

From the Pôle Espoirs de Châteauroux to the Premier League that he is about to discover, Morgan Sanson continues to trace his linear curve. Soon officially transferred from Olympique de Marseille to Aston Villa for a large fifteen million euros, the midfielder is thus launching a new challenge while retaining his status as an example to follow among young people.


No one can attest to that for sure, but it is likely that Morgan Sanson emptied his locker as clean as the ones he left in the past. Thoughtful and discreet, the community certainly wanted to take care of his departure. Without much noise, but with holding. After four years spent at Olympique de Marseille, the future new player of Aston Villa (who spent around sixteen million euros, six more than the sum paid by the French club in 2017) has not made a farewell with great pomp (he was not in the squad during the defeat in Monaco) and therefore left his native country for England. A first experience abroad, for the one who started at the Pôle Espoirs de Châteauroux before joining the training center in Le Mans and flying to Montpellier. Nothing more logical, in reality.

Because the course of the native of Saint-Doulchard, one hour from Châteauroux, follows a much more linear and predictable curve than those of the coronavirus: beginnings in Bourges where he grew up, pre-training at the Pôle Espoirs located next to where he matured, four years in Mans where he becomes professional, four years (or almost) at MHSC where he breaks through, four years at OM where he confirms. “Morgan Sanson, with us, is a bit of an example of the ‘perfect’ trajectory in the sense that its path went without any hitch. From the moment he left the Pole, it was the same, corroborates Jérôme Monot, the regional technical director of the Center-Val de Loire League. It could have been difficult at first, academically for example. But in the end, he never had any trouble. ” Apart from a few injuries that slowed down his professional rise, such as his rupture of the cruciate ligaments in his right knee in April 2015 followed by a relapse in January 2016.

Worker rather than crack

The Pôle Espoirs, where he came to pay a little visit in 2018, Sanson is still there. In the photos of the teams, hung in the corridors. As a model in the company of Florian Thauvin and Valère Germain, at the entrance of the building housing offices and changing rooms. And in the minds of young kids who took his place, with the hope of emulating his brilliant career which is now taking a British turn. For them, one of the tips to take into account is to take your time without getting in the way or taking yourself for someone else … and take – again – your chance. Knowing how to take or not to take: this is how the 26-year-old was able to open the doors to the Premier League, a championship he is about to discover with eighth in the standings (but potential sixth, the Villans being two games behind). “I didn’t have a predefined career plan, I just had in mind not to skip steps, like going abroad too early, for example, declared the main interested party a year ago in the columns of The team, at a time when he still didn’t feel mature enough to cross borders. It is for this reason that I went up one floor each time: Pôle Espoirs, L2, L1, European Cup … ”
A discourse as calm as it is shrewd, in accordance with what the boy has been offering on the Ligue 1 grounds for nearly a decade and with what he showed from his first steps on the Castelroussine lawns. “Morgan wasn’t above the rest, I couldn’t say he was a cracker. But already, he had a certain technical quality. Pass, shot … it didn’t move, gives Cédric Hountondji, central defender of Clermont who was in the same promotion as the man in Châteauroux. Above all, he worked a lot, especially on his strengths. Frankly, I think it was this rigor and this knowledge of himself that got him to where he is today. He always knew what he needed to work on, and what he needed to improve. ” A taste for effort not surprisingly, but still unveiled in the words of Jérôme Monot.

Will, character and listening

“He was a complete player. In what it represents and in what it gives off, you have the impression that it is currently still the same person. He knew what he wanted, and he had an undeniable asset: a real strength of character, while listening. From there, the Pole could only bring him a lot, rewinds the DTR. When you see, today, his oriented controls or his ball grips … He says it himself: he has performed technical ranges in training, and these repetitions of gestures have allowed him to improve . ” Until reaching the Europa League, and then second place in the French first division. Then the Champions League and English football during this 2020-2021 season, therefore.

Two questions, however. Leaving Marseille, whose coffers need to be bailed out a little and which does not intend to reinvest more than ten million in his replacement, was it really his will? And does going from Ligue 1 runner-up last season to seventeenth in the 2019-2020 Premier League really represent a sporting breakthrough, in his eyes? In any case, rubbing shoulders with the British ball and stepping out of his hexagonal comfort zone are on the surface exciting challenges for him. Something more to grow, for the good constant student who serves as an (almost) perfect model in Châteauroux.

By Florian Cadu, in Châteauroux
All comments collected by FC, except where mentioned


The Russian won the third gold at the European Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships :: Others :: RBC Sport

Semyon Elistratov won the all-around

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Фото: Global Look Press

Russian short-tracker Semyon Elistratov won the all-around at the European Championships in Gdansk, Poland. He scored 71 points and topped the overall standings.

Individuals take into account the results that athletes showed at a distance of 500 m, 1000 m, 1500 and 3000 m.The Russian was the best in 1000 and 1500 m races, at a distance of 3000 m he became the fifth, and in 500 m he could not break to the semifinals. But, despite this, he kept the first line in the overall standings table. The second place was taken by the Italian athlete Pietro Siegel, who scored 55 points, and the third – Itzhak de Lat from the Netherlands, he also scored 55 points.

Russian Denis Airapetyan took the fifth line, he scored 35 points, and another representative of the Russian national team, Konstantin Ivliev, was in sixth position, with 34 points.

Russian short tracker became 12-time European champion

Фото:Global Look Press

As part of the women’s team, Sofya Prosvirnova got into the prize-winners, she took third place in the overall standings, winning the 3000 m race, and won the bronze at the 1500 m distance. Also, the Russian national team could win gold in the relay, but its result was canceled due to a violation: two Russian athletes were on the track at once.

The first place in the overall standings was taken by Suzanne Schütling from the Netherlands, she managed to score 102 points, the second place was taken by the German athlete Anna Seidel, she scored 55 points.

Another representative of the Russian national team, Yekaterina Efremenkova, finished fourth with 29 points, while Evgenia Zakharova finished ninth with five points.

The European Championship will end on January 24th. Seven-time European champion Italian Arianna Fontana refused to participate in the tournament due to fears of contracting the coronavirus. In addition, the British national team refused to participate, including the two-time European champion Eliza Christie.